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    5 Reviews
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      15.01.2010 00:59
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      overall a good reliable phone!

      I got this phone with 02 about 3 years ago now. The phone caught my eye as being quite compact and attractive. The phone was a nice shiney white. Some thing that soon got annoying as the phone often got dirty and slightly discolored after spending a considerable amount of time in my hand bag. I also liked the display on the front , when the phone is "flipped" shut and a message comes through the contacts name will come up followed by the message and roll down the front of the phone same as if a call come through whilst the phone was flipped shut the contacts name would scroll down the screen followed by calling.
      Another feature of the rolling display being on the front of the phone was you could push a small black button on the side of the phone and the time would flash up , occasionlly in the sunlight the time would be very faded and quite hard to read. Opening the phone the display menu was clear and easy to read with nice colors. The phone had normal buttons (not touch) which you obviously pressed and they were easy to press in (some phones the buttons can be quite stiff during your first few weeks - month with them) The menu had icons and titles and you could either scroll down it (using down key) or press ok on the icon you wanted i.e messages. The camera was average but I wouldn't myself use it as my main camera (mainly because I am in to photography and use a proper digital camera) The video's that you could take on this phone were quite good and had a nice clear picture and fairly good audio. The memory on this phone was also quite impressive and i did not end up getting a memory card for this phone (it could easily hold 200+ photos) I had already 200 photos and 6 short video's (video's being 2 -3 minutes long) and 5 or 6 songs (on average 3 minutes per song) Without using a memory card. I never used the internet on this phone mainly because i did not have it in my contract so did not want to run up a huge bill.
      I forgot to add on the front of the phone whilst flipped down there are icons for message , missed call , alarm and battery. These were also helpful when you needed to quickly check either of the above without opening the phone and physically checking it.
      The phone is quite heavy compared to recent modern phones but not heavy enough to put me off buying it. The stand it came on i hardly used but when i did use it was good and allowed me to see the time on the front at all times. The alarm system was good and easy to use and i often used the radio feature which was again really easy to use. The head phones that came with the phone were soft and comfortable and durable. The battery life on this phone (for me using the camera once every day on average and listening to the radio on average a hour a day along with taking phone calls) was around 2.5 days before it needed re charging. Overall I would recommend the phone although the time on the display is hard to see with lots of day light and the exterior of the phone often becomes dirty when left in hand bags or drawers.


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        20.12.2009 18:36
        Not Helpful
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        • Reliability


        I would have it again if I wasnt tied in with my blackberry

        I got this phone about 3 or 4 years ago when it first came out and it has even now, when I have a blackberry, always been my favourite phone. The rolling phonecall and message display was really cool, no one else had the phone either so no one really knew what it was when I was carrying it about. The fact that its white made it even cooler ! Although more susceptible to get dirty hanging around my handbag. The features were easy to use, the camera was terrible but if your buying the phone for a camera then buy a digital camera. I didnt really use the stand so cant comment on it, other than what a nice little package. The only downside to the rolling text and phonecall was that the message would come onto the screen, so if I was out of the room and someone I didnt want reading my messages was in it, too late !!


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          28.07.2009 18:23



          Cool design, poor technology

          When I first got this phone, I loved it. My friends were amazed by the rolling display and the radio was a good function to have. The battery life was good as well. It does look really stylish: completely white, smooth, like a pebble with a blue light up display on the outside, that tells you the time and also when someone calls or texts you, who it is. Open up the phone and it is a large screen, with a black numberpad with white lettering: a really lovely design.

          However, after about a year, I started to not receive messages from friends and my battery life started to decrease rapidly. You can't use the phone when charging as the charger is shaped so as not to allow the phone to be flipped open which is irritating. The odd charger also means that you can't use emergency chargers which are so useful in a sticky situation, as I found myself in when I was at Glastonbury.

          Although the design is great and the phone looks really cool, in a practical sense it is fairly useless and I have decided to change phones as I keep missing texts from friends or receiving them very late, which is of course a problem! Maybe it's just the network, ie O2, but I do receive all my texts now I've changed phones. I don't think you can get this phone on any other networks either, as it is an O2 phone.


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          25.01.2009 11:48
          Very helpful



          Don't Be Taken In!

          I have to say, reading the other review for the cocoon, I was surprised at how positive it was. If you want to know all about the spec and the features, I recommend reading that review!!


          I upgraded to this phone primarily because of how it looks. It is a really attractive phone and I loves the LCD display on the outside. This, in my opinion is the best aspect of the phone, you can see when you have a message or call, as the sender scrolls along the cover and it also displays the time. I also enjoyed the fact that when the alarm goes off "Good Morning Amanda" scrolls across the screen!

          As far as other positives go, texting is very simple on the cocoon, and you have a choice between predictive and non. The media player, once songs are on the phone, is also very easy to use. I also liked the fact that you can operate certain features of the phone without even opening it, as there are several function buttons on the outside and the cocoon also comes with a stand.


          Half of the reason I decided to go for the cocoon was because I had used the O2 Ice phone before it, which was very reliable and I had no problems with. Sadly, this was not the case with the cocoon. The first thing that was was the phone backgrounds, no matter what I selected, it remained blank. Then when hooking the phone up to my computer to transfer songs, it was unable to sync. I had done this previously and put some songs onto the cocoon, so I have no idea why the sudden change.

          My message tone would often cut off halfway through and it also sometimes went off when the phone was supposed to be on silent.... something that was quite embarassing in lectures! I also found that I texted too quickly for the phone- I'm not a particularly fast text either- but the phone would seize up and then write nonsense words, which I would have to go back and delete. Also, when deleteing items in my inbox, the phone would crash and restart itself, so clearing out my messages always took forever!

          The final straw was when my phone used to bing and tell me I had a message but once I got to my inbox, nothing new was there. I then had to transfer to an old phone for the remainder of my contract, so I could receive messages and read them!!!

          So, don't be swayed by the looks of this phone. My functions first started going wrong about 4 months in to my contract, and as most contracts are 18 months, you have a long wait before upgrading!!


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          25.11.2007 01:51
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Cocoon.. it speak for its self.

          The O2 Cocoon
          Released: August 2007


          What does this box design, layout and style look & feel like?

          The box is a white colour with Braille embossed-like writing on the front 'greeting' you to the phone. The inlay is very colourful with landscape picture covering the whole area. There is magnet device on the end of the close for it to connect when you need to close the box. There are two compartments to the design. One is a cut out where the phone lies and the other is a drawer that you pull out with it tongue to reveal the contents.

          The phone is white. And its side and insides are black. On the left of the phone you have you USB/Headset/Ariel port, Micro SD MemoryTM Card slot and a lever to open the battery cover. On the left you have you Designated Music control buttons. Play, Forward, Back, button locker and a button to switch from music to radio.
          The speakers on the phone are both side and in-between the screen and the keyboard of the phone. And the volume control scroll button is in between either speaker.
          The keyboard is all smooth and very sleek. No confusing buttons, just a simple but slick design.


          Inside the box you get;

          1 x Cocoon
          1 x Battery
          1x Nest (dock)
          1 x plug adapter and plug-in compartments for UK and European plug sockets
          1 x Radio Ariel cable
          1 x Headset
          1 x Split Jack for headset
          1 x Warranty Booklet
          1 x greeting pack
          1 x CD with User guide, PC Suite, Windows Media Player 11® & QuickTimeTM Installation software
          1 x Manual with tips and how the phone works and what's to offer. For full help, the User manual on the CD is more beneficial. Not consumer friendly for someone who does not have a computer (=<)


          Where can you get this phone?
          You can purchase this phone from any O2 store or from O2 Online. No other shop sells this phone. The O2 Cocoon is free on all O2 contracts. If you wanted to buy the phone as Handset only or Pay As You Go, it will set you back a cool £299.00. The phone can only be purchased in the colour white. But is it worth it? Is it better then the Apple iPhone? Lets find out....


          What does this phone have to offer?

          Well. Lets start with the screen. There are two in total, An Internal screen and an external screen. Ill start with the external screen first.
          The external screen has a scrolling LED display that is hidden beneath the white plastic casing is what makes you want to get this phone it's like a cartoon POW! In the face look at me, and at a click of a finger, you're in love.

          Without even opening this phone your able to;
          Know when you've got a text
          See whose calling or texting you
          See the name and the title of the tune you playing off your music player or which even radio station your listening to
          Preview you text message before you've opened it
          Find out what calls you've missed
          View the time
          & See when you O2 cocoon is charging
          There are also action icons that light up. When they're lit, you can find out if;

          You've missed a call
          Got a message waiting to be opened
          If you battery needs charging
          Set to vibrate only
          And if you've set an alarm
          When the led scroll past, you can change the speed on how fast it goes by going into your settings.

          The Internal screen has a TFT 262k Colour Screen (240 x 320 Pixels)
          With a crisp pixilation. It has a shortcut menu on your main screen and also views the time, date and many other icons at the top of the screen. Also the screen has a small camera in the top right corner for 3G video calling.
          When you have seen the amount of work that the design team has spent doing the packaging, the battery dock and the LED display, you would probably expect a cooler graphical user interface but this is where it's a down put. The layout of the menu and theme doesn't match the coolness of other parts of the phone and cannot be changed except how you view the menu - but it's easy to use. The quick menu is great when you add a contact into it. You can put picture thumbnail as the contact in your quick menu, which is quite snazzy.


          Capture Your Moment Perfectly - Camera and Video.

          Don't expect to do any serious photography with the O2 Cocoon's camera since it's pretty basic I think. In perfect conditions - daylight, clean lens and a target that is standing still - you can take really good photos, but as soon as the light conditions are bad your results will not be any good. The 2 Megapixel Camera has the ability to Flash, do a 4x Zoom & Auto Focus to get that pristine picture. You can take pictures in portrait or landscape mode. It has a different way of viewing the picture in daylight, tungsten and fluorescent. Also it has effects like Sepia, B&W and Negative.
          There is a self-timer on this phone, which can be set to 5 or 10 seconds. It is a shame there is not a tripod available so you can rush into photo or resting perfectly without scratching the phone on the wall non-intentionally.
          When the camera is in landscape, there are funny frames, which you can use to take silly pictures of you and friends & family.

          The resolution of the camera varies. 120x160 being the smallest and 1200x1600 being the largest.
          With the advanced setting you can choose the quality of the picture, save location and shutter/timer sounds.
          The video camera can also be used in portrait and landscape. There is a resolution, which you can use for MMS message sending with all the same specs as above for the camera except the funny frames. Resolution varies between 96x128 (MMS) and 240x320.
          Video Player is amazing. Viewing them in landscape is better and uses the full screen.
          When you've taken pictures of your friends and family, use their picture for Photo Caller ID,
          Screensavers & Wallpapers.
          There is software on this phone called Daily Wallpaper for which you can select which photos you want to see as your main display pic and set the rotation time being either Daily, Hourly or every 12 hours.

          TIP!!!!! - Want some great videos on you phone and you have access to the Internet?
          Go to www.zamzar.com and use this free service to download videos from places like YouTube. Simply type the URL, convert to 3PG and give them an email address and vóila! Go to your email inbox and download to you PC then transfer to you phone.
          You can also use this to convert any pictures & music so it can be played on your phone.



          There are two type of Messaging with this phone. SMS (Text Messaging) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging). Both have the ability to be able to use Predictive Text and Word Prediction. With the word prediction, your phone think what you're going to write next and put a word in front of what you wrote. If it's not what you want, you press the back button. Simple!
          MMS messages can be a maximum of 300Kb. Its disappointing but its enough I suppose.


          Need to feed your music monster? Feed him on this!

          The sound quality is outstanding and from personal opinion, I would say it beats Sony Walkman phones. Songs can easily be accessed by using the built-in tune browser and the buttons on the side of the phone makes it easy to control your music.
          If you change volume, start playing another tune or just pause, your command is scrolled on the LED display. If you're looking for a phone that also doubles as a music player, the O2 Cocoon is a very good choice. This phone can hold approximately 1000 tracks, supporting AAC, AAC+, WMA, MP3 and WAV without having to use the memory card. A 2GB internal memory?! That's impressive!
          You can still listen to the music whilst your on a call if you using your earphones! It plays in the background and does not interfere with your call and the sound is crisp. I think it's a first for mobile phones and its my favourite feature (=>)
          This phone offers an FM Radio RDS for those who haven't got music on your phone or like a variety. Your headphones can act as you Ariel when you're on the move.
          The Music player also offers room for;

          Album Art
          Playlists - make your own selection

          Headphone Adapter (Two Headphones)
          Shuffle control

          Voice Recorder
          And for those less adventurous and a bit scare of technology, there are preloaded Polyphonic Ringtones, MP3 Ringtones and videos for your pleasure.


          Like some gaming entertainment?! So far this is the biggest down side.

          The games work on JavaTM. It has preloaded games and demos for you to play. They include;
          EA Air Hockey - full version
          Tetris - Demo
          Sims2 - Demo

          There is very limited multimedia that you can download from O2 active. I bought Sim2 Pets for this phone and this is the only other game you can get for it so far.


          Are you not very organised? Need some help?! Let the cocoon be your organiser.

          Contacts - store up to 1000 on your phone
          Calendar - this will remind you for upcoming appointments

          Address Book - Arrange and organise your contacts they way you want them
          Calculator - Basic but handy!

          Converter - Currency, Imperial and Metrics weights & Measurements
          Alarm Clock

          Handsfree Speakerphone
          Vibration Alert

          Voice Recorder - record that important analysis from the board meeting
          Notepad - prefer to type? Write it down!

          World Clock - Travel overseas a lot?! This also has dual clock so it can show two time zones on your main display


          Connect in more way then just SMS, MMS, Video Calling, and Speaking.
          3G - very ideal for Facebook users. The better the signal the faster you're uploading will be.

          Bluetooth® - Send and receive data
          GPRS - Internet connector

          USB - Use you phone to connect to the PC
          3.5mm Audio Output

          Quad Band (GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800 & GSM 1900)
          WAP 2.0 - O2 Active and downloading
          XHTML - Used for looking up websites like Hotmail Google and YouTube etc.

          Memory & Talk Time;
          2 Gbytes Memory plus Micro SDTM Memory Card Option
          5 Hours Talk Time
          350 Hours Standby

          ANOTHER BIG TIP!!! ....

          When you get your phone, however tempted you are, let your phone charge for 16-24 hours. This allows your battery to reach full capacity. If you don't do this, your battery life will be short every time you charge.
          Weight & Size;
          92 g
          94 x 49 x 21 mm


          What's My Overall Opinion?

          The O2 Cocoon is a really nice phone. Sound quality is perfect, and it's easy to browse through your contacts, add new contacts, call missed numbers etc. It's well put together and very easy to use. You will get the hang of it in minutes.
          Imagine yourself having the O2 Cocoon lying in the table in front of you in a dark nightclub or pub, and someone sends you an SMS or calls you - the scrolling LED display will give you everyone's attention for a while. When you put your phone inside the charger it instantly turns into an alarm clock with a big clock on the display. I tried to turn it off but you cant - but you can at least dim it. The alternative is instead of having the phone in the nest; just have the USB in the phone and the plug. This way the alarm still goes off and the bright light isn't on all the time.
          Overall this phone is my killer for 2007 and I swear by it. The O2 Cocoon is a nice phone, but most of all it's a unique. Sound quality is perfect, both during calls and while listening to music. The camera is good... Ok...so it's nowhere near the Sony Ericssons 3.2 Megapixel camera phones but it gives you nice video and good 2 Megapixel photos!

          A couple of things it good improve on like the availability of games & the camera and it would the very top end of the market.
          91/2 out of 10.


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        • Product Details

          MP3 player, FM radio, video phone, alarm clock, multimedia player, organiser

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