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Samsung SGH-B130

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2011 23:53
      Very helpful



      My phone is just a phone, and I'm not afraid to use it.

      I see a lot of phone reviews on this site, and I guess compared to a lot of people's handsets, my little phone is a bit of a shrinking violet. It doesn't have bells. It can't tell me what shopping to get, or take a photo, or programme my digi-box or let me tell faceache what I am up to, but it does the 2 functions that I have come to expect from a phone and I am more than happy with that.

      Christmas 2008, my husband decided that he was fed up of me whinging about my phone which was five years old not holding onto its charge. He took it upon himself to buy me a mobile phone. I guess some girls opening this box might not be overly impressed by their husband and in fact think he was a bit of a tightwad, but mine knows me well, and this model suits me to a tee.

      I am not a big phone user. I have had a mobile phone since 1998, from a very chunky motorola, which was replaced with a very blue plasticky samsung which was stolen, which was replaced with the one that lasted 5 years, and then this one. That probably tells you a lot about my phone useage.

      I am a loyal Orange customer on pay as you go, and I use very little credit. I would be lucky if I spend £1-2 per month on credit. This phone was £19.99, and of that cost, £10 was phone credit.

      This phone is always charged up and with me, and it is a safety blanket really so that school can ring me if my son is poorly, or I could ring the AA if my car broke down. I send texts occasionally, and receive texts, and I am happy to use the internet at home. Let's face it, I would find it pretty hard to go online while stopping the boys disappearing or filling the trolley in the supermarket. Occasionally I think it might be nice if we are away from home, but really there is no need for me.

      As a basic phone, it looks quite smart. The handset is mostly black, with a small orange logo above the screen. The buttons have white text and then there is a green handset on the button you press to make a call, and a red handset for the button that ends the call.

      I'm pleased with it because it is small and compact compared to my previous phone handsets. It's dimensions are 1.6 x 4.4 x 10.4 cm, and it weighs only 68g so it can fit very comfortably in my handbag or my pocket. It has never been in a case as it never crossed my mind it was worth protecting it, and it has minimal minor scratching to the hard plastic back, and the screen shows fingerprints but is otherwise in very good unscratched condition. Can you say the same about your iphone or blackberry?

      Screen size is big enough for me to be able to see what I am doing at 128 x 128 pixels, 1.52 inches. The screen display shows me my network (in this case am I picking up Orange or T mobile reception) the signal strength, the date, the time, if the sound is on, how much charge is remaining in the battery, and the option of accessing the menu (pressing the left hand side button under the screen) and my contacts (by pressing the right hand side button the phonebook comes up).

      The menu section gives you 9 options which I will summarise:

      1) call log - this allows me to see who I have called, who has called me, whose calls I have missed, how long I was on the phone in my last call or in the phones history, and there is an option to barr certain number. The phone can store 30 dialed, 30 recieved and 30 missed calls in its history. No problem at all for me, as I would not have this many in a whole year probably. Not good if you are are using it for a business purpose I imagine.

      2) Phonebook - the phone can store 200 entries and up to 400KB of data. I do try and store my numbers on my sim card as I am conscious it is a pain to move numbers about if you do need to change phones, and although I have a good history of not damaging a phone, it is all too easy to drop them down the loo, put them down and forget them when you are out, or have them stolen. There is space to store a persons first and last name, and numbers for them at home, work, mobile, office, fax number and email address.

      3) The applications section has a few things I tend to use, and some that are not that important to me. I have a world clock that allows me to scroll through different locations to work out the time. A calculator, timer and stopwatch have been used by me. The last section here is a converter, which allows me to transfer units of currency, length, weight, volume, area and temperature. This could be useful on occasion but won't be something anyone needs on a daily basis.

      4) A browser does apparently allow connection to orange via the web, but I have never been able to connect it as we appear to live in a hole with very little signal at our house, and when we are out and about I have never thought to try it.

      5) A messages box - allowing you to compose and send texts, and read old texts.

      6) My files - although there is no camera you can store some pictures and some MP3 files on the phone. I have no interest at all in using this function, so again cannot really tell you how useful it is, but the 400KB is not a huge amount of space so it is not going to hold a lot. Maybe a downloaded ringtone or two if you are lucky.

      7) A calendar - this is just a simple diagram allowing you to work out what day a certain date falls on. I might find it more useful if I could set up a little reminder of certain key events like library books needing returning or school appointments. This was a feature that I did make use of on my last phone and slightly miss.

      8) Alarms - you can set the phone with 5 different alarms. You can make the phone ring or vibrate at the time you have set. Setting the alarm shows a yellow bell symbol at the top of the screen until you switch it off. This is not that loud but it has been enough to wake me up on a few occasions, and I sometimes set it to remind me it is time to pick my son up from nursery school if I am out of the house as I rarely wear a watch now I am not working.

      9) Settings - here you can play with the usual date/time, language, call settings, screen colour, greetings message, and wallpaper displayed. I'm not a big fiddler, so most of these features are pretty redundant.

      The phone display can be locked so you con't accidently make calls. This one is just pressing the left hand side button under the screen followed by the star key at the bottom left of the numerical keypad. You can set up a password if you want to.

      Charging the phone is really quick. The charger connects into the top left hand side of the screen through a covered port, and the whole process is complete in about 2 hours. The phone buzzes when it is fully charged to let you know you can unplug it.

      For me as a phone mainly for emergencies I feel that it is reliable. I can charge it up today and be confident that it will last most of the week with some charge. I leave it on all day and night, and mostly it is charged once per week. This model is said to have up to 250 hours of standby charge, and 6 hours of call use.

      Mine seems to still be working fairly optimally after a couple of years of use. I find it is more than adequate for my needs, and would recommend it highly as a basic phone. The only feature that I would really like to see is that it would accept picture messages. My mother in law frequently sends them to me to let me see how my niece is growing, and I have to go online on the computer to see them.

      It's a phone, not a camera, games console or MP3 player, so therefore it really has to have 5 stars because it acts very well as a phone. Calls are clear and connect well unless we are in the signal black hole otherwise known as my house. (I can't fault the phone for this though as anyone who visits regardless of phone or network has the identical problem.) Messages send and receive promptly.


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        17.02.2011 18:05
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Excellent phone for beginners, children and a good emergency phone

        Samsung SGH T105G/SGH B130 UK Cell Phone

        I received this phone through a program here in the states called Safelink. The reason I was eligible to get this phone was through the HIV/AIDS program here. They give you a phone and they also have a contract will a service provider that provides you 3 different plans. When I received my Samsung SGH T105G/SGH B130 UK was amazed how small and flat it is. It's 4.5 inches long and a little over 2 inches wide. All glossy black with a silver trim around the body of the phone. It fits perfectly in your shirt pocket.

        This Samsung SGH T105/SGH B130 Cell Phone is the most basic. There are no added gizmos like the internet or 6,000 applications you can choose from, it's just a new phone that is only limited to phone calls and texting. This phone would be perfect for your children, because of only having the basics. I've been on Tagged.com community site and have seen very provactive photos of 13 and 17 which would be totally unacceptable if they were my children. So this phone is perfect for me. My other cell phone is the i265 from Motorola and I could have the internet if I wanted but that is just a waste of money. There is no camera on this phone.

        What came in the box.. The 17 button keyboard/dialer is just the basic's, nothing fancy. You also get a 5 foot charger adapter that is oblong and you have to stick it in sideways to the plug in the way. You also get your battery in a sealed bag and the back plate of the phone. All you have to do is assemble these parts and turn it on.

        The 1.4 inch display shows you the minutes you have left on your provider service minutes. It also shows you the date and time. On the right of the display on the bottom is your contact icon and pressing the right clicker shows you the people you have in storage for speed dialing. On the lower left button is your menu button. When you press on your left clicker there are three rows of choices. The first one on the top row is prepaid button for air time. You can buy 60, 120, 200.and 450 minutes at a time. With my plan through SafeLink I get the first 250 minutes free and they are rollover and that is awesome. On the top row next to Air Time is another way of getting into your Contact List, and the final icon on the right top row are your call records. Middle row left side icon is for all your messages that you saved, in the middle is a calendar and right middle icon is a memo icon to leave yourself notes for appointments etc. Bottom right icon is your settings icon for which you can make a profile, change your master setting. The middle icon is for your clock, here is where you have 5 different alarm clock tone settings. The final bottom left icon is for Tools, world clock, calculator, converter, timer, stopwatch, and a Simm application for your phone. You can store up to 200 phone numbers on this phone. On the top is a plcae for your headset.

        The phone is very easy to dial with, and after each call the phone with the provider software show you how many minutes you have left. On the second row on your keyboard is your green send button on the left side and your end button on the right side, to also turn your phone on or off you must your the end button. In the center is your OK button, your click on this button to start any of the simple chores on this phone. The few things I like about it is the voice clarity and clearness detail of a conversation you can have with it. It works in area's that my Sprint phone does not. The LCD display is bright enough to dail a number in the dark without any mistakes. With the display you can see things with such precision and sharpness. Texting is a breeze with this phone, but I don't do it much because I have unlimited on my Sprint cell, on this phone they charge you a minute for incoming or outgoing texts. You can set it from a ringtone to vibe just by going into the menu.

        Overall I think this phone is great for the basic services it provides. It is very easy to understand and learn and your calls hit you like the person is right next to you talking. To charge the battery there is a port on the upper left side. The battery has a 5 to 7 hour life with minor texting and talking, but has lasted almost 2 days without any usage. Even though it has only a three MB memory that is plenty. It also has SMS messaging that can be used from your America Online account or Yahoo Messenger.

        Thanks for reading !!
        U.K. price at Amazon 8.77

        This review originated by me on Viewpoints.com


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