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    2 Reviews
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      11.05.2011 20:43



      Good phone but too simple for me.

      This was my first phone ever. I was pretty young and I didn't know what an amazing phone was, so I had no idea if this phone was good. When my dad brought the box home and I opened it, I was really really excited - obviously you're going to be excited if you're getting your first phone, duh!
      The phone was a flip top. There was a little screen at the front which I thought was cool, and I assumed you could see there if you had any messages, missed calls, etc. There was a little button on the right side at the top. I didn't know what it was for and I pressed it and the screen came flipping up really quickly and it made me drop the phone!

      Setting up the phone was really easy and quick, it only took about 15 minutes before I could start using the phone. The instruction manual was very detailed and it explained everything well.

      The phone itself is small, compact, and fits nicely in a jeans pocket. It's a really simple phone, isn't too complicated. There's no features like email, app store, or some special smartphone features.

      This is quite a good phone for young people but a little too plain and simple for my liking.


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        02.05.2010 18:40
        Very helpful


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        great simple phone

        After losing my previous phone to water damage (clumsy old me again) i was scouring the house for any old phone i could find, with no idea where it came from, i found the Nokia 6131 and thought its a bit of a brick but it will be good for now. so i popped my SIM card into the space under the battery, switched it on using the flat button an the right hand side of the phone, everything was fine, so i had a look through the menu and this is what i came across...


        This section contained a file for...
        Images, video clips, music files, themes, graphics, tones, recordings and received files


        In this section there is the-

        Camera- which lets you use the phone as a digital camera. You can view and send the photos that you have taken

        Video Recorder- This lets you use the phone as a digital video recorder. You can view and send the video clip that you have recorded

        Media Player- This lets you open different types of files, including images and tones.

        Music Palyer- Lets you listen to audio files through headset or loudspeaker

        FM Radio- lets you listen to the radio when an enhancement (e.g. headset) is connected to the phone. You can switch stations and search for new stations by using the buttons displayed on the screen.

        Voice Recorder- lets you record, save and listen to voice memos and phone calls.

        Equaliser- enhances sound quality in media applications by amplifying or attenuating frequency bands.

        Stereo Widening- stereo widening enhances the phone's audio output by enabling a wider stereo sound effect.


        Profiles- this adjusts the ringing style of the phone to your own preference

        Themes- this is the style and layout of your phone

        Tones- this is the settings for what you would like to happen when you get a phone call or message

        Main Display- this lets you personalize your main display by selecting different graphics and colour schemes.

        Mini display- lets you personalize the display on the front of the phones lid when closed

        Time & Date- lets you change the time, date, time zone, 24/12hr clock, etc.

        My shortcuts- contains shortcut functions for keypad buttons

        Connectivity- for exchanging data with other devices using bluetooth, infrared, etc.

        Call- includes options for making and reciving calls

        Phone- contains settings related to general functions of the phone

        Enhancements- adjustment for the phones enhancement settings.

        Configuration- some applications must be configured in order to function properly. configuration settings may be obtained from your service provider.

        Security- includes security options for phon, SIM card, memory and calls

        Restore factory sett.- restores the original factory default settings without affecting personal data such as contacts, language selection or calendar notes.

        This is pretty much all you need to know about the phone, i was thinking originally just to use this for a few days until i could buy a new phon but i thought why buy a new one when this can do all i need to be done, highly reccomended to anyone who wants a cheap phone


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