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Samsung GT E1150

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A low budget phone, the SAMSUNG GT E1150 is very high quality for the price. Whilst it is a little limited in features, the huge battery life and overall reliability will make it a good choice for some.

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    5 Reviews
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      27.03.2012 14:17
      Very helpful
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      If you want the basics then this no-frills mobile may be a good choice

      ... This review is for the Samsung E1150i ...

      I bought this phone for my dad a few months ago; he's quite behind on the times when it comes to mobiles as this is his first one, so I knew I had to keep it simple for him. For the price and a trustworthy brand, this has been adequate as an easy phone for just the basics.

      Samsung are a very popular electronics brand and they have a wide range of products that I trust to be effective and of good quality. Having owned Samsung mobiles in the past, I've been really pleased with them so I had faith that this would be a reasonable low budget mobile. It obviously depends on what you want it for and how much you want to spend, but this really is a simplistic phone that covers your calls and texts needs without any frills, which is ideal for the relatively low-use and minimal features my dad requires.

      The Samsung E1150i Cobble is a clamshell flip phone that looks quite minimalist at first glance, with a basic silver design and black back. It's reasonably light weight and whilst it's not a thin phone, it's not overly clunky either; it fits well in your hand and doesn't feel too flimsy, making it somewhat robust considering it is a basic, plastic phone. I think the simple design helps to take away from thinking the phone is too tacky, as it looks quite smart and reasonable enough for a 60 something year old man. He wasn't fussy about appearances, but even he said that this suited him well.

      As this only has your basic functions, the phone does actually have the upside of a good battery life. The product specification estimates 550 hrs standby and 8.5 hours talk time. My dad can easily get away without charging this for a good few days, maybe even a week, but charging is pretty quick with the charger as supplied in the box.

      When I say this offers the basics, it really is just that. There's no bluetooth, internet, SD card or expandable memory, radio, camera, vibrate alert or handsfree speakerphone. You do, however, get a colour screen and a few in built games, such as Sudoku. Personally, I've never really understood that game and my dad doesn't have the patience for it so that's not really a bonus!

      You get the basic call and text functions which are reasonably easy to access and use by selecting contacts from the address book. As I've said, this is my dad's first phone but he managed to get the hang of making/receiving calls fine and finds it easy enough to deal with because there aren't any frills or additional options there to confuse. What I found interesting was that this comes with a fake call function. It's never been tried and tested, but apparently you can set this up to 'to get you out of uncomfortable situations or possible confrontations'. There's also a built in tracker facility that you can use to alert you to a new SIM card being inserted. Again, this hasn't been used either but it's a little extra that may be of interest to some.

      Overall, this has been a handy little phone that's easy to use and reliable for the basic call and text functions. At a reasonable price, it's a phone I'd recommend as a spare, as a simpler mobile or for occasional use by a trustworthy brand that I've yet to find any real problems with.

      Selling on Tesco with T-Mobile for £12.48


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        20.02.2012 21:33
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Great value mobile for making and receiving calls

        My mother is an absolute whizz with some things, but has never taken to mobile phones. She can set up Sky and connect DVD recorders and is the master of the many remote controls she uses. But she really struggles using her mobile, which I insist she has as she is nearly 80 and although still independent, she has fallen a couple of times while out shopping.

        She has a very old mobile that my Dad charges for her so when she said it wasn't working; I offered to get her a new one whilst I was out.

        I didn't have a lot of time as I had a hair appointment so dashed into Carphone Warehouse and asked for a phone that was easy to use, not complicated, cheap and suitable for someone who has arthritis in her hands.

        The guy in Carphone was absolutely brilliant, everything you would ask for in a salesperson. I was somewhat surprised as previous encounters in there left me with the feeling they were only interested if you wanted the latest phone or an expensive contract.

        He showed me other models but I was drawn to two Samsung models, one at £17.95 and this one at £19.95, both included £10 of calls on Virgin pay as you go, but he explained she could use her existing SIM as well.

        I chose the one at £19.95 primarily because it is a flip phone , so no danger of receiving one of those strange calls, which I used to receive regularly as she inadvertantly speed dialled me as she dropped it in her handbag and called me by mistake. Very worrying as I was never sure whether it is a bad signal and she needed me. To avoid this she started switching her phone off .I now know that this can't happen as the keys are protected . Plus when you close the phone you end the call, so one less button for her to press.

        If you want a camera or the internet then this, isn't for you as you can only make calls and send texts, perfect for Mum as that's all she wanted.

        It comes in several colours, grey, red and pink.

        It has a mobile tracker so if someone inserts a new sim card it will contact 2 people to help locate and recover your phone. Not sure that is necessary on a phone this cheap, but useful nonetheless.

        It is very small about the size of a credit card and very light just over 7grammes.

        The keys are easy to depress, navigation is easy and it has a standard phone layout so she was able to make a call easily.

        The screen is quite small 1.75" but very clear ( 128x128 megapixels over 65 colours) and there are options to have it brighter change the contrast and set how long the backlight stays on.

        You can add contacts to sim and copy from an existing sim card. It will cater for 500 phone book entries and the last 30 calls are saved.

        There is also a calculator, somewhere to write notes a calendar,, alarm timer, stopwatch and a converter for thingds like currency and length which is quite useful.

        It comes with a couple of games Sudoku and super jewel quest

        It has a good range of tunes for ring tones plus a fairly traditional one which I chose for Mum.

        It was incredibly easy to set up and add contacts , assign numbers to speed dial which is all Mum uses.

        For the price it is quite sturdy the only thing that feels a bit cheap is the back .

        It has a very basic user manual to get you started, but it is easy to get to grips with setting up the things that aren't in the manual, which just covers basic stuff.

        The manual isn't that comprehensive but covers phone layout adding contacts, navigation keys and texting.

        What Do I Think?
        This is a great little phone, very easy to use and set up. My mum has found it easy to use which is important as she has problems with her fingers, so the keys on this are reasonably large and she can depress with little effort. She has no desire to do anything, other than make the odd call so does not want anything other than that in a phone. If we could get one without texting she would have that as athritic fingers don't take to texting.

        She has found the screen very easy to read, uses the speed dial I set up with no problems and loves the fact that it ends the call without having to find the correct key.
        The battery seems to last for ages , hard to say how long as she switches it off after making a call , a habit I find really annoying as she can't be contacted in an emergency.

        I think this is excellent value for £9.95 + £10 of calls.
        If you only want a phone to make calls I would highly recommend this. My mum is nearly 80 and Dad is 81 and both have used this with no problem.
        The guy in Carphone was concerned that the screen was too small, but it isn't an issue because it is very clear and bright.
        We haven't used texting or played the games, simply made and received some calls, which is the only reason we bought this.

        5 stars from us.


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          03.11.2011 13:39
          Very helpful



          Brilliant for the price but avoid if you want a phone that does more than call and sms

          I brought this phone in pink from carphone warehouse as my contract phone broke and the insurance company refused to replace it. I was looking for something cheap and basic just to get me by for a couple of weeks but I ended up using it for about 8 months. I think that for a £20 phone thats brilliant.

          If you're looking for a phone that does anything other than send messages and make phone calls then this is definetly not for you. It is 88mm in height, 20mm depth and 44mm width and weighs only 73kg so it fits nicely inside pretty much anywhere, I used to put mine in my purse when I didnt want to carry around a bag. It's flip up and feels quite flimsy but as I have already mentioned I had mine for about 8 months and am incredibly clumsy, the poor thing ended up on the floor so many times I lost count, but aside from a couple of scratches it worked perfectly. My younger sister also tried to flush it down the toilet but after I took it apart and left it in a bag of rice over night to get rid of the moisture there still wasnt any problems.

          The screen is a good size and the buttons, which are not set in a QWERTY format (I'm not sure of the proper name for this) are quite big although even if you have the phone on silent so there is no tone you can still hear a loud clicking when you use the buttons which is quite annoying.

          The phone comes with a battery, charger and a sim card, everything was present and working but I spent a while trying to figure out if the USB lead was missing before realising that this phone will not connect to a computer, as there is no bluetooth this means that you can have no pictures or music on your phone, also it doesnt have a camera so you can't take any.

          It would take a few hours to charge up completley but I used to be able to ages out of a full battery, I went on holiday for a week, forgot my charger and even after using my phone as much as I usually would it only actually died on the way home.

          The screen is full colour and there are a few customisation options such as menu layout ect and the pictures that the phone comes with are actually quite pretty :)

          It does have a couple of features such as 4 preloaded games which are quite good fun, handsfree and a personal organiser. It also has an alarm which can be turned up very loud, its the only one I've found that was actually loud enough to wake up my partner :) However, the tones you are given for recieving a text are so short that I often didn't know I had a text until I actually looked at my phone, also, if I would recieve an important message whilst sleeping it wouldnt wake me up.

          This would be a perfect phone for children as I don't personally believe that a 10 year old really needs a smartphone. Obviously this cannot compare to a smartphone but then anyone looking at phones in this price range obviously doesnt want one. I liked mine so much that I've kept it for a spare as I would have no problems returning to it if my current one encounters problems.


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          10.02.2011 23:22



          A nice looking and useful phone

          I am quite a fan of samsung products as i find them particularly reliable and robust. This flip phone is no different. The phone has basic features including calculator, currency converter, timer, alarm clock etc. as well as two games - jewel quest and sudoku (which is a brilliant inbuilt game). Although it does not have a camera or the ability to insert a memory card, it does have a 65000 pixel display screen which is a good size for reading and navigating the menus. Battery life is pretty good with a full charge lasting around 3-4 days and the small, compact size of the phone makes it perfect for putting it in your pocket or bag and not be bothered by it. The sleek style of this phone is a key feature for me as it makes it stick from other phones which may have similar hardware but look very plain. For the price this an excellent phone with everything necessary for a modern day user.


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          23.08.2010 15:51
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A great little flip phone

          Out of all the cheaper phones I have had, this one has been my favourite. I have always been a fan of flip phones - they can protect the screen, and I find it quite enjoyable to snap the cover back and forth every now and then. With my current Samsung Tocco Lite, I have always been impressed by Samsung mobile phones and like their designs compared to others. This phone is at the bottom of the range however so can't compare to a modern day smart phone.

          - Design -

          The design of the phone is quite attractive although to some it may look a bit plain. You can get either a titanium or red coloured one. The front of the phone has a Samsung logo across the top. It is shaped with a subtle ridge down the centre line and the phone has quite a round shape, which makes it lovely to hold.

          The back of the phone has the typical Samsung pattern that my Tocco Lite has. This is black and slightly reflective/shiny with little dots on it and another Samsung logo. Just like on my Tocco Lite, unfortunately this bit does scratch quite easily. An arrow on the top of the back indicates that you can slide the cover down to release it. From here you can view and take out the 3.7V lithium ion battery, which is quite light. Just underneath is where you can slide the sim card in to the holder.

          Flipping open the phone, it has quite a small screen but it's a very vivid and bright one. My company logo is just above the screen with a silver Samsung logo at the bottom. Quite a flashy silver border surrounds the top half of the flip phone where the screen is. This silver part along with the white appearance of the letters and numbers on the keys contrasts nicely with the black background and it doesn't look too cheap.

          The keypad is pretty standard with two select buttons to either side at the top, a directional pad with an OK button in the middle along with call and hang up buttons just below to either side. A keypad sits below too. The Keys seem to be covered by the same part but unlike other phones, it's quite easy to click distinguishable buttons rather than accidentally clicking adjacent ones.

          The phone weighs just 72.5g, which is barely anything. It's very small too with dimensions of 88 x 44 x 19.8 mm, so you can fit it in your pocket and it'll barely be noticeable.

          - Use -

          This phone is very simple to use. It starts up with a little Samsung tone in about 15 seconds following a welcome message, which isn't bad. It will shut down in around 10 seconds. Once switched on, you can use the OK button to access the main menu, which is in the form of a 9 option board. This includes:

          Call log

          Under call log, you can view in different categories things such as received calls, dialled numbers, missed calls and more. It's quite useful and I often use it. You can view further details to see the dates and times of these calls, so long as you have set the time and date within settings. The phonebook enables you to view your contact list, create contacts and view favourites too. The list seems a bit crowded and small, not to my liking but you can view their name and number whilst scrolling down, which is useful. The calendar enables you to view the date in a calendar format as well as create events, which is useful.

          My phone came with two games - Sudoku and super jewel quest. I haven't tried either to be honest as I'm sure they wouldn't be great compared to any other game on an iPod Touch or games console. However it's useful to have them there if you get bored whilst out with the phone. I personally suck at Sudoku so I would never play that anyway.

          Your messages can be read and it displays your inbox as the amount of messages unread out of those you have in total. You can create messages and send them quicky by manually entering numbers or using those from your contacts list. In the gallery, you can actually store images and music and sounds and other files. There is a Samsung tune on there, which I listened to and was actually quite good!

          Under the extras, you have all your little features including the ability to record a memo, a word clock, calculator, timer, converter and stopwatch. You can even set 5 alarms on this to make sure you wake up. The settings enables you to create your own profiles and edit them as well as the phones display, time and date, security settings and more.

          The phone is very easy to use and you will pick it up within seconds if you have had any phone before. For the price it comes at, it's not bad. The home screen shows the date and time along with your chosen background. The fact the phone is a flip phone means it is well-protected too so the screen never scratches. You can change the style of the menus to your liking with this phone. It's lovely to hold and you can grip it quite well. The sound quality is excellent and very loud and people never seem to have a problem hearing me either.

          - Quality -

          Compared to other cheap phones, I'd say this mobile is quite good quality. Although the casing is mostly plastic, it looks very neat and slim. It has a sleek design and the flip mechanism seems very sturdy. The screen doesn't bend back any further than it should, even with a bit of pressure. The keypad seems to be of good quality and I have had no problems with it. The screen is excellent and very vivid and is not covered by excess plastic making it hard to view in light.

          - Battery -

          You can recharge the phone using the included battery charger. I found it excellent that the charger was the same as my other Samsung phone, meaning I could charge both with the same charger. I think it's excellent that Samsung do this rather than having loads of different chargers for different phones that are the same make!

          The battery will last up to 8 hours of talk time and an enormous 740 hours of standby when it's closed and not in use. The battery will re-charge fully within a couple of hours and the charger simply slots into the phone on one side underneath the cover. I find this cover quite tricky to get off sometimes but it does flip around so you can insert the charger with the other side into the mains. The charger is black and quite shiny, which happens to match this phone nicely!

          - Price & Availability -

          You can buy this headset for just £23.99 on Amazon.co.uk, but this is without a sim card. It's a good price for a good little phone so I'd certainly recommend it. You can get this phone on pretty much any network including T-Mobile and Tesco.

          - Conclusion -

          This phone is very easy to use, has a lovely sleek design and is nice to hold too. It has a good amount of features for such a cheap phone and you can do a lot on it. The battery life is very good due to the efficient size screen and this benefits over a lot of smart phones with large touch screens that may run out of battery a lot quicker. I'd recommend this as a cheap flip phone, which is easy to use and a pleasure to use.

          Thanks for reading!



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