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27 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Screen gets very dusty
  • not as tough as a 5210
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    27 Reviews
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      01.08.2012 00:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great phone thats still reliable, an ideal mobile for those just wanting to make calls/texts

      This mobile was bought between £50-£100 at the time and one you would get for much less now!
      It is your classic mobile phone, not many features.. but ideal if you're just wanting to call and text.

      The phone comes in a range of colours and there are a few different covers for it. Mine was blue - but I have also seen it in black and green.
      The phone itself has excellent user navigation and it is fast and simple to use.
      The number keypad is a bit different from your standard phone but is quick to get the hang of as the buttons are easily pressed.

      The phone has a coloured screen so it was a step up from other models released at the time some still being in black and white. The user menu is simple and clean, it's not cluttered making it really easy to get to what you want.

      The size of text is ideal making reading text messages and dialling numbers relatively easy. It has quite a few options to customize the phone in terms of display settings.. colour themes and the way the menu is viewed.

      There is a radio you can listen to with the use of your handset.
      The camera was satisfactory at the time but not one you would really use now as the quality is not great and quite pixelated - but there are quite a few different features such as portrait mode, standard camera, self timer and night mode.

      Viewing photos has to be done individually though rather than going to the next available photo so it can be slow at times. This is the same with loading text messages etc, there is a two second delay but overall it is a great phone.

      The organiser includes an alarm clock, calendar and to do list - all which are useful and simple to use.

      There is only one game on the phone - surprisingly there is no snake which was quite common on nokia phones. The game on here is called bounce where you have to control a ball and get to the end of the level by jumping through several things and avoiding spikes etc.

      The connectivity options are infra red or gprs - there is no bluetooth.
      There is also the usual extras of a calculator and stop watch.

      Overall I found it to be a great phone... sure it's not as good as newer models and is not one i'd really go back to.. but using it as just a phone and text messages which was all you really needed and required a few years back, then it was ideal.

      It's robust and would not easily break and is of good quality as it still works after all these years without any problems.

      The battery time is also excellent and it will last days without needing to be charged.
      I give it 4/5 stars. It loses a star in terms of lack of features compared to other phones e.g. only one game - but it's still a good phone for its time. It just can't compete with the newer models.

      Thanks for reading.
      (this review can also be found on ciao)


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      17.10.2005 20:19
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good for the price, however lacking the newest features.

      I recently bought this phone from eBay, my previous phone was a very old Nokia 3410. I have had fairly good experiences with Nokia in my history of mobile phones, so I decided to stick with them on the purchase of my 3rd mobile phone.
      I got the phone second hand on eBay for £30, but searching around on the internet I found a few sites that were still selling it, and their prices were around £60-£70, which is very good for a phone these days.

      I have been very pleased with the 7250i, having owned it for around a week now, I have got used to all it's features and I am now very comfortable using it. Learning about the functions of the phone is very easy, in fact I hardly ever had to refer to the manual; if you are a previous Nokia user the menu and button configurations will be very familiar to you, as not much has changed from previous Nokias.

      The best way to describe the various functions and features of the phone is to go through the menu:

      Messages - The Nokia 7250i allows you to send simple text messages or multimedia messages, you can use the predictive typing method or the original typing method to create messages depending on which you prefer.
      There are also chat and voice messaging functions available, but I have not used these much so I wouldn't be able to comment on what they are like.

      Call Register - Allows you to view all sorts of information on your usage of the phone, inlcuding various measurements of your calls, both made and recieved, and measurements of the amount of data you have sent via GPRS.

      Phone Book - Does pretty much what the name suggests. Here you can store all your contacts' phone numbers for easy access, you can add speed dials to numbers as well as many more options to make it easier to call frequently used numbers. You can use the phone book while sending text messages so you don't have to type the number, just select the contact from your address book.

      Profiles - This allows you to set many types of profiles which mainly relate to volume and vibration functions. You can put your phone on various profile settings: General, silent, meeting, outdoor and pager settings mean no embarrising moments like your phone ringing half way through a meeting or at the cinema.

      Settings - This allows you to customize and adjust all of the features of your phone, including call settings, tone settings and display options, which allows you to add different wallpapers to your phone including photos you have taken with the intergrated camera.

      Radio - This is my favourite feature of the phone, you can listen to the radio on your phone using either the earphones (supplied with the phone) or the phone's loudspeaker, unfortuntaley, you still need the earphones plugged in to be able to put the radio on loudspeaker mode. The earphones that are supplied are really good, they have fairly good sound quality and are supplied with some cushioning things you can attach to the ear peices to prevent the plastic hurting your ears after a while. There is also a button about half way up the wire which allows you to change radio station without even touching the phone! I didn't even realise it was a button until about 4 days of having the phone when I was bored and mindlessly pressed it, it was a pleasent surprise!

      Camera - The intergrated camera is a good feature, but it's really nothing to write home about. There are 3 quality modes: basic, medium and high, but really none of them are anywhere near as good as a digital camera and with no zoom functions or a flash, it really does have limited functionality. The camera does have a night mode which brighten up dark lit pictures, but with no flash, it's no real improvement on what the pictures would look like without night mode.

      Gallery - This allows you to manage your graphics (the phone comes with a few which are good for wallpapers), your photos that you have taken with the camera, and your tones; there are a few basic tones on the phone, but if you want to be 'cool' with your phone you'll have to pay for some decent ones.

      Organiser - This features an alarm clock, calendar and to-do list, which give the phone the added functionality of a personal organiser. You can use this to store birthdays, and other reminders. The phone will display messages as it gets close to the dates you have entered the reminder in.

      Games - The 7250i comes with two games. There is one called bounce which is a kind of platform game where you have to guide a bouncing ball around a series of increasingly difficult levels.
      The second game is called Triple Pop, but I haven't had a go of playing this yet, so I have no idea about what it is about. I will update this part of the review as soon as I've had a chance to play it.

      Applications - The 7250i has one application already on it called Converter II, it allows you to convert alsorts of different measurements from imperial to metric and vise versa. It also works as quite a good currency converter.

      Extras - Amongst the extras on the 7250i are a countdown timer, calculator, stopwatch and wallet, which lets you store credit card info for payments via your phone.

      Connectivity - There are two connectivity options on the 7250i, the first is GPRS (General Packet Radio Service). You can also use Infrared for communicating with other devices like PDAs, computers and other mobile phones. Infrared has only got a 1m range though, and the beam is easily disprupted. Via Infrared you can transfer items like phone book details, which I found a particulary good function when used with Palm PDAs.

      Services - This allows you to browse mobile internet sources via GPRS, this is a charged service however and its costs depend on the tarrifs set out by your service provider.

      There may also be other menu options added to your phone for extra functionality, like t-zones for T-Mobile customers.

      The phone's keypad is very well laid out and despite having relatively small buttons, they feel very easy to use. As well as the basic number pad, there is a call answer button and a call end button, left and right slection buttons and a four way directional pad. On the side of the phone there is a volume button and the on/off button is located on the top of the phone. The 7250i has a Nokia pop-port at the bottom for connecting earphones, data cables and other peripherals, the power slot for charging the battery is also loctaed at the bottom of the phone. The infrared reciever/transmitter is loacted at the top of the phone and the camera is on the back.

      The 7250i, comes boxed with earphones, a charger, battery, and an instruction manual. Depending on your package, there may also be a SIM card included from your service provider.

      The cover on the phone can easily be changed using a wide variety of Nokia X-Press On covers available, some official from Nokia and some unbranded.

      The 7250i is quite lightweight and is small enough to be carried around discreetly, although a lot of weight is added if you connect any cables or peripherals via the pop-port socket.

      All in all, the 7250i is a good camera with a nice colour screen and plenty of features to keep you hapy. It lacks some of the very newest mobile phone features and it's camera is not very good. For the price though, it is a great phone and very good for people looking for a low price phone that still has a wide range of features.


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        06.10.2005 11:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A phone even I can use happily

        I think the first thing to say is that I like this phone and although I am mobile phone ignorant I have over the time I have had this phone really learnt how to use it which might sound daft to some but usually as long as I can recieve calls and make calls and texts that is as far as it goes so this is a great improvement.

        Why this phone? well that is simple as the family got phones from dial a phone so did I and this was the one they offered me!

        I comes with bluetooth but I dont know enough about this to comment on it!

        If you are like me the first thing you want to know is what you have on the phone.

        This is for messages

        Text messages, multimedia, chat, voice, info and service demands.

        Call register

        Missed calls, received, dialled numbers, delete recent call lists, call duration, cost, GPRS data counter and connection timer.


        Search, add contact, delete, copy, settings, speed dials, info and service, my numbers and caller groups.


        General, silent, meeting, outdoor, pager


        Personal shortcuts, time, date, call, phone, display, tone, enhancement, security and restore.



        Standard photo, portrait, night mode, self timer


        View folders, ad and delete, rename and downloads


        Alarm clock, calendar and even a to do list, calculator, countdown timer, stopwatch.


        Home, bookmarks, download links, service inbox, settings, go to address and clear.

        When you first get this camera you have to install the SIM card and battery.

        The phone itself is neat, fits in the palm of your hand. The numbers are all clear and the tone of it is good.

        I have taken many photos and then put them on the computer and been pleased with them. I have been told that they are not so clear on this phone as the later models but then you expect that dont you. Having said that you would not say they werent clear.

        The sound volume is very good too.

        If you get bored easily with colours you can change the front of the phone very easily.

        Texting is easy and so is the setting up to send and receive emails

        All in all if you get offered this phone it is a good reliable one.


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          02.10.2005 14:54
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Would recommend, if not too bothered about camera quality.

          This advance on the Nokia 7250 is pretty good.

          ~Whats New?~
          The XHTML browser
          The built in camera has been tweeked a bit so it has a zoom facility, contrast adjustment, slideshow, and a night mode for low-light conditions.
          Also has an image editor to include clipart, text, frames and other images.

          XHTML Browser
          Integrated digital camera
          MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
          Tri-band phone works in three networks on five continents
          Downloadable personal applications via Java™ technology
          GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
          Image Uploader
          Wallet over XHTML
          Stereo FM radio
          Handsfree speaker
          Customizable and timed profiles
          Polyphonic ringing tones
          Wallpaper: Full screen color image
          Changeable color schemes
          Screen saver: Digital clock
          Clock, alarm clock
          Calculator, currency converter
          Stopwatch, countdown timer
          Connectivity options: IR and cable
          Size - Weight: 92 g (battery included)
          Dimensions: 105 x 44 x 19 mm, 73 cc

          Personally I have to admit that the XHTML browser isnt all its cracked up to be. It really does provide a lame copy of a html browser but I suppose It's not really a computer is it.
          But if you prefer the normal wap like I do then its quite simple. All you have to do is write "/wml" (without the speech marks of course) at the end of the site address your visiting and that coverts it into a wapsite.

          The camera really does suck. The quality of the pictures are poor but once again it is a phone and not a Digital Camera but even still I have seen better quality pictures on another phone which is a nokia. But I have to admit it is Ok when put on the computer(through a data cable or ir connection)
          Apart from the quality the features of the camera are brilliant. Compared to the 7250 the 7250i has an image editing feature which allows you to insert text on the picture and even put a frame around it.
          The night vision is also brilliant as if you are in poor light conditions then it really does enhance the picture to a more lighter surrounding.

          The polyphonic ringtones are obviously better than the monophonic. One of the features that I was impressed with was that you could have your polyphonic ringtone as the alarm which is loud enough to wake you up on a morning!

          The screen saver was a downside as you can only have the time showing and not an animation of your choice.

          The loudspeaker is also really good enabling you to speak handsfree and I've found it really useful in the Car.

          This phone is very small and sleek and i would give it 10 out of 10 on looks. This phone is very easy to use.

          Overall i would recoomend that you buy it if your not too bothered about the camera.


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            21.07.2005 15:24
            Very helpful



            Easy to use, nice looking phone, camera with nightmode and radio

            (Here goes, my first review after deciding to give Dooyoo another go....)

            Well, following my last mobile phone review dated September 9th 2003, I titled that “Sarah_Louise turns her back on Nokia!!”. I had just bought a Sagem MYX5 – my first colour mobile phone. I thought it was the bee’s knee’s and gave it 5 stars. That soon changed though. Shortly after I bought this mobile, camera mobiles became the new “in” thing. The were out when I bought the Sagem MYX5 but they were pretty new and were hence VERY expensive. I didn’t need one. I had a digital camera. None of my friends had one either so who would I send the pictures to? And of course it costs quite a bit to send photo messages. All of these points meant that I really didn’t WANT a camera phone.

            Now camera phones are all over the place, wherever you look, there’s someone taking a photo with their phone! And now of course there is also video phones too.

            It was time to upgrade. I can never afford to buy a “top of the range” mobile and I am never too bothered about this either. So long as my mobiles do their job and look relatively stylish then I’m happy!

            So, Sarah_Louise decided it was time to revert back to Nokia. Having started with a Nokia many years ago (a 5110), I must admit, I’d missed being a non-Nokia girl! I started shopping around for a Nokia (within my budget (£100 was my absolute maximum)) that had everything I currently wanted from a phone. For a start, my new phone HAD to have a camera. It also HAD to be able to play the radio. After my sister upgraded to the Nokia 8310 with a radio function shortly after I’d got my Sagem I must admit, I was mightily impressed with the quality of it! She was on contract though so she got it for free! So, I had quite a small list of “must have’s” really. However, not all that many phones have a radio function so this limited my choice somewhat considering I was on a limited budget.

            I finally decided that a Nokia 7250i was the way to go. They were selling fairly cheaply (£89.99) in Currys/Dixons/etc. now so I thought I’d give it a go. I actually ended up buying one off eBay (it was a bargain at £80 on Buy it Now basis!) but that’s besides the point.

            = = = Why did I want a new mobile? = = =

            Well although I didn’t NEED a camera phone. You know how it is. You can’t afford to stay TOO far behind in technological terms – you have to keep at least relatively up to date with these things. As I mentioned earlier, of course video phones are now out and will soon be as common as muck but for the time being, a mere camera phone will be sufficient for me.

            I have a digital camera anyway so I knew I would never NEED to use the camera on my phone but I did like the idea of always having it with me. You never know when you might want to take a photo!

            Also, as mentioned earlier, I quite fancied the idea of a phone that you could play the radio on. Having listened to my sisters’ old phone, I was confident that I’d be happy with the radio function on the 7250i.

            = = = Why choose a Nokia 7250i? = = =

            Well as previously mentioned, I was on a budget to buy a phone for under £100. Yet I still wanted snazzy features, namely the camera and radio. If you check out the Nokia range (or indeed any make) you’ll find that phones that have a radio function aren’t actually all that common. Indeed, there weren’t any other mobiles under £100 that had this function AND a camera.

            Basically, I wanted a light phone, good looking, possibility to change the front and back covers, decent polyphonic ring tone selection, a game or two for extra boring train journeys up and down the country, a camera (and obviously colour screen) and of course the radio function. All for under £100.

            The Nokia 7250i fitted all of the above specifications perfectly. They were in the region of around £250 when they first hit the shops and were pretty much picked up by those on contract deals at the time. So I thought that they must be pretty good phones to have ever been worth that amount of money.

            = = = What’s the Nokia 7250i got to offer then? = = =

            Well of course, being originally worth £250, these phones do have quite a lot to offer. (Certainly a LOT to offer for when they first came out anyway!) For those in a hurry, firstly I’ll just list them, I’ll then go into a little more detail for those of you who are actually interested in buying this phone.

            ~ Features and Specifications ~

            · XHTML Browser (over WAP Stack)
            · Integrated digital camera
            · MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
            · Tri-band phone works in three networks on five continents (will work in the USA)
            · Downloadable personal applications via Java™ technology
            · GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
            · HSCSD (High-Speed Circuit-Switched Data)
            · Image Uploader
            · Wallet over XHTML
            · Stereo FM radio
            · Handsfree speaker
            · Customizable and timed profiles
            · Polyphonic ringing tones
            · Wallpaper: Full screen colour image
            · Changeable colour schemes
            · Screen saver: Digital clock
            · Clock, alarm clock
            · Calculator, currency converter
            · Stopwatch, countdown timer
            · Connectivity options: IR and cable

            1 - Messages
            Within this menu, you can create a message using the original text typing or use the text predictor (T9 dictionary). I personally have never ‘got on’ with any kind of predictive text system and find it much quicker to just type out the message without this function turned on. One great thing about the 7250i when compared with my old Sagem phone is that it remembers your setting. I.e. when I go to compose a message now it remembers that I didn’t use the predictive text system last time and hence doesn’t come on automatically now. Whereas each time I went to compose a message on my old phone it always started up in dictionary mode so I had to manually turn off the T9 dictionary each time.
            With the 7250i, you can send texts as emails too should you desire. I can’t comment on how good this is as I’ve never done it. I’ll have to try it sometime and let you know!

            Obviously the other menus within the Messages menu is that of Inbox, Archive (you can save unsent messages in here) and you also have a Sent folder (comes in quite handy sometimes!)

            You can store up to 150 normal text messages in your Inbox or up to 50 picture messages. This should be ample for everyone – anyone who needs more space than this has FAR too many friends! :-P

            2 - Call Register
            As with other Nokia’s and indeed all other mobiles I’ve ever used, this is fairly standard and it just keeps a record of missed calls, received calls and dialled calls as well as recording the length of your last calls and calculating the total length of all calls, received calls and dialled calls. If you’re on PAYG, you can also have it show you how much the cost of your last call cost too.

            3 - Contacts
            I’m not sure how this compares with other Nokia’s as my first Nokia didn’t have this menu option at all (well before its time!) However, basically the proviso over this menu is that you can put the people in your phone book into contact groups, e.g. friends, family, colleagues, etc. You can create and/or rename any caller groups and assign pictures or even photos to them so you can ‘see’ who’s calling you. Very good idea in principle but I really can’t be bothered assigning photos to everyone in my phonebook, especially given that I very rarely see half of the people in there in order to get a photo of them anyway!

            4 - Profiles
            My last Nokia had this menu so I’m assuming its been around for quite some time. In case any of you don’t really know what it is/does, basically it just allows you to have different usage settings for your phone. E.g. which ringtone you want and at what volume for certain circumstances. E.g. “normal”, “meeting”, “outside”, etc. You can customize it to suit and its very easy to switch between different modes. E.g. I just put it onto Silent mode when I’m in work, have it on General mode for every other time and would occasionally have it on Loud mode when I’m outside and somewhere busy/noisy where I need the volume turned up. All pretty self explanatory really.

            5 - Settings
            You can change the wallpaper, colour schemes and whatnot in this menu. Again, I can’t compare this to other Nokia’s but my Sagem had very similar functions, just with less choice of wallpapers. There’s quite a high choice of wallpapers but I can’t tell you exactly how many you get on as standard as I bought this phone second hand so some of the ones I have access to may well have been downloaded from elsewhere.

            6 - Radio
            Yes, one of the main reasons for me buying this one! There are 20 programmable slots so you can pick your favourite stations and then when reception goes funny on one, quickly flick to the next.
            The handsfree set included with the phone works as your headphones for the radio. Without these plugged into your phone, you will not be able to turn the radio on. Once you’ve got the radio turned on however, you can switch to loudspeaker mode and hence you don’t have to actually wear the headphones. If you have the genuine Nokia headset then theres a very handy little button which you can press on the headset itself that switches between radio stations. I didn’t realise this until I accidentally pressed it and wondered what sort of damage I’d done only to be pleasantly surprised to find that I’d just switched stations!!
            One thing to note here is that the phone still works perfectly normally while you’re listening to the radio. I must admit, I did wonder whether you could still receive/send calls and messages while in this mode. I assumed you would be able to do but I really wasn’t sure. I can now assure you that this is possible and very easy. The radio turns itself off automatically when you make/receive a call and it also is interrupted by the message tone you set when you receive a message.

            P.S. you can even set the radio to go off as your alarm - just remember to have your hands free plugged into the phone!

            7 - Camera
            Apparently, this is (or certainly was) one of Nokia’s best cameras with very high resolution. Once the picture has been taken, you can rename it, zoom in and move around the picture or set it as your wallpaper.
            One thing you should be aware of here is that when you see the phone being marketed as having a zoom function. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is for actually taking the photos themselves. This is NOT the case. What it means by this is just that you can zoom in on the photo once you’ve taken it. A little pointless really but I suppose some people may find a use for it!
            Now, another reason why I chose this phone over other mobiles with camera functions is that the 7250i is one of the very few phones (and certainly the only one under £100) that has “night mode”. As a “ghost hunter” its absolutely essential that I have a camera that works in low-light conditions! ;-) I am of course just joking here, I don’t use my phone whilst on investigations as the quality simply isn’t good enough for that purpose but I must admit, I have tested out this night mode function just out of interest. Its good but not great. I took three photos. One with the lights on, one with the lights off and camera in normal mode and then one with the lights off with the camera switched onto night mode. Although the quality wasn’t overly great with the one taken in the low-light conditions with the night mode on, it was quite clear that the night mode had definitely kicked in when I compared it to the other one. Another thing to note here though is that the camera does NOT have a flash so you won’t see a thing if it is very dark. You do need at least some ambient light.

            8 - Gallery
            This is where your photos are stored. There are 3 folders within this section:

            Self explanatory really! You can view, zoom in, edit, rename, etc. your photos in this section.

            There are a number of pre-loaded images but they’re not overly exciting. More can be downloaded if you so desire.

            Here you’ll find the larger ringtones and those that you’ve downloaded/been sent. There is a large selection of tones to choose from but I must say, none are exactly thrilling so I would recommend you either download some or get yourself a data cable. (More on this later).

            9 - Organiser
            This menu houses your alarm clock, calendar and to-do list. I use the alarm clock and calendar and they're very useful. The calendar is great (especially when you save someone's birthday-you can enter their year of birth and it tells you how old they'll be on that birthday) I was also surprised and pleased that old dates can be viewed too and reminders and notes are also saved once the day has passed. Although not used a great deal, I can certainly see me using this in future. (I’m very forgetful!) ;o)
            One slight niggle here is that you have to turn the alarm clock on each time you wish to use it. Although it does remember what time you last had it set for. However, my old mobile remembered the time AND that I had the alarm turned on for that time each day. Granted, I had to turn it off each time I didn’t use it and it did prove annoying on the occasions that I forgot to turn it off and was hence woken up by it. But I still think this is better than having to turn the alarm on each day. I use the alarm clock function daily so I have to remember to turn it on again each night. I forgot completely on one of the first days that I had this new phone as I was so used to my old phone remembering that I wanted the alarm to go off in the morning. Thankfully my mum gets up early so she was up in time to wake me up for work that morning!

            The alarm works even if you turn the phone off overnight (very handy!) and it also still works when you have your phone in Silent mode. There is also the good-old Snooze function (very useful indeed!)

            10 - Games
            On this phone, you'll find two games preloaded:

            This is a maze type game where you direct a ball over and under walls, past spiky obstacles, spikes, etc. Its very logical and not overly easy to start with. Although granted, I have only played this for a few minutes. I kept dying! I’m sure it’ll come with practise though.

            ~Triple Pop~
            This is quite a good game, I can’t remember the name of what it reminds me of but it is VERY similar to a PlayStation game that my sister has. If you like strategy games then you’ll enjoy this. Basically you have a small circle onto which colourful balls are fired from the sides of the screen. You have to rotate the circle to join the balls of the same colour. Join three and they evaporate. Vaguely reminiscent of Tetris I suppose, just working in a circular motion as opposed to a vertical one!

            11 - Applications
            The only application I have is converter (called Converter II so I don’t know whether this is an upgraded version?) I suppose it might come in handy occasionally but I’ve yet to use it. It does have a quite wide selection of possible conversions, including currency, temperatures, length, area, volume and weight.

            12 - Extras
            Here you have your calculator, countdown timer, stopwatch, wallet (it took me a while to learn what exactly the point in this was. Basically it’s a place to store your credit card numbers and other personal details. It is password protected function obviously and enables you to make payments with your phone. I haven’t used this and won’t be doing either. It doesn’t sound overly sensible to me! There is also something called Synchronisation in this menu. I’m not entirely sure what this does though to be honest. I can tell you it has something to do with the Internet though as it mentions a few things in the Settings part of this section. As I don’t use the Internet on my phone, I won’t be needing it. I’m sure its very useful for those who do and for those who can figure out what it is though!

            13 - Connectivity
            Here you can activate your Infra-red and GPRS connections. It’s easy to turn either of them on but I’ve never used either so I can’t comment on how good they are. My PC doesn’t have an infra-red port so I shall be using the data cable instead. (Again, more on this later).

            14 - Services
            Again, this is to do with using the Internet where you can set things like your Bookmarks and Homepage and whatnot. I’ve never tried using the Internet on my phone though.

            15 - Go To
            This menu's quite useful as it has shortcuts you'll often need to use. These are:

            Multimedia Inbox
            Create MMS (a multimedia message)

            It also enables you to switch between the 2 main profiles:

            = = = Ease of Use = = =

            The phone is very easy to use. I must admit though, although I never thought I’d forget how to use a Nokia (i.e. just the menu buttons and remembering that the left hand menu button means “Select” while the right means “Exit” (generally) but in comparison to the Sagem which is pretty much the exact opposite, I must admit that when I first got the 7250i, I was exiting and selecting things I didn’t mean to do! Incidentally, I have now well and truly got the hang of it again though. I’ve recently sold my old Sagem on eBay and I was just deleting the messages I’d stored in the phone memory before I post the phone off to the highest bidders and I was getting in a real muddle again because I was exiting things I meant to be selecting! It subsequently took me a LONG time because I’ve never been very good at keeping on top of my messages, I let them build up for months!

            = = = Reception Quality = = =

            A friend of mine phoned me a few days after I’d got my new phone, which was handy because I rarely use my mobile to actually make calls (far too expensive usually!) The reception seemed about normal to me to be honest. As I’ve only spoken on it the one time its difficult to judge it properly. It certainly wasn’t bad quality by any stretch of the imagination. The reception in the room I took the call in was pretty much perfect!

            As with 99% of mobiles these days, the aerial is an internal one so it doesn’t get in the way!

            = = = Battery Life = = =

            So far, so good! I’ve only charged my phone 3 times and I’ve had it a number of weeks now. And one of those times wasn’t really necessary, I just charged it to make sure it was brimming over with fresh charge as I knew I may well need to call on the battery power to the full extreme – in other words I was heading for a loooong car journey up to Newcastle so I thought I’d need to keep myself entertained by playing the games! As it happened, we drained another one of the Committee members’ phones instead as we decided to play a game of Monopoly on her phone (4 player!) lol.

            = = = Connectability = = =

            (For some reason or another, MS Word is telling me that the word “Connectability” doesn’t exist, but I assure you, it DOES exist in Sarah_Louise language!) :-)

            For the first time in my mobile usage history, I’ve actually purchased a method of connecting my phone to the PC. I bought a data cable (also off eBay) seeing as my computer doesn’t have an infra red port. I also bought an extra Nokia customisation CD ROM off eBay which has loads of wallpapers, tones, games, etc. It works out MUCH cheaper doing this than downloading them conventionally off the Internet or indeed phoning or texting those premium rate numbers.

            You can also view the photo’s you took using the data cable and PC suites. I have only downloaded the trial version of the software I use though so I haven’t been able to download the photos I’ve taken onto the PC as yet.

            = = = Good points = = =

            What I like about this phone, apart from its ease of use, small compact size, lightweight and generally good looking is the fact its so easy to personalise and individualise it. Not only can you change the front and back covers but you can change the screen savers, logos, ring tones, etc, etc. There’s so many different things which you can set to personalise it you’re unlikely to run into another Nokia phone with exactly the same settings as yours (and, given that there are a LOT of other Nokia phones out there, this is quite impressive!)

            Facia’s are cheap and relatively easy to pick up. Check out eBay. I’ve just bought a few on there which have all been under £5. (Genuine Nokia ones tend to be anywhere between £10 and £20 though).

            Naturally I have to rate the radio function highly on this phone, the quality is VERY good. Well, it is when you have good reception anyway of course. National stations such as Radio 1 I find are generally excellent quality in most places, however, not all. I currently walk someones dog for them at lunchtimes, they live on the West shore of Llandudno so I take the dog for an hours walk along the beach and up along the sand dunes. Its hardly out “in the sticks” in comparison to many areas of North Wales but it just will not pick up Radio 1 here. It does however pick up the local radio station perfectly.

            The camera can be both deemed “great” and “cr*p” at the same time. It depends what you’re comparing it to. By todays terms, I guess the camera is far from great. The Sagem MYX7 (about 4 phones up in the line from my old Sagem) for example has a camera with a 1.3 mega pixel display. This is extremely high quality.

            I must admit, I was a little disappointed when I first took a photo with my 7250i but I was pleasantly surprised when I viewed the photos on the PC. They are actually a lot better quality than they appeared on the phone. Overall I’d give the camera a thumbs up.

            = = = Bad Points = = =

            As previously mentioned, the fact that you have to turn the alarm clock on every time you wish to use it can be problematical for forgetful people like me! But then on the same hand, I suppose it means you don’t get woken up when you don’t need to be! I got grumbled at just a few months back when we were down in Cardiff conducting an investigation in a private house that we’d been called to. We had a TV Producer with us on the investigation to ‘shadow’ us to see exactly what we do as he’s hoping to be making a series about the paranormal shortly. Conveniently he lived in Cardiff and lived in a huge house so as a ‘thank you’ for letting him attend, he let us all crash at his house for a few hours (and provided a very nice brekkie for when we got up too might I add!) But anyway, so there was the Committee all crashing in this one (rather large!) bedroom. We’d got back to his house at about 6am and I’d got up at about 7:30am the morning prior so of course my alarm woke everyone up at that time when we’d been up all night. Oops!!

            There is just one other thing I've noticed about this phone that I've never had with any previous phone. That is that when I drop the phone (not from any great height, but you know how it is, sometimes they get knocked off the desk or something, don't they?) Well, this phone tells me that the SIM is not inserted. I have to switch the phone off and then back on again to correct this problem. No big deal as that is all I have to do. I don't have to actually fiddle around with the SIM itself but none of my other phones have said that, despite facing much larger drops!

            Other than that, I really don’t have any gripes with the 7250i to be honest. Not yet anyway!

            = = = Conclusion = = =

            All in all, this phone gets top marks from me!

            As I said, I got this phone off eBay for £80. You can probably pick up some other bargains on there if you so desired, I just went through a Buy it Now to save me faffing around with bidding on this occasion.

            I’d give the phone a 9/10 rating. Or a 4/5 rating if we’re going off Dooyoo terms!

            = = = Links = = =

            For full specifications and information about the phone please see the official Nokia website here:
            (That page will take you straight to the Nokia 7250i pages).


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              16.07.2005 18:41



              Good phone but lacks camera quality

              I brought this phone christmas 2003, and have used it until the present say.

              It is very easy to use as it uses the standard nokia menu system. Has many good features such as the radio, and the infrared.

              I've connected this up to my computer, you can transfer things to and from the phone easily with the Nokia Software supplied on their site for free.

              The one downside about this phone is that the camera isn't very good quality, if you get the light level ok then it isn't too bad.


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                06.01.2005 19:57
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                I go through phones like there's no tomorrow. They either break, get lost or are not liked by me. I got the 7250i for 2 reasons, A because it seemed a good phone and B it was on ofer for £99. IK got it 9 months ago, and it has served me well.

                The various features it includes are:

                Colour Camera
                Massive phone book (800 names if you tweak the memory correctly)
                Multimedia Messaging
                Colour WAP
                Good Size

                So I ordered it, and said goodbye to my horrible 8310. I am not a small person, and have large fingers. Not the stupidly large size, but enough to make using fiddly phones impossible. When the phone came, I opened the box and thought 'Oh Dear, could see problems here...' I put it together, and without reading the destructions (How easy nokias are to use is something else) had it turened on. I got the phone SIM free, which made a big difference, and the price so much more justifiable. After the cute jingle had played, I was on the main screen. I practiced phoning the hose a few times, and found the buttons surprisingly comfortable. Although the phone is small, the buttons are of a size to make them nice to use. Anyway, I read through the instructions and got the phone working properly (I hate refering back to things, so got it straight off)

                The pre-installed ringtones are nice, so havent downloaded any new ones, and I deleted the games, as I loath them, and have lots more memory. It stores endless pictures, I have about 300 on there in medium quality and the memory is only half full!

                Anyway, enough about the advantages of this phone, onto the disadvantages, although they are minor

                Where I live (Bucks) there is a big mountain right next door, so the radio signal is useless. I expect it will work, however in a flat area like Cambs or Lincs.

                The vibrate isn't too powerfull, although I could have worn it out! I can't feel it through my jeans when i walk with my music on loud.

                The built in handsfree, whilst fine for the desk and handsfree talking, isnt good in the car. It just isnt loud enough, and the engine drowns it out.

                Thats enough of the disadvantages! I love this phone, and the only niggle is that it hasnt got bluetooth, that would have made things a bit easier for various circumstances. The accesories are easy to get for it as well, I got a rubber feel fascia for it on ebay for a penny!! Good quality too.

                Overall, a good phone, and as the price is rapidly dropping it is a good buy for the money.


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                  05.10.2004 15:55



                  BUY BUY BUY!! - Advantages: does everything you'll posibbly need in a phone! - Disadvantages: after a year it seems to lose its volume a little


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                  30.09.2004 17:23
                  Very helpful



                  Well I've been on an o2 contract since 2001 (when genie was still in existence) but since I didn't get a phone when I got the SIM (because that'd put my line rental up by £10!!) I assumed I wouldn't be eligible for upgrades. unfortunately it took me 3 three years with the same phone to realise that I could upgrade and so now I am a proud owner of this lovely little phone.

                  My reasons for choosing the 7250i
                  -My mum got this phone about 6 months ago and has had no problems with it
                  -The camera is one of the best nokia's produced
                  -It's pretty too!
                  -The buttons were in a regular layout unlike some of the much newer nokias.

                  In the past 2 weeks that I've been the proud owner of this model I have had no problems. It's been simple to work out as the layout and functioning of it works very similarly to all nokias (the phones I've always had and find the easiest to understand)

                  Right. Now you want to know what you get with this little contraption.

                  Within this menu, you can create a message using the original text typing or use the text predictor which I prefer. You can send texts as e-mails (although I haven't been able to work out how to connect this little gizmo to GPRS or WAP but I don't actually need it so I'm not bothered)
                  You've got an inbox (obviously) but unlike the older nokias, you have a massive memory for texts so can keep loads (at present I have around 85 in there). There's also the archive folder which works similarly to the old 'outbox' in that you can save unsent messages. There's also a 'sent messages' folder which has previously been an option for non-nokia phones but is a godsend for me as it means I can check up on myself after a night of drinking and silliness!

                  2-Call Register
                  As far as I can tell this menu is identical to the older nokias. It keeps a record of missed calls, received calls and dialled calls as well as recording the length of your last calls and calculating the total length of all calls, received calls and dialled calls. It also shows the cost of the last call but I think this works only with pay as you go phones.

                  Now they've moved this menu section to position 3 which is great for me as I rarely need it but again works very similarly to old nokias. However you can create caller groups so if you're sending a text or something to a certain group of people that can be done much quicker than it would usually do. You can also put photos with each contact so that when they ring you're reminded visually of who it is. Magic!

                  In this phone the 'tones' menu of phones gone by has been abandoned as there is really very little need for it. Larger ring tones are stored in your gallery but can be accessed through this menu also which again is the same as old nokias where you can programme each profile to suit different situations you might find yourself in.

                  Once more (sorry guys) this is near enough identical to older nokias however there is now a 'display settings' section where you can change your wallpaper, the colour theme of the menu, the layout of the menu and the brightness of the menu.

                  Now in my opinion this is magic (and I know it's not a completely novel function on a nokia but you have to understand I’ve been living with a dated nokia 3310 for the past 3 years. there are 20 programmable slots so you can pick your favourite stations and then when reception goes funny on one, quickly flick to the next.
                  The handsfree set included with the phone works as your headphones for the radio (although it can be put onto loudspeaker). There’s a small button on the wire which can be used to move between stations and also works to pick up and hang up when somebody calls. With the headset plugged in the phone still functions completely normally so it won't hinder your mobile fun!

                  As I mentioned earlier this is one of the best nokia cameras with very high resolution. Once the picture has been taken, you can rename it, zoom in and move around the picture or set it as your wallpaper.

                  This is where your photos are stored. There are 3 folders within this section:
                  ~Photos (kind of says it in the name. Photos are stored here and can be viewed and edited here too)
                  ~Graphics (These are pre-loaded images and bits which will vary slightly between operators but more can be downloaded...)
                  ~Tones (As I mentioned before, these are the larger ringtones which are near to poor so getting some new ones may be recommended)

                  This menu houses your alarm clock, calendar and to-do list. I use the alarm clock and calendar and they're very useful. The calendar is great (especially when you save someone's birthday-you can enter their year of birth and it tells you how old they'll be on that birthday) I was also surprised and pleased that old dates can be viewed too and reminders and notes are also saved once the day has passed.

                  On this phone, you'll find two games preloaded:
                  ~Bounce (a maze-type game where you direct a ball over and under walls, past spiky obstacles, etc. Very easy to catch onto)
                  ~Triple Pop (this is a bit more complex but still quite easy to get a hang of. I don’t' enjoy this game as much as I often lose but basically you have a small circle onto which colourful balls are fired. You have to rotate the circle to join the balls of the same colour. Join three and they evaporate. It's kind of a big variation from Tetris)

                  The only application I have is converter which is all very good if you need to know that 10 stone is equal to 63.502932 but I rarely do. However if you do find yourself needing conversions done, it will convert temperatures, currency (I couldn't tell you where it gets the rates from-it’s probably not extremely reliable in this case), weight, length, area and volume

                  Here you have your calculator, countdown timer, stopwatch, wallet (lets you store credit card numbers and other personal details for making payments with your phone-there is a password function but I’d steer well clear) and synchronisation (I’m still trying to work out what this does)

                  Here you can activate your Infra-red and GPRS connections. I haven't got the settings for GPRS yet so I can't tell you how well it works. Infra-red I've managed to turn on but haven’t quite worked out.

                  This all relates to your internet doings. It's where you set your homepage, select bookmarked pages...etc.

                  15-Go To
                  This menu's quite useful as it has shortcuts you'll often need to use. These are:
                  Multimedia Inbox
                  Create MMS (a multimedia message)
                  and then your 2 main profiles

                  You will find that with different operators, the last few menu sections will vary for example orange have their own menu where you connect to all of their services...etc but obviously I can't review them.

                  I would definitely recommend this phone however. It has served my mum well and will hopefully serve me well. Its price ranges from free (when signing up to a 12 month contract) to around £250. If you need a new phone, buy this ASAP because it's going quite cheap with one or two pay as you go tariffs.


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                    21.08.2004 22:58



                    This phone is very good as it goes, easy to carry, light and small. The screen is good quality screen and the phone has an easy to use menu. It has everything that is required in the messaging facility, access to the internet, a camera and the facility if required to download games and ringtones plus much more. the quality of line is good and coverage is ok, with very few problems. Overall this phone is well worth having, as it is easy to use especially on contract as you dont have to fork out the initial fee.


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                      28.07.2004 23:05
                      Not Helpful



                      I bought this phone from the orange shop for £169.99 (pay as you go) Now £159.99 This phone is very good. It lacks a good feature:BLUETOOTH This is the review on the orange website. I have added in the bits in the brackets: The Nokia 7250i features an integrated camera (the camera is quite poor quality actually) and high quality colour screen (the screen i suppose is ok). The camera has a 'night mode' for better (i.e. no difference) picture quality in low light and has an improved portrait setting over its predecessor, perfect for bringing your phonebook to life with pictures of friends. With Java? technology and wap, not only can you use great games and applications, you can download new ones whenever you want to. Couple all this with a distinctive metallic finish and you've a phone that's both functional (not quite) and fashionable (not quite). If you are thinking of getting a phone i prescribe the panasonic X70 which my friend got for £129.99 (pay as you go)


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                        21.07.2004 07:26
                        Very helpful



                        Mobiles and I were never the best of friends, but my ricketty old Siemens was in need of replacement, and I grudgingly decided that if I was going to buy a new phone I may as well fork out the money on something half decent. Nokias, of course, are astoundingly popular phones, are easy to use and generally pretty good quality, so when I seen the 7250i on Amazon, I did a double take. The phone seemed to have everything I was looking for: a colour screen, an integrated camera, internet capabilities and polyphonic ringtones, but was a little pricier than I'd hoped to pay. After searching through other phones and not coming across anything that caught my eye as much, I decided to fork out the £149.99 that Amazon was asking for the phone on Orange Pay As You Go. I waited anxiously on its arrival, still relucatant over spending so much. I was never a big phone user, so I was really beginning to doubt my sanity. Why had I scrapped and saved that amount of money to pay for something I might hardly use? However, the moment it arrived, those doubts vanished. When I first took it out the box I noticed how small and light it was. It's thinner and smaller than the Nokia 3310 and significantly lighter so it doesn't weigh down your pockets at all. When I tried to turn it on I noticed that its power button is very small and hard to use. It isn't raised up from the body of the phone at all, and although this prevents it from being turned on or off in a bag, it can be annoying and inconvenient. It has a similar layout to all Nokias, and similar menus. Its keys, like the power button, are quite small and fiddly, though. The feature that I was most interested in trying out was the camera. I didn't expect much, but was pleasantly surprised. It takes
                        relatively good pictures as long as movement and distance are kept to a minimum. There is even a night mode available that maximises the amount of light taken in by the camera to make photos in dark locations turn out clear. As I mentioned, distance shots are pretty rotten, and any movement at all can spoil a photo, but considering it is only a mobile phone camera, the photo quality can't be sniffed at. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across a radio function. The phone came with headphones that you could attach to listen to the radio, and you can also put the radio onto loudspeaker. This feature was not something I'd have even considered needing on a mobile, but has proved quite useful. It's entertained me on many long journeys! The address book impressed me, too. You can store multiple numbers for each person, as well as email addresses and the like. You can also store a picture with each address book entry. The phone came with two games already installed: Bounce and Triple Pop, but it is easy to download extra games using the internet connection on the phone. The phone also came with quite an impressive selection of graphics and ringtones installed, too. The screen quality is fairly good, and photo wallpapers look reasonably clear. The screen is a nice size: not too large and flashy, but not microscopic, either. The phone design itself is quite nice. Its plain and simple, but sophistacated and neat. It features the usual removeable covers which is always handy for cleaning dust out the screen etc. The phone has an impressive memory. In practical terms I've got about 30-40 ringtones, 30 photos, 40 graphics, 50 or so texts and 5 games saved to it and I've not even came close to using up the memory. Battery life is good, too. I've not charged my phone in about a fortnight and I'v
                        e still got battery life left. In all honesty, though, I'm not using it a great amount and I'm sure if I was I'd need to charge it more often. Its a hardy little chap, too. I'm clumsy and was worried that it wouldn't last a minute with me, but it's done very well. It's been dropped, kept outside in bags and in my pocket in the pouring rain, buried in sand and generally been abused, but is still in perfect working order. I've been impressed with the reception so far, too. I was still getting good reception even in the highlands of Scotland. I'm glad I spent the money on it, and don't plan to change if for anything else soon. Its a good, reliable, compact little phone and was definately good value for money.


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                          14.07.2004 03:13
                          Very helpful



                          I got my Nokia 7250I just before christmas 2003 as I had decided a camera phone was a must have and I couldn’t possibly live without one. It was the first nokia phone that I’ve owned but having aquatinted myself with friends nokias it wasn’t hard to work out how to use. In simple select the left button to access the menu and the right to access the phone book, green to make a phone call and red to end it. It really is quite an easy to phone to use and to understand. Aesthetically its blue and black design with integrated buttons is quite stylish to look at and size-wise it’ll fit in your pocket nicely and is quite light too. As for features mine came equipped with two games, triple pop and bounce. Triple pop is in the tetris mould and can prove quite addictive, however it will never be the most exciting game in the world. As for bounce well its a basic platform game where u bounce a ball through labyrinth like levels. Unfortunately you cant turn the sound off while your playing it so your bound to irritate the hell out of anyone in your vicinity whilst playing it! Aside from the games the Nokia 7250I has all the other basic features you could want, alarm clock, calendar, calculator etc. The phones downfall is really its camera which is basically just crap. The pictures are too small, fuzzy and I don’t think you could take a decent photo of a person or indeed a landscape if you tried until the end of the century. All in all its a nice little phone but its not worth paying the extra for a very poor camera.


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                            28.06.2004 05:40



                            overview - Advantages: Integrated digital camera with zoom and night mode , Stereo FM radio, 500 names x3 numbers - Disadvantages: Dislay: CSTN, 4096 colors


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                            30.05.2004 22:26
                            Very helpful



                            It's been 10 months now, my dear Nokia 7250i. I first saw you about a year ago when my friend took it out and it was the first time I saw a colour screen mobile. Boy were you gorgeous. You were too expensive for me then, and I could only look at you in awe and lust. In the month of September 2003 I needed a new phone. Having thought of you for the past 3 months I knew I had to have you. Went into the shop, got you for FREE under an o2 tariff. A happy man was I at that time. Brought you home. Played around with you.. and here's where the facts come in: Disadvantages: -------------------- 1. Boy were you boring. You came with 2 games installed, one called bounce which was meaningless and not entertaining at all, another was the Triple Pop which was quite colourful, but BORING. Conclusion --> you need more games, I know games can be downloaded, but lets face it, how many of us actually could be asked to spend more money on games for a mobile. 2. You claim to be able to take pictures? Boy most of the time I can't even tell who the face in the picture is. The resolution is so poor that compared to my Nikon SQ.. it's.. well forget Nikon SQ.. compared to Nokia 6600 you stand no where! You even claim to have a new function, the zoom function which prior to this you sibbling the Nokia 7250 didn't have. Well you can zoom all you want but it's hopeless. The zoom works AFTER you take the picture, not before! Why do I need to zoom after taking the picture? You're funny, hopeless, but funny. The worst part is, you can't even be transfered on to the computer with the infared feature set on you because the infared feature is only meant for transfering business cards! Man you were dissapointing as a camera phone. Omit the camera for crying out loud! Advantages: --------------- 1. I liked you nonetheless cause you looked cool. You had a metalic blue casing and the casing is one of the best I&
                            #39;ve seen because the paint doesn't come off like the previous nokia phones. I put you in my pocket everyday for 9 months and you still look brand new, compared to my ex lover, the Nokia 8210 which was so weak there were scratch marks all over after 1 day being in my pocket. Also you had a nice colour screen which I could insert any picture I want. 2. Memory wise you had loads. I could receive tons of messages without having ever to delete them except once in like 2 months or so. 4MB of memory, not a lot for a computer, but sufficient for a handphone. 3. Hands free was a great invention. I spoke with you, my Nokia 7250i for hours without even having to touch you. Now if that was with my wife during those cold nights, that would have been not nice at all, but with you, now I can use my hands for other things, like writing this review while speaking to you! 4. Radio and you together is such a blessing. Sometimes I used you, sometimes I used the radio, but it never affected your performance. Only set back is I keep forgetting to bring out my headsets which is a compulsory tool for the radio to work. Nonetheless I shouldn't complain, because it has kept me company for many lonely bus rides and walks home. 5. You are small and light, easy to carry around, yet not too tiny that you can hide from me. You are easily held in my palms and I feel so comfortable using you, dialing you, typing messages on you, talking and listening to you. 6. Your fonts can be set to small, medium or large which is fantastic! I like small text, because this means I can read more of you on one screen and need to scroll less often! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Other features which you include the normal: - Inbox, Sent messages storage, Draft, Multimedia messages (enable sending pictures to other ppl and vice versa), chat and voice messages - Call register, the normal features of Di
                            alled numbers, received numbers, miss calls, call cost - Contact book - Profiles ( single click to a silent phone, vibrating phone, a phone when you're in bed... so on) - Gallery to store and organise you pictures - Organiser which includes a calander, alarm clock, to do list and reminder. - Extras which has a calculator, countdown timer, wallet, stop watch and synchronisation - WAP facilities - dual band All in all, I think you're quite a good and easy to use phone, only real problem with you is your camera feature. So I hope anyone who wants you would genuinely want you, and not the camera in you... you've served me well, my dear Nokia 7250i Note: don't know if anyone has written a review like this before, but honestly i came up with this myself! *proud to announce* Hope it's good! :D


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