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    4 Reviews
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      13.03.2014 07:46


      • Reliability


      good phone

      I bought this phone for around £80 from Vodafone although the price has gone down since to £64.99 from amazon uk for example. I bought this phone in the colour graphite which is a grey silver colour, the good thing about it is it doesn't show up scratches very easily. It was available in gold on o2, which I was going to get but changed my mind when i realised how much it would cost to unlock, plus they have a policy of something like six months before you can unlock a phone, which i thought wasn't worth the wait just for design.

      One of the good things about this phone is if you have fake nails you can use the touch screen with them, whereas with other phones for example the iphone it won't respond if you try and use them. The screen is easily scratched so i recommend buying something to protect it. It's too late for me as i've already got two big scratches over mine!

      Another plus about this phone is it's good for people who like to use keys but want an upto date phone. I tried using a touch screen phone and it wasn't for me. This combines the two. The keys are great for txting and the screen is useful for using the menu and working the phone in general.

      One of the downsides of this phone I have found is that it doesn't hold a lot of memory for things like music so i recommend you buy a memory card if you have a lot to store on the phone.

      The battery lasts fairly long depending on how you're using it. Once charged it lasts a good while.

      Overall this phone is great for internet use, txting and calling.


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      10.05.2013 00:42
      1 Comment



      a good all round easy to use phone at a reasonable price

      For anybody wanting a reasonably priced phone with a 5mp camera, large 2.4 inch
      touch screen and good menu content, the Nokia Asha 300 fits the bill.
      The camera comes with a batterycharger, an ear piece to listen to your favourite
      music or radio and a full instruction manual.

      I purchased this camera about a month ago and I must say that I'm very pleased with its performance.
      The 5mp camera delivers excellent quality photos and video. You also have a zoom in and out facility for those great close-up shots.
      You can save up to 4 miniature photos on the home page of family or friends , pressing on the desired photo displays their number or a text facility.
      The home page also has a menu button for all functions including camera.

      Despite various negative comments about the touch screen, I have found no problems finding it to be very responsive and quick to the touch.


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        01.05.2013 10:09


        • Reliability


        Good phone for anyone not wanting or needing a Smartphone.

        This was one of a limited number of options available for me on my last upgrade, as someone who had a real dislike of touchscreen phones. In a way, this is "the best of both worlds" with some useful functions accessible and operable with the touchscreen - e.g. scrolling through contacts lists and calendar - whereas the main phone and text functions are completely operable via the traditional keypad.
        Previously I had owned and damaged a C3-01 during a contract, so I purchased this as a cheap replacement not being able to afford a replacement C3 on PAYG. The only major thing I have missed by owning the Asha 300 is the wifi, everything else seemed to be more or less identical to the much pricier C3-01.
        Its slim, lightweight, good quality camera, easy to use, easy to navigate, clear screen, good connectivity, good responsiveness on the touchscreen functions.
        I have had the phone almost 6 months and the finish on a couple the keys is wearing through, which is the only downside, particularly as its still another 4 months until I can upgrade. If I was considering this as a new 18 month contract, that would be the only thing that would worry me. I should qualify that by saying I use around 500 texts a month, so the keys to get a lot of hammer!
        On the whole though, for the price and for its purpose as a touch/keypad phone for light or normal use I would have no hesitation recommending it.


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        19.09.2012 11:22
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        inexpensive decent enough phone

        I've owned the Nokia Asha 300 for around 6 months now, ever since my previous phone got washed up, (literally - in the machine). I'm not a big phone user and didn't want anything expensive. I do however have an extremely cute child, so like to have a camera handy for those smiley ice cream face moments. So, my requirements were for a basic phone, but maybe one that also had a decent camera.

        The Asha 300 was recommended to me in a couple of different shops as being a basic phone with a decent camera. I liked the look of it and the fact that it's both touchscreen and manual. It's 3G and has all the kinds of things people who buy phones more often than me might expect, like the Nokia browser and Angry Birds Lite. There's a list of typical apps and various tones and themes to choose from. The layout is fairly traditional, with the keypad at the bottom and the 2.4 inch screen taking up more than half the space on the front. Above the keypad are three buttons, the usual red and green call/end call keys and a messaging key which is pressed to send a message or check your inbox.

        To make a call you can choose to use the traditional green phone button and end the call with the red one, or you can use the screen to open the menu and tap on your contacts list. There's a key lock button on the side of the phone at the lower right of the screen. To unlock it you swipe the screen across a moving arrow. This had me confused at first and I couldn't unlock it until I'd read the instructions. To remove/insert the sim card, memory card and battery you need to take the back off, something I've found very tricksy.

        The homescreen can be customised with the icons for your favorite apps. Mine looks like this: Across the top is the signal bar and indicators such as internet, new message and so on, below that is the clock and date. A third line has four shortcuts, I have mine set to; compose message, internet, camera and gallery. Then there's space for pics, (the default is silhouettes), of four favourite contacts who can be called, literally, 'on tap'. The bottom section has Go To/Menu /Names or has call options when in use. Add to this the fact that I have a photo of my daughter on a colourful fairground ride peeping out between the icons and you can see why my screen is crowded, but it's possible to swap the order or choose to have less onscreen. If you go to 'settings' you can change how the keys are used. You can basically fill the screen in or have it relatively clear, my problem is I like having the shortcuts but I also like a photo wallpaper. I'd recommend a cover, I haven't got one and my screen has acquired a scratch.

        The touchscreen is easy enough to navigate once you get used to it, a bit of tapping unlocks menus that you scroll through, tap or hold. You can swipe through the photos and hide the screen icons. Apparently it has 'a fast 1Ghz processor' but I tend not to use the internet much on my phone and when I have I've found it a bit glitchy, maybe that's because I don't have any real desire to sort it out. I'm probably either not interested enough or not savvy enough to use this phone to it's best capacity to be honest. Another owner may find they use it completely differently to me.

        The 5 mega pixel camera has come in handy, particularly when I was on holiday and went out without my camera. It does take a decent general snapshot but I've struggled to take clear detailed close up of things like small flowers. Photos can be cropped, enhanced, generally messed about with and sorted into albums. They can be printed directly if you have a compatible printer. There's a video option too. I use my partner's USB lead for transferring photos to my PC, but it can be done via bluetooth.

        It came with a charger, headphones and instructions. The instructions are fine, although occasionally a tad assumptive. God knows where the headphones are.

        Battery life - it seems to need recharging far too often, especially considering I don't use it that much. The battery lasts less than a week with little use. That mightn't sound so bad, but my old phone had a much better battery life and I would happily take short trips without my charger, with my Asha 300 however, I wouldn't feel comfortable going for even a weekend away unless I had my charger with me. Presumably I'm recharging all the stuff I don't really need. I did get it quite wet, (in a pocket in heavy rain), one day after a few weeks of owning it and it wouldn't work for several hours afterward, but luckily it dried out and seemed to recover okay. I suppose there's a possibilty that the experience has affected it long term, but I doubt it. Anyway, I find the need to recharge it when it's barely been used rather annoying. It takes longer than previous phones to fully recharge too, a couple of hours I think.

        The sound quality is fine and for what I use it for; mainly texts and making calls, I have no complaints. It's available on contract or pay as you go with various networks. I paid around £70 for mine on payg from Phones-4-U. For a phone described as simple, small and cheap there's a lot to it. I've given it three stars but would give it three and a half if there was the option. It looks and feels nice and is quite user friendly. It doesn't really feel that sturdy though. Having already experienced problems because of a bit of rain, I don't expect it will last for years, but who knows, maybe it will prove me wrong.


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      • Product Details

        Get the speed that you need when you want to go online. With fast connections, 1 GHz of processing power, and clever data compression, the Nokia Asha 300 loads web pages faster using less data. Nokia Browser even gives you dynamic updates to help you find the best local content.

        The Nokia Asha 300 makes staying in touch really easy. Update your Facebook status or send a tweet. Use your personal email accounts and see when fresh mail arrives instantly. Or hit the messaging key to create a new message or to go straight to your messaging inbox. And type it all quickly with the comfortable keypad.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Nokia Asha 300 - mobile phone - GSM / UMTS
        Product Type: Mobile phone - 3G
        Service Provider: Not specified
        Mobile Services: Ovi Store, Nokia Money
        Form Factor: Bar - touch screen
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 50 mm x 13 mm x 113 mm
        Weight: 85 g
        Colour: Graphite
        Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
        Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
        Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player, voice recorder
        Wireless Interface: Bluetooth
        Display: LCD display - colour - 2.4"
        Input Device(s): Touch sensitive screen
        Instant Messaging Services: Yes
        Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Facebook
        Playback Digital Standards: WAV, WMA, AAC, AMR, MP3, AAC-LC, XMF, AAC +, eAAC+, MIDI, HE-AAC , AVC, MPEG-4, WMV, 3GP, H.264, H.263
        Supported Memory Card: microSDHC - up to 32 GB
        Talk Time: Up to 414 minutes
        Standby Time: Up to 597 hours