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    1 Review
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      17.11.2013 01:43
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      • Reliability


      A basic phone.

      My iPhone often runs out of battery quite quickly which is why I bought this, as I hate being without a phone. I have had it for two years and use it as a back-up phone. I bought it from Tesco and if I remember correctly it was around £20 (pay as you go) which is cheap and cheerful. I wasn't expecting much for the price and it isn't the best quality in terms of call quality, and it is basic but it is still in really good condition after two years and as a spare phone it does what I need it to do. My phone came with a charger and instructions booklet included.

      The Phone
      This is a very lightweight little phone which is black. It is made from smooth, shiny plastic and is a neat size - I can hold it in my hand easily as it isn't bulky and I can easily fit it in my jean/coat pocket. The phone weighs hardly anything and feels quite fragile, but it is more durable than it looks and feels and after 2 years it is still in great condition and it doesn't look worn. The plastic is not scratched and there are no noticeable marks on it. Having said all of that, although it isn't an 'ugly' phone, it is quite obvious when looking at it that it is a cheap one, as the design is very basic.

      In Use
      This is easy to use, and turn on/off. It has a basic, simple keyboard with quite small, close together keys but this is never a problem for me personally. The screen is a decent size and once I have turned the phone on by pressing the red button, the display screen appears within under five seconds. On the display screen there is the time and date. In the right hand corner is the battery bar. On the left hand bottom side there is the menu. When presses this displays nine icons, all do which are dor different things such as the address book, camera, messaging, settings and so on. You can also call someone directly without going through the address book by simply typing the number in and pressing the green call button. The phone is not complicated to use at all.

      This is an extremely basic little phone which doesn't have very many features at all, and for me it is best just using it just as a spare phone or for texts as in my opinion it is a boring phone. For people who aren't very tech savvy or bothered about technology or the apps and picture quality that higher priced smartphones offer, this phone will be ideal and I have recently bought my Mum a similar phone and she loves it as all she warns from a phone is to be able to ring and text people. The phone does have a camera however the picture quality is so poor and grainy/blurry it is not really worth using it unless you have no other way of taking pictures.

      Call Quality
      Call quality isn't great. On more than a few occasions I have been speaking to someone and they have commented that they can not hear me properly. This is obviously a big disadvantage. When on the phone and listening to the other person speak it is reasonably clear if a little echoey, but whenever I talk back to them I am able to hear my own voice as I speak, which again is a disadvantage as it can be confusing and it sometimes confuses me and makes me wonder if the person on the other end has said something and I haven't heard because all I can hear is my own voice! As the call quality isn't great I tend to use this phone to text rather than call people. It isn't so bad that it is unusable but it is definitely poorer quality than any other phone I have used.

      This is a cheap and cheerful phone which isn't great for making calls if I'm honest however it's fine for sending texts. It doesn't really do much else hence the price, and in hindsight I'd have spent a little more for better call quality but the quality is not so dire that it is completely unusable. I am going to give the phone two out of five stars. It is good for texts and it is surprisingly durable, but that's about it. I would recommend it if you just want a very basic phone that you are going to use for texting rather than calling.


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