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    27 Reviews
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      28.08.2011 12:57
      Very helpful



      Can't recommend this for most people. Technology has moved on a great deal since it first came out.

      * Hardware *
      The N70 was the first Smartphone I ever owned. Compared to it's latter N-series siblings, it is bulky and dated in appearance. The outer case of the phone is made of plastic but I dropped it many times without damaging it.

      This comes with a USB cable and headphones. However, the newer Nokia phones use a standard USB cable but this has the proprietary Nokia connector at the end of the USB cable. You therefore need to be very careful you don't lose it. It took me a while to figure out how to fit the cable into the phone as it seems like the socket in the phone is too small for it but it does fit. The headphones also have a Nokia connector at the end instead of the standard 3.5mm headphone jack which meant I couldn't use my own headphones with it. I did manage to by an adapter off EBay that would allow me to use normal 3.5 mm headphones but it meant I had to carry around an extra bit of cable with me.
      The N70 can pickup FM radio stations when you have the headphones plugged in - it uses the headphones as an arial. The quality isn't great but it is listenable.

      The keys are tactile making it easy to text with. The sound quality during calls was excellent and battery life is good also. I used to charge mine up every other day.
      The built-in camera located on the back of the phone, is only 2mp which won't give great pictures. It is well protected though under a sliding plastic cover that you push down to reveal.

      * Software *
      It runs the Simbion operating system, Series 60 V2, so it won't run most of the newer applications that are out there for say the N73, and N97.
      It does the basic functions of a Smartphone well though like play music, GPS and a simple camera. It supports the free GPS navigation app, Nokia Maps. It doesn't have its own GPS receiver so you will need to use an external Bluetooth GPS receiver. I sometimes use my current phone to browse the web using my home wireless network. I don't think the N70 supports connecting to Y-Fi from what I can remember.

      * Summary *
      I would think you could get this second hand for £30 or less by now. I can only recommend this to any technophobes wanting a phone just for texting and basic music / radio and GPS. Otherwise, you can get better phones for a slightly higher price like the N73.


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      26.08.2011 22:51
      Very helpful



      A good little phone

      I find this phone extremely easy to use as with all Nokia phones, it is veru user friendly compared to flip phones. The keypad is a good size, allowing you to text easily. It is a very good looking phone, not too bulky or heavy and also has a large screen which I find very useful.

      I have dropped my phone a few times and this has had no effect on the phone, only dented the fascia which can be easily replaced. The camera screen is protected by a drop down cover which I find very useful as means the camera is protected at all times (except when in use).
      I am with the 02 network and reception is excellent, clear quality sound and nearly never out of a signal.

      The battery lasts for a long time, I use my phone for anything up to 3 hours talktime and sending 40 texts a day (on average) and my phone only needs charging every three days.
      Although the phone itself is expensive, it can be bought on a contract (with free handset) and you can get some very good deals with these. I think that even buying the phone sim free (without a contract) is still good value for money as the phone will last as long as you make it.

      The N70 has a great range of features. I find the camera takes exceptional pictures. You can get huge memory cards for this phone allowing you to save large amounts of data on your phone. I find some of the best features of this phone are the camera, mp3 player, radio and also being able to save all your data into your own named files, meaning it is very easy to locate your data. You can also print your pictures from your phone to a desktop printer with the USB cable and software provided with the phone.
      I would highly recomend this phone to anyone thinking of buying it.

      The only downside to this phone is that it can be a bit slow when you ahve alot of data saved on it, for exampe, I have nearly 2000 messages in my Inbox and this means working through the phone is slightly slowet than it would be if I didnt have any messages in my Inbox.


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      25.08.2010 21:02


      • Reliability


      Old phone - looks dated but good range of features

      In it's day this was an excellent phone. It has since been overtaken by the later models in the Nokia N series but it still has a lot to offer. The casing is a lot more sturdy than the n95 although you will find that you slide the back by accident when you put it in your pocket and thus turn the camera on. It is also very easy to scratch and so the phone will start to look tatty fairly quickly.

      The camera itself is 2 mexapixels which was the best I had seen at the time; also the video quality is impressive for a phone of its age.

      You can put mp3s on it with ease and the sound quality is pretty good - however it doesnt go very loud so is no good in places with a lot of background noise e.g. on trains or planes. You simply connect the cable from the bottom of the phone into your USB slot on the computer and you will then be able to see the phone as an additional drive in windows explorer.

      You are given a pair of white headphones that clip into the bottom but unfortunately you are stuck with them as they have their own bespoke plug. On the headphone cable you will find a small device that houses a microphone and can be used for answering the phone. This works ok and can be clipped onto your shirt to bring the mic closer to your mouth. On the other hand I found that when I clipped this part to the neck of my t-shirt the remaining cable was not long enough to allow me to put the phone in my trouser pocket.

      Battery life is ok without being outstanding but what I do love is that the battery was the same as the one in many of the GPS receiver that you could buy at the time. You could swap them around whenever one of the batteries died. I was able to purchase Tom Tom software for my phone, connect it via bluetooth to my GPS receiver and have sat nav up and running...all in all it cost me about 80 quid when a brand new tom tom was selling for at least £350. :~)

      If you forget about all the extras and just use this as a standard phone then it performs very well. Call quality was good and signal strength was excellent. I was often able to get 1 or 2 bars when people with other phones on the same network had none. Text messages worked well - predictive texts, large memory enabling you to save 100s of messages if you wished and the small keyboard allowed you to type them out quickly.

      All in all I was very happy with it - just a pity there was no wireless internet on it


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      02.10.2009 19:50
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good but cumbersome

      I've had a Nokia n70 for over three years now, and overall I find it to be a reliable and impressive phone, if a little bulky and heavy. It comes with a 2 megapixel camera, an mp3 player, bluetooth and polyphonic ringtones and has a large screen, and the interface is simple and intuitive and can be picked up very quickly without resorting to poring over the manual.

      The camera is accessed by sliding down a panel on the back of the phone, but one downside to this feature is that it will often slide down when in your pocket or bag, activating a camera mode which drains the battery more quickly and, if left unlocked, takes dozens of pictures of the inside of your bag/pocket as well. The pictures and videos taken are of a reasonably high quality for a phoe of this type, but the mp3 player fares much worse- even if you ditch the cheap headphones that come with the phone and swap them for a better pair, the player still suffers from poor audio quality and insufficient volume.

      The phone connects to your PC via a USB cable, and comes with its own software, but because the port on the phone is basically unprotected, mine stopped connecting after the first year or so, only connecting sporadically and on occasion after a great deal of messing about, effectively leaving me with a phone full of content i could only move about via bluetooth. Also my phone has gradually been slowing down, and crashing with increased regularity, and is now pretty much on its last legs.

      The N70 has all the other features you would expect including calculator, call register, notepad, calendar, organiser, alarm,spreadsheets etc and is by and large a robust and good quality phone, but its dimensions of 108.8 x 53 x 21.8 mm and its weight of 126g mean that it is fairly cumbersome and heavy by modern standards.

      After over 3 years of constant use I must admit that it has served me well however, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a decent general purpose phone so long as they dont have a problem with the N70's aforementioned bulkiness


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        26.05.2009 01:53
        Very helpful



        A very good phone to have to try out new phone features

        I got this phone a number of years ago on Orange Contract. Since then I have kept it even though I have renewed contract until my latest renew where I got my Blackberry Bold (see that review)

        This phone I found was very hardy and useful for most of my needs. For starters the menu is the new Nokia multimedia iconic menu. This is easy to use. It has a normal key pad on the phone which needs the many button presses for letters.

        The phone can hald a MicroSD card for additional storage of multimedia.

        The contacts like most Nokias can be stored on the phone instead of the memory card which allows you to store more details, and it also has the built in functionaility to allow you access to these details and your phone without a SIM card installed (i.e. for detail transfer.)

        The phone has 2 cameras, a highish quality one in the back and a low quality one on the front for video chat (not that i ever had anyone to video chat with)

        The phone can use the internet albeit by WAP to connct to the internet for basic browsing and getting e-mails, however the e-mail system is terrible as you have to delete items from the handheld and server to get them out of your inbox, meanisng that if you actually want to keep an e-mail but its useless on the go you need to download it to the main PC first. (This is one of the reasons I wanted a Blackberry.)

        Texts are simple to write and retrieve and use. The contact list too is simple. The one thing I lvoe about nokias is the fact with txts you can select the recipient by name and select multiple of them to bring in, rather than one at a time.

        The phone uses nokias small connector for power which was annoying for me as all my previous nokias sued the slightly larger one, however what I did like was the box came with an adapter as well as the power cable, so I could still use my old Car Nokia Charger.

        I have been using this phone now for easily 3 years, and the battery life is still fantastic, I still get a good 3 days with basic use out of it before it starts to go low, and it recharges fully easily over night.

        All aspects still work, although a few of the buttons are starting to smudge from long term usage.

        There is still even more functionality on this phone than I have even had the opportunity to use, but i;ve never needed it, as it was either to annoying to use, wouldn;t do the exact job I wanted, or I didn;t know it existed.

        This phone also has bluetooth with a built in data modem,, very useful for connecting ona data dialup call at 115k for uplaoding the odd tweaked web page, although orange need to tack on a data dialup service, so your not using ther £5 per MB service

        This is a good smallish size (well compared to some PDA mobiles) phone with a lot of multimedia attributes to make it a goo quality phone worth having. If your afgter something that maybe a bit old now, but can still hold its own weight against many newer models coming out then this is definately one to consider, especially as you should be able to get one for next to nothing on Ebay.

        Overall a very good phone, if it meets all of your needs.


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        13.03.2009 20:14
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        overall an amazing phone that has lasted me many years without ever breaking

        I have had this phone for many years and I am so pleased with it! I used to have the nokia n95 but when it became too much for me and kept breaking I found that the N70 literally came to my rescue.

        This phone is so reliable and has a long battery life. I do still find the key pad a bit confusing because of where the menu button is etc, however it has lots of useful applications such as the internet, calculator and also an ms word application. Also I think the camera is really easy to use as there is one on the front of the phone (for taking pictures of yourself) and then a camera at the back which is easily activated. The image quality isn't great but this phone has been around for a while.
        But it is incredibly reliable and I have dropped it SO many times and it still works!


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        20.09.2008 07:21



        Was a good smartphone,but not anymore

        Nokia N70 is one of the main, majorly successful smartphones by Nokia. As always, costly when it first surfaced, but nevertheless people paid to get this phone. With so many functions, it got people very excited. 2MP Camera, Symbian OS, 2ndary Camera, nice steel casing, expandable memory, all added to the flavour.
        However, it was heavy, around 130g and chunky, as well as fairly ugly (so I think). 2MP camera was just average, though symbian worked like magic. Alot of sync-ing, and multimedia goodness were all there, ready to use and ready to enjoy. MMC expandable memory was great to add more music and videos. The price has gone now, with the competition of so many newer smartphones, and this phone really do not live up to it, with the new collections. The colours fade off easily and main disadvantage being the heavy & chunkiness of it, it was difficult to endure.


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        19.01.2008 14:48
        Very helpful



        Great phone with loads of extras

        What I am reviewing is the Nokia N70 mobile phone.

        I have never done a phone review before so I hope this is a good one !

        In late 2006 when I was due for an upgrade from my then Nokia 6230 I wanted something with a lot more on it, as the old one just had the basic features, and I wanted this one to be ten times better.
        As I was looking round at the phones I could upgrade to something caught my eye.. this was the N70. It stood out straight away for me as it was what I would normally go for in design with a big screen and the numbers at the bottom of the phone. This was in silver or black.
        Also as well as just the look of the phone I liked I had some serious questions about it as I wanted to be more up to date and not going back to something I had just had.
        I was after a better camera than the old Nokia and was pleased this N70 had a 2.2 mega pixel camera and would make so much difference in the quality.
        I wanted a lot more memory on the phone and a good memory card and after reading through the specs this did not disappoint me, it had a 64MB memory card which was so much more than my old one. I wanted to put some of my songs onto this and with my old Nokia it held about six without getting full up and slowing down and expected quite a bit by looking at this card.
        These were my main reasons for looking around at this phone and it came with a lot more features which were just a bonus for me.

        After getting this new phone home I couldn't wait to open up the box to set it all up !
        The box was as you would expect with the picture of the phone on it, and as it was from Orange a orange and black box.
        Inside there it was, nice shining and all ready for me. With it there were three booklets, one about the Bluetooth connectivity, one about the additional applications, and the other an operating manual for the phone.
        There was also the memory card, a CD for putting on your computer to transfer Bluetooth connections to, headphones, charger, a leather strap to tie around the phone and I found another booklet about getting started.

        With all of this I really didn't know where to start but I had to charge the phone fully first, and this was to take a while, 17 hours it suggests but it done it in around 7 hours.
        This gave me time to study all of the books and I was surprised at how much the phone actually done. I will list the specs at the end.
        Once It had charged and up and running I was greeted with the familiar Orange logo and went to the menu section to see what was there.
        It had a log of the phone calls received and made, contact menu, tools such as settings, themes, memory card, profiles, and then had a look at the others which are camera, messaging, web, talk now, calendar, my own, imaging, office, connect, galley and orange plus which is a direct line to call Orange.

        The first thing I wanted to try was the camera. Only having such a small camera on the old Nokia I wanted to see how much better this one was and as I took a few snaps I could tell straight away that they were a lot clearer than the 6230 and quickly set up the disk on my computer to transfer the files.
        Once the disk was in this was very easy to transfer the pics, just a wire from the phone into the computer and straight on the application.
        On seeing the pictures I was very impressed. The phone had a better picture which was better than my then digital camera !

        I soon began setting up my profiles such as Bluetooth name and ringtones which I sent over from my old phone.
        I found the whole process of this very easy to do and nothing complicated whatsoever. As this was all in the menu screen anyway it was so easy to pick what option you wanted to do on the phone.

        On the main screen there is a column on the left hand side for options such as contacts, call history, text messages to make it a bit easier instead of going into the main menu all of the time.

        When I had to input the names of my contacts I found it very easy to do by just going into my contacts and adding.
        Other things I found out on the way such as the song menus for the ones I had bluetoothed over, and picture gallery.

        The things like E-mail and internet I still haven't used much as it costs a bit more to go online from the phone than it would my normal computer at home.
        Also I found some differences from the Silver and black N70 which were the black one has a 2.2 resolution where the silver has 2.0. It does have a zoom but only zooming on the pictures you have taken and not about to take.

        I shall now take you through the specs

        Specs :

        Up to 260 hours battery standby, 210 minutes battery talk time
        Bluetooth connectivity
        LED flash for the camera 2.2
        Three games
        Hands free speaker
        Accessories include battery/mains charger/stereo headset/USB cable/64MB memory card
        Internet brouser WAP 2.0 multimode brouser
        22MB memory built in/reduced size multimedia card/slot
        Messaging SMS/MMS/E-mail/Predictive text/Instant messaging
        Music player MP3/AAC/AAC+/e-AAC+ player
        Tri band networks
        Phone book dynamic memory
        2.2 Megapixel resolution
        Ringtones polyphonic and MP3
        Screen up to 262, 144 colours/176 x 208 pixel display
        Vibrating alert
        Video recording up to CIF (352x288)
        Voice recognaition controls
        Voice recording
        Weight 126g
        Zoom 20xDigital zoom

        What I thought :

        Well no doubt about it, this is the best phone I have ever owned and I have never had any trouble with it.
        There were so many options I like with this phone and the menus are very easy to navigate through and find out what you are after at that particular time.
        I really like the camera on the phone as it has just done amazing pictures for me. The 2.2 resolution makes a whole lot of difference and I know now that the phones are changing to 3.2 and up to 5 that you may see the difference now but at the time this was one of the best out.
        The design as I have said before caught my eye as it is quite a slim phone, shiny and has a big screen rather than that of the N6230 and this makes a whole lot of difference to me.

        The other features I have used quite a lot are the text messaging and Bluetooth which I could not be without now, and found are so easy to use on the phone menus.

        The menus are one of the best things that have been set up on the phone. This is very clear and set out by just clicking on whatever menu you want and just go straight into it. I found this design so much better and even though it does have the similar menus on other Nokias I found this to be set out well.

        I have found the call Orange option quite handy as it comes to discuss the existing tarrif with them and future upgrades and price planning.

        Like I have said I have not used all of the options on the phone as I have had no need for them. I actually deleted the games to give me more room on the phones memory for other things I would have better usage for.
        E-mail and the net I have not used much as of the extra cost but I am glad they are there in case I need them.

        The downside as with all phones I have found is that it does not have a case to go with it. I think that this should be included with every phone to protect them more.

        There was also a free DVD you could send off for which was a gift with the phone, you can choose from quite a lot of music DVD's.

        This phone has now gone down in price as it is a couple of years old but you can now pick it up for about £70 which is a very good deal for this great little phone.

        I hope you have enjoyed this review.


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          02.01.2008 12:08
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Really good easy to use phone


          The Nokia N70 is available in 3 main packages - The Standard N70, The Music Edition & The Internet Edition and is fully 3G capable & easy to use. The main differences between these packages are as follows:
          *The Music Edition: This package comes complete with a dedicated music key which gives you instant access to your music player when pressed and when held down takes you to the built in radio, A fully funtioning in-line remote adapter for your headphone which allows basic control of the mp3 player & a 1Gb memory card with a selection of new themes.

          *The Internet Edition: This package replaces the music key with a dedicated Internet key giving you faster access to the internet services, You also get Opera installed as the standard browser & again some new themes at your disposal.
          I purchased the Nokia N70 Music Edition 11 Months ago and have yet to experience any real problems with it, Admitedly its a little larger than some of Nokia's other available offerings and occasionally it would take a while to load the gallery items but its capabilities more than make up for this.

          All of the main functions of this phone such as the SMS editor and contacts menu seem familiar and as such are easy to use. The menu is again is pretty similar to that of earlier models so you will have no difficulty in arranging the layout to one that suits you, the gallery is the same as on the 6600 and shows thumbnails of all of its contents making it easier to identify which pictures or videos you want to view. The rear camera starts up on its own when you slide down the cover making for quicker access for those spare of the moment photo's and is easily switchable to the front camera for pictures of yourself!


          All of the standard applications that Nokia users have come acustomed to such as the notepad, currency converter, to-do list, calender, instant messaging, calculator and voice recorder come preloaded on this phone it also comes with an easy to use movie making program which allows you to join together various video clips and apply text & music to them, a bluetooth printing application and in addition to this you are able to install such programs as Divx, Opera, MS Mobile Office and your favourite antivirus software.

          Battery Life:

          This is one of the few this that will let this phone down especially if like me you use the MP3 player alot or just like to talk on the phone for hours, However with extended life batteries available for as little as £6 including P&P on E-Bay this should by no means be any reason not to buy an N70.


          With a built in memory of 30 Mb and support for upto a 2 GB RSMMC card which can be hot-swapped you should have ample storage for Music, Applications and Games.


          This phone supports completely 3D Games which will draw you in and having you playing again and again, it also supports java games so you could play most games that are available on other phones so no more boring journeys!

          Music Player:

          The built in music player only supports mp3 content from a memory card but luckily it also has Real player installed which supports MPEG-4, MP3, AAC, Real Audio, WAV and Nokia Ring Tone formats from either the phone memory or the memory card.


          The N70 has the standard built in radio feature that users would have seen on early models such as 6210 which is really easy to use and of course allows you to store all your favourite stations in its memory also availble is the Visual Radio service which lets you listen to the radio whilst displaying various information about the song and artist.


          2 megapixel camera (1600 x 1200 pixels) with 20x digital zoom and flash
          Video recorder
          Second VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels ) with 2x digital zoom for video calling
          Display: active matrix, 176 x 208 pixels, 262,144 colours
          Music player: MP3, AAC, RealAudio and other formats
          Visual Radio
          Downloadable Java & Symbian applications
          Voice Features: voice dialing, voice commands, voice recorder
          Integrated handsfree speaker
          True Tones, polyphonic ringtones
          Messaging: SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, Email
          Push To Talk
          Conference calling
          Advanced contacts database with support for multiple phone and email details per entry, also supports thumbnail pictures and groups
          Personal Information Management (PIM)
          WAP 2.0, GPRS class 10
          Fast WCDMA, EDGE and 3G connections for broadband-speed browsing - up to 384 kbps download / 128 kbps upload
          XHTML/HTML multimode browser (supports image maps, background images, and frames)
          Mobile Wallet
          Memory: 30 Mbytes plus expandable 64 Mbyte MMC card
          Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
          Triband & 3G (GSM 900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 2100 networks)
          Size: 109 x 53 x 24 mm
          Weight: 126g
          Talktime: up to 3.5 hours
          Battery standby: up to 11 days


          You will be able to get an N70 online from E-Bay for as lttle as £75 which makes this phone extremely good value for money and well worth buying.

          ****This Review Can Also Be Found at www.ciao.co.uk****


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            14.10.2007 14:09
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            A very good all round phone and very reasonably priced.

            I have had this phone for quite a long time now, over 2 years and i think that it has been a fairly good phone. When i purchased this phone, it had one of the best specifications on the phone market and still in this day, it is considred as a very reasonable phone.
            The features include:
            A 2 megapixel camera and a VGA camera on the front for video calling. I have not used this video calling feature, but i have heard that it is actually quite good. I have been very impressed with the camera, though 2 megapixel may now be considerd as too low. I feel that the quality of the pictures are superb and that the camera has very good capabilities, with different modes.
            There is a very good music player on the phone and in the box, there is a cd for the nokia media software. This allows transfer of songs straight from the computer to the phone. There is a button to press to update the phone, to recognise the new uploaded songs. The quality of the earphones provided is very good and this side of the phone is competetive against the Sony Walkman Range.
            This phone is quite cheap at the moment and can be purchased for around £100, from phonesmate4u. co . uk
            My overall opinion of the phone is that it is very good.


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              05.09.2007 19:18



              A great phone to use, but has its problems.

              The Nokia N70 is nokia's atempt at a multimedia mobile phone.
              The phone has many features including two cameras.
              One on the back of the phone that has a 2Million pixel camera, and one on the back that is a 0.3 million pixel camera.

              It also has an MP3 player built in, and an FM radio for use with the headset.
              The keypad is well laid out, and texting is easy to do.

              Aurguably this phone is good, the basic features in it are excellent, its the extra stuff that causes the problems.

              The drawback to all this technology is that the phone has the following flaws:
              - Slow and often crashes when trying to read messages.
              - Battery life always has been poor.
              - When you call someone, there is sometimes no sound from the other person.


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              25.06.2007 20:38
              1 Comment



              Personally I wouldnt buy this phone.

              At the monent i am currently on my 3rd issue of this nokia model N70 and have encountered the same problems with it every time. The ringtone will revert to the default setting of its own accord, and the phone will switch off and restart for no apparent reason, apart from that the phone seams well constructed and can take general wear and tear, but the cover for the back camera seams to scratch easily, the camera can be a little slow to opperate from standby mode, but the 2 megapixel cameras takes decent photos. The keypads keys are not too small and can be opperated easily even with someone with large hands like me. The display screen is bright and large, and it has some good functions. Not the best phone i have ever had, but not the worst.


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                09.06.2007 17:34
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                supplied with memory card and many application, it is truely a interface with PC


                Biggest drawback is the Phone getting struck, this phone comes with 2 cameras front/back, you
                can exhaust memory card and Phone memory easily, when phone gets struck, you cannot open Gallery
                Contact list etc., You must delete media files and other files to empty the memory, this will
                bring back all phone functions to normal.

                Basically this phone is a interface between computer and mobile, USB cable supplied with N70 is
                a part of new phone purchase, when there is available memory, your playful video shoots and
                Movie Director can wreck your day's important work. Keep you busy.

                Do not use the backup memory card function or back up phone function, this is meant for back up
                from card to PC and from Phone to PC. If you select backup function, your phone will get hanged
                you wont be able to use normal functions. To unhang your unit take out the card and delete some
                files or connect phone to computer and delete some files.

                Another important thing to do while using N70 is to keep the MENU button pressed for few seconds
                this will show you all the running applications on your screen, select each one and press C key
                to close the application, except telephone, this will not close as default.

                Once I had a installer got hanged, it was neither closing nor completing the installation, if
                you come across such a case go to FILE MANAGER and try removing search files or something, you
                will get a prompt that all open applications will be closed before removing any programs, just
                select YES and your hanged open installers and applications will be closed.

                Great phone with versatile Blue-Tooth function, install firewall and install antivirus, be
                careful about web surfing, it is always better to use PC for surfing, it is costly thru the
                phone and also lot safer thru PC, I do not know what effects virus will cause to your tough
                Mobile Phone N70. I love seeing NOKIA icon on my PC when it connects with the PC.

                Connecting to PC is the best experience you can get from your N70. Now a days this phone is
                costing US$ 265 in Saudi Arabia and Rs.18,000=00 in India, the success of MOTORAZR has made
                people overlook NOKIA N70, but this phone can easily beat other competitors, you must know how
                to use it, if you have USB card reader/writer then your CAMERA experiments will give you very
                rich experience both Video and Digital camera, there are Radio and other functions, it needs
                lot of exploring and there are others functions like VIDEO CALL not supported by major PHONE
                companies, when we have access to 3G Cellular Networks, life will be more fun.

                The Owner of the company I work for owns a Nokia N70, I asked him why this old model phone when
                you can afford the latest one, he says it fell out of my hand 3 times without any damage, my
                friend is a Civil Engineer, he works for a construction company, he likes outdoor work, he is
                always touring the construction sites, he is the type of an Engineer who loves sun light and
                does not prefer desk jobs. He is tough and he chooses his instruments which can stand rough
                time, he takes every week some pictures of his construction site, he downloads the pictures
                to his PC and takes a colour print out. End of every month he submits a detailed reports of
                all the plans and deviations of the plans with actual pictures and work in progress.

                Now a days his job sheets are colourful, he uses NOKIA N70 to take his photos, my friend says
                the photo quality of this phone is better than many other phones, he tried photos of other
                cell phones, he is in love with his NOKIA N70. I love MOVIE DIRECTOR. Camera, Video etc.,

                126 grammas weight is quiet noticeable in your pocket unlike other feather weight cell phones, they
                don’t make their presence felt, These gadgets are becoming more and more important for our
                daily life, loosing them is a nightmare, the loss of contact numbers gadget loss is a strain.
                Phones like N70 is a mini PC, there is loads things you can do with it. I store pictures of
                my friends stored in the cell.

                The networks supported are GSM 900/1800/1900. The colours are 256 colour with screen size of
                35 mm x 41 mm. Polyphonic 64 channel ringtones,
                there is MP3 and true tones support
                You can put it on Vibration. SMS and MMS are allotted 35 MB memory with other features,
                NOKIA N70 has a sturdy keypad.

                This cell phone is perfect for every country, presently there is no use for GRPS but
                this unit has class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots) at a speed of 32 ~ 48 KBPS. The blue tooth version of
                this unit is 2, there is a USB port, this is the port used to connect phone with PC, there is of course
                a adapter plug required to connect to pop port. The operating system is called SYMBIAN, there is email,
                instant messaging facility with a browser which is WAP 2/XHTML, HTML, these are the 2 languages of web pages.

                There are games available in NOKIA N70, you can download any game under JAVA language, or use
                the factory provided set of games, be careful of the keypad, you will spoil it. Now come to the
                LANDSCAPING snaps, wooing the sweetheart and gadget the utility which opens the door to all this
                is CAMERA, it is 2 mega pixel and the dimensions of the lens/screen is 1600x1200 pixels Video
                has the same dimensions, this cell phone has FLASH support. There is a secondary Video, which
                is call VGA CAMERA, it can be used push and talk button mode.

                Video players in this cell phone are MP3, AAC, MPEG4 all this file formats are supported, you
                can play Radio one band FM, there are functions for voice command included in our toughie. A
                calendar and a TO DO LIST and printing features, you can convert calendar file into print and
                save the file in a directory and download it on your PC to open the file with your regular
                printer doing its job. Integrated hands free function is available.

                The BATTARY is standard and has standby duration of 256 hours wow!! and a talk time duration
                of 3 hours, if you store your phone without use for 256 hours the battery charge will last,
                with fully charged battery, you can talk to your sweet heart for 3 and half hours non-stop.
                wow ! that is too much talk.

                Let me tell you in our technology saturated world, we need Engineers to take full advantage
                of our modern gadgets, gone are the days our simple sales folks could help us out with all
                the needs and enquiries of the customers, now simple sales people do not know the full
                features of the gadgets they are selling, their standard reply is read the catalogue and
                play around you will come to know all of it. Our we can hire a electronics graduate to tell
                us how to use our new gadgets to its full potential.

                NOW I KNOW THE USE OF SITES LIKE WWW.DOOYOO.COm they are doing the job of a professional
                graduate with all the reviews to help consumers who are less gifted than Engineers to use
                our modern day products to its full potential and get back the money spent on it.

                This phone cost in India Rs.15,000=00 now (US$ 310).

                Yo!! off with the simple on with the complicated world of future !!


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                10.02.2007 11:53
                Very helpful



                overall good phone offers simplicity in new technology

                After owning a whole load of other mobile company phones i decided to go back to Nokia. I have owned around 8 Nokia phones and I always found that they were the easiest to use.

                This time round as soon as I saw Nokia N70 come onto the market it caught my eye and I had decided that this would be the phone for me.

                On purchasing the phone I was happy, the design was stylish, sleek, durable, smooth and had a large screen. It had lots of features such as bluetooth, internet,radio,jukebox,mega pixel camera enabling you to take pics in various conditions and size with the added bonus of being able to print these pics using a computer or a printer that is bluetooth compatible. The phone has advanced features but there is simplicity of usage.

                However, I noticed that sometimes the phone would just jam up and then the screen would go blank and then switch itself off and fhen automatically back on again. This has become a bit annoying. Also even though I had kept the protective seal on the screen of the phone a scratch has appeared on the screen. This made me realise this phones screen is much more sensitive than that of other phones. There is also a sort of buzzing sound that you hear when you make a phone call and when the phone is in use. Another downside is the way that the camera functions because even if your phone is locked and you slide the back part of the phone down thus revealing the camera then the phone goes into unlocked mode. Also when downloading animated wallpapers or images of the net you do not get any motion of the animation, it is just a still picture, I have tried everything to get this function to work properly but it does not. Many people that have this phone have also talked of this problem.

                As with everything there are downsides but with the ability to take crystal clear images, something that a lot of phones lack and perfect results when downloading tracks you can't complian.

                Overall another good one from Nokia!


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                28.10.2006 09:54



                The N70 has very good features but POOR PERFORANCE.

                I am a Nokia fan, I once had a samsung and quickly changed back to this Nokia N70.
                Worst Nokia I have ever owned, T mobile are as helpful as zero the operators are good but cannot do anything because I did not get my ear piece from them.

                The phone is slow, communicates with the Nokia approved Ear head set but when one goes out of range and/or turns the ear bit off it will not re-connect without a reboot.

                1) Ear Piece Communication Terrible
                2)Sound is rubbish, when the phone rings it sound like it has been strangled.
                3) Poor Battery Life
                4) Slow Booting.

                Trust this is helpful to Nokia who will not admit problems or sort them.

                Unfortunately I will still buy a Nokia !


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