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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2010 15:55
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Panasonic released a very capable phone

      I purchased the X60 many years ago after comparig it with a few phones which were similar. Unlike now there was not many things to compare so I pretty much chose this based on how it looked.


      When I purchased this phone I think it was somewhere between £150-£175 which does not seem that much compared to the phones on the market today. Regardless I was very happy with it and was looking forward to trying the phone out.


      As stated above the phone obviously does not come with features such as email or google maps it just simply comes with a camera and gprs. This specific model did not even come with bluetooth if I remember rightly.


      The usability for the phone is what made me attracted to it the most as I was happy with how it felt and it was not remotely difficult to use. So based on this I was extremelly happy with how the phone handled.


      If you forget competition with phones of now and look at phones that were out back then I would say it was up at the top with the top phones out on the market at that time. The screen was extremelly clear and not hard to see at all.

      Battery Life

      This phone's battery life was extremelly good and I found that I could charge it up and it would last a few days before I would even have to consider charging it back up again. This is smoething which modern day phones can not seem to do.


      Overall I think that at the time of the release this phone was one of the best ones that was out on the market. With time progressing it clearly does not have the same appeal to the market. However I still believe it was a good phone and was impressed with everything.


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      29.02.2008 00:49
      Very helpful



      A good camera phone for light use - emphasised by its small size, compact feel and light weight!

      The Panasonic X60 was released way back in 2003. I bought it shortly after release for it was small and seemed like it had good features as well as a camera. I chose it over the X70 model, which I later regretted when I found out that model had Bluetooth and mine doesn't. Being five years old now, it is a really random phone to have but it isn't that much different from some modern phones with its colour screen, camera and many more features. Its attractive selling-point is the fact it is so small, so it is easy to carry around and very cute and light weight.

      ~ Design ~

      The design is very modern, even nowadays it appears to look stylish with a sleek and compact look. With dimensions of 78 x 46 x 28 mm, this phone is miniature and this is great as it is small in your pocket. The only thing that is let down due to the small size is that the screen is tiny meaning lack of good photos and no ability to do things that other phones can do. Weighing just 78g, it is also very light weight and this is with the battery. One thing that I don't like so much is a small aerial coming out the top left of the phone. This is a bit ugly but does blend in, so it isn't that bad.

      The phone is a flip phone, consequently providing good protection for the screen and buttons, which are strong enough anyway. The top of the phone when closed has the camera on the top. There is also a small mirror underneath, both outlined by an oval shape, which makes it look good and not too detailed. Below this is the infrared sensor. Below here is the Panasonic logo and mine has a Vodafone logo too as it is on Vodafone pay as you go. All of this lies within one oval shape, which keeps it all to one bit. Surrounding this oval shape is an outline that has a glow in the dark look when not being used (although it doesn't glow in the dark). This is actually a light that displays a brilliant pulse to match your ring tone when your phone rings or if you receive a text.

      On top of the phone is the aerial, which is very small but a bit annoying as it sticks out the compact body. On the back, you have a speaker to the top, which is of good quality. There is also a tab that you press down and slide with great ease to reveal the battery. As you take this off, you are taking off the battery itself to show the sim card underneath. The battery is extremely light and the sim card is easy to install and put in. On the bottom of the phone are two ports. One is for headphones and the other is the hole for the charger, so you can charge its battery. The charger comes with the phone and is black and very light weight and pretty small too. When flat on a table facing you, there is a chrome button on the right hand side of the phone. This is a shortcut button to activate the camera so you can instantly take a picture, which is very useful. As well as for bringing up the camera, this button is also used to take pictures. This can be used for taking pictures of yourself or you and your partner because of the mirror on the outside and the button to easily take a photo. That's just the outside of the phone. It isn't packed with stuff and looks pretty clean and very compact overall.

      Flipping open the phone, we have the keypad and buttons along with the screen on top. There are two holes for the speaker at the top of the phone with rubber pads either side to provide a surface to close the phone on so it doesn't damage the metal body. The screen below is very small and has a black outline, which makes it look much better and modern like a high definition TV. The Panasonic logo actually looks pretty cool on top of the screen too on this black outline in silver. I also have another Vodafone logo below the screen. The keypad itself is quite small, so not good for big hands. I wouldn't say someone with large hands should buy this phone anyway! The standard keypad works well with numbers and letters that light up in blue as do all the keys. As well as the standard 12 button keypad, there is a menu and directional buttons. To either side you have two select buttons, a green 'answer' button and a red 'hang up' button. These buttons are easy to use and very clear. The buttons are all made of a strong material making them durable. There is a sensitive microphone at the bottom of the keypad to speak into made up of one hole. So overall, the phone looks great and is very small and compact. The general colour scheme is silver.

      ~ Feel ~

      This phone feels great to use. It is very light to hold and is small and easy to handle when you need it quickly. I love the flip screen because it is fun to use as well as protecting the screen. When you close it shut, there is a satisfying noise too. This phone can easily fit in the palm of anyone's hands as it is very small. The buttons are easy to reach with just a thumb and the phone is perfect if you use your left or right hand with it. The keypad is quite small and the buttons may seem rather close, but all modern phones are similar. Overall, it feels great to use and is very comfortable and pleasurable to use.

      ~ Ease of Use ~

      This phone is very easy to use because the menus are easy to navigate due to simple options and clear menus and labelling. You won't need the instruction manual to figure out how to do almost everything the phone can do. The menu button in between the directional button is pressed to bring you to the menu. From here, you use the arrows to scroll all the menus and each option that you are on is highlighted in one way or another before you click on it. You can either press the menu button again, which acts as a 'select' button, or there are the two option buttons. These are used mostly to select further options under what you are highlighting. It is very easy to use and extremely simple. To answer a call, you simply press the green button or flip open the screen and it does it automatically. To hang up, you can flip the screen shut or press the red button if you wish to continue using the phone. Charging the phone is very easy - you simply plug it all in with ease and it will charge quickly from the mains line. The phone is very easy to use overall and you won't need an instruction manual!

      ~ Features ~

      This phone has many features but does lack a few things. It isn't the greatest phone out there - especially in this day and age considering this model was released 5 years ago! The range of features is pretty good with all the standard things and more. From the main menu, below is a list of the options to give you an idea of the phones features:

      Fun & Games
      Vodafone Live
      My Stuff

      The phone on Vodafone pay as you go does come with a game called GemGemPanic. This game is sort of like Tetris but with a few big twists and changes. You can also easily download more from this screen and adjust your settings for games such as sound volume, vibration and more. At the click of 'Download More', you will be sent straight to Games Central over Vodafone Live to buy more games!

      Vodafone Live itself is pretty good. There are loads you can do on it and many options on the phone in different areas will take you to Vodafone Live to buy things. You can buy fun & games, ring tones, pictures and even go shopping. You can also check out the latest news and entertainment as well as other options - it's rather like a mini internet service!

      Under Applications, you can choose options from a Vodafone section that will take you right to the according section over Vodafone Live. There is also an alarm that can be set and a sound recorder where you can record yourself or sounds and it will be saved to your stuff under sounds. Here, you will also find a handy calculator that is capable of a lot of things. You can also start up your Infrared here so you can send and receive things such as pictures, ring tones and more with the use of someone else's phone that must have infrared. You simply face the infrared sensor on the outside to your friend's phone's sensor and start sending or receiving the file. The thing that sucks here is that you have to hold your phones together unlike Bluetooth which is all wireless and compatible with computers too.

      Under Messages, you can do everything you need such as creating your own and reading received ones. You can also view saved messages and there are many more options to take up over Vodafone Live such as Vodafone Messenger and more! Here, you can also customize settings and check your memory status. This phone can send and receive pictures as well as texts including those Vodafone pictures that may make a sound or move slightly, rather like a simple flash picture.

      The camera is quite bad actually and doesn't take great pictures. It can take pictures of 352x288 pixels, which isn't too bad. The camera isn't very clear and has a very scratchy look and is bad quality. It also takes a few seconds for it to actually focus and you must hold it very still or it will blur the photo. In the options, you can determine whether twilight mode is on and off as well as anti flicker, as well as being able to adjust the image size between 352x288 and 160x120 pixels. You can take a picture by pressing the middle menu button or the one on the outside of the phone. It makes a loud camera sound when you take a picture, which is rather annoying when your phone is on silent!

      Under My Stuff, you really will find all your stuff! From pictures received and taken to sounds recorded and received. You can access it all here and then choose options such as setting pictures to your background on the original screen on the phone as well as sending sounds and pictures by infrared or MMS. There are also text templates and the options for shortcuts here. You can check your memory status, displayed clearly with percentages of memory taken up by everything. It can store a satisfactory amount of pictures and sounds, but not a huge amount!

      The calendar is great and very useful for checking the date when you are organizing things. Through Contacts, you can add contacts, view your contact list and call log as well as many more options. Some of these include setting a speed dial list and viewing groups of contacts, such as 'family' or 'friends'. Finally, we have the settings option. Here you can adjust everything easily from your profile to your ring tone. This phone also has a vibration alert. You can customize your phones look and sound here as well as change the language, adjust time and date along with all your security settings and network settings. The ringtones are polyphonic, which is a plus. There is quite a large range on the phone that you can choose from. Some of them are really catchy, whereas others are well-known or plain weird. There is a ring tone for everyone though, and they sound great!

      Overall, there is a good variety of features but nothing special really. It is capable of taking pictures and recording sounds, which isn't bad. The camera isn't of great quality though and most phones (even the ones the same age as this) can take better quality photos with many more options too. However, if you don't use it a lot, it is a lovely little phone and quite useful.

      ~ Quality ~

      This phone is very durable and has lasted me five years, and is almost without a scratch! Apart from that, it is in good shape and superb condition. This is due to its great quality. The phone is made of strong metal, which looks great and is very durable too. The keypad and buttons are also very good and not plastic rubbish. They may well be plastic, but they are silver and blend in with the phone, as well as being strong and stable. The backlight behind the buttons is very good and the screen also lights up very well with bright colours. The outside display when you receive a call is very effective and nice to have. I have dropped this phone several times and it has survived. It is like a compact little brick, but don't go around breaking it as I am sure it is quite fragile really! However, it is very good quality overall and is still in surprising condition considering I have had it for five years. The only thing that isn't such good quality is the camera, but it is a small phone so I wouldn't expect some amazing camera.

      ~ Facts ~

      Technology: GSM900
      Dimensions: 78 x 46 x 28 mm (3.07 x 1.81 x 1.10 in)
      Weight: 78 grams (2.75 oz)
      Full Screen Resolution: 128 x 128 pixels
      Number of Colours: 65536
      Image Formats Supported: jpg, png, static gif
      2G Standby: Up to 270 hours
      2G Talktime: 4.5 hours
      iRDA (InfraRed): Yes
      Monphonic: Yes
      Polyphonic: Yes
      Camera: Yes
      Channels: 16
      Ringtone Formats:
      - i-melody
      - MMF
      - AMR
      - MP3
      - SP-MIDI

      ~ Price ~

      Considering the age of this phone - currently being 5 years old, it is rather hard to buy. It is impossible to buy this phone brand new from shops as it is out of date and not sold anymore. However, they can be brought at some second hand phone shops as well as on eBay. If you are looking for a good little phone with enough features if you won't use it much, then this is the phone for you. You can get it second hand for just £10-20 with the charger. It can be quite hard to find, but people still have them and they are being sold! You can also find modern accessories on places such as Amazon.co.uk. These accessories can be anything from headsets to phone cases. For a nice little phone, it's a good price despite how old it is.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      To sum up, I feel this is a good phone to own considering how much I use it. It does everything I need it to and is small and handy. It is very durable and is a good quality phone made by Panasonic, who do make good quality electronics. Although the camera may be bad, it is a bonus feature in my eyes and is there if you need it. As well as this, there are a few other features such as calculator, record sounds, pictures, polyphonic ring tones, Vodafone Live and more! It is very small and light weight, making it excellent and easy to carry around. It also has a very modern and compact design that is adorable. The little aerial that pops out the top is a bit annoying, but it blends in and isn't too bad. Therefore, considering the age and price of this phone, I am going to give it four stars out of five.

      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      Thanks for reading,

      - Recon -


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