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Samsung GT B5722 Duos

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    1 Review
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      19.11.2011 04:38
      Very helpful



      Not the best of phones

      This stylish phone comes for the recognisable and trusted name of Samsung. This is the B5722. At first it appearances that this looks like any smart phone with its large screen taking up most of the front display and it's curved design makes it blend in with the now hundreds of thousands of similar looking phones. So what makes this different?
      Well we seem to change phones not only on a yearly basis, which would be bad enough seeing how expensive they are. But now people are upgrading on an almost monthly basis depending on the newest must have feature. Well gone are the days when a camera on your phone was considered high tech. This is especially the case for teenagers, if your phone doesn't have THE most unto date features your life is made a living Hell. However be the very first to have it, and your a superstar, at least for that day.

      What made this phone different and enjoyable for me to use was the fact that it was (I'm using past tents as I have since moved on to an iPhone) a duel sim mobile phone. This meant that I could have two separate sim cards in the one phone. This enabled me to work off two different networks. So if I couldn't get a signal on one I could always use the other. Also I loved this because I'm in med school and it was great to be able to give one number to friends and another to family. This would work in any situation, one for business and one for pleasure. However everyone seems to think you're getting up to no good when they hear this.

      This also works great for texting people as one network may have a cheap rate for calls but not so good a rate for texts or the other way round. Either way you win, as having more choose is always a good thing. Speaking of making calls it sounded good when chatting to friends so the ear speaker was good, and everyone could hear me on the other end so I take it the microphone was also good.

      This phone has an interesting design feature in the fact that you can choose from different colours of model (nothing new there). But if let's say you choose the dark brown model like I did, the back panel that houses the battery and the two sim cards, will be in this brown colour, while the rest of the phone will look quite standard. Then there is a nice subtle ascent of that brown on the centrally located button directly below the Samsung logo. There is a pink version available I know that because a friend of mine got one in that colour. So in that case the back panel and front button were in that lolly pop shade of pink.

      The response time of the touch screen I thought was good at the time , but now comparing it to my new phone, it wasn't so good after all. Scrolling through menus for example I found to be a bit stiff and not as smooth as I would have liked. Clicking on an icon could also be somewhat temperamental, I found myself taping over and over getting harder and harder as it refused to recognise my action. This didn't happen all the time it didn't even happen often but when it did happen it was infuriating. As you could imagine typing a message when the phone was acting up was incredibly slow. I looked this problem up online and found I was not the only person suffering with this glitch.

      The icons that appear on the homepage screen are colourful and easy to distinguish. Strangely this model didn't have an accelerometer sensor ( this senses when the phone is tilted and adjusts the screen accordingly so the screen is always readable) however it could be adjusted to landscape mode by using the settings menu.
      The display had a 2.8 inch TFT resistive touchscreen that had a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. Compared to the resolution of the iPhone this isn't the best but it was good enough. I would use the phone for the usual stuff like playing music. The speaker wasn't very loud so I would always use the earphones. I'd watch back videos I had recorded using either the front or rear facing cameras, again the resolution wasn't as good as others at only 3.15 mega pixels if I displayed these on my TV they looked awful but on the phones screen itself they looked good. There was also the handy option of listening to the radio. I would do this most nights in bed and just drift off listening to some music.

      This phone is still available at amazon.co.uk for £124 + shipping

      I thought this phone was okay while I was using it, but once I upgraded to an iPhone I have stuck with that as the differences are incredible. Really the only thing I think this phone has in it's favour over the iPhone is the dual sim card slots. Other than that I would recamend you shop around for another phone.


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