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Nokia 7310 Supernova

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    3 Reviews
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      10.07.2010 15:27
      Very helpful



      An absolutely useless and totally unreliable phone

      A couple of months ago, I did not think I would be reviewing this mobile phone, as I felt I had nothing to report. However, my views have since changed and I feel that the readers should be aware, particularly if you are thinking of buying this model, as in the experience of both my husband and myself, it is nothing but a piece of useless junk.

      The phone in question is the Nokia 7310 Supernova and only eight months ago, my hubby and I each parted with the rather large sum of £100 each as we thought we'd discovered a high quality phone.

      I'll firstly advise you of the positive points of the phone before I recommend you don't purchase and advise you to spend your money on something more reliable.

      Whilst there are now much more modern looking phones available, at the time this was a good phone and measures in at 10½ cm in length and 4 ½cm in width. The silver screen was easy to both navigate and operate with its' good size mirrored chrome keys and 6cm x 3½ cm display screen.

      The phone was provided with a changeable cover, charger and an ear piece and in our opinion, was a superior quality phone, particularly as Nokia is normally an excellent and extremely innovative manufacturer.

      As with most mobile phones, I found the back cover extremely difficult to remove and as this was something I needed to do only the once when I first received the phone, it's not really a negative as far as I'm concerned.

      The battery power was excellent and as I also used the phone as a reminder and an alarm clock, it had quite a lot of use. However, I only found myself having to charge it every three or four days.

      The phone was able to offer facilities such as a loud speaker, radio, high quality camera and video, microphone and bluetooth. Whilst signal strength mainly depends on the provider, I often find it is down to the individual phone you possess and I never found any problems with making and/or receiving telephone calls.

      Whilst I don't intend discussing the intricate details of all the features, particularly as this review is extremely negative of this phone, it had a large storage capacity for messages, photos and videos.

      There are a large selection of themes and screen savers from which to choose and also dozens of ring and text tones. A feature that was used heavily by my hubby was the music player, where he was able to download music tracks and use the phone as an MP3 player. Whilst I cannot really comment on this as it's not an area that I used, my hubby was extremely thrilled with both the sound quality and its' ease of use.

      The phone offered the usual features of a calculator, calendar, to do list, notes and stop watch. It also allows you to access the internet. However, I found this feature pretty useless as it would take literally ages to connect and as I was a pay as you go customer, I was a little nervous at it munching away at my credit.

      If I were to be recommending this phone to you, I would have discussed its' features in more detail. However, here come the negatives.

      Within only 5 months of purchase, my phone started to fail, whereas the 7, 8 and 9 keys would not operate. Consequently, if I were to send a message to my husband that should have read "I'm about to leave work and am going to Tescos first. Is there anything that we need?, the message would read "I'm abo to leae ok and am going o eco fi. I hee anhing ha e need?" Naturally, he didn't have a clue what I was talking about and initially thought I'd been sat in the pub for the afternoon!

      However, hubby being hubby accused me of not correctly pressing the keys (!), which frustrated me somewhat as I knew it wasn't me! The fault was initially intermittent and put itself right, but only a few weeks later, the same thing happened again and this time it happened to hubby's phone aswell!! Now he believed me, as HE could not possibly be using the keys incorrectly!

      Hubby took both phones apart and checked to see if there was any dust trapped inside, but unfortunately, this was not the case. As I had lost the receipt for the £200 purchase, we were unable to return them to the store and I had no other option but to search the internet to see if other consumers had a similar problem and were able to offer a solution. Alas, I found nothing and have finally admitted defeat!

      I would not have thought twice if this fault had only occurred with my phone, but for it to also happen to hubby's evidences that this is a major problem with the phone. Consequently, we have two useless mobiles awaiting their fate! Mazuma - here I come!

      I would be extremely interested to hear if anyone else has experienced similar problems as I am very disappointed with Nokia, particularly as we have both wasted such a large sum of money.

      Consequently, the Nokia 7310 receives the lowest star from me, namely 1 as unfortunately, I could not rate it with zero.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading, or should I say in the Nokia 7310 text talk - I hoe o fnd m eie efll and old hank o fo eading.


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        25.01.2010 21:25



        good all rounder but memory could be improved

        I bought my Nokia 7310 4 months ago for £59.99 from an o2 Branch. hat brought me to this phone was initially its size and shape. I have always been fond of nokias as they are small, with easy t use keypad and navigational functions. This phone for the price did everything it said on the tin and had most of the basic features for the price, camera/radio/internet/budget planning application. All quite eay to use and a decent enough camera for basic pictures. It has a decent video quality with a 4 times zoom function which is a good added feature but does dampen down the video quality further. My only gripe with this phone is the memory within the phone. It seems that when the memory is nearly full when one wants to delete messages it is very slow and can take upto 15 minutes to delete all the messages on the phone as it seems to delete the messages in a 1 by 1 order. Thsi is quite annoying and does mean leaving the phone for a while until it has deletd the messages. All in all thought for a simple phone with 'ok' features and easy to use I would reccoment this but I have had better more quicker nokias in the past.


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        26.01.2009 07:31
        Very helpful



        Good budget phone with style

        Nokia 7310 Supernova
        Nokia....nokia fones are my favorite in many aspects...like
        first of all every nokia fone have a good battery life and I have tested almost all brands bt the better battery life is always got from Nokia phones. Some other brands also took this consideration as main priority to put solid platform in this market.
        And second thing is they are durable... and trustable, The life of Nokia phone is as long as we can desire. It means that if you are not a fond of new phones again and again than you can get a good durable phone and that will give you a good companion support.

        First phone that I have used for almost 3 years and it is still with me is Nokia 1108 and this phone is working well and battery is also good with adequate back-up.
        So no doubt at all in quality in Nokia phones, and now has another stylish phone from Nokia that is Nokia 7310 Supernova.
        one year ago I brought Sony ericsson w200i...a walkman phone.
        You can read my review ....my experience about that phone.
        After that I decided to go for nokia....due to trusted phone as well as good battery back-up.
        And I brought Nokia 7310 Supernova...
        it is good looking and handsome phone.....trance to a budget phone.
        First have a look on some good features that is provided with this supernova.
        1) Slim body
        2) 2" Bright Display
        3) Expandable memory
        4) Stereo FM radio
        4) Bluetooth, Edge support.
        Where it should be improve
        1) Battery capacity should be increase
        2) 2Megapixel camera is not enough....at least 3.2 Megapixel should be added.
        Over all is good phone...
        Now have a brief discussion about some features
        Display and size
        Phone has an average size as per middle range phone with 106.5 x 45.4 x 12 mm, with about 83gm weight. Phone has slightly slim body with only 12mm thickness and that is good to keep in pocket.
        Display size is also an average with TFT 240 x 320 pixels screen size and 16 million colors.
        Connectivity is also according to its class and there are GPRS, Bluetooth, EDGE and USB support.
        Over all this is a stylish budget phone ad you can afford this as this can be good companion of daily talking.


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