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    5 Reviews
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      20.08.2012 00:06
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      perfect first phone!

      This phone was bought for my daughter as her first mobile phone, it has lasted her a couple of years and she has just finally upgraded. I thought it better for her to write the review as she is the one who has been using it.

      The Samsung B3310 is an exceptional little phone for a great value price. This little pink phone is brilliant for a starter phone for the kids or a kick about and wreck phone for when you don't want to let your pricey phone do the dirty work. Also with its easily usable qwerty keypad makes texting on the go a breeze!

      Now even though this little phone doesn't look like too much on the outside it has far more on the inside of its case than you would think. With its easily usable Bluetooth built into the phone to send the pictures you can take with your 2.0mp camera. Which takes unbelievable pictures! And can impress your mates with how good the quality of your pictures turn out to look, so click and get that awesome pic!

      There is also another sending device packed into the phone called infrared which can do the same thing as Bluetooth but by using infrared rays to send your pictures or music.

      Another brilliant aspect of this phone is its qwerty keypad, which slides out from under the phone screen, making texting and socializing so much easier for the faint hearted. The phone also has 40mb of memory built in and has a memory slot to expand the memory, which can be helpful if you like having music accessible on your phone or have some games.

      The phone does come with a couple of game demos built in, one of which is Tetris. There is also FM radio built in, which can only be used when your headphones are plugged in. Although the phone does not have a touch screen its keypad makes up for it.

      The phones battery is of one of the best I have ever seen, whenever I used it the battery would last for a week and sometimes longer! And when I did come to charge it, it would take barely an hour so very good if your not keen on charging!

      The one disappointment for me personally was the fact that the phone does not use 3G connection so out on the go searching and more is out of the question, so this phone is NOT for you if you need that on the go internet. This may make some people class the phone as 'old' but I will tell you something, with what this phone can do, It can in no way be classed as an old phone.

      With the price this phone goes for and what it helped me through, it can in no way be shunted for its brilliance! The phone also comes in blue for the calmer people and black for that cool vibe. But all in all this phone is one word, Stunning!


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      19.08.2010 15:35
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability



      The Samsung B3310 is a classy little mobile phone which has a fun qwerty keypad which enables you to socialize with your friends in style.
      This mobile phone is not one of the newest phones and does not harbour 3G connection and does not have a touch screen which most people class as an "Old" phone. I only just recently bought this phone but you know what I wouldn't look back in a heartbeat, it looks fantastic and the battery life is exceptional. I believe that this phone has all the essential technology that anyone with impaired mobile skills would find easy to use.

      This phone has a number of features packed inside it's pretty pink shell, like its unbelievable 2.0mp camera that take clear, high quality pictures which you can later upload to your pc or send to your mates via either bluetooth or infrared( both free communication devices that are packed into the phone enabling data to be sent through just infrared rays or bluetooth key). The phone also has multi-conversational features, like when you are in a conversation with a particular person the phone saves the conversation to a memory card and when that person next rings or texts you it wall be saved in a speech bubble.

      The phone also has a qwerty keyboard which appears as if from nowhere. The keyboard has all the keys like on a computer which makes it easy if you are familiar with that format. This is a relatively new feature to phones today but it is a very popular one that has made texting not only faster but easier. The battery life of this phone is one of excellent quality and lasted me a whole week when I first bought it and hadn't even charged it when it was taken from the box.
      The phone is great on the go and comes with a headset that connects to the charging port on the phone and doesn't drain as much battery as listening to music outloud does.
      The phone I bought is pink and grey, the pink consists on the border of the phone and the keypad and they grey consists of the back of the phone and the border of the keypad. The phone is also available in black and gey and blue and grey, which makes it suitable for all, the pretty pink for the outgoing raving people and the blue for the calm and the black for the sensible, it's all up to you really.

      The price of the phone really does do it justice I believe. The handset comes in a variety of networks but is mainly on Virgin telecommuncation services. The phone comes on o2 for a more expensive price of £99.99 and the orange version 59.99. The original virgin one is £70 with 10 worth of credit that has to be purchased with it.


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        20.07.2010 16:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Best phone i'v used in a long time.

        I bought the Samsung B3310 as a temporary replacement for my Samsun Tocco, and i was pleasantly surprised! This little phone has got to be one of the best i've ever owned.

        The B3310 is mainly designed for social networking, and comes pre-packed with links to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and many more.
        Other features of the phone are limited, but what can you expect at the price? Some of these include:
        -Colour Screen
        -Memory Card Slot
        -Video Recorder
        -2.0 Megapixels
        -MP3 Player
        -FM Radio

        The B3310 has a very basic appearance and admittedly, it isn't the nicest looking phone about right now. A distinguishing feature is the numerical keys; which are down the side of the front face of the phone. The idea of this is that when you slide the face up, they are in the same place as they would be on a computer keyboard. It does get annoying while trying to type in phone numbers though, as the layout is hard to get used to and takes longer than it would if the buttons were set out traditionally.
        The screen is very small (2inch), which isnt ideal for web browsing, but its easy enough to work with and doesnt hinder the phone or use in any way.
        The Qwerty keyboard is great to use, even though the buttons are small. The phone makes texting enjoyable, its just so easy!

        Making Calls:
        Calling is simple on the phone, and you can set up Caller ID by assigning pictures to names in your phonebook. Phone conversations are clear and loud, so you can always hear eachother, and loudspeaker is just as good, although can go muffled when you are too far away from the speaker.

        Although there is only a 2mp camera, it is still reasonably good quality, and picture taking is quick and easy. Video's are possible, but the low pixel camera means they aren't the best quality! These can be saved, or, due to the greast email client (allows upto 5 email accounts) emailed and uploaded to the web straight away.
        The music player on the phone is good, and the phone comes with its own headphones. It is not very loud but the quality is good enough.
        Java games come installed on the phone and are available for download off the internet. It also has some good organation tools such as a calculator, notes, and phonebook.

        One thing i will say is make sure you have a memory card! The internal memory of the B3310 isnt great (only 40MB), and a lot is used up by messages and call lists etc, so if you want to store things like songs and pictures you will need a good sized memory card.

        My Oppinion:
        While the phone is basic, it is reliable, fast and lovely to use. The battery life is good, and it doesnt fall apart or freeze if its dropped a few times like more complicated phones. Its a great investment, extremely user friendly, and not a lot can go wrong!


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          18.05.2010 21:53
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          Very well laid out and designed phone. Easy to use. Definately recommended!

          Having spent an annoying year with a sony ericsson w302i, I was in the market for a new mobile. After much deliberating in all the high street stores, I was taken with this phone.

          First Impressions:

          As you can see from the picture, it looks a little different from the average mobile on the market - it's not too chunky and fits perfectly into small hands (91x54x17mm); a good weight (101g); has a decent full colour display size of 2 inches and is rather distinctive. It comes in 3 different colours: pink, blue, green or titanium. The keypad slides out from underneath very smoothly and is easy to use. The buttons on both the keypads are very well spaced.

          In The Box:

          It comes with the phone (as standard), a battery, instruction manual with warranty, phone charger and headphones. Although the actual phone has a slot for a MicroSD card, I was slightly disappointed as one wasn't contained like my last mobile.

          Setting It Up:

          This was easy to insert the memory card, SIM card and battery via the slip-off cover on the back. Once you turn on the phone, it guides you through the setting up of dates, times, wallpapers, etc... After that, the phone is then ready to use.

          Using The Phone:

          On the main phone screen, there is a toolbar with links to Facebook, Email, SMS, which I have taken off as I find it makes the screen navigation look a touch messy and annoying when you press the central button.
          As there are 2 keypads (QWERTY & Alphanumeric) any of the 2 can be easily used to create text messages or input contacts in the adress book. I prefer to use the QWERTY pad as I find it easier to create messages that way.
          There is a 2 megapixel camera with the phone which takes some nice photos, but I am not expecting anything spectacular! It can also be used as an mp3 player, but I have yet to try this out. It does look quite basic, so I am guessing it would be simple to use.
          The phone also comes with a calender and memo function, which I find really useful as I do forget important things sometimes. This is quick and easy to use. You can set alarm reminders and input quite a fair amount of detail.

          Other Features:

          It comes with 4 demo games: Tetris, Bejewelled, Pool and a racing game that I have since deleted.
          Bluetooth is available on this phone as well as a USB slot. (Note that you have to get a seperate USB cable if you wish to connect it up to your computer!)
          It has a proper ring tone! This is a big plus for me as my last one, you couldn't get any for love nor money.
          It comes with an FM radio, which you will need the headphones that come with the phone as these also act as an antenea.
          The phone is WAP enabled so you can browse the internet. This is only available if your network operator supports the phone. I know that Orange do.
          The battery keeps its charge for 380 hours on stand-by and give around 5 hours of talk time. As I don't use mine on a regular basis, I don't have to charge it very often.

          I would definately recommend it!


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            29.09.2009 13:17
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A good all round phone.


            Whilst out shopping my wife suddenly decided that she needed a new phone as she wasn't happy with her LG Cookie that she had only had for six months. As she is on a sim only contract, it meant that we would have to pay for a new phone for her. Previously she has always liked Samsung phones so when she saw the newly released B3310, she decided it was the one for her.

            Purchasing the phone

            We bought the phone in-store from the Carphone Warehouse for £49.95 but we also had to buy £10 airtime on top of this. If we had chosen not to buy the airtime then the phone would have cost £99.95 instead which seemed a bit strange but evidently all phone manufacturers do this. We had the choice of 2 colours, light blue or pink. Unsurprisingly my wife went for the pink phone which will pretty much ensure that I never use it!!. We decided to stay with Virgin Mobile although the phone was also available on the Orange, O2 and Vodaphone networks.

            In the box

            To be honest, there wasn't a great deal in the box at all, a lot less than I expected. Along with the phone there was a mains charger, instruction manual, warranty card and a set of headphones. It didn't actually dawn on me until a my wife wanted some music putting on her phone that there was no data cable provided. After doing a bit of research on the net, it appears that there is a data cable for this phone but it needs to be bought separately which I thought was a bit naughty of Samsung. The phone also comes without a CD as there is no additional software required for this phone which I think is actually a good thing as in my opinion, most people just want to move files to and from the phone which can be done via Windows explorer.

            The phone

            The phone itself is very well designed. it is very small compared to the Cookie, but it is robust at the same time. It has a 2 inch screen which is very clear and information never looks squashed or truncated. What is unique about this phone is the way the numbers 0 to 9 are arranged down the left hand edge of the phone. I must admit that I like this feature as it means that you don't have to slide open the keypad in order to make a call.
            If you need to send text messages or perform any other operation that requires alphabetic characters to be entered (such as setting up contacts in the phone book) then you will need to slide the phone open and use the QWERTY keyboard. I must admit I am impressed with the quality of this keyboard and I am always sceptical of small phones as I have had problems in the past with pressing 2 keys at once. There is no such problem with the Samsung.

            The phone takes MicroSD memory cards upto 4Gb. In my opinion, the major fault with this phone is the location of the memory card. In order to insert the memory card, you need to remove the battery which is fine for the initial install but as the phone doesn't come with a data cable then unless you buy one, it means you will need to remove the battery every time you want to transfer data to or from the card. I feel this is sloppy from Samsung, its almost like additional memory support was an afterthought.

            Functions and Features

            2 Megapixel Camera - The camera is ok, it has a limited digital zoom which will be fine for taking pictures close up but the results when taking photos of objects more than 5 or 10 metres away are not brilliant.

            FM Radio - In order to use the FM radio you need the headphones plugged in as they also act as the antenna for picking up the signal. As with ordinary radio, the quality of your reception will depend on your location. I found the sound to be crystal clear although I tend not to listen to the radio much on phones as I find that it drains the battery too fast.

            MP3 playback - Although the quality of the music is excellent, the features in this mode are very basic. You can only play tracks in a certain order and there is no facility to shuffle the tracks into a random order. Also, if you are listening to tracks directly from the memory card, you cannot even skip a track.

            Browse the Web - As this feature involves an extra cost we haven't tried it out so I'm unable to comment on its quality.
            Making Phone Calls - I'm a bit old fashioned when it comes to mobile phones, as long as I can make a call then I'm happy, the extra gimmicks don't really interest me. With this phone it is simple to make calls. as previously mentioned, you just press the numbers on the left hand edge of the phone and press the green phone button to connect. You can also get to your phonebook without having to open up the phone although, if you want to search for a contact by name, you will need to slide the phone open to get to the keypad.

            Technical Features - The phone is Bluetooth enabled which is vitally important in my opinion, especially with the memory card issue I discussed earlier. With Bluetooth, it provides another way of getting data to and from your phone without the need to remove the memory card. The phone is also quad band which I believe means that it can be used anywhere in the world. As we haven't been abroad for over 10 years then this feature is not really of benefit to us but it would be beneficial if you were jetting off to all corners of the globe.

            Mobile tracking - I have never come across this feature before although that's not to say that it doesn't exist in other phones. When a new SIM is entered into your phone, you can set it to automatically send the contact number of the new SIM to two recipients to locate your phone in the event that it has been stolen. I think this is a fantastic idea which should become standard on all phones.

            Fake calls - Again, I've never seen this feature on any other phone and I must admit to chuckling when trying it out. It is designed to get you out of situations you'd rather not be in such as meetings or unwanted conversations. By setting up a shortcut key, you can get the phone to ring you and also play a recorded message so it sounds to someone in earshot that there is actually a person on the other end of the phone talking to you. Although this is probably not the most ethical feature on a phone, I could list many occasions where I would find this feature useful.

            Games - The phone comes with four Java games. Two of these are full games and the other two are previews of games which can be bought. Extra games can be downloaded at a cost but I've never really seen the point of playing games on a phone.


            As this phone is still new, the battery life is still very good. an average charge takes approximately two and a half hours which will give between five and seven days use. These figures are based on fairly limited use of no more than 5 texts per day and maybe a call every other day.


            I think this phone is very good. It is certainly not at the high end of the market and this needs to be taken into consideration when deciding how good it is. As long as a phone can make calls and send the occasional text message then I am happy with it. This phone performs both them tasks perfectly well and if it wasn't for the fact it was pink, I wouldn't mind using this phone myself. I definitely think this phone is aimed at the female market and I think it will sell very well. I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a new phone that isn't going to cost the earth.


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