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    1 Review
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      29.08.2011 17:00
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      A Nokia fold phone for people who want to mainly talk and SMS but with good features and looks

      With everyone out buying all these fancy mobiles like iPhones or the Galaxy S2 these days, there seem to be less people interested in buying a phone with the primary purpose of talking and messaging people. However, I happen to be in the minority, and believe that a phone should first and foremost work as a phone, with everything else being secondary. I've always been pretty happy with Nokia phones (with one exception), so when I needed to replace my Sony Ericson (which I got free), I started looking at Nokia again. Unfortunately, everything from my provider was far fancier than I needed, and I really wanted another fold phone. When saw the unlocked 7020 was available at a very reasonable price at my local hardware store, I grabbed one as soon as they had it in stock.

      So, what is it about this phone that I like? First of all, it has a very familiar interface - something that any previous Nokia owner will certainly find easy to navigate. This also means it has the usual options for customising your phone so that the menus and icons are exactly the way you like them. For instance, I like to have the calculator easily accessible so I make sure that the right side of what they call the Navi Key (scroll key) takes me directly to it. Even straight out of the box, I was quickly able to set this up as well as almost everything else.

      Another thing that I like is that the fold models afford you large keys and a large screen. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I find these to be essential. The keypad here is very easy to read (and remember, being in Israel, our keypads have both English and Hebrew letters on them) and the keys aren't overly difficult to press. The display is very clear and easy to read, although when you're outside in extremely bright sunlight it is a little bit of struggle - but it can still be read with just a little bit of tilting and hand shadowing.

      Of course, the most important thing about any phone (at least for me) is using it as a phone. That means how well it works when making and receiving calls. I have to say that the sound quality for this phone is very good. Unless there's a huge amount of background noise (on either end), I can hear everyone who calls me and I have almost never heard anyone say that couldn't hear me. I'm also pleased with the volume of the phone when it rings, which was one of the problems I had with my previous Nokia - and trust me, it has nothing to do the ringtone, since I'm using the same one on this phone as I did on my last Nokia. I haven't had the chance to try this using this via Bluetooth, but I have used it with the cabled earphone and that way, the clarity is even better than when using it normally.

      Since this is a fold phone, answering a call means opening the top. While this may bother some people, I happen to like this, and especially enjoy "clack" of hanging up by closing the flap (which is far more satisfying than pushing a button, particularly when you've just finished an upsetting conversation)! This also means there's a display on the top of the phone when it's closed so you can see who is calling, before you answer. When the phone isn't ringing, this display becomes a clock, which fades away after a few seconds. The cute thing here is if you tap the device, it vibrates a bit and the clock shows up again. Unfortunately, it is a bit sensitive, so sometimes when I just put the phone down this happens, but that's hardly a huge drawback.

      Another thing that I find essential is having a good battery life. With this phone, I'm finding that (at least for now) I need to charge it only about once a week, which compares almost equally with almost all of the phones I've used. Mind you, I've never been heavy a user of cell phones, so while this sounds on the lengthy side, it really is about average to above-average.

      Of course, there are some bells and whistles on this phone. It has a nifty camera on it, but to tell the truth, it's only 2 megapixels, and the pictures are hardly anything album-worthy. Far better is the MP3 player which, much like the phone itself, sounds very good. Since it comes with a 2GB micro SD card aside from the regular 60MB of internal memory, there's a very nice amount of music you can put on this phone. If that's not enough, you can exchange that card with one up to 16GB! The only problem with this is the phone doesn't come with a cable to connect to your computer, so you'll either need to buy one or connect via Bluetooth. Of course, there's always downloading via Internet, but I personally dislike using my phones for this (which is probably how I keep my phone bills so low and don't need to charge it as often). The only reason why I would change this is to be able to use the GPS feature (but that too drains batteries and hikes your bill).

      In short, the Nokia 7020 can be a fairly sophisticated phone with most of the up-to-date features available on the market, but would be found sorely inadequate compared to all the fancier models out there. However, if you're looking for a good, reliable phone that's going to work primarily as a phone, then this one would be hard to beat. It has great sound quality, a clear screen, good sized keys, easy to use interface and an above average battery life. Despite the camera being a bit simple, the music and memory features makes up for this. Certainly with all this, it deserves a solid 4 out of 5 stars.

      Davida Chazan © August, 2011

      Technical Stuff:
      This phone also comes with a stereo headset. You can purchase a Bluetooth headset for it as well. The phone is Quad-band GSM 850/900/1800/1900, EGSM 900, and has a 2.0 megapixel camera and a FM radio as well as an MP3 player. This phone is available in hot pink or granite gray. Further specifications can be found here http://tinyurl.com/3jt3wvo

      I've seen this on sites costing from £77.04 to £83.81, and I even saw the pink one on ebay for a whopping £149.95 but the gray one was only £79.99.


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