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    6 Reviews
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      29.03.2015 10:23
      Very helpful


      • Android
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      Awesome Phone In Less Price More Specs

      After the Success of Nokia X, Microsoft has launched its second android based cell phone Nokia X2, and just like Nokia X ,it also have no play store.

      Just like other Nokia X series ,the Nokia X2 will also work on Google operating systems ,and just like its series smart phone ,it also have no Google play store.

      The users can download their desire apps and games from the Nokia app market. The Nokia app market cannot be compared with Google play store in any manner.

      This smart phone some very famous apps installed like Facebook , Facebook messenger , Line and Vchat. , the other apps are Sky app , outlook, com ,one drive , one note, and HERE.
      if we look to hardware then it is Dual core snap dragon 200 SOC, it has 1 GB Ram , 4 GB internal memory . 1800 mAh Batter for the long usage .

      its 4.3 inch clean Black LCD ,and 480 x 800 resolution and front and back camera of 5 MP gives to perfect cell phone.

      For communication purpose ,it will support 3G with 21 Mbps down link speed.

      it will soon be available in different colors like yellow ,green black ,red ,orange.

      Microsoft tells that it is available in market in 134 dollors and 12500 Pakistani RS.


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      19.08.2012 00:12


      • Reliability


      good mobile

      The X2 comes in a tiny box with just the necessary stuff and a really small manual, I think this is a positive aspect since I always used to end up with loads of boxes of everything I had bought around my house in case I needed to send it back and because they were definitely using way too much cardboard which in the end pollutes the earth. So apart from that ecological improvement of nokia with the packing, the X2 comes with one of the best earphones included with your mobile. they are in-ear featuring a flat wire which I really love since it does not tangle at all. The quality is also really good and you feel the bass in every song. It even includes some spare buds in case the first pair break.

      If you love listening to some tracks anywhere you are you will love the dedicated music buttons at the left side using them to go to the next track, pause/play or to go back. The screen is big and really easy to use and the keyboard is clear with the numbers carved into the plastic so you are sure they will never fade away.

      A feature I really like is that you can use the radio without having to plug the earphones in, you just play it and it will sound through the good quality loud speakers which are also great to not miss any calls.

      The back is made in metal which makes it feel sturdy but at the same time being a bit slippery if you are wearing gloves. I think that would be the only downside but in general it's been a great purchase.


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      15.06.2011 08:15


      • Reliability


      A good all-round phone for less

      I didn't buy this phone because it had the best specs or was even the best-looking phone on the market, just picked it up because I needed one and it was on offer.

      It turned out to be a good impulse buy!

      This phone is packed full of features and is incredibly easy to use. The camera takes awesome pictures and the quality of the music player is equally good. The sound still remains good when amped up the max!

      As with other Nokia's I've bought in the past, the navigation and functionality is second to none.

      The internet facility is very impressive. My phone came preloaded with Facebook, which was a nice extra touch.

      Also love the way you can view whole conversations of text messages to track who said what.

      A really good buy. I'm totally happy with it and it's been working perfectly ever since I bought it.


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      20.03.2011 22:21
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great as a phone - ideal for people who just want to make calls

      I bought my Nokia X2 as a replacement for an LG cookie, as at the time, I was fed up with touch screen phones as they were sluggish and difficult to use when sending text messages. All I wanted was a simple keypad phone to use for texts and calls with some capacity for photos and music. The Nokia X2 was perfect for this.

      The phone I has is with virgin, and it has internet capability, but this is not really worthwhile using as the screen is too small to see a whole page or navigate properly.
      One problem I found is that the button used to connect to the internet is also the 'back' button, so I find myself inadvertently connecting to the internet, which can be costly if not discovered and turned off quickly.

      The handset itself is quite slim, it has the typical nokia look, but a lot thinner. It's not micro thin due to the camera on the back, but it is easy to put in a pocket without too much bother. The handset is small, but well placed enough to allow easy text or number typing, and the function buttons, including volume control, camera and radio buttons are on the side of the phone, which makes them easy to get to, but means they can sometimes accidentally be pressed during a call.

      The battery seems to last quite a long time and sometimes goes up to two weeks without needing a charge, which is really good, especially as it is used for at least one call and around 5 text messages a day.
      I haven't really used it for a great deal of music playback, but the battery will no doubt last less time if the phone is used for playing games or playing music.

      The camera is 5 mega pixels, which makes quite good quality pictures, and for a phone of this size, it is a good camera. I don't usually take photos with a phone, I have a camera for that, but for the purpose of the review, I took a selection of photographs and I can say that they come out quite crisp and clear and even when the digital zoom is zoomed to its maximum, it still picks up clear pictures without blurring the lines or becoming too shaky The camera also records as a video camera, which is of reasonable quality also, but to record long videos, you would need to get an additional memory card, which slots easily into the phones micro SD card slot. The camera has an LED flash, which is nice and bright

      There are some built in applications which are quite handy, such as the calendar, stop watch, notes and alarm clock. There is a radio that can be used without having to use the headset. The radio is clear and it is easy to tune into stations wherever you are.

      As a mobile phone, it is good, not too confusing, easy menus and a nice keypad that is easy to use. I don't really use it for the other applications as I have other devices for that.
      I wanted a phone that was not confusing and was 'a phone' and this does the job just fine.
      I would recommend this to those who are not great with technology and simply want a mobile phone.


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        10.02.2011 05:26


        • Reliability



        This phone was purchased as an upgrade of a previous mobile for my mother who had a preference for nokia over all other mobile phone types.
        The first impressions of this phone werent good. We didnt expect it to be so big in size, and to feel so plasticy in texture either, once we got over the initial shock of the poor appearance and enormous size we began to explore the phone in more depth.
        The actual features available on the phone are identical to others available on other classic nokia mobiles and this is ppossibly the most important feature for nokia, as it makes their phones reliable and recognisable for people and they feel safe in the knowledge they know what they are getting.
        The best feature available on this phone is the 5mp camera, very crisp and clear and takes a fantastic picture, almost as good as any digital camera. This is the standout feature and comes as unexpected when compared to the exterior of the phone, but is a welcome surprise.
        Overall a decent phone, but pretty basic in repsect to the features, although the camera is certainly pushing the classic nokia boundaries further!


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        30.12.2010 22:46
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        internet browser, radio and mp3 player all tied up in one stylish phone

        Nokia X2
        I bought my new mobile phone - Nokia X2 about 3 months ago and have been extremely pleased with it. Previously I had a Motorola phone which was several years old and although it worked well for phone calls and texts I felt that I wanted something a bit more modern with internet access and a better camera.

        **Basics of the phone**
        This is a quad band phone which is advertised for "music lovers" because of its fm radio, powerful built in speakers and ability to download, play and store music. This model isn't a touch screen phone you would have to upgrade to the X3 for this but the screen is clear and the text size can be changed so that it can be a good size for easy reading of messages. The phone has the capability of connecting to the internet and although the screen isn't particularly large for internet browsing it is of good enough quality to view emails and Facebook, news websites etc. The phone is small enough to slip into a pocket and doesn't take up much room in a handbag.

        **The Look**
        The Nokia X2 is a slim line phone measuring 111 x 47 x 13.3 mm. Mine is black with red trim at the top and bottom and red dedicated camera and radio buttons along both sides however it is available in silver with blue trim. The screen is a generous 2.2 inches wide and about 2.5 inches long and has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. There is a 5 way toggle button in the middle of the phone with "answer" and "stop/start" button each side. The non-querty keyboard is below. The back of the phone is slightly curved and dark silver, giving a nice feel in the hand and a stylish look.

        **Battery time**
        The blurb that comes with the phone advises that a fully charged battery allows talk time of up to 765 minutes and standby time up to 530 hours, with music playback time up to 26.8 hours. Of course, downloading from or generally using the internet tends to use up power more quickly.

        The internal memory is 48MB but there is also a slot for a MicroSD memory card which can add up to 16GB - this has to be bought separately. Since buying the phone I have bought an additional memory card and a special usb to slot the card into so that I can transfer photos from my phone to my laptop.

        The phone comes with a charger and earphones for the radio and other music but not a USB cable, which would have been useful. However, this can be bought separately from Nokia if required.

        The phone has lots of applications built in as follows:-
        * World clock
        * Web Search
        * Countdown timer
        * Stopwatch
        * World clock
        * Ovi Store
        * Share on Ovi
        * Flickr
        * Opera mini browser
        * Facebook
        * Calendar
        * To-do list
        * Notes
        * Voice Recorder
        * Calculator
        * Clock
        * Bluetooth

        All the above applications are easy to access and use. The Opera mini browser is great for accessing the internet and I can easily reach all the pages I would normally use on my laptop, just a bit slower.

        **Personalising My Phone**
        The X2 gives lots of opportunity to personalise the phone to individual taste. Within "profiles" is a General Style, My Style 1 and My Style 2, plus "Meeting", "Outdoor", "Silent" and ""Flight". Each of these can be personalised and then saved so that when you require a different profile it is easy just to click on the appropriate style. The front screen, like most phones, can be customised with the shortcut icons you use the most, including the clock and your own wallpaper and screensavers. There are also pre-installed themes so that the nearest to your requirements can be picked.
        There are quite a few ringtones and message alerts to chose from but I was a little disappointed in the variety available. I preferred the ones on my Motorola phone. However, there are loads, both free and chargeable, to choose from on the Ovi website (Nokia's online shop).

        **Emailing and Messaging**
        Emails can be received and sent through Ovi Messaging (just sign up to make an account) or through your normal provider, such as Hotmail.

        **The Camera**
        The Nokia X2 has a very good 5 megapixel camera with LED flash. The flash bulb can also be used as a torch, a nice little touch which can be useful for trying to find keys etc in a dark carpark. The camera has a 4x digital zoom and full focus and saves photos as jpeg files for easy transfer to laptops or pcs. Pictures can be taken in portrait or landscape mode and rotated if required in the image editing mode. There is also a timer for taking pictures with 3, 5 or 10 second delays. Photos can be uploaded to a pc or directly from the camera via Ovi Share, Flickr or Bluetooth (if Bluetooth enabled).
        **Video Camera**
        The video camera is another useful addition. Each video clip length is dependent on the available free memory. The camera saves videos in mp4 format. There is a 4x digital zoom available.

        **Music Features**
        As previously mentioned the phone possesses a stereo fm radio with stereo speakers, giving a good sound. There is quick access to the Ovi Music Store where a wide selection of music can be purchased for download.

        The games listed are preloaded:

        * Block'd
        * Bounce Tales
        * Brain Champ
        * City Bloxx
        * Diamond Rush
        * Rally 3D
        * Snake III
        * Sudoku
        Further games can be downloaded from Ovi Websit., such as Solitaire or Freecell for free and lots of others for a reasonable charge.

        The phone comes with a manual which is useful in helping answer questions regarding setting up, texting and making calls, however, there is also additional support on the Nokia website at http://europe.nokia.com/support

        **The Cost**
        The Nokia website lists this phone as costing £99 for the phone only but it can be obtained cheaper at other places, such as Amazon for £70. However contracts can be obtained for £10 per month with free phone. I use Pay As You Go as I find this suits my usage and bought my phone for £60 through a Virgin Media shop. Virgin had the cheapest handsets when I was thinking of buying the X2 and because my previous phone was on the Virgin network and I was happy to stay with them (we have Virgin broadband as well) I was given a small discount, making the total cost £55.

        **My Thoughts**
        I am extremely pleased with my new phone, it does everything I need, calls, texts, good photos and internet and looks stylish too. I like the fact that I can choose to have my texts as "conversations". This means that if I text someone regularly I can have a running list of those conversations until such time as I decide to delete them. I also like the fact that I can increase the size of the writing in my texts so that I can see clearly what I have written and what has been sent to me - very useful if, like me, eyesight isn't as good as it used to be! I love the radio and will find this very useful when I am on holiday and get fed up with the music that I have loaded on my phone. It is also useful for lunch times at work. The only downside of the radio is that the button to turn it on is on the left hand side edge of the phone as I look at it and this happens to be exactly where I hold the phone, making for some embarrassing moments when the radio starts blaring out, usually when I am in a quiet place! I haven't found a way to change this button from being dedicated to the radio and so have now learned to change the way I hold the phone and thus avoid it! A couple of other little irritations are that the backlight for the screen doesn't stay on very long and starts to dim quite quickly and there isn't any way to prolong the time. Also when a text message comes through the phone bleeps with my chosen tone but it doesn't repeat the bleep so if I don't hear the first notification I don't necessarily know that there is a message until I next look at my phone. My Motorola phone used to repeat the notification until the message was read. However, after some research on the internet I understand that Motorola is one of the few phones that does this so although it is slightly annoying, I don't feel that I am missing out too much.

        I have found the phone very easy to use and set up to my liking and despite the couple of irritations mentioned above I really have no complaints.


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