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Manufacturer: Philips / Bluetooth: No / Digital Camera: Integrated / GPRS: Yes / HSCSD: No / Infrared Interface: Yes

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    1 Review
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      27.04.2006 18:10
      Very helpful



      Cheap and cheerful...(for a while)

      Ok, so i bought this phone around 2-3 years ago now, i am still using it and it has been quite a good phone to me.


      As you can see from the picture, the phone is mainly black with a silver trim and silver buttons, which are smooth to touch. The phone weighs 92g, it isn't heavy, but it isn't the lightest of phones. The phone is about 9cm in length and and 5cm in width. The screen is a nice size for the phone, measuring at around 3cm x 3cm.

      **THE BUTTONS***

      At the very top of the phone, there are 2 buttons, one is for MMS and the other is for 02, which accesses the 02 homepage at the touch of a button, which i find quite handy. Under the screen is the usual call buttons which are green and red. Under the call buttons are the camera button, which is easy access to the camera, great for a spare of the moment shot, and there is the cancel/lock button, the cancel button goes back to the previous page you was on and the lock button locks the phone, which is done when you hold the button in. Nestled in the middle of the call, camera and cancel/lock buttons is the main scroll button, it has the word 'ok' written on it and this button does practically everything on your phone. Under these buttons you then have the usual 1-0 buttons and you also have the star and hash key (with other various options). On the left side of the phone there are 2 buttons which increase and decrease the volume of the ringtone.


      Using the scroll button is the only way to get onto the menu.
      You press the scroll button to either the right or the left, once you do this the option screen will come up, and you will be greeted with all the different menus, which are (depending on which way you scroll, i am using right):

      1) Settings
      2) Messages
      3) Multimedia
      4) Games and applications
      5) Infrared
      6) Call info
      7) Contacts
      8) 02 Active

      To select a option you press in the scroll button, the chosen option then appears on the screen.


      The settings menu is basically where you choose your phones options and settings. Within the settings menu, there are other inner menus which allow you to set you prefered ringtone, screensaver, background, hotkeys (easy access keys), voice command (access a certain thing on your phone by using your voice), voice dial, security (pin), network, time and date, language and profiles.


      On this menu, you can send and recieve SMS messages, MMS messages, E-mail and access SMS Chat.


      This is where you manage your sounds and photos.


      You can play games on this phone. There are 3 games, which are Wallbreaker (you have to break through the bricks using a ball, which you have to use the keys to bounce the ball on a little bar which you have to move. Shadofighter - i have never played on this game but what i can make out of it is a fighting game. Brick game- this is basically the same as Wallbreaker, but this is better and it is my favourite of the 3.
      There is also a calculator on the phone, an alarm clock, and a organiser which alerts you of special events or just reminders of things you have to do.


      Send and recieve sounds or pictures, only down side is that the other phone has to be literally next to your phone, otherwise it doesn't send.

      **CALL INFO**

      Tells you your made, recieved and missed calls.


      List of your contacts, which also can be accessed quicker by just using the scroll button and pressing it downwards.

      **02 ACTIVE**

      Access the internet.


      The phones camera is quite a good picture for how old the phone is, it's clear, but not majorily sharp. I find it works better in well lit places, also the camera has a night mode button, which for me it hasn't worked at all, which was very displeasing. You can zoom in and out using the scroll button whilst on the camera.


      There are quite alot of ringtones on the phone when you get it, but i found myself deleting some of them as they did take up some of my phones memory. There are some ringtones you cannot delete which are locked into the phone. You have the option of using the ringtones already on the phone or dowloading a ringtone or even composing your own on the phones 'BeDJ'. You can also record sound, which is about 1 minute of recording time. Ringtones downloaded from the internet play really well on this phone as it has good sound.
      There is also the option of having you phone on silent or vibrate or both


      You have the option of using pictures that are already on the phone, which are mostly scenery, but with some nice ones. Like with the ringtones, i found myself deleting some of the pictures that were already on to free up some space, but again some are locked onto the phone. You can use pictures that you have taken with the camera for either the background or screensaver, which i always do as it gives the phone some personality.

      **SMS MESSAGES**

      The buttons are ok for texting, they are smooth, but i sometimes find myself keep having to go back and correcting my spelling as it goes through the letters quite quick. You can only store upto 10 messages on you 'recieved' folder, if you have 10, you need to delete or add them to your archive before you are able to recieve anymore. Like i just mentioned you can save messages in your archive, but i assume this would take up quite alot of space if you kept every single message.

      **MAKING A CALL**

      You scroll the button downwards and choose your contact you want to call then press the green button. Whilst on the phone you can adjust the conversation volume by using the ringtone increaser and decreaser buttons at the side of the phone. The phone also can be handsfree and you can also record the conversation (upto 1 minute, but can be done several times).

      **BATTERY LIFE**

      The battery life is ok. I seem to have to charge mine up quite regular as i use it alot of the time, which is understandable as with any phone the more you use it the more the battery decreases.


      I seem to have good reception wherever i am so no problems there.


      I have had some good out of this phone, i have had it for ages, but it is still ok. The only problem i have with the phone, this is probably to do with time, but my scroll button seems to stop working sometimes and also i can only scroll right, which does get annoying if i over scroll on the menu option, i then have to re-scroll all the way round to get back, instead of just scrolling left. I also have trouble scrolling upwards and downwards, which is a real pain as like i said earlier the phone needs the scroll button to do practically everything.
      My sister had this phone at the same time as me, the same thing happened to her scroll button, and a couple of days ago the phone completely deleted all her contacts off and won'y even switch on, but when it does the screen is blank and only half of a picture sometimes, this happened on it's own.
      The phone also doesn't have bluetooth and as it's an older phone it doesn't have video capture.


      I like the look of this phone, it's quite attractive and does the job quite simply. I have had good use out of this phone and i have enjoyed using it. Apart from the scroll button, the phone has worked fine for me, so if your looking for a cheap and cheerful phone, which is easy to use, this phone could be for you.


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