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    4 Reviews
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      20.05.2006 12:57
      Very helpful



      Inexpensive, light, small, triband (any network potential)

      It took sometime before I actually got around to purchasing a mobile phone, one reason I am still trying to assimilate WINDOWS XP. I started with a Motorola m3788. I soon found its size awkward and not suited to my needs. I needed a small phone mainly for emergency outgoing phone calls in and around town. After some discussion with my mum she surprised me with a Siemens A65 for Christmas, I had hoped to purchase my own phone for the new tax year. It’s about a third of the size of the Motorola and fits comfortably into a shirt or jacket pocket.


      Mine arrived in a large red box about 2”x 6”x 10”. Rather larger than the phone, I wonder why. Mine was carrying the Virgin logo (my choice of network provider - you can choose several). The box said made in China.

      The box offers some useful information:

      General features.
      4096 colour screen, downloadable polyphonic ringtones, multimedia messaging service (mms), triband (compatible with any other network in the world).

      Special features.
      2 standard & and other downloadable games.

      Screen size 101 x 80 pixels.

      Other features.
      Ringtones (16), others are downloadable, Multi media Messaging Service (MMS), hands free headset.


      Enhanced WAP
      Battery standby time 250 hours, talk time 300 minutes, weight 85 gms, size 100.7 x 44.7 x 19.3 mm, triband, SAR level 0.8W/kg, phone book 300 places.

      Inside the box, 3 booklets with information on how to operate & set up your mobile. Hands free earpiece and the phone. The booklets are:

      1. A quick start guide, which gives advice on starting up, making calls & voice mail, the phonebook, security, text & picture messaging, enhanced WAP and the emergency services. This is a must read before you start and produced by Virgin, with it I was able to make outward bound calls using the phone with just 1 hours practice, useful for emergencies.

      2. I have started with a PAYG scheme the second booklet covers this. It suggests registering at Virgins website and generally goes into more detail concerning the operation and maintenance of the phone. This is also produced by Virgin. Registering at the Virgin website is useful, here you can gather information about your phone (usage & cost (itemised)), pay your bills, and ask questions.

      3. The Siemens Mobile manual is produced by Siemens. This goes into a lot more technical detail with a description of the phone its parts & set up. The end section contains a detailed index, which is useful for reference and a menu tree. There is also some interesting data on operations and battery times and recharging.


      Mine came coloured red. I found the operation to switch on the phone rather to complex involving 2 operations; this took sometime to master. The screen quality is sufficient with icons displaying battery status, GPRS (signal quality), the date and the time with menu instructions in the bottom corners. You can introduce your own wallpaper. Messages and voice mail received also show as icons along with headset usage.

      Clicking the menu icon brings up the menu denoted with 9 icons; you navigate this using a control panel in the centre of the phone. With you can access the:
      PHONE BOOK - this allows to you to enter telephone numbers, email addresses and assign each to a particular group (family, VIP. etc). Useful for sending texts and dialling numbers automatically, A CALLS RECORD section where a record all incoming and outgoing calls are kept, this also includes a feature displaying the duration of a call and the charges. CAMERA, SET-UP section for setting the clock, security and other operations with for the mobile. An EXTRAS section to set the alarm clock, calculator, stop watch etc. An envelope denoting the section for text messages both picture and text, these can be prepared off line and stored. It also uses T9 an intelligent text entry system, which deduces correct words from individual key entries. You can send MMS (pictures and sound) to a mobile or email address and SMS for ordinary text. There are facilities for voice mail and Virgin offer these free. At the bottom a plug for an earpiece (hands free) and a camera facility.


      I got a good deal with my mobile from Virgin for £29.99 I got the phone and £10 worth of credit. Basically the mobile calls cost 15p a minute, text cost 10p (3p to others on the Virgin network). The phone is probably a little out of date but will suit me for use about town & emergencies (emergency phone calls free). After a few days I started to feel more confident with its use. Any text messages I tend to prepare offline before hand. The ring tone is not to loud and the whole phone vibrates at the same time. I have not had time to try the games or check out the selection of ring tones yet. Connecting to the Virgin network when trying to dial takes sometime; this probably reflects the provider rather than the Siemens. The Siemens instruction manual is a little complicated to use so I have not got the enhanced WAP facilities up and running. All in all not a bad mobile for start up and use in the UK and probably the WU. Updates to follow.


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        14.12.2005 14:37



        Dont buy

        The siemens A65 is a very basic phone it is one that you really dont want to have.Its the type of phone that you would give to someone at christmas or for a birthday if you dont really like them but have to buy them a present.

        The look of the phone is not that bad not to sure if you can get them in different colours but the one i had was red,with a bit of grey on there as well.

        It was not to bad a feel it is quite small and fits in the hand well.It is also quite light with plastic feeling buttons.Small enough to fit into your pocket ok.

        The screen size is not that bad about 1 1/2 inches each way maybe a bit smaller.Very small if you look at some of the new phones around today.
        The bad thing or should i say one of the bad things about this phone is the display.It is very very bad it is not at all clear it just looks like a cheap effort.

        It has internet but will cost you a arm and a leg to use plus its rubbish.
        It has text message and phone book and all the basic stuff a phone should have.Its battery life is pretty good but thats about it.

        EASE OF USE

        Seams this phone is very basic you would think that it would be very easy to use well think again.Unless it is me being a wally i borrowed this phone once because my phone was being replaced so i was without a phone and needed one for work.When i was at work i took every chance to mess about with the phone as you do (when no one was about)and for the life of me couldnt work it out.I knew how to make calls and the text bit (that took me so time to work out)but that was it.I found the phone very hard to work out.

        I would recomend you stay well clear from this phone ,It is cheap i paid £29.00 from the virgin website which included £10.00 airtime.Unfortunatly the price of the phone says it all really a very basic phone for a basic price.


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          18.09.2005 14:27
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Great phone

          I recieved the Siemends A65 mobile phone for my birthday as a present from my parents. As a first phone I'd say it's great, it is easy to use, very small, and I really like the red design it has, and the actually way you 'navigate' around the phone.
          The phone was just £30 pound, and that cam with £15 credit, which I think is a great deal! I really like how it costs just 3p to text another virgin mobile, or 10p to text other networks which I also think isn't bad. You can also send picture messages for 30p, but I haven't used this feature yet.

          The phone comes with 2 games stack attack and a puzzle game, I don't play the games really, but they are useful if you are really bored!

          You can buy a camera if you want to for your phone, I don't have one, as I wouldn't use it, but the phone is compatible if you wanted to use this feature.

          I like how you can record your own ringtones, by sticking your phone near a CD player or talk into it, I think it's good, but sometimes it plays a little too loud, or quiet, so I wouldn't use that type of ringtone in public. The phone comes with a selection of ringtomes, they are ok, but I'd prefer to use the silent feature, as I don't think the ringtones are particularly great!

          Phone also has GPRS which costs about 1p per page loaded, I haven't used the internet on it really though, as I have access to internet on my pc!

          I know this phone isn't the most up-to-date with all the lastest features and stuff, but I like it, and I would recommend it!


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            15.08.2005 23:03



            No. No No No No.

            Well, where to start. I have recently been given this phone as part of me starting work with my new employer. What can I say. It's horrid.

            The menu system has 9 tiny icons, of which 1 of them is for a camera which isn't on this phone. And they are tiny. I;'d say about 20 pixels wide. The select button is the same as the cancel button. Top for select, bottom for cancel.

            I really can't be bothered to write anything else. I loathe this phone. I've used several in my life, Samsungs, Nokias, Sonys, even an old Ericsson brick. This one takes the biscuit. It may have been nice in 2002, but this is 2005 now. You can get much better phones that this for no money.

            On the upside, it's quite small.


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          • Product Details

            Nothing is as easy as making a phone call. At least when you are using the Siemens A65. Its ergonomic design and concise menu control make this phone the perfect companion for all those, who are looking for simple and easy, yet multifunctional mobile communication.

            Simplicity is the key to operating this modern mobile. With a 4-way navigation key, all functions of this contemporary phone can be easily accessed. Like the preinstalled games and applications for example. In addition the 4000 color display of the Siemens A65 makes multimedia action a real pleasure. Polyphonic sounds and ringtones complete the entertainment experience provided by this mobile companion.

            A clearly structured keypad and the ergonomic design of the phone provide for sheer effortless communication. With only 75 grams, the A65 is a true lightweight. A lightweight that bears a lot power inside, though: 250 hours of standby time and 5 hours of continuous talk-time guarantee for unlimited fun.

            The A65 is a true beauty among modern mobiles. And by adding the optional QuickPic camera with integrated flash, this easy-to-use handset becomes a fully functional MMS-phone. To sum up the wide range of features, Triband technology lets you stay connected wherever you are.

            Other useful accessories for the Siemens A65 include a portable Car Kit, a choice of headsets, stylish carrying cases as well as data cables and a range of charging devices.