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Samsung SGH-E730

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2006 18:18
      Very helpful



      An useful fashionable cell-phone...

      Samsung E730, it was released only after 2 months of the previous model E720 (March 2005). You can say these 2 phones are the same, but in fact they have some differences, let's say that E730 its E720 updated.

      I will make a small presentation of E730, because this is the phone I own for 1 year now, after I got it as a gift for my birthday.
      Samsung E730 it's a phone that can fit anyone, mostly because of the range of the colors, which are: black, white, red and silver; I think red and white colors are not so easy to find, as I saw only black and silver till now. (I have to say that I saw them here in Cyprus, on the Internet you can find other colors too)

      My phone is black and I love it, it's smaller than my palm, and many times I "had the opportunity" to lose it....

      The Package
      This phone came in his black box, which shows on all the sides what kind of model it is, and what you have to find in the box. The phone comes with different accessories, depends from where you buy it or after how many months from the release you buy it...because mine was purchased on July 2005 came with the following items:
      1. 1 Samsung E730 Handset
      2. 1 Battery
      3. 1 Travel charger
      4. 1 Hands free
      5. 1 Strap
      6. 1 User's Manual

      Samsung E730

      As I said above, my phone is black...and looks very sexy I can say. Having a first look at it, I can tell you that it is pretty simple, as you look at it you'll see the "eye of the camera", the small display screen, under it are 3 buttons, that can be used for the mp3 list when you want to listen to your music you have on or for the radio, on the right side it is the snap-shot button for the camera and in the left side are the twin buttons for the volume, used for the tone volume and music volume while you are listening to it.

      Now getting trough the menu of this little piece made by Samsung, I can tell you that it was special made for people that are used with simple technology. Yes! This phone can be used by children too, so easy it is the navigation!
      The menu has almost everything you wish:
      - text message, MMS message (for picture, music and ring tones), and e-mail
      - file manager (you can delete/add pictures, videos, music, sounds and other files you have in here)
      - settings (here you can make your own settings, the way you want your phone to work, very simple steps)
      - applications (this small phone has 3 nice games - OK you can lose your battery with these ones- which are quite nice to play when you are bored - this only if you don't have other alternative to make your time pass more quickly-, the mp3 player, voice recorder, FM radio, world TIME, alarm, calculator, converter, timer, stopwatch, and maybe the menu of the line you are using - as I have the menu of my CYTA Vodafone online cervices)
      - the phone-book (you can make your own groups, setting a different ring-tone for each one of it, and for each friend or family member you can attach a picture which will appear when they'll call you)
      - call records
      - browser (if you have the internet option, WAP connection)
      - calendar (you can make your phone to be your digital notebook if you want, and after all why not?)
      - camera

      I really think this phone is very nice, not only because it is a flip phone, but because looks smaller than other phones that have the same menu as this one. The menu is displayed on the left side as you look at the main screen display. And from there everything you want to do it is very simple, as eating a cake : -)

      Menu of the phone can be displayed in the following languages: German, English, Italian, French, Spanish, Nederland's, Portuguese, and Turkish.

      The phone has 90 MB storage memory; I think it is enough when you know that after you take some pictures you'll transfer them into your computer, through your Bluetooth, MMS option or e-mail option. I use all this memory only for my music, I like to think that this cute small phone can do both jobs, as an mp3 player and cell-phone in the same time.

      OK, Samsung E730 doesn't have IrDA option, but has Bluetooth which is more efficient in my opinion; you can connect your phone with other compatible ones, and with your computer is you have a Bluetooth Adapter (as I have the D-Link Bluetooth Adapter, which works perfectly fine - see my review about this tinny little piece of technology)
      A small tip, but very useful, because in the User Guide Manual the Samsung people are not mentioning it, to connect your telephone with another one or with other Bluetooth device you have to insert the phone code, which is 00000000 (8 times 0), you can change it if you like, I think the reason why they are not mentioning it any more is because people who like Samsung phones they would know already the code from previous phones ;- ) or maybe they just forgot to add it lol.

      The Camera

      For the past few years I used to have only Samsung phones, with incorporated cameras. But to be sincere, I have to say that I was not so satisfied, the clarity of the photos was not so perfect. With Samsung E730 it is a different story! The 1.3 MP camera makes a fantastic job. For me it is no difference between a photo made with a digital camera or made with the Samsung E730 camera. Ok maybe a digital camera has more many options and the photos can be bigger than this small camera makes them to be, but I am amazed by the clarity of the photos.

      You have flash on/off option and light on for when you'd like to make videos. Which I can say, those are getting out being amazingly clear and with great sound.

      Even the camera settings are pretty simple, and I have to say that you can make your own photos if you like, without the help of a mirror. As you have the phone into your hands, press the snap-shot button from the right side, and on the small screen will appear the camera, now facing the screen you can make your own portrait picture! Maybe it is not such a great thing, but when you want to keep busy a child it is a fantastic idea!

      The battery

      Ok, here I can say I'm a little upset with this phone. Why?! Because before I was speaking hours and hours on it, making photos and videos, and the battery would still be charged for 3 days! But after one year it holds on only for 1 day and a half, if I do the same things. Lately because I'm not making photos any more with it, I have my lovely digital camera for this job; the life of the battery extended her limit to 2 days. That's why, I know should have spear battery, but I don't bother any more, knowing that I'm using it just for phone calls. And I have to tell you that I speak almost 20h/day, and still "it is alive".

      When you buy this phone, the procedure tell you that you have to charge it for 4 hours; well I did it for 8, as far as I know if you charge it longer and less use it in the first days, you'll have for sure a good functional phone for a longer period.

      You can buy it from:
      - MyWorldPhone.com $204
      - FonePlanet.com £169,99

      My Verdict

      I have this phone for over a year now, I'm more than pleased with it, and I really can not change it yet for a new one, even though I was tempted so many times. Since I have it till now I didn't have so many problems with it, besides the one with the battery which doesn't want any more to be as it was till now. But this matter it is almost solved because on Friday I'll have my new battery, so the telephone it is saved, will be my "talk partner" for another year maybe ;- ) This will depend only on the new model that will appear not to be so "gorgeous".
      I really do recommend this phone, the sound quality it is very very nice and makes you believe that instead of ringing the phone it is just playing your favorite song! The videos and the pictures are very clear and make this phone being very useful when you don't have a digital camera with you.
      It can be your digital notebook, if you want to be reminded when you have a meeting, anniversary or special occasion. If you are that loving mother which misses her child when you are away from him, you can do a small trick with this phone; you can record the voice of your child on your phone and after set it as a ring-tone ;- ) It will be more nicer to hear your baby saying: "Mammy, pick up your phone!"

      Many times I had the occasion to lose it, luckily for me I found it each time, or it was returned to me! What can I say, I can not feel the difference with or without it in my purse or pocket.

      At first it was expensive, now after one year and a half after it was released it is almost half the price, you can buy it and enjoy you new acquisition, I can tell you that you'll like it ;-)

      Thank you for reading!



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