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    1 Review
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      23.06.2004 05:07
      Very helpful



      I haven't written a review on this site now for ages! So after recent fuss with my mobile phone I thought I'd express my feelings towards it. I bought my Siemens CL50 nearly a year ago when it first came out. I got it FREE with my new contract with 02 but I am led to believe it can cost up to £200 on pay as you go. I have enjoyed having this tiny, very feminine phone but there has been some con's as well as pro's which will be discussed in this review and summed up towards the end. ENJOY... APPEARANCE This phone must be the best looking on the market - especially for all you girls out there! The Siemens CL50 is a compact flip phone with a screen on the top flip as well as inside the phone. It is the tiniest phone you will ever see - I assure you! I would make a rough estimate that the phone has a length of around 6cm and a thicknes of 2cm! Although the phone has been on the market for about a year I am yet to see a smaller phone as great and as tiny as this one! The phone itself is silver, I don't believe you can get it in any other colours. The screens are not in colour like all the latest phones but they are a vibrant blue - instead of that 'dingy' greeny colour they originally were. The screen is quite big, not too big not too small. The screen on the top of the phone is wide but short - it is quite cute! The numbers are relatively small but as long as you have nails they are easy enough to work! If I were to rate this phone solely in its appearance it would have to be a 9/10. DURABILITY I've had the phone for nearly a year now and nothing has gone wrong with it - except for the time I dropped it recently! As the phone is small and compact it probably isn't that durable. After dropping my phone the screen failed to work and the light would only light up on the screen if the phone was being charged - it seemed I had dislodged a loose connection but 'The Link' kindly sent my ph
      one away and it was repaired within 2 weeks and given a new battery and charger. (Included in warranty) Before that the phone was in good perfect working order, nothing had ever gone wrong with it - apart from freezing and crashing! - But I've now come to the conclusion that all phones crash and freeze - right??! The only other problem is that due to the phone being so tiny and not a very popular or well known phone - no-one has ever made a plastic case for it!! Great huh!? So whilst my tiny little phone sits in my big bag all day, it is actually gaining more and more scratches! If I had to rate durability I'd give it a 7/10 BATTERY LIFE Battery life is poor although I have heard otherwise from other people with this phone. Although the battery life itself can last quite a while, your battery will not stay full throughout one day which I class as poor when you consider Nokia battery life. I am constantly charging my phone and sometimes even end up popping my Siemens charger in my bag! The battery is displayed inside a battery shape - coloured black. When battery dies, you will see the black move to only 3/4, 1/2 or 1/4 full. I quite like this but the simple bars just worked for me before! I would imagine its not so much the talk time that uses up the battery but the constant flipping open the phone and messing around - as I do! For me personally I'd rate the battery life only 5/10 but others may disagree. FEATURES This phone is different and very fun to use. Unfortunately this mobile lacks the basic colour screens and cameras but it does enable a more simpler way of using your phone and it has many other features to offer. The 'MENU' consists of: Messages - Write, Read and Saved text messages Records - Missed, Received and Dialled Calls (PLUS Last call duration/All calls duration/Charge settings.) Office - Addressbook, Phonebook, Groups, Organiser, Clock, Calculator and Currency converter.
      Surf And Fun - Internet, Games, Image Viewer and Melody manager Profiles - Ringtone options and Quiet and Noisy options depending on Environments Audio - Ringer setting, Vibrating alert, Volume and Melodies Divert - Unanswered calls divert and Faxing options Set-up - Device, Security, Network, User Groups, During Calls, Time/Date and Accessories My Menu - Internet options, Addressbook, Bookmarks, Phonebook, Calendar, SMS, Alarm Clock, Appointments, Calculator and Illumination options. Help - Basic usage and specialised areas As you can see this phone has the internet although I have never used it. It also has a handy appointments bit and an alarm clock. The SMS inbox only holds 20 messages which can be annoying but the archive box can save many, many more. Received calls show the time and date received as well as missed calls but unfortunately dialled calls do not. Ringtones are nothing amazing but listenable. People in your phonebook can also be placed into seperate groups giving them seperate ringtones. The features that are included with the phone are good so I will rate the features of the Siemens CL50 8/10 RECEPTION / SIGNAL The reception and signal of a phone is more to do with what network you are on. I am on 02 which I enjoy using. This phone has a small aerial and signal is relatively ok but in some places it does struggle. I am not too sure whether this is the phone itself though or the network I am on - 02. Signal is displayed in the top left of both screens in bars which are relatively easy to understand. Signal - 7/10 I will end this review with a summary of the pro's and con's this phone has to offer: PRO'S Small/cute/compact Easy to use Looks good Good menu with a wide range of options FREE on contract No-one else has it! You can have a PIN code to access the phone CON'S Signal - not great scratches as there is
      no case available on the market Easy to lose Battery life Freezes and crashes This phone is a cute, different and unpopular phone which is why I enjoy owning it. It has the pro's and con's like any other mobile phone currently in the market. If you base buying your phone on it's appearance this is definitely one to have but if your more a technological person this is not the phone to have. The phone has all the simple basics that you need to text and receive and dial calls. This phone is definitely one for the girls, its just not big and bulky and full of the latest gadgets like men want phones to be! ITS A GIRLS BEST FRIEND this phone! I hope you have enjoyed reading this review, I've enjoyed writing again so maybe we can look forward to more opinionated essays...! Emma x


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