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    3 Reviews
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      02.06.2008 21:00
      Very helpful


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      Another good quality phone from Nokia

      I bought this phone for my girlfriend about a year ago, for a detailed specification of the model, please visit:
      I am just going to review on what can be expected of this model.

      Nokia N93 most distictive feature is the ability of twisting its screen to imitate a camcoder as well as horizontally similar to a small palmtop. I have always found it to be a bit bulky to carry around, but feature wise you certainly can do a lot with it.

      It has a small camera on top of the LCD screen so that you can do 3G calls (video calls) with other users. Ofcourse the other party's phone will have to have 3G capability as well. Having this smaller lense also means you can take a picture of your own by looking at the LCD screen, which is what my girlfriend like to do a lot ;)

      The good thing about smartphones such as N93 is the ability for its user to install Symbian based software onto the phone. Thus with a single phone, you can install diffrent, exciting software, just like you personal computer.

      Some software I found most useful are time mangement software, screensaver software, and a lot of games (The Settlers and Assasin's Creed!) Yay!

      Now that I have covered what you can do, I would now like to share the downside of things. As mentioned by other reviewer, you are basically carrying around a bulky phone which is really a handful. Then there is this camera lense cap, which covers the main camera lense at the side of the phone. Hence everytime when you need to take a picture using the stylish camcoder mode, you need to remove the cap. After which, you most probably won't be replacing it back as you will still be snapping away during your sweet holiday trip. And before you knew it, you have misplaced the cap. At least that is the case with my girlfriend ;)

      Other than this two thingy that seemed to annoy me a little, it is overall a very good phone. I have always been using Nokia and I didn't have much problem with them.

      I tried not too go into too much technical details here but I would like to mention just a few that matters,


      * Volume: 133 cc
      * Weight: 180 g
      * Length: 118. 2 mm
      * Width: 55.5 mm
      * Thickness: 28.2 mm

      Imaging and Video

      * 3.2 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) camera
      * Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens
      * 3x optical zoom
      * MPEG-4 VGA video capture of up to 30 fps
      * Sub camera, CIF (352 x 288) sensor
      * Video call and video sharing support
      * Integrated flash (operating range up to 1.5m)
      * Flash modes: on, off, automatic
      * Rotating gallery


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        29.11.2006 10:41



        Not an alternative to camcorder but a bulky multimedia 3G Mobile Phone

        The N Series Nokia N93is a 3G Smartphone. The N93 handset comes in a sleek black casing with chrome edging which enhances the keypad, screens & feature button. This Handset have special feature of having large screen with 262k colors and measures 2.4 inches. The color screen has an automatic brightness control and offers the user a perfectly clear & realist viewing display. The N93 is a member of N series designed by Nokia which include the, Nokia 71, Nokia N72, Nokia N73 & the Nokia N91.

        The Nokia N93 has built in 3.2 mega pixel camera which provided the user with clear and great looking photos. The camera comes also with digital zoom, built in flash and auto focus.

        The user can tune into radio stations on the integrated stereo FM radio and enjoy relaxing the day away. The phone comes with a visual radio feature which will provide a display of information which is sent directly from the radio station.

        The Nokia N93 comes with voice features which include voice recorder, voice commands and dialing. The handsfree speaker feature can be useful when the user is needing the use of their hands but still wants to take a call. The user can have a conversation over the phones speaker system & the users voice will be picked up by the phones integrated microphone.

        The Nokia N93 Mobile Phone comes with text, multimedia, picture, instant messaging. The user can create, send & receive multimedia messages (MMS) which contain text & sound with images or video clips. The instant messaging service works like an online chat & a message can only be sent or received between contacts whom are online at the same time as each other. So enjoy the features of N series Member Nokia N93.


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          12.09.2006 00:45
          Very helpful



          Once the applications start to appear, this will be the phone to beat.

          I've had my N93 for a little over a week now and on the whole I'm pretty impressed. I'm sure the weight will be a problem for some people - this is the kind of phone that'll ruin the line of your suit. But I like big phones (lost too many others!) and this has a reassuringly solid feel to it.

          In terms of performance I was blown away - having seen Symbian S60 on the N80 I'd pretty much given up the idea of owning an S60 phone. It was painfully slow to navigate and switching applications was awful. So when I saw the speed of the N93 I was pleasantly surprised. I've read that the performance is 5-10 times that of the N80, and while that may be an exaggeration it's probably not too far off.

          The wireless LAN is fantastic. Synching, downloading, checking emails, even watching videos under the desk in boring meetings is all possible without incurring expensive 3G costs. It's pretty idiot proof when you're setting it up too. You can also tell the phone to ask which access point to use, useful when you're travelling back and forth from office to home.

          Downside to the phone is (other than size) that the battery doesn't last long with extended WLAN usage, worst I've had is 12 hours out of a charge, but with minimal use the battery has lasted 3 days.

          The screen is incredible - it's perfectly black when required and images are crisp. Google Maps Mobile on this with a bluetooth GPS unit works a treat.

          At the moment there aren't many Symbian 9.1 v3 applications available, but with a phone like this to execute them, developers will be itching to push it to its limits.


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