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Samsung SGH-Z400

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2007 23:45
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      A slim phone with bad battery life

      Samsung Z400

      I got a new phone about 3 months ago. As I'm on a contract, I got the phone for free. This phone is widely available on a contract, free on most tariffs but its quite price on Pay As You Go.

      Price list on 02/01/07

      Virgin £259.99
      Vodafone (retail stores) £150.00
      O2 £299.99
      Orange £119.99

      Overview of the phone

      Design: It's a slide up phone. It looks like a slim D600 in silver or black. It's very light and fits in your palm easily. The screen is a decent size and the keys are big enough for most thumbs and fingers. Samsung kept a similar design for a long time now and think that's why it appeals to the general public.

      Features: It's a 3G phone with a 2-megapixel camera. It's got all the mod cons like WAP, calendar, bluetooth, a mp3 player etc. It's Tri-Band and it's also got a memory card slot.

      Detailed look at the phone

      This phone is a Tri-Band phone, which means that you can use it in many countries around the globe. There are only a few places that you can't use this phone. For these places, you'd be better with a Quad-Band phone.

      The camera is great on this phone but it's rubbish for night/pub shots, as it doesn't have a flash or LED light like my old phone. It does have a night mode but it doesn't give it much clarity and just takes orange/black pictures. Disappointing to say the least as I only seem to take pictures in the pub (slightly drunk yes). A nice feature is that the phone has 2 camera's, one on the front (above the screen) and one at the back (which gets protect when you slide it down)
      The camera is a lot better than the video. You can only film for 30 seconds. The quality isn't bad but I've seen better.

      The MP3 is nice but you can only stay on the MP3 screen to play the music. You can't text while listening to your music like on most other phones. This feature just turns the phone into a standard MP3 player. Quite disappointing.

      The Bluetooth is great. It's very easy to use and it bluetooths pictures, music and files to other phones very fast. No complains about this feature.

      The 3G feature is nice but not a feature I use much. When my phone is set on 3G, it seems to take my battery away. This is due to my area not being completely covered for 3G. If you don't know what 3G is, its gives you the ability to make video calls (if the other person has a 3G phone and is in a 3G area), surf and download faster when using the WAP on your phone and watch mobile TV. When I am in a 3G area, I must say that it makes downloading music much faster but I don't really make any video calls as I don't know many people with a 3G phone and I don't really see the point of it. When I have made a video call, it's been quite clear and not much delay. I've never tried the Mobile TV on my phone (too expensive) but have demo-ed it in the store and it's got quite a nice and clear picture.

      The phone can hold 1000 phonebook entries and 200 text messages. The phonebook is nice laid out and you can put more than just one number in the phone under people's names. You can add people's nicknames, landline and mobile, email address, a picture of the person, personalised ringtone but also you can make a memo under the person so you add anything you need to know.

      Text messaging is pretty straightforward on this phone. There's predictive text, normal text and numbers. 200 for the inbox is good number as my old phone only held about 80. The standard message tones are annoying and because the tones are MMF files, you can't set just normal MP3 for the tone like you can on most new phones. This means that you either put up with the annoying tones or try and find a good MMF on the Internet. Believe me, there aren't many good ones. Most of them are just as annoying as the standard ones.

      You can set MP3s for your ringtones, which means that you don't have to put up with the standard tones, which are boring or plain annoying.

      Other features on the phone are calendar, alarm, memo, tasks, converter, voice recorder, and world clock. Other Vodafone features are Vodafone Live, Mobile TV.

      In my box, I got a USB lead, which connects to my PC. It works like a dream. You just install the software onto the PC, connect the phone and there you go.
      You can download songs onto your phone with ease and upload your pictures from your phone in an instant. Also it's very easy to back up your numbers.

      The most important thing about a phone is the battery life. It's got the worst battery life ever! I've never had a phone I've had to charge so much. At first, I thought it was faulty. Working in a mobile phone shop, I just exchanged it but some of my colleagues said that, that's just the way the phone is.
      Even when you take the 3G off (putting it back to normal 2G signal), it's terrible. I send about 10 texts a day and make about 1 phone call a day. I have to charge my phone every day otherwise it beeps at me low battery. The Samsung website says that it has a standby time of 320 hours and 3.7 hours of Talk Time. I don't believe that for one minute. I believe that slim feature and battery have definitely impacted on the phone's ability to stay charged.

      Other thing wrong with the phone, it doesn't seem to ring loud enough to hear in my handbag (that could be my MP3 ringtone though) and when you're calling someone it's not very loud sometimes but you can always put the loudspeaker on.

      I had been lusting after this phone for a few months before I got it. I loved the way it looks but do the looks match the phone's features? Honestly, no! The phone itself is easy to use but the battery life is very poor; I was disappointed with the MP3 player and not be able to change the message tones.
      It's a nice looking phone but if you use your phone normally, don't like charging your phone, this is not the phone for you. If you just care about looking stylish and not bothered about battery life, it's a great phone.


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