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    6 Reviews
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      28.10.2009 12:41
      Very helpful



      A good phone for its time and one that lasted me well

      I bought this phone a long while back when my old 3310 finally died (those things were indestructible). I was looking for a small phone and at the time camera phones were fairly new and I fell into the trap of wanting one then rather than waiting until they were worth it and actually took pictures worth keeping.

      It did have a camera but the images that it took were low resolution VGA and weren't really that great I had was that I had no way of getting the photos off the phone. When I bought it it didn't come with the data cable and was therefore a little pointless as even a very basic camera.

      The phone quality was very good and lasted five or six years of abuse, although towards the end there were a few problems that came up. One of the first things to cause a major problem was that the speaker started dying and turned really quiet so that it was impossible to hear the person you were talking to if there was any other noise in the area. Also a couple of the keys stopped working well and needed to be pressed two or three times for them to actually do anything.

      The phone had enough memory to store about 150 text messages (inbox+sent) and could send and receive pictures messages (MMS).

      One good thing about the phone was its ability to be personalized to make it different from the rest. There is (or was anyway) a huge range of different fascias available to change colours and styles and applications on the phone could be downloaded.

      As phones go it was one of the best of its time, and while it is a bit dated now and has been superseded by other technology, it was a good phone and lasted me well.


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      24.10.2008 11:24



      A good buy for beginners who look for a compact rough and tough phone

      Well in my earlier reviews you could know that i am a big criticizer of today's nokia phone models. this one is an old one and i really love it.The price at which it comes with all the features in its time was remarkable. Of course now the production/sales of these models in india is stopped(i mean to say new ones). The processor is fast as it was in the old nokia phones. The VGA camera tries its best to give quality output and somehow succeeds. Well today we might call it as vintage nokia model.
      The skin is rough and tough and you can even prefer to thrash the phone to check its durability and strength. The scratch proof back side is also a key feature of this phone.
      Well one most important drawback of this phone is that it doesnt get connected sometimes with the original nokia cable for data connectivity..
      (orignially posted by me at CIAO)


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      04.08.2008 20:23
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Tough mobile phone with radio and (not very good) camera

      This is the only mobile phone I've had and I got it quite a few years back (4 or 5?). It was originally locked to the Orange network, but because of the way the Nokia unlock system works, I easily unlocked it using a code I obtained over the internet, instead of having to have to buy a £10 cable off ebay.

      The phone itself is very easy to use, easy to navigate through menus and get used to the interface.

      I must say this phone is a bit featureless, compared to today's phones having tons of options, with this not having video recording or bluetooth. It does have a camera, but the pictures taken are of bad quality - especially by today's standards. It does have infared, but this doesn't seem to work for me except for sending and receiving calendar notes. It has a radio feature (when using the included earphones, which has a button to skip to next radio station on your list, or answer calls when one is incoming). It also has GPRS support for viewing some web pages and so on. At the time, there were lots of games compatible for my phone and applications too, which also added to enjoyment.

      It does what I need for text messaging and MMS messaging and receiving calls, which are usually clear and of good quality. It doesn't have realtone or mp3 support for ringtones, but it has polyphonic tone support.

      You can't add external media (microSD, M2 for example) because there is no port. On the phone itself is a volume switch for volume up and down. Battery life is good too, with the phone often lasting days, and lasts more with a fresh battery.

      The phone has after many knocks and drops withstood. The covers are pretty knackered but that is because i've been very clumsy. Luckily the phone is still standing strong, and I believe you can buy alternate "fascia" covers to personalise it even more and replace damaged covers. I can say it's very robust.

      I don't think you can get these anymore, but mine has really lasted through the knocks over the years. Even though it doesn't have some of the features on newer phones, it does what it does well.


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        21.05.2006 11:38
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        it is a basic phone

        nokia 6610i does not have blutooth it has infrared but it does not work ^o).its case is a little loose. this phone's camera has a very very very very very poor camera 0.1 mega pixel. this nokia 6610i is a basic phone and i would give to children. it is very very basic it has good battery life. i had this phone for under a year and the first week i got bored of the camera and the hole thing i would oly give this to children under the age of 10 or a business phone as it has a very good battery.


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          24.08.2005 12:38
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Nokia colour screen WAP-enabled phone with built in camera and radio.

          I'm currently on my third mobile phone. Each of my previous phones have been various Nokia models. I bought the first one (Nokia 3210e) because a friend had recommended Nokia as a decent make (and I'd seen first hand how robust they were when he dropped his phone off a balcony and it survived the 20 foot drop). My second was an 8210i which was bought as I'd been impressed by the quality of my previous phone and to all intents and purposes, the 8210i was a smaller 3210e.

          I changed my phone only because I was upgrading from a pay as you go contract on Orange to a pay monthly contract. As part of the deal, I was offered a small range of phones to choose from. As the Nokia 6601i was free as part of this bundle, I chose that.

          The phone comes with a hands free kit (which also doubles as a set of headphones for the built-in stereo FM radio) and the charger. I was disappointed that the phone didn't come with a data cable, but the phone was free and the cable is available cheaply on eBay for about a tenner. I'm unsure if the lack of data cable is standard policy or if this was simply because I'd gotten my phone free from Orange as part of a contract.

          I found the 6610i extremely easy to use. Part of that reason is because the menus and features are very similar to previous Nokia phones. If you haven't used a Nokia before, you should find it easy enough to navigate around the features. The phone's operating system is quite intuitive and easy to learn and the navigation key is responsive.

          The Nokia comes with a colour screen (4096 colours) that is clear and easy to read when the backlight is on, but is difficult to read if it is not, especially outdoors.

          I don't really use the extra features of my phone that much, but the camera can produce acceptable, but not outstanding, results at a resolution of 352x288 under the right circumstances i.e. well lit environments. Pictures tend to be around the 21kb. The to-do list and calendar can be handy, too. The Java games and applications aren't brilliant, but the option is there to remove them or replace them with something more appropriate.

          The radio's of a decent quality, sound wise. It's easy to set up (though you can only use it when the headphones are attached, I think) and save your stations. I just don't listen to the radio enough to use this feature a lot.

          The cover is a bit annoying in that it doesn't seem to fit properly. The back cover still moves around a bit, producing some noise, even when securely attached to the phone. As I've never had an issue with this before on a Nokia phone, I can only assume that it's either due to the built-in camera or it's a one-off problem with my own phone that could be resolved with a new cover.

          The sound quality of the phone is excellent. Callers are easily heard and the volume control can be used if people are too loud (though this can be awkward to use – it's almost as if it was designed to stop accidental pressing). On a related note, calls rarely, if ever break up. I've had the phone for six months now and can't recall a time when I've had a call creak up or get dropped. I'm sure this is partly to do with Orange's cover in Northern Ireland, but also due to the phone, too.

          Size-wise, the Nokia strikes a good balance of being small enough to slip into a pocket, but large enough that actual use isn't hindered.

          The phone comes with a limited amount of graphics, polyphonic tones, games and applications. You can add more or delete these as you choose. I found it much easier to do this with Nokia's DKU-5 cable and some software (Nokia's PC Suite was a good starting point). The cable also made updating my contacts much easier and was useful for backing up any photos that I had taken with the camera and I would recommend that if you have a 6610 and a PC to get one of these cables. The phone has 4MB of memory, so there's plenty of space for pictures or extra games or applications.

          The phone is WAP enabled, but this is a feature I have yet to use.

          Battery life is good. A fully charged phone won't require any topping up for at least four or five days if on standby. Making calls or sending texts (or any other use of the phone) will obviously reduce this, but you should still get a few days out of it or about 5 hours talk-time.

          I really like my 6610i. As a phone, it does all that I ask. Sound quality is excellent, it's easy to use and it still works even though I throw it around a fair bit. It's just the right size for me without being too big or too small. I've gotten a lot more out of my phone after I had bought the DKU-5 cable which has enabled me to store a lot more contact information on the phone (for example, you can assign multiple phone numbers to one person – home, mobile, misc etc. plus fax numbers, postal and email addresses) and also have the added security of backing up my phone including all data and settings.

          Some of the extras are useless to me, including the applications and games, but with most new phones these days, there are options for removing what you don't need and replacing them with something you would use or simply save your self the memory space.

          Further technical details can be found at: http://www.nokia.co.uk/nokia/0,,57064,00.html


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            09.07.2005 15:24
            Very helpful



            If you love Nokias then you'll love this one

            I have owned a Nokia 6610i now for 10 months, its a vodafone contract phone. I will be due an upgrade in 2 months but I reckon I will struggle to find a new mobile that will replace my little mate Mobley.

            Let me tell you all about him & why I love him so much...

            Firstly he's made by Nokia. I have only ever had Nokias & find they are so easy to use that even a technophob like me can use most features on it with relative ease. My Mobley came with a black cover but I have since replaced it via eBay with a rusty red coloured one but have another , also from eBay, in the post as I type! Replacement fasia's are very easy & cheap to come by, I have just bought a nice swirly pink one for under £5 with P&P included.

            I use my Mobley mostly for texting, its just so easy to do on this phone, it has predictive text too so even my mum could use it to send a text!


            I have this phone on a Vodafone contract. Line rental is £14.99 a month with which I get 200 free minutes off peak to other Vodafones & BT landlines. I also get 50 free text messages a month. So far I have found Vodafone customer service to be excellent. On the occasions that I have had to contact them they have been very efficient & pleasant to talk to. They are good to their word.


            On the screen of my phone I have a clock with nice big numbers so its very easy to glance at. When I open the menu on it the first thing I come to is

            Nice little picture under messages of a message in a bottle & a star fish that waves, nice touch! If you don't touch any button after this a message comes up that says 'includes options for reading, creating & sending messages'. When I press select it goes to an option screen that lists a menu of text messages, multimedia messages, chat, voice messages & info messages. If I select text messages I then get a screen with more options, these are create message, inbox, create SMS e-mail, sent messages & archive. Text messages as very easy to send & recieve on this phone. It has the option to choose predictive text also.

            'Call register'
            This one has a picture of a telephone with inward & outward arrows. The message on this one says 'includes phone numbers of recent calls as well as call cost & duration'. When I press select the option screen lists missed calls, received calls, dialled numbers, delete recent call lists, call duration, call costs, GPRS data counter & GPRS connection timer.

            This has a picture of a telephone next to an addres book. This message says 'Lets you save & edit contacts & contact related information to the phone'. When I press select the menu offers search,add contact, delete, copy, settings, speed dials, my numbers & caller groups.

            This has a picture of a drum & a flute. The message reads 'Lets you choose how your phone behaves in different enviroments by selecting & customising a combination of phone settings.' When I press select I get general, silent,meeting, outdoor, pager.

            This has a picture of a screwdriver & a spanner. The message says 'Includes settings related to calls, phone & security.' If I select it says personal shortcuts, time & date settings, call settings, phone settings, display settings, tone settings, enhancement settings, security settings & restore factory settings.

            This has a picture of a radio & headphones. The message reads ' Lets you listen to the radio when an enhancement (eg headset) is connected to the phone. Automatic tuning can be activated by either pressing the arrow keys or by moving the joystick upwards'.

            This has a picture of a camera funnily enough!. The message says 'Lets you use the phone as a digital camera. You can view & send the photo that you have taken. When I press select I am offered a choice of standard photo, portrait photo, night mode, self timer & settings. The picture quality is very good.

            This has a picture of a photo & a magnifing glass. The message says 'Lets you manage your image & audio files. You can store the files in predefined folders or create your own personal folders. The menu offers view folders, add folder, delete folder, rename folder & gallery downloads.

            This has a picture of a calendar & a pencil. The message says 'Includes features that assist you in organising daily tasks'. The menu offers Alarm clock, calendar & to-do list.

            This has a picture of a planet with a rocket buzzing past. The messages reads 'Includes options for playing games on the phone display. During a game the phone functions normally. The menu offers select game (games featured are Chess puzzle & Bounce), game downloads, memory & settings.

            This picture is of a wizards hat & wand. The message says 'Lets you manage & use applications downloaded to the phone'. The menu says select application, app.downloads & memory.

            This has a picure of a treasure chest full of gold with a shovel beside. The info message reads 'Includes a group of extra features'. The menu offers a calculator, countdown timer, stopwatch, wallet & synchronisation'.

            This has a picture of a satalite dish. The message reads 'Activates connectivity devices for uploading & downloading data between the phone & various devices'. When I press select I am offered a choice of infrared & GPRS.

            This has a picture of a satalitte going around the world. The message reads ' Lets you access mobile internet services offered & updated by service providers'. The menu offers Home, bookmarks, download links, service inbox, settings, go to address & clear the cache.

            'Go to'
            This has a picture of a diamond. The message says 'Lets you access quickly the functions selected by you'. If I press select it says 'Go to contacts, radio, multimedia inbox, create MMS, inbox, general & silent.'


            Weight 87g
            Dimensions: 106 mm x 44 mm x 19 mm, 72 cc

            'Memory functions'
            Approx 4MB
            The phone book can hold up to 500 contacts.
            Up to 150 text messages can be stored on the phone
            20 polyphonic tones, 10 monophonic tones, and 1 Nokia tone

            Standard BLD-3 with up to 3.5 hours talktime & standby time of 6 to 18 days.

            ***MY OPINION***

            I love this phone. It is so easy to use. If you text alot then this phone is ideal as the numbers are placed in a way that makes texting simple. The ringer volume could be louder but then I think thats the same with most mobiles. The alarm clock on this is fab, it never fails to wake me, I'm not sure if thats due to the alarm or the sound of the phone vibrating. It's a nice sized phone, very lightweight, the type that you can easily lose in the bottom of your handbag. For making calls it's simple to use too. The reception is nice & clear. The ear piece volume could be louder, sometimes it's hard to hear who you are talking to. The camera isn't great, I certainly wouldn't buy this phone if it was quality pictures I was after. The radio is fantastic, easy to use & a great reception. All in all a great phone, I would certainly reccommend it.


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