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Samsung SGH-J700i

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    7 Reviews
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      01.01.2012 23:19


      • Reliability


      Perfect safe, robust budget phone

      I got my Samsung J700i as part of a package, so it wasn't an active choice on my part. But, now, I would positively try to get another one.

      The phone is incredibly easy to use and really robust. It sits in my handbag or back pocket most of the day and, in the 4 years I've had it, I've not had any problems. The slide feature is brilliant - no more 'pocket dialing' for me! I had been worried that the slide mechanism might make the phone too flimsy and that I would break it within 6 months, but the phone has taken everything I've managed to throw at it. The keys are very positive to use, which I like, and it's great to be able to turn the 'beeping' of the keys off.

      It comes with all the usual basic features; alarm, calendar, langauges. It has a couple of basic games - enough to keep a small child amused for 5 minutes while you are queuing for something, but nothing like the Apps you get on the latest phones.

      For me the major plus is the low SAR level. I am convinvced that high SAR phones will be shown to cause health problems and always get a low SAR phone. This one has a euro SAR rating of 0.499 (the limit is 2.00) which is excellent.

      If you want an Iphone, you will be disappointed - the J700i doesn't do any of the fancy stuff - but if you want a good quality, budget phone that has a low SAR rating, this one is perfect.


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      20.09.2010 15:43
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Great simple phone

      This is a lovely simple phone. (I actually have the pink version which is nice an girly without being too sickening). Its extremely simple to use and for the cheap price tag, I really don't think you can wrong with this item! Its extremely robust, I've had it nearly a year and it still looks like new. The camera is 1.3 mega pixels and does the job. There is also a video function. I use the calculator and the converter all the time, nice and simple to use and obviously the alarm clock. It's got a great favourites menu that gives you easy access to 5 functions. All around me friends are getting fancier and fancier phones, but I'm happy with what mine can do and I love how cheap it was, I don't have to worry about anything happening to it. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for an affordable robust phone.


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        07.09.2010 19:26
        Very helpful



        If you want a decent honest phone thats good value - this is it

        Despite being a Budget phone (Vodaphone Store occasionally sell these new on offer at £20 off and on) for the money it is a very good phone, the only difference between the J700 and J700i is the latter can record off the phones built in radio onto the internal memory or memory card.
        It's a slide open phone and the slide feels solid and feels like it will last, voices are clear and easily heard over the tri band reception.
        Battery life is good, it will sit for days on standby before needing charged and talktime is reckoned to be 3 hours although I've never tried this out.

        It has an internal memory of 10MB and a slot for a Micro SD car for expanding on this. The camera is only 1.3 Megapixels but is fine for a phone in this price range. It has bluetooth connectivity, no infra red though and a mini USB to hook it up to a PC for synching or data transfer.

        It has all the usual games, calender and clock features and has a V2.0 WAP internet browser.
        It also has the aforementioned FM radio and video capture and playback as well as all theusual messaging features.

        This is an ideal phone if you are on a budget or want a decent phone but don't care about havig the latest must have handsets, it's ideal for kids as well, loads of features plus it's not a disaster if they lose it.
        The phone comes in a silver finish as well as a smart mirror chrome finish which looks like a glossy black colour and also a mirror pink version is available as well.
        If you are consideing getting one of these do shop around though as prices do vary considerably, £20 is the lowest I've seen and £65 is the highest.


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        03.09.2010 14:27


        • Reliability


        Decent cheap little phone

        The Samsung SGH J700i is one of the cheapest phones that I have ever brought at £30. While it may have been cheap, it is a decent phone that I needed to use while I was in-between phones and could not afford any more.
        The phone is a slide up phone, meaning the number pad is covered when the screen is slid down. A good feature about the phone is its size, it is not too big, as it comfortably fits is my pocket, unlike other phones which stick out. But is still big enough to give a decent screen, so that the text can easily be read.
        While the phone may not be boast about its specification, it has a decent 1.3 mg camera on the phone. That while not being spectacular, is good enough to capture what you want. The camera is the main feature on the phone, as all the other features are what you would expect on a phone for this price.
        A good point about the phone is how long the battery lasts on the phone. It can go four or five days without needing to be charged. Which is extremely useful, as it saves on electricity.
        Overall this is probably one of the most cost effective phones that I have ever bought.


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        18.08.2010 22:04


        • Reliability


        Great phone if you need something solid and low priced

        I've had this phone for over two years and it hasn't yet let me down. This isn't the type of phone that you get if you're a technology addict or into the latest gadgets - it's for people who just want a phone to be a phone and fulfil its basic requirements without hassle and reliably. Battery life and sound quality are good, and signal reception has been decent and consistent over the years.

        The predictive text is average but can't remember many words. Compared to my previous Nokia and Sony Ericson, I find the texting to be below par and it doesn't automatically save sent texts. The camera is a VGA with quite poor quality, but it does the job providing you don't take many photos or videos as the memory can't handle much data.

        Although my previous paragraph sounds negative, I'd like to reiterate that this is to be expected with such a cheap phone. I still believe that it is well worth the money and if you're looking for an easy, no frills and reliable phone, then this is the one.


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        14.08.2010 22:25
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A great easy to use phone for non techi person!

        I have just been given this phone in pink!!

        I had an old nokia 6230i which I did love and was reluctant to part with! but it seems my friends thought it a bit old as I'd had numourous people saying 'your phone's a bit old' or 'would you like me old one'.

        So my friend sold me this one for £20 all boxed still with everything in it and the phone was unlocked so I could use my own sim!

        It's quite a neat phone, I haven't used many, it's taken me a little while to get used to the different software from Nokia and from time to time I've written a whole text then deleted it by mistake because a button I must use on the Nokia actually deletes it on the Samsung!

        It has the usual menu with Call log, Phone book, Music, Browser, Messages, My files, Organiser, Camera, FM radio, Applications, Alarms and Settings.

        Look & Sound-
        I have to say the sound quality is excellent it's really crisp and clear and also the look of the phone is nice and sleek. The whole of the front slides up to reveal the keypad which is handy because when it's down it's locked so no calling people by mistake. to answer the call or text you can just slide the front up and it answers straight away, the only glitch once with that was someone was calling my phone just as I was shutting the phone and it cut them off before I'd answered it but that very rarely happens.

        Using it-
        The round button in the middle moves around the menu's and the little tiny round buttons either side select. It has predictive text which I like - some people don't.
        You can set up various shortcuts for your favourite uses so if you like using the camera then you can set that up so that when you press a particular button that comes on.
        I do find the process of sending a text slightly more lengthy than a Nokia there are a few more options before being able to send it.
        It has blue tooth and WAP which to be honest I haven't used much so I can't comment on.

        I have to say the camera is the down side it's exactly the same as the Nokia 6230i which for a newer phone I would've thought it be slightly higher pixels. It's 1.3mega pixels. But for quick snap shots of something it is handy and you can do silly things with it like add a mostach to your best friends face!! lol!

        The camera is also protected from scratches as when the phone is closed it is inside which is a good.

        Again the video is only 1.3mega pixels but the sound is excellent, so I was out the other day and just wanted to capture my kids doing something silly in the park and it was great just what I wanted but certainly wouldn't be making films with it.

        It has an SD card slot for storing music etc on and being as the sound quality is good I may just do that and then I can plug ear phones in and listen.
        It has voice recorder, World clock, Calculator, Convertor, Timer and stopwatch facilities.


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          17.06.2010 22:12
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          Excellent compact stylish phone with lots of features


          Stylish Slider with upgraded full features

          I treated myself to this phone last year as I wanted something pretty & pink!
          I bought it from Carphone Warehouse where the assistants were extremely helpful.
          It only cost £29.00!!!!!! I had to buy a £10.00 loaded SIM with it as part of the Vodafone package. I was already on Orange & didn't want to change so I just kept my original SIM for the new phone & used the Vodafone £10 SIM in an old phone. (this £10 can be made to be worth more if you choose some of the Vodafone packages for free texts etc instead of just using it for straight calls).

          It was easy to change SIM card from Vodafone to Orange as the phone is unlocked.

          I believe you can now pay the additional £10 & have it added & registered to the new phone on your old Orange number.

          Either way it only costs £29.00 plus £10 for a really stylish phone with £10 worth of calls

          This is a PAYG deal

          It comes fully boxed & includes

          J700i phone in pink or black


          Instruction sheet

          CD with further instructions

          Warranty card

          Charger/USB charger

          UK mains adaptor

          Features of the phone are

          Lightweight mobile phone 92g which is perfect for any pocket

          Well designed sliding keypad

          Vivid TFT screen

          Integrated music player which can be used with headset supplied

          Add a 2GB micro SD (not supplied) & you can store around 500 songs

          Self tuning FM radio that can save up to 25 stations

          Uses Bluetooth 2.0 to share music & photos between devices

          USB port for transferring media to your PC

          1.3. mega pixel camera with a fun photo editing suite for adding clip art or effects to your images & a video recorder for capturing the moment

          Get online GPRS or EDGE & browse websites, send emails or download content

          Supports Java games, MPEG4 & MIDI video

          Simple instruction sheet show
          Phone layout

          & how to

          Install SIM card & battery
          Charge the battery
          Turn phone on or off
          Access menus
          Send & view messages
          Activate the mobile tracker
          Make a call
          Answer a call
          Adjust the volume/ can also be silent
          Activate & send an SOS message
          Change your ringtone
          Call a recently dialled number
          Enter text
          Change text input mode
          Use the camera
          Add a new contact
          Listen to music
          Electronic diary/calendar

          There are more things you can do, some are self explanatory as you go through the menus & some can be explained in more detail by using the CD.

          The instruction leaflet is poor. I resorted to using the instruction booklet for the Samsung D900i which is far more comprehensive. (The D900 is a very similar phone but does more)

          Ringtone can be chosen from list of Samsung tunes as well as various text alerts. You can also download your ringtone from your PC if you fancy something different.
          The phone can be set to vibrate if you don't want it to ring & alert others.

          I have been delighted with this little phone; it was just what I was looking for.
          Takes up very little space in hand bag or pocket.
          It's very modern & feminine. Mine is metallic pink (called coral on the box) but it also comes in black.

          It's easy to use. the keys are protected from accidental dialling, as the slider action covers the keys when down & also locks the phone. To unlock just slide up & all is revealed & ready for use. The keyboard lights up so easily usable in dim lighting. The screen is a good size & background wallpaper can be chosen from the Samsung range or your own photos for example could be used. It also has a stopwatch & timer & alarm. There are a few pre-installed games as well if you feel the need to pass a few minutes!

          I find the bluetooth very useful. I can copy music from somebody elses device onto my phone in the twinkling of an eye.
          My TomTom sat nav picks up the bluetooth signal & answers the phone while I am driving so that I can speak hands free (also can dial out then speak hands free). Even if my phone is in the boot of the car inside a zipped up bag it still picks it up answers the phone for me, shows me who it is, & all I have to do is speak.

          The only thing I would say is a bad design is where the strangely called travel adaptor or mains charger is plugged in. You have to flip a very flimsy & tiny little flap out of the way & away from the body of the phone & leave it in a precarious position all the time the phone is charging. I'm terrified it will snap off.

          I also find the camera tricky in that it seems difficult to centralise the image, but that may be just me.

          All in all, a delightful little phone with everything most of us would need.

          I would recommend it, especially for the price.


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