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Samsung Galaxy S4

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12 Reviews
  • Sturdy Design
  • Good Bang for Buck
  • Battery life when using a lot of the features could be better
  • Not water Resistant
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    12 Reviews
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      06.01.2015 22:21
      Very helpful


      • "Good Bang for Buck"
      • "Sturdy Design"
      • "More Tech than the average user can use"


      • "Battery life when using a lot of the features could be better"

      Best phone of 2013-2014 with much still to offer in 2015

      Ive had two samsung galaxies in the last two years, as with any touch screen phone if your not careful with keys in pockets and you can smash a screen like I did. That and the battery could hold a little more charge and that's all the negative things I have to say on this phone.

      I'm still discovering new features two years in, my favorite is the side sync where I can charge my phone and have a virtual presence on the computer which is so handy when your typing from a keyboard on apps such as whats app in full conversation.

      The power of the phone is exceptional, I've never felt lag and its continually on, however updating to the most current firmware is key to things like temperature control and battery usage as from the box it ran hot and out quickly.

      Being an android it has the best apps available and you can really personalize the menu's and the app positions to make this a productive handset for when your needing to read your emails, find a torch or even pay your bills.

      The best thing I like about the phone is that it is still holding its own compared to the newer models coming out, I feel no need to swap to a newer phone. I really like the find a phone feature on the Samsung account you can create between online and the phone. Should you lose your phone you can locate and lock the device or even ring it with a message to someone that may have found it.


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      09.12.2014 00:04
      Very helpful


      • "bigger handset"
      • "Not apple"
      • "Good battery life"
      • "Great value for money"


      Great phone - much better than it's apple equivalent

      It seems that you're either an Apple fan or a Samsung fan and I am most definitely team Samsung.

      I first bought the S2 and I've never looked back. When it was time to upgrade I considered nothing other than the S4 and I was not disappointed.

      It's stand out features are:

      * A 5 inch screen. This feels a lot bigger after the S3
      * 13 mp camera. Takes great pictures and video and you can also opt to use the front facing camera - great for all you selfie lovers!
      * It's slimmer than the S3
      * The battery lasts quite a bit longer than my S3 battery did. I charge it once per day and use it regularly throughout the day

      I have the 3g version and always have great signal though this could be more to do with the network provider. I also use WIFI every day which works great. It's really simple to find new connections. I like how easy it is to term off mobile data which comes in handy when travelling abroad.

      One of the major let downs of the iphone is that the screen breaks really easily - I don't think any of my friends have a phone without a cracked screen - however I have dropped my phone countless times and the screen is fine. I have dented the exterior casing but it is not noticeable and if I wanted to replace it I could buy a cheap cover.

      It's a great phone and I would definitely recommend it.


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      30.08.2014 23:23
      Very helpful


      • brilliant
      • "amazing camera quality"
      • "stunning graphics"
      • "touch screen"


      • "lots of gimmicks that quickly use your storage space."
      • "sometimes unresponsive"
      • "occasionally crashes"

      A great phone with some minor iritations

      Now dont get me wrong I love my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. I think the samsung product range is brilliant. However I upgraded to this phone from my much loved Samsumg Galaxy S2 and considering the phone is only about 6 months old it is playing up more than my beloved s2.
      The screen will ocassionally freeze requiring me to remove the battery, sometimes the touch screen itself is unresponsive and on occasion I will be quite happily using my phone when it powers down without warning. I suspect I will soon be phoning my contract provider to sort this out but I really dont expect this from an expensive phone like this that is less than a year old!
      That being said I do love my phone and I wouldnt want to be without it. The graphics are amazing ( The s2 looks blocky in comparison) and the camera takes the most fantastic photos! It literally puts everything I need in the palm of my hand internet access, photos, email, games, music, movies and more.
      There are a lot of gimmicky extras with this phone such as dropbox and voice recognition (which can be highly amusing when it doesnt hear you correctly) but the trouble with this is that they take up a lot of precious storage space. To get round this you can put in a memory card for extra room or if you know your way around the settings disable the apps you dont need! Storage space will vanish fast particularly if you are using this phone for music and photos. Its a very clever smartphone which is let down by the fact that Samsung had seemingly tried too hard to impress us with the inclusion of too many gimicks. Maybe I'll try the iphone next!


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      28.07.2014 16:08
      Very helpful


      • "Easy To Use"
      • Light
      • "Sleek Looking"


      • "Short Battery Life"

      I love it!

      I personally love Samsung phones because it is all I really know. I previously had a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and I think it was an amazing starter phone, but I wanted something a bit more modern and up-to-date. My Ace 2 eventually broke and went completely dead, but there was no point in getting it fixed as I only had a month left on my contract. I was debating between the S4 and the S4 Mini and I chose the S4 because of it's better camera quality.

      I am so glad I chose this phone as it was an amazing upgrade from what I had before. So much new smart technology was included in this phone! I love the smart alarm because now I don't have to wake up suddenly, instead I can just slowly wake up without having a mini heart-attack!

      The battery life is quite short, but it isn't a major problem for me because I occasionally turn my phone of when I know I won't be using it. It might be a problem for people who work long hours, but you can always bring the charger with you and use it when you need to.

      I like the way that a screen protector comes already on the phone as it is always a bit of a problem getting the screen completely dust-free before gently and slowly placing the screen protector on just to see many air bubbles all over your screen!

      The thing I hated most about my old phone is I could never find reasonable, simple cases for it! With this phone I can easily find a case in the O2 shop.

      My mum upgraded from her iPhone 4 to the S4 and she started out not liking it at ALL because she thought it was really complicated and hard to use, but now she loves it! It does take a while to get used to the complexity of Samsung phones compared to iPhones, but I would choose Samsungs any day because I think they function better and are way more reliable than iPhones are.

      Overall, I love this phone and it is certainly the best I have had so far! My mum also loves it, so now you have two peoples opinions to judge from!


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      21.07.2014 03:43
      Not Helpful


      • "removable battery"
      • "sd card slot "
      • "nice screen "
      • "it does every you need "


      • "loads of gimmicks"
      • "the battery dont last long"

      good all rounder

      The first thing most people have to do is turn off all the gimmicks like air gesture to save battery. Yeah good ideas but real world use bit pointless for most but put that all to one side this phone is good it beats the htc one in my eyes for the sole fact the sd card slot. It dont give me problems


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    • More +
      25.06.2014 12:28


      • "Good quality camera"
      • "Easy to use."
      • "Good sound quality with or without headphones"
      • "Great for mobile games"
      • "Compatible with smart TVs and normal HD TVs"
      • "Large screen for easy reading of webpages etc..."


      • "feels slightly flimsy in comparison to other smartphones"
      • "Battery life could be better"

      Great phone for a first time smartphone user, just don't forget the charger!!!!

      I was offered the Samsung Galaxy s4 as an upgrade from the previous model and at first thought there wouldn''t be much of a difference. I was soon to be proved wrong. The first thing I noticed was the sound quality had improved, not so much in volume but a lot crisper. Secondly the screen seemed sharper in quality and colours were more vibrant. Being a subscriber to a few online film apps I was over the moon when I discovered that I could watch my films on a smart TV by "beaming" them from my phone, and later discovered I could purchase a HD cable to watch on normal HD TVs.Another great feature new to this model is the app that turns the phone into a remote for television, set top boxes and other devices, really handy if you''re fed up with changing remote control batteries every five minutes. There were a few things I thought Samsung may have looked at after a few problems with the galaxy s3, such as the auto brightness of the screen, sometimes the phone is not too clever adjusting the screen and sometimes I find myself shading it with my hand in order to see. The battery life is still not great in comparison to other phones on the market, lasting roughly a day, taking into account I send a few texts, make a few calls and may play a game or two. All in all the Samsung galaxy s4 is a great phone, user friendly and at a very competitive price. It will hold a good amount of apps, photos and music and would urge a first time smartphone user to buy one instead of any of the others.


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    • More +
      13.05.2014 10:42


      • "Full HD Video Recoding"
      • "Nice Camera"
      • "Quad Core Processor"
      • "Great Display"
      • "Smooth Phone"
      • "Many Features"
      • Light


      • "Not water Resistant"
      • "Battery needs improvements"
      • "Limited Storage Space"
      • "Plastic Design"

      For the price of the phone it is definitely a great buy.

      Great Phone.There are many features in the phone like real multiasking which i really like.Quite a fast phone due to it's quad core processor.It's a smooth phone and you won't say it has much lag in it.Comes with 2gb ram which more than sufficient for the phone.It is Thin and Light which is another plus.Also Now With the S5 coming out this phones's price has been slashed meaning this phone is a very good buy.Has Nice camera and also Full HD Video Recoding.
      Many Features,
      Smooth Phone,
      Great Display,
      Quad Core Processor,
      Nice Camera,
      Full HD Video Recoding.


      Plastic Design,
      Limited Storage Space,
      Battery needs improvements,
      Not water Resistant.


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    • More +
      02.04.2014 22:02
      Very helpful


      • "Dual shot camera."
      • " super bright screen."
      • Large


      • "Battery needs improvements."
      • "Software uses up half the memory leaving only 8GB out of the 16GB advertised."

      Great phone for even the basic user.

      I have been a user of this phone for nearly a year now and think it's amazing! The best part about the Samsung S4 is the large super bright screen which really helps to bring everything to life. This is especially great for playing games and taking photos as everything is so much bigger and brighter. With a screen this large, you have to expect to charge the phone every night if you will be using it regularly, as the processors and screen will really drains the battery. When purchasing a phone like this, I would strongly recommend getting it on contract to ensure you can make the most of all the great things you can do with the phone.

      One of my favourite features of the Samsung S4 is the dual camera shot which allows you to take a photo using both the front and back cameras. This become very helpful when taking group photos as you can add yourself in to the main image using the picture you've taken with the front camera in a postage stamp. As well as this, a simple feature to the phone called the smart alarm allows you to wake up to slow gentle sounds, such as a river flowing, which gradually becomes louder and more expressive as the alarm continues which really helps me wake up in a good mood (the majority of the time anyway).

      If you're like me, I can not help but drop my phone on a regular basis and always manage to break them. However, the Samsung S4 must be super strong as I have had the phone this long without a single crack on the screen, well at least I didn't until the other day when I managed to drop it onto a frying pan on the shelf in Asda!

      I would really recommend this phone to anyone, even if you are not familiar with smartphones as you can put the phone into basic mode which allows you to use the majority of features in way that teaches you how to use the device.


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    • More +
      26.02.2014 18:50


      • Reliability


      Really like this phone

      I spent a long time debating between the Iphone5 and this Samsung Galaxy 4. But decided to go with the Samsung due to hearing a few negative reviews of the IPhone.

      This phone has a lot of benefits:

      Large screen size. The screen is considerably bigger than most other phones on the market. This makes it perfect for watching videos and looking at articles on the internet.

      App Download: Apps are easy to download and can be moved around from page to page within the phone

      Drop box: The phone comes with a good amount of drop box storage which is a great benefit if you are into saving big files.


      Some applications did take me a while to understand, eg how to close applications - may have been me but I didn't realise there were buttons on the bottom of the phone as these do not light up when you don't press them!

      Annoying as many apps are just for IPhone

      All in all I really like this phone so would highly recommend


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      20.02.2014 11:51
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A decent phone

      Over the last few months I have had serious issues with my iPhone 4 and it was about time I went out to get a new phone and I decided to invest in a Samsung S4 and I was so glad I did.

      == The Design ==

      This phone looks stylish instantly when you view it. I was at the Carphone Warehouse where they seem to have more choice in terms of colour. I picked out a red colour which in fact looks more purple than anything else.

      The phone on the front has the large 5 inch screen and underneath is the button to basically get you around the phone.

      On the right hand side is the on and off button and the opposite side is the sound control.
      You have the camera feature on the back and headphone connection as well so you can listen to music or movies whilst on the go.

      The phone is slim and has a plastic backing which in all honesty is poor. If you need to lift this up to place a sim card or a micro SD card inside you could very easily break the back.
      The phone overall is basic in appearance but does look very stylish.

      == Features ==

      You have on this phone 16GB memory but you could very easily change this with a Micro SD card which can be positioned in the back of the phone as mentioned above.

      You have sensors which monitor various things you do and one of those is an accelerometer and Barometer and temperature and humidity.

      The CPU speed is 1.9 GHz and is on the 4G service as well.

      The weight of the phone is 130g but feels much lighter than this.

      The size of the phone is 136mm x 70mm x 8mm, overall it is big in terms of size but suitable enough to use.

      The camera at the rear is 13MP and on the front is 2MP. A very decent camera overall with plenty to use and appreciate.

      == My Experience ==

      I got this phone and was told many stories about things you could do with it. Some of that information is very accurate but some things people may not realise when you get the phone can leave you feeling annoyed.

      I got the phone and was told there was 16GB memory I was expecting perhaps a few gigabits disappearing with the various apps already installed on there and programmes. However, you actually have about 9GB free so you lose 7GB when you get the phone.

      That was the most annoying aspect of the phone so you will most likely need to invest in a Micro SD card which adds extra expense to an already expensive phone.

      I found myself frustrated as well with the back of the phone, I had a case which I needed to use because phones are too expensive if you just drop them and they are ruined. I found the back was extremely difficult to get off.

      The plastic is so thin that if you were to be excessive in your handling you could very well damage the back which is very annoying.

      I turned on my phone and registered with various companies such as the Play Store and downloaded some of the apps I needed and I began to explore the phone.

      I put on various security measures and you get options such as passcodes or a pattern design depending on what suits you best.

      After I was using the phone I noticed how quick it was and going from one menu to the next was flawless and with very prompt speed. I found also that at the top of the screen you could easily turn on items such as GPS and Bluetooth with a single click without needing to visit the settings every 2 seconds.

      I then experimented with the phone using a Smart Remote app which allows me to get my Samsung television and my phone to send various things to each other such as photos and movies. You can use your phone as a remote control for your television as well which was extremely handy.

      I noticed that also another cool part of the phone was updates on my apps were being done on the phone in the background without me having to sit there and consistently update them myself like I had previously with the iPhone.

      After exploring the phone more I decided to use the camera and I was not disappointed. I found the camera easy to use and even the zoom feature produced some pretty good photos. I think the video feature as well allows you to go and grab those special moments and produce some pretty good video quality movies as well.

      After using the phone for an entire day the battery seemed to disappear to around 50% of its limit but when I was using the phone for games it disappeared much quicker which I guess is to be expected.

      Overall I was proud with the phone and the various features you can use but using this phone you have to be warned that you will not have the full 16GB you have around half of that which I think is extremely bad.

      == Dropbox ==

      I mention this on its own section because this is a free application already installed on the phone and you can download the same item for your computer.

      The idea is this can be used to send yourself photos and various other items so you can explore them later on, it is a cloud service.

      When I set up my registration with the dropbox I got I believe 50GB memory which is a very large amount and you can add pictures to the app and when you connect your phone you can sync your phone and computer and send files easier.

      You can obviously still send photos and videos via messaging and email should you wish to do so but you have that security there to back up items you are worried you might lose.

      This is without doubt my favourite part of the phone and I have so much stuff already in my dropbox it has been a life saver at times.

      == Good Points ==

      Without a doubt the biggest plus is the accessories for this phone. I found many variations of cases ranging from leather pouches to simple fold over cases that are hard cased.

      I have found many screen protectors as well with the phone which enables you to scratch and do many other things to the phone with no damage at all.

      The camera has been superb allowing me to take such top quality images of pets and family and the speed to which images are captured as well is pretty amazing.

      The phone is extremely easy to navigate around and the fact you can alter pages right in front of you without needing to connect to a certain application on a computer says a lot.

      There are also many ways to get a cheap insurance monthly for this phone and the one I currently have is just £5.99 a month which covers the phone from any sort of damage which is fantastic.

      == Problems ==

      The biggest without a doubt is the annoying amount of memory you lose and not told about until after you have the phone. I was told in the shop I would have 16GB memory however this is not true.

      You end up with just 9GB and when you start downloading some apps to help you with your daily life and take some pictures the images alone can really eat away at the memory you have.

      Buying a Micro SD card to fit in the back of the phone allows you to expand the memory further but in my view you should be given that for free as your being misinformed about memory in the first place.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      My overall thoughts for the phone are it is light and durable and easy to handle. You have a few colours to choose from and many accessories to make your phone unique to you.

      Memory is a problem but everything else works well and sending and receiving files is very quick and easy.
      I am paying £32 a month for this phone and various deals can be found in different cities (due to 4G) and different companies so if you look around and get a deal for what you need it might cost more of less depending on your circumstances.

      This is a decent phone but does have a few annoying teething problems.


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        08.02.2014 19:41



        A very quick phone that is only limited by its battery life.

        Design: It has a big 5 inch screen that may seem too big for some but it is perfect for my use as it is easily large enough for games and web browsing. It is made well but looks a bit plasticky compared to the HTC One. The border around the screen is small so the phone seems a lot smaller than the 5 inch screen suggests however it is hard to use with just one hand.

        Performance: It runs extremely fast opening apps very quickly with its quad core Snapdragon processor. I rarely experience any lag while using it in everyday use and while playing graphics intensive games.

        Battery Life: On an average day of occasional web browsing, playing games and texting it lasts for around 10 hours which is easily enough to last outside without a charger. With more intensive use the battery life is a lot less although as long as the Bluetooth is off and the Power Saving option is on it will last the normal working day.

        Camera: At 13mp this has a very good camera. It takes beautiful landscape photos in good lighting and very good portraits with nice colours and resolution. However, in low light conditions it lacks the clarity that the HTC One offers. It has many features that greatly improve the photo quality such as Beauty face. This enhances facial features and gets rid of blemishes and acts as a realtime photoshop! Another feature is the sound shot that records a sound along with the image. Although I rarely use this it does add another dimension to my photos.

        Call Quality: After using this phone for around five months I regularly use this phone for calls. I have had no problems with talking to people as the call quality is very clear and loud.

        Overall: It looks good, has a big screen and runs very fast although the battery life is not the best.


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        06.02.2014 20:41
        Not Helpful



        Technolically advanced phone.

        I recently upgraded my handset with Vodafone and opted for the Samsung Galaxcy S4. Prior to this handset I had the Samsung Galaxcy mini. These phones are miles apart with the Samsung S4 far superior. The handset is quite large large in comparison to other phones which in it's self has pro's and con's. For me the pro's are the screen size which allows you to screen tv programmes in what I would compare to HD quality. I screen SKY GO and watch lots of football through the phone. The down side of the size of the phone for me is I find it a bit big.

        The phone itself comes with lots of applications many of which I won't use as they are of little interest to me. It is simple and straightforward to download relevant apps from the play store.

        Like with a lot of new phones and the apps, games, etc on them the battery life isn't partically good an I tend to need to charge it on a daily basis. Alternatively you can buy a replacement battery so you always have a spare if out and about.

        With the phone being relitively new to the market it is'nt cheap, with a contract it's likely to cost you in excess of £28 per month over a 2 year contact and likely to cost you around £400 to buy without the contract from the major phone networks.


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