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Manufacturer: Sharp / Digital Camera: Integrated / Bluetooth: Yes / HSCSD: No / GPRS: Yes / Infrared Interface: Yes

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    2 Reviews
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      27.12.2005 01:48
      Very helpful



      Ace phone! Recomended!

      Sharp GX25 - helpa4eva

      I - How I got the phone
      I did have a Sony Erricson T610, but unfortunatley, i started to get bored with it and its lack of fun kitsch gadgety-bits. Conveniently, a few days later, my sister told me she had just bought a new phone from ebay because she couldnt use her current one, and so i could have it. So from then on, i owned the phone that i had wanted for absoloutley ages - a Sharp GX25.

      II - What it looks like
      From the outside, the phone is fairly attractive, with a dark blue and silver colour scheme. There is a small LED-style screen on the front of the cover, which tells you the time/date, and how many messages or missed calls you have. There is also a white light which can be turned on by holding the "up" button of the 2 phone volume buttons on the left hand side of the phone.

      When fully opened, the phone makes a satisfying click, and the screen lights up. The phone is in colour, and has a red toolbar at the bottom, then above that displays its network (which is supposed to be vodafone but mine says T Mobile :-)) and at the top there are various icons -

      Volume - There is a rising bar type icon indicating the volume of the phone
      Bluetooth - In the middle-top of the phone there is an icon indicating wether your bluetooth is active or disabled.
      Battery - There is a battery which has 4 bars and obviously tells you how much juice your phone has. This would help but unfortunatley the phone is prone to going from 4 bars to 1.
      Time & Date - Underneath the battery icon you can see the time and date, including the day, which also helps!!

      The keypad on the phone is nice. At the top there is a round silver circle, which acts as the "enter" button. There is a silver ring around that, and depending on where the ring is pressed, you navigate left, up, down or right through the phones interface. Around the ring there are 5 silver buttons, used for calling and ending calls, getting the camera on, and using the shortcuts on the phones desktop.

      Underneath these keys are the stanard phone keys, layed out as normal. These keys are average in size and not hard to press or anything.


      Well, where to begin? I dont have a spec for the phone as i got it through family, but ill take you through what i know how to use on the phone. The GX25 runs java games, and more can be downloaded through vodafone live (at an extortionate cost!). The phone has an applications section, which contains options to change the phones alarms, the calculator, the voice recorder, and the melody editor.

      The melody editor is probably one of my favourite features on the phone. Its basically a ringtone composer, but instead of Erricsons idea of giving samples that you organise, or Nokias idea of having a single track midi tone, you can have up to 20 tracks, and you enter in the notes in sheet music form, change the measures and instruments etc. to make a professional sounding ringtone! (if you have a lot of patience and spare time like me, that is).

      Obviously the phone recieves and sends text messages. It can also send multimedia messages, media albums, and emails, so people can send each other pictures/music/ringtones. There is also a "messenger" service. I think this is like an in-phone chat client, not sure how it works.

      The phones camera can take pictures, record videos, and the pictures taken can be edited with frames, effects, and stamps. The only negative thing about doing this is that the phones memory is absoloutley poor, and there isnt room for removable memory - there is 1.8mb of memory on the GX25.

      In settings, profiles can be selected and personalised, which is the same as on most phones. The language can be altered, and there is a choice between english, dutch, french, italian, spanish, portugese, swedish, turkish, and 2 others that i cant read!

      IV - Wear and Tear
      The phone has lasted through to people in my family so it must be pretty hard. The only damage it has taken really is when i was running home, and it came out of my pocket and one of the silver side panels of the top half of the phone came loose, but it has clipped back on. Thats about it!

      V - Conclusion
      The phone is easy to use, it looks great, feels great, all my friends are constantly stealing it to have a look, and i highly reccomend it to anyone. The only problems being the battery and onboard memory, this is definitley a worthwhile phone to have.

      Thank you for reading this review by helpa4eva on:
      Sharp GX25 (Phone)


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        01.07.2005 21:36
        Very helpful



        This phone looks smart, is very easy to use & takes great photos. There's no going back to Nokia now

        My daughter was recently given a Sharp GX10i for her birthday, I was amazed by the photo quality on the camera & have to admit it's a nice looking flip phone. So as I was due an upgrade I decided to look at phones other than Nokia.

        So I browsed the vodafone website to see what options I had. My heart was won over by the snappy looking Sharp GX25. The next step was to phone Vodafone & sign up for another 12 months & to order my new phone. I have to say after trying off & on for a few hours to get through, they were completely lovely when I did manage to get to speak to a customer services operator. She explained all the phones features & talked me through my current bill so I could make changes to suit my needs. To upgrade to this phone I had to pay an extra £20.00 but was told the phone would arrive the next day.

        The next day, I stayed in all day, by 8pm no sign of my new phone so i called 191 vodafone, again they were very pleasant & told me that the phone has been dispatched, the courier had noted that delivery failed but left a calling card. Now I never left the house all day, we have a very loud doorbell & no calling card was left!! The very helpful girl from Vodafone told me that they would send out another one to be delivered on Friday. Well it arrived Thursday morning.

        But this review isn't about Vodafone & their very lovely phone operators or their terrible couriers so I will tell you about the phone.


        The Sharp GX25 is 23.5 x 46 x 92 mm in size, 90g in weight, has 3.5 hours talktime & standby time of 240 hours. It is currently designed exclusively for the Vodafone network but will soon be available on other networks. It has 320x240 pixel resolution 262,000-colour high-density display. It also has a VGA resolution camera with flash, night mode and digital zoom & Bluetooth. The GX25 is a tri-band GSM phone with GPRS and a WAP browser and email client. It supports Java, polyphonic ringtones, PC synchronisation, and video playback.

        I love the look of this phone. It has a black front & back with silver sides. On the front at the top is the camera, next to that a mirror & then a little light. Under this down the front is a section that lights up blue & has the time showing. When you open it up the inside is black with black numbers & a silver cursor at the top. The screen is big & the pictures are very clear.


        Games & more - The games featured on the GX25 are Puzzle Bobble which is a demo, you get 10 free goes but once you have used these up you have to actually download the game. I've played it once & quite enjoyed it so maybe I will download it. Arkanoid is another demo game, this one I haven't played yet but it looks like a space invader type game. The last featured game is Bomblink. This one doesn't seem to be a demo, it's a bombing game. There are lots of bombs on the screen & you have to blow them up! It doesn't end there though as you can download other games of your choice.

        Vodafone Live - this is a new mobile internet portal which is a gateway to information, games, music & services. I used this today to download a couple of ringtones. It takes a bit of getting used to but all in all i found it easy.

        Applications - this features sim application (but it seems that it isn't available on my GX25), alarms, calculator, voice recorder, melody editor & phone help.

        Messages - create message, multimedia messages, text, email, live studio, vodafone mail, messenger, cell broadcasts & area info.

        Camera - the best feature on this phone in my opinion. You can take photographs & also record video clips which last about 10 seconds. The camera lets you choose picture size, picture quality, has a delay timer, continuous shoot, anti-flicker & a light.

        My items - this takes you to pictures, games & more, sounds, videos, text templates, bookmarks & memory status.

        Calendar - self explanitory really. This features a large calendar of the month. You can add notes to the dates, birthday etc.

        Contacts - now this is far more advanced than my Nokia. It has a contact list which allows you to add a group icon, mobile, home, work phone number, home address, e-mail address & notes for each person in your contact list. It has a call log, speed dial list, my numbers, call timers & data counter.

        Settings - connectivity, this is where you will find your Bluetooth, infrared & PC software options. Now I don't really get this Bluetooth stuff. Myself & a friend tried to pair up our phones tonight as an experiment but it didn't work. More playing with this bit is needed. This section also features profiles (where you can customise your ringtones, ring volumes etc), display, sound, call settings, date & time, language, network, security & master reset.


        Well I have had this phone for two weeks now & I've fallen for it. It's looks are great, its small but not too small, it rings very loudly so hopefully there'll be no more missed calls where I haven't heard it ring. The screen is fantastic, so clear. It's so easy to use. Making a call is so easy & it's as clear as crystal. You have a a volume up & down button the the side of the phone & I have found that using the highest volume is actually too loud which is unlike any other phone I have owned as I always struggle to hear the person I'm talking to. Texting is pretty much the same as a Nokia. The symbols are in the same place, buttons are spaced nicely to make text messaging easy, it also has predictive text which I don't actually use.I have only ever had Nokia's before & to be honest was rather frightened of change but I have to say there will be no looking back from here. So if you want a mobile phone that takes a damn good quality photo then this little Sharp flip phone is for you. This is a natural progression from a Nokia & a definate improvement.


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