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    1 Review
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      21.11.2009 10:04
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      The only mobile I will ever use.....probably :-)

      Sharp 770sh how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!!


      I realise this phone will not appeal to a large section of readers due to the fact that it's old, it's not a smartphone, it's not available on contract or PAYG in the UK and it's tricky to get hold of even on eBay!!

      'Why do you bother?' you may ask... 'What's the point'?

      Ah..well here's why:

      I was first introduced to Sharp when way back in early 2000's. I can't remember the exact year, but I do remember David Beckham promoting the Sharp GX10i and it had a colour screen! Hard to believe kids, but yes, it was unheard of back then. I was on PAYG at that time and forked out £200 for one after trying it out in a retailers and being super impressed with how easy it was to use.

      A few years later, I upgraded to a Sharp 770SH and have stuck with them ever since.


      I'm not going to reproduce a list of stats you could find on any website, but here are what I feel the are the main items of interest with regards to the phone spec:

      - 3G/GSM
      - 1.3 megapixel camera
      - Polyphonic ringtones
      - Music player
      - Video call
      - Bluetooth
      - Mobile tv
      - Games
      - Alarm clock
      - Micro sd memory card
      - Talk time: up to 220 mins
      - Standby time: up to 330 hrs
      - Weight: 101g

      ** WHY I LIKE IT **

      >> Design <<

      There are so many reasons. Firstly it's got to be the design. I really can't get on with any other phone than a clamshell (flip phone). I understand about keypad locks on a traditional design, but I can't bear the thought of my phone accidentally going off in my pocket or bag - others may swear that wont happen with a phone lock but it does!! People are always "phoning" me by mistake!!

      I also don't like the new touch screen designs - I realise I'm old fashioned and that these are really amazing pieces of technology but I don't want that - I just want a phone I can call and text on!! Also they are massive phones! The size of ipods so wont fit in my girly pockets :)

      The design and size of the 770SH suits me perfectly with a slim neat size (yes, to fit in my pocket), a smooth flip and a large colour screen.

      >> Ease of use <<

      Secondly the ease of use. The keypad is flat but with large enough buttons for me to text without even looking. They also illuminate which is very handy in the dark.

      The menu layout is standard Vodafone and is just so easy to navigate even my mum could do it (sorry mum!!). However that's not to say it's a bog standard basic phone - it looks sleek, and there are features available (ie: internet and mobile TV streaming - I just choose not to use them).

      I like the way you can personalise the 'soft' keys by assigning shortcuts to the things you use most often. For instance mine are text, calculator, contacts and profiles (so you can set it to silent mode in the flick of a button!)

      >> Camera <<

      For a seemingly mingy megapixel size (a mere 1.3) the picture quality is surprisingly sharp ('scuse the pun!) and impressive. Granted it's nowhere near a replacement for a digital camera but it's great for a quick snapshot.

      >> Display screen <<

      The outer display is brilliant too - there is a slim screen that displays the time and how much battery and signal you have. It also instantly tells you if you have had a text or missed a call by displaying an icon. If someone is calling or texting it displays their name too.

      >> Battery life <<

      One of my favourite aspects, I love the battery life with this phone its super long and I rarely have to charge it. I use it for talking and texting a great deal, but still only needs charging maybe once a week and when doing so, charges to full battery very quickly.
      I know that this is largely because I don't have fancy applications etc but its perfect for me because I want a phone that's, well, a phone! Not a mobile TV, not Sat Nav and not a light sabre - a phone!! You can get the internet on this phone but I have never bothered. I suspect anyone else that chose this phone would not be fussed either

      >> Reliability <<

      I have recently replaced this model however that is just once in nearly 5 years. This was mainly because the earpiece was going and sound was intermittent - also because I had dropped the phone so many times it was looking a little rough around the edges.


      I'm not going to mention again the features this doesn't have - its not a smartphone and therefore can't begin to compete with the technology of new models. However this is not a disadvantage for me, in fact quite the opposite! I imagine those who just prefer an easy to use mobile would feel the same.

      For me, the main drawback is it's lack of availability. I replaced my model with a brand new one from eBay which cost around £100 from Hong Kong.

      This is because none of the service providers in the UK deal with Sharp phones any longer - apart from Vodafone who still continue to use Sharp as their courtesy phones because "they are so reliable" - these are not available to the public though - go figure!!

      Sharp continue to thrive in other countries producing some of the most amazing looking hi-tech phones around. And they are really different looking to anything on the UK market!!
      Take a look at the weblink below to Sharp's Japanese site and you will see what I mean - so colourful!


      But until the day comes that they are re-introduced here, I will have to satisfy myself with eBay for now!

      Thanks for reading (also posted on Ciao as ciaomiaow) xxx


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