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  • close buttons
  • Sound resets to ON when phone is switched on.
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    3 Reviews
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      21.10.2006 13:42



      Very good but bad bcos of lack of video i dont know why? please can you give me better explanation on this. too bad of it.


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      19.10.2004 16:09
      Very helpful



      • "Sound resets to ON when phone is switched on."

      Now I’m going to begin and I’m going to try and create this review into one of the most convincing, interesting reads you’ll have read since we all heard that David Beckham ‘could’ have cheated on Vicky.

      This has got to be ‘one of’ the sexiest, cleverest, interesting, fun and smartest looking phones on the market.
      I’m no Phones4U sales rep, I don’t know the ins and outs of all the fabulous new, mind baffling, technological masterpieces on the market today but I do know and can tell you that you WILL be impressed with this versatile bit of equipment.

      The handset comes in a shiny metallic sky blue cover. (Although I have seen an image of this phone with a silver metallic cover)
      This is also changeable, but there are not many available yet as the new phone and design is very unique, not even Sagem make them – so I guess they are still working on coming up with tasteful ideas but I did manage to find a made metallic pink one and also the Silver one available on Ebay and have purchased one and it fit perfectly!

      When you buy the phone, you also get the charger, battery, user guide, CD (Communication and management software CD for data GPRS-GSM, phonebook, SMS and Fax), quick guide and SIM (If you choose PAYT)
      You can buy separately the hands-free, additional battery, charger, USB cable (for drivers) and serial cable (phone-PC), cigar lighter charger, strap attachment and as mentioned, the coloured covers.

      *The Appearance.

      This is a camera phone!
      The screen comes in at a stylish size of 1.5 x 1.25 inch. The pixels, 65,000 colours, I have been told are that much more and clearer than the Nokia 7250i, which I’m sure you know or will find out is one of the best camera phones around at the moment. This phone beats it for clarity and quality.
      The keypads LEDs are bright white and the screen in full colour with ‘Times New Roman Special’ text writing.
      The keypad is sturdy and stylish with oval buttons and a scroll pad in the middle below the screen.
      May I warn you that the buttons are easily pressed in and almost always turns on the phone if squashed in the pocket or handbag and typically happens during a meeting or the cinema and when the phone is turned back on it also resets to 'Sound ON'!
      Either side are 4 buttons. The call and hang-up options, also controlling phone on/off, and 2 menu options for quick access to the camera or Vodafone Live! which also controls back and select options during use of applications and volume increase/decrease during calls.

      The back cover has a shield shaped silver inset for detail and in its centre is a flip-up/down chrome cover for the camera lens and doubles up as an ingenious mirror!! It’s protected from being scratched as the silver shield detail to the cover protrudes out preventing contact on surfaces!!!
      It’s small but very clever!!! (Girls, you cant see orange foundation lines but you can see the state of your hair in the morning or small blemishes even!!) Hardly any, if not no phones include this feature and this protects the lens full time as well.

      The cover release button at the bottom is an oval clip that locks up and down and the cover slips off easily on release. It works as a locking system so it’s ideal if you drop it as it prevents the case removing and damaging the mechanism.

      Either side of the phone is a black strip detail. In the centre of the right hand side is an IRDA (Infra-Red Data Association).
      This option enables a wireless connection to transfer photos/images from your Sagem to your PC or ringtones and wallpapers from your PC to your phone.
      I believe you need an IRDA adapter to connect to the port of your PC and then activate the option on the phone and you can run and work the transfer options without going online!


      So this phone weighs 106g. There may be lighter phones on the market, say by about 10gs? I mean what’s that, a teaspoon of sugar?
      Do people really worry about that extra gram? Ok, so there were house bricks for sale once and it scares people that such a statistic can be a fashion conscience they don’t need, but I’m sure this is lighter than the amount of credit cards people carry in their back pockets or bags! (Tut tut!)

      The size is a mere 110 x 46 x 22mm.
      This is reasonable and of good size for the average hand. There really are some silly small phones out there that, come on, are just so frustrating and I’m sure a little intimidating to the ostentatious male!

      Battery life – well I wont tell you what it reads in the manual – it does not do the phone any justice!
      Ok, so standby time is around 288 hours and talktime is 5 hours.
      I charged my phone on Monday and it’s now Saturday (just) and I have a whole half battery left!!! (Having had the phone for 2 weeks I’m still fascinatingly indulged in playing with all the options and the darn thing won’t run out!!!!
      It must have something to do with the Eco-saving mode I have selected it to be on where after so long your phone appears to be completely off, no screen picture or light, nothing.
      This saves a hell of a lot of battery life, so ideal for a travelling person, and comes back on to the main screen in a second at the press of a button or when you receive a call or message.

      The antenna is internal and works brilliantly.
      As with all internal aerials, the manual advises you not to cover the top of the phone (i.e. with hand or fingers) during calls to help create a better reception or the phone has to work overtime.
      The signal I find to be strong. Vodafone have covered 99% of the UK so it is difficult to get a low reception, so again so it's less likely that your battery is working overtime.
      I live in the sticks where my family and friends staying over have had problems with other Network signals and having their batteries run out in less than 8 hours!
      I get a full signal with Vodafone. This is the network this phone is currently available on. If you get it unlocked then I cannot comment on other networks.

      Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

      *The options.
      Let me list these…9 menus.

      * Messages
      * Contacts
      * Camera
      * My Items
      * Organiser
      * Settings
      * Applications
      * Vodafone live
      * Games

      Broken down….

      Messages – All the Mod Cons! Create, Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Options (MMS/SMS- multimedia message service {picture text}/standard message service), memory, local info, media album (V-live direct access) and Vodafone mail (V-live Online). When you select ‘create’ it gives you the option for MMS or SMS.
      There are writing options available, such as T9 (predictive text) or ABC mode etc.
      Delete, save and modify options all as standard and available.

      Contacts - Takes you straight into the phone book where you can add names to your SIM (200 spaces) or into the phone (not stated!? But I’m sure this is more than the SIM) The SIM only accepts last name and one number but the phone will take last and first name, 3 numbers, email, company, comments and photos!
      Call groups and modification options available. You can send postcards or V-cards

      Camera – This just takes you straight to ‘SNAP’ mode. Left and right menu keys used to take/save or back. (Camera can be accessed from the main screen using the top left menu key)
      Using the scroll pad up or down you can zoom in to 3 different levels. The camera is always set at its furthest distance so that whatever you take a picture of you'll never cut out heads or have a blurred picture or fill the screen with a face unless you zoom in. It automatically focuses, and on zooming in, will not blur.

      My Items – Pictures and Sounds. Menu also includes memory status to inform you of how many silly photos of your dog/cat that has filled your phone. Also, here you can 'edit' your photos. You can change the sharpness levels, blur levels, colours (eg. more green or red), you can add cartoon pictures (EG bow ties, red noses) and add frames. You can zoom in on any part of a photo using the central scroll pad and the picture will zoom in and automatically focus so if you want to read something thats to far away (EG. a sign) it will not blur.
      View and edit pictures or go direct to V-live for downloads, or listen to recorded sounds and again direct link to V-live for more.

      Organiser – See date, month, week or day. Add events from Birthdays to meetings. Set alarm and never forget anniversaries!

      Settings – Change sounds and options (Polyphonic ringtones, vibrate or record your favourite tune – time limit 30 seconds and VERY clear!), display (Screensavers (pictures or slide show, wallpapers), camera options (edit photos and add frames or silly moustaches to your friends! Or set the timer and jump into the photo!), languages, calls (diverts, etc), security (keypad/phone locking), Networks, Others (eco-saving options that I mentioned above), Date/time, connectivity, and menu hotline (LCD screen test) and other useless info such as battery status.

      Applications – Now here is a lot of options…..
      *Services - which gives you direct links to PAYT top-up, registration line etc.
      There’s ‘find & seek’ such as nearest bar, taxi, restaurant, cinema, cash point etc!?, ‘news & weather’ for selective regions, sport (choose football-rugby or tennis-F1). There’s ‘Love & life’ (Star signs), ‘Entertainment’ (find out about the Beckham’s or the latest movies!), ‘Help’ (helpful numbers or written explanations).
      *Next up is ‘To do’ – the electronical version of post-it notes.
      *Converter (£-$)
      *Settings (Connections)
      *About (Java info)
      *Delete all (Downloads)

      Vodafone live – used by WAP (Wireless application protocol)
      Its menu includes links to News, Sport, more sounds, pictures and games, chat, search and a media album where you can store pictures online and clear your phone memory to take more photos.
      The homepage offers links to Vodafone live options (The ones I have just listed) bookmarks, go to URL, Inbox, Advance (to delete cookies and stored info from browsing) and Quit.
      If you’re into phones and technology you may already have used this once or twice or seen it before, maybe a friend has this. It doesn’t beat the real internet but you can download and get loads more games, sounds, pictures and info such as horoscopes, weather, you can visit web pages – oh, it’s just the internet on a very small ‘mobile’ device.
      It works on a GPRS network or GSM if unavailable.
      The homepage is easy to navigate around on and clear and easy to understand. It very self-explanatory even for the fancy mobile virgin, like Moi!
      V-Live can be accessed from main screen using the top right menu key. (Left for camera)

      Games – Bubble trouble (A bit like Tetris with 2 random coloured bubbles where you need to match 4 in a row – very addictive.
      Raymans golf – With a full set of irons, putters and woods, you’re a cartoon character playing a very experienced computer opponent (a frog!) on a bird’s eye view of a full and well planned out golf course. Sensible but fun!

      To be honest with you, and I know I have written a lot but I really haven’t written enough to explain in full detail further links into selected options, what you can do, and how this or that works. I mean the manual is a thick 86 pages long – and still that’s not including the general phone statistics printed on the back inlay of the book.

      I suggest you visit your local phone dealer.
      I did and I picked the phone up for £135.
      It is currently being sold at £150 in Argos and Phones4U but you may find it from around £90+ if you shop around a bit. (Online particularly)
      I was cheeky enough to tell the sales rep that my mother-in-law works in Argos and I can get discount so what can he do for me but to give me 15% off!!! ¦o)

      I hope this helps. Any more questions or pointers and I will be more than happy and willing to add, help and give you more advice and also update them to my review.

      I know after all this I haven’t been able to give you any insight on whether David really did cheat or not but if you get this phone then I can assure you that you will be one of the first to know when you sign up with active message alerts on breaking news across the world - such as Madrid!

      Sagem MyV-65……make it YourV-65.


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        07.07.2004 04:34
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        • "close buttons"

        After my old phone died, i needed a new one and went to search the mobile phone shops for a nice cheap (but hopefully modern) new phone, and did I do well! Basic Features Include: Phone Calls (obv) SMS MMS Instant Messenger (Fax & E-mail support) Phonebook JAVA Games GPRS wap Calendar ToDo Calculator Converter Alarm Timer Polyphonic Ringtones Built - in Camera Plus a few other extras, basically it does everything you ever need your phone to do. The menu system is a little dissapointing, with you often having to go to menu after menu, its no nokia menu but it is easy to navigate, it can just take a while. Also there is a button which connects you to the wap service, and it is quite easy to knock - fairly annoying. The phones camera is of an amazing standard, with a brilliant 4xZoom which is enhanced by the massive screen; one excellent feature (which im suprised no other manufacturor hasnt copied) is the screen cover to prevent any scratches, and it doubles up as a mini mirror - to make sure you look good before a photo, and if you have forgoten to open it, the phone will tell you. Ringtones are well above standard, with the polyphonics sounding great, although the collection includes a bird, frog and fog-horn. Also there is a great feature of recording any noise (including songs etc) and having that as your ringtone, and they sound very good (including the pre-recorded jacksons song). Cameras have to make a noise and you have the option of five, which is a good feature - i like the bird noise, seems so ironic. There are a few little niggles which could be improved, the keys are quite close together (no good for large people). The menu layout and appearence, its all red because its on Vodafone, and i cant seem to change it. No bluetooth, not that I found a use for it on my old phone anyway. Overall a good nifty phone, its no nokia, but its a dam
        n good cheap rival!


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