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    3 Reviews
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      07.03.2007 01:17
      Very helpful



      The Nokia 8910i was the ultimate accessory phone for the consumer 4 years ago, and it still is.

      I originally bought this phone when it first came out about 4 years ago. I fell in love with the original 8910, but decided to wait for the 8910i as it had bluetooth and a colour screen.

      Being a self-confessed lover of gadgets, I fell for this phone immediately. It had a metal casing (titanium, to be exact), looked very stylish, and had probably the coolest opening mechanism known to man (press the button either side, and the phone slid up).

      The phone it'self is a pretty standard Nokia offering - All the basic features are there; bluetooth, SMS with T9, colour screen, GPRS etc, but there's no toys such as a camera or MP3 ringtones, which even 4 years ago were pretty much standard on new phones.

      I recently dug this phone out again and still love it. It's hard wearing, the battery life is still excellent, and it still makes people pick it up and play with it for hours on end.

      Having started using it again, its brought to light the two things that really annoyed me about this phone the first time around, and which are probably the only actual faults with it...the internal SMS memory is shocking (it's full after about 10 incoming messages), and the keys are not backlit (they do have side lights, but they're not too good in anything other than total darkness).

      These phones are going for about £130 on ebay now, and are well worth the money.


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      27.01.2005 15:51
      Very helpful



      When my bloke bought this phone around a month ago, my initial thought was “£400 for a mobile phone?? Are you daft??” However, as soon as the phone slipped out of its box, I understood why. The way this phone has been styled is amazing. The black casing makes it look sleek and sophisticated and I love the smart slide down cover. You operate this by pressing the two buttons on either side of the casing. The spring loaded mechanism slides the phone out of its case gently but stylishly to reveal the keypad and selection keys. Very cool!

      Another thing that struck me about this phone is that I had not seen it before. It does appear that not many people are in ownership of the 8910i. This may be because of the price tag attached. In my opinion, owning a phone which seems to be a one off (obviously there were thousands made really!!) is a big bonus. Most of the better phones these days are quickly picked up by the general consumer and before you know it your gorgeous phone has been bought by every man and his dog. This one, on the other hand, is still an outstanding and original phone.

      ^^^^ Features of the Phone ^^^^

      Many of you will already know that this phone is special. The reason for this is it has been made out of Titanium. Titanium is a hard wearing material which is very strong and very durable. Perfect if you work within industrial areas. You would expect the 8910i to be heavy because of this fact. Titanium is also very light so you will not feel like you are carrying a lead weight around all day!

      Using this phone you can also download pictures, games etc using Java technology. This means you can download everything to personalise your phone wirelessly. To use this you would search for what you wish to download via WAP which is included on this phone. You will then be directed to Java sites to obtain what you wish to download.

      This phone also carries Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth works in a similar way to Infrared in that it can send pictures, messages and such like without paying for text messages or the cost of downloading them. However, Bluetooth is more advanced than Infrared as it has the ability to send to mobile devices in the distance of 10 meters as opposed to Infrared which can send up a distance of only a meter.

      Also, the 8910i has a colour display of 5000 colours.

      ^^^^ Other Stuff ^^^^

      The Nokia 8910i also includes the ability to send Multimedia Messages (pictures and such like), WAP (wireless application protocol), full colour display and digital clock screen saver. It also includes standard Nokia installs such as calculator, currency converter, alarm clock and normal clock and to do list.

      ^^^^ The Bad Bits ^^^^

      There are only a couple of faults I can find with this phone. Both are very minor and shouldn’t affect your decision to buy or not buy this phone.

      Firstly, this phone is not polyphonic. It only plays monophonic ringtones. This may not be a problem to some people, but if you’re like me and like funky tunes to play then this is not the phone for you.

      Also, overuse of the slide down cover (see first paragraph) can cause a scratch on the back of the actual phone. This surprised me as the 8910i is supposed to be hard wearing. This seems to be a design fault that cannot be helped. However, the scratch can hardly been seen unless you are looking for it and is covered up most of the time by the casing. Not a big problem.

      ^^^^ Stats ^^^^

      Weight 112g (inc. battery)
      Height 103mm closed. 140mm when open.
      Width 46mm
      Depth 20mm

      150- 200 hours stand by time
      2- 4 hours talk time

      500 x phone book entries
      50 x text messages
      250 x calendar entries
      30 x to do notes

      ^^^^ Cost ^^^^

      The cost of this phone new & SIM free can range from £300 to £500.

      ^^^^ Overall ^^^^

      In conclusion, I would think this phone would be best suited to a person working in industrial areas who stands a chance of hurting their phone, as it has a very durable Titanium casing.

      This phone is fantastic. Although its capabilities compared to newer phones are limited, it more than makes up in design and sleekness. Besides, it does everything you wish your phone to do plus more, such as Bluetooth, MMS etc. The style of this phone is second to non and for this fact I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who likes a well designed phone.

      The 8910i has no problems with regular day to day functions such as calling out/in or text messaging.


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        11.08.2004 00:32
        1 Comment



        When I first received this phone over a year ago, I was rather worried that I had just shelled out £500 on a mobile phone. Within a a couple of hours my fears were dismissed, as the quality of this phone is unsurpassed. The case is made from black anodised titanium, for people unaware of what titanium is (Ti for it's periodic table symbol) is basically a very stong yet lightweight material. Nokia's definition of this is "Stronger than steel, lighter than aluminium". While this may be the case, the phone does not feel underweight for it's size, if anything it has something of a dense feeling to it. One clever touch to this phone is the operation of the hidden keypad, basically the keypad elevates from the protective case by means of pressing two chrome buttons on either side of the phone. The mechanism is fluid and well engineered, upon first opening the phone you then have to close it again just to watch it in action, this can become somewhat addictive. The phone menu is basically a tweaked standard Nokia affair, with the (now seemingly standard) colour screen, I was dissapointed with the inbuilt technology there is no voice recorder or radio, however voice dialling and bluetooth connectivity are present. A inbuilt java engine to run apps and games is included, albeit with slow loading times. Other than the exquisite packaging and colour screen, the features are pretty much standard by todays standard, however if your after something a little bit different, and have quite a bit of money spare for a phone (or are looking to sign up for a new contract to get the phone for next to nothing) then this is the one for you.


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