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4 Reviews
  • Kid Corner
  • Cheaper than an iPhone
  • Datasense
  • Poor Camera
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    4 Reviews
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      17.05.2015 23:06
      Very helpful


      • "Xbox intergration"
      • Sturdy
      • Colourful
      • "Quick and easy to use"
      • "Kid Corner"


      • Datasense
      • "Poor sound control"

      What a great phone for such a low price!

      What I can I say about my Lumia 620 other than after 5 days of ownership I am still unable to put it down.

      Getting a Windows phone was a fairly big leap for me as a long term Android user but I am very happy at this point that I did.


      Delivery was fast and efficient as usual from Amazon:
      In the box was the phone ,a manual, earphones(throw these away they are rubbish), charger and cable


      This phone requires a micro sim card to work. I purchased a sim card cutter from Amazon at the same time for about £4 There was something slightly worrying about putting your sim in this machine but all was fine and my sim was transformed in seconds.Inserting the sim and 32Gb SD card was simple and quick.

      Once switched on the phone booted quite quickly. There was the usual questions about network providers and accounts that you wanted to link to the phone. The whole process was simple and over in less than 5 minutes.


      I have not been a big fan of Nokia over the years but the quality of this device has changed my perception of that completely. In the hand this feels like a robust sturdy phone that does not require you to treat it with kids gloves. The removable case slotted easily into position. The phone came with the black one which has a soft matt feel.

      The screen is simply stunning, vivid bold colors that look great with games and video alike once you have turned off the annoying auto brightness control!

      I am not a big fan of larger screens and the form factor of this phone is hitting the mark so far. Not too big to fit comfortably in my jeans pocket and not too small so that everything is difficult to read.

      The battery has proven to easily last a day of what I would describe as moderate to heavy use.

      Windows Phone 8

      This has been the biggest surprise to me. The overall experience is brilliant, there are a few minor niggles but the good far outweighs any negatives.


      The speed of this device is great, there has not been a single stutter or wait in the 5 days of usage. Considering its hardware specs are not exactly headline making in terms of cpu this is a fantastic result. Windows just zips along nicely.

      The screen transitions and the overall flow and just nice and give the you the feeling that they have actually thought about the user experience; It all feels very slick/

      The people hub is brilliant, all of my updates in one place, simple and easy to use, I have found myself using this instead of the individual apps.

      Nokia's apps that come with the device and are available mainly for free in the store are fantastic. The Nokia drive app is a significant selling point on its own. It is so much better than the google Navigation app on my android. The city lens and maps function are also great additions.

      XBox integration is seamless and intuitive. Smartglass works well and I like the consolidation of gaming into the one hub.

      Office comes for free and appears functional for reading documents and presentations. One note integration is excellent. Surprisingly Skydrive wasn't pre-installed and I had to download it, this just works really well.

      Kids corner is a great addition to the OS, I dont have to worry about my 6 year old being able to get into things he shouldn't whilst playing games on the phone. I had something similar on Android but that was a bit clunky. This works a treat and is simple to configure.

      One feature i love is the ability to decline an incoming call with a text message from a standard list of responses.

      Bad points:

      My one major annoyance so far is the lack of independent volume controls for ringtones and media. If I have had music up quite loud then when the phone rings it is also very loud. I have not found a way yet of setting these independently other than remembering to turn it down.

      Windows phone 8 has an app called datasense that tracks you phone and data usage on your mobile network, This unfortunately has to be enabled by your carrier and vodafone have not yet done so. I miss the "my vodafone" app that I had on android.

      No native Sonos app! I have found an alternative called Phonos that works well but would have been nice to have the real thing available.

      My one fear with Windows phone before purchase was the app availability,but this has not really turned out to be a significant issue. everything I want is there apart from the couple mentioned above.


      All in all I love the Lumia 620 . the wonderful Nokia's hardware and apps, Windows 8 just zips along and is simple and intuitive. Live tiles works as a concept and the platform feels surprisingly mature. So far it has been bullet proof with no crashes or issues at all.

      This is a great phone at this price point and comes whole heatedly reccomended


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      25.02.2015 08:56
      Very helpful


      • "Cheaper than an iPhone"


      • "Availability of apps"

      Farewell old friend. I won't miss you

      Last week I gave back my Nokia Lumia 620 after nearly 2 years together. It had reached a point where we were no longer compatible. I won't say he'd changed or I'd changed but we'd definitely grown apart. He'd stopped talking to me, stopped responding to my touch. He had to go!

      It had been a mostly quite harmonious relationships. We'd not chosen each other - it was an 'arranged' marriage brokered by the IT department who'd clearly got an excellent deal on the 620 and were handing it out to everyone. I'd not wanted it. I wanted to stay with my old HTC android phone but they'd been recalled. There were no options - other than spending my own hard earned dosh on buying an iPhone.

      The lack of Android was my first and greatest annoyance with this phone. When I got it I was doing Weightwatchers and tracking on my HTC. Nokia Lumia are Windows phones, not Android, and there was no app for Windows. I was miffed.

      Setting it up would have taken me forever. It's all very well that the phone companies tell us their phones are 'intuitive' but it's only the case if you've had one before. There was almost zero similarity between this and my earlier phones. Luckily a colleague - the department boffin - showed me how to transfer icons to my home screen with the hold, click, shrink, drag methods.

      Battery life was never excellent and towards the end of life it was downright poor. I used to carry a spare battery in case of emergencies. I know this is common with mobile phones but it's supposed to be mobile, not permanently tethered to a charging cable.

      The size and weight are fine but you should buy a case and a screen cover as the breakage of screens proved to be a common problem amongst the users at work. For what I needed - which was pretty basic - the phone was fine for most of the time I had it. I had home and work emails, facebook, photos, weather apps, internet access and that was pretty much my lot. I don't keep music on a work phone or do anything terribly complicated.

      Two things killed my phone and led to it going back to the IT department's cardboard box of doom. The screen became intermittently unresponsive. The phone would ring and I'd couldn't take the call because the screen jammed. Or I couldn't hang up a call because the screen wasn't responding. And the other issue was that it wouldn't switch on unless I took the back off and removed the battery. It had to go.


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      26.12.2014 18:32
      Very helpful


      • "Good size"


      • "Poor Camera"

      Wouldn't recommend, has too many bad points to it in my opinion

      I've had this phone for over a year now, and I have to say, I'm not over the moon with it.

      Firstly, and for me, most importantly, the windows software installed on the phone does not match up to what the adverts lead it on to be, and I feel that it is miles behind the likes of Android and IOS found on the other popular mobile phones found on the buzzing market. One flaw with this system is the applications, rather than having the mainstream apps, for example Snapchat, you have to use Windows own apps, which are no where near as good as the apps found on their competitors software. You find yourself missing out on many applications, and have to find other ways around it.

      Secondly, the camera isn't great, it does the job, but to get any decent photo, you have to make sure you are in a bright area, as the flash on the phone does not help the cause at all, and any slight movement of the phone during the taking of the photo causes a horrendous image to form.

      Thirdly, when trying to send texts, I often write my message, get to the bottom and find that the send button is grey, and unable to press, meaning i would have to exit the messaging program, and then re-enter, and have to type my message again. This just wastes time and can be quite frustrating when it keeps occuring.

      It's not all bad though, its good for its price, but not up there with the likes of the IPhone. The system runs smoothly and has yet to stick, or freeze for me. The size and shape of the phone is nice on the hands, and is at a comfortable size where you can grip the phone and type easily. They keys on the keyboard are quite small, and this can lead to a lot of re-typing words.


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    • More +
      09.03.2014 02:24
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good phone with a few kinks, good budget buy

      Having owned this phone for approximately 8 months now I have a fair bit of experience with the pros and cons of using it.

      Windows seem to be the minor of the choices out there for Mobile phone software (Android, Apple etc), which reflects heavily on the apps available for this platform, being not many but steadily increasing.

      I moved from a basic HTC Desire to this phone and although there was a distinct lack of apps. I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of internet browsing and navigating through the phone. It seems smoother than the older version of android that i had previous to this, the extra oomph from the processor is really what contributes towards this.

      Because I mainly internet surf, my battery lasts about a day and a half, so i just charge at the end of every day, but this is pretty much the same experience Ive had with all my phones so far.

      The sliding tiles seems uniformed and easy to get the hang of, but i can't help thinking there was a bit more freedom in what you could do with your 'desktop' so to speak, it seems very restricted and as though you can't do much apart from move the tiles around and change the size of them.

      Personally I think I would prefer a bigger screen than the 3.8" this offers, but at the cost of the phone, there have to be compromises, swiftly moving on to the camera.

      The camera seems good quality, not great, its good if your subject is still and easy to focus on, but anything that moves - forget it, it will end up blurry and you will wish you hadn;t bothered.


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