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Samsung GT S3370

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    1 Review
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      29.12.2011 15:02
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      Avoid this unless you like annnoyance

      When I recently face-planted my old mobile phone, it ended up looking, unsurprisingly, rather worse for wear. It still worked...kind of....but the screen was marred with a series of serious-looking cracks which failed to bother me but, for some bizarre reason, really bothered my wife who has her own phone anyway!?! Deciding that she could not live with my mobile in the state that it was, even though she rarely even sees it, she went out and bought me a new one. And because she is trying to crowbar me into the twenty-first century and all the modern new-fangled technology it brings, in her ingfinite wisdom she decided to buy me a Touch-screen phone. Shame she went for one of the most basic models but then it didn't cost me nothing so I had no cause to complain.....

      However, after being hugely disappointed with this phones performance, and this being Dooyoo and a site where I am paid for voicing my opinions, I thought I would come on here instead and share my experiences where it will be less likely to seem like I am being ungrateful. Because if there is one thing I got right in the previous paragraph, it is that this is about the most basic of Touch-screen models that you are ever likely to find!

      For starters, I struggle a bit with Touch-screen anyway so one of the things I would immediartely be looking for in a phone of this calibre is ease of use. Uh-uh. None of that here. The screen is relatively small compared to an I-phone, as you might expect, but this doesn't paticulary bode well for a Touch-screen phone especially for someone who considers themself to be a bit of a novice in this area of technology. I have since started using an Ipod Touch and found this much easier to use and have even started getting on better when I have had ocasion to use my wifes I-phone but, even after months of use, I still strugle to get on with this and end up opening all manner of Apps and devices I didn't want to open.

      Secondly, I find the different menus sometimes a little troubling to navigate. Even after browsing through the instruction manual several times, still it takes me too long for my liking to find where I want to go at times. I am old enough to remember when a phones primary use was to make phone calls, now this appears to have become second-place and there are far too many utilities on here that really are not needed on such a basic model. Things like Facebook and Twitter take so long to load up on here anyway so that by the time they have, I no longer want to use them. That's if I can get to them in the first place!

      There is an App that you can use to download games but there is not a very good selection currently available for this paticular model and many you have to pay for. I don't mind this, we all have to make a bit of money somewhere, but a couple of decent free ones might have been nice!

      As for taking photos...well, the camera is pretty basic and this also a little tricksy to use. It took me several attempts to discover how to take a photo and even then the results weren't paticulary good! Finding the images once you have kept them can also be a chore!

      Overall, I am nothing but disappointed with this phone.

      I understand it is a basic model as I keep reiterating but it would be nice if it worked a little better than it does! I do not understand whom it is aimed at as minor-league technophobes like me will find this a struggle and anyone more comfortable with Touch-screen technology will be horrified at how this works!

      I gues you do get what you pay for and there is certainly a reason why this is one of the cheaper Touch-screen phones on the market! I cannot quote how much this cost as it was a present but I know that it sat a little above the cheapest and a lot lower than the most expensive available at our local generic supermarket. My advice....spend a little more and get something that better does what you tell it!


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