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Sony Ericsson Cedar

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    3 Reviews
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      09.09.2011 11:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A decent phone for the price that does all the basics very well

      I spent the August bank holiday in North Wales, and had a fantastic time with family and friends. The only downside to the short break away, was that during the weekend, my phone (a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8) started to play up in all sorts of ways. It started when it would not connect to the Internet, then it would not receive calls, and kept losing its battery power within about 10 minutes of a full charge! Finally it just died on me, and so I pulled off the back cover to have a look at it, and to my amazement it was all wet inside! I have no idea how this happened, but after spending the next few days trying to dry it out, I finally gave up on it, and had to go out to look for a new one!

      My old phone was on a contract with 3 mobile, and still had about another 12 months to run, and so I needed a phone that would take my Sim card and work on the 3 network.
      I scouted around a few electrical shops, and found my exact old phone for £99:99 but I was not prepared to spend that much, and so I ended up going with the Sony Ericsson Cedar priced at £39:99.

      The Sony Ericsson Cedar is quite a decent looking phone for the price. It is quite slimline, and black in colour on the front, with a stylish silver coloured back panel. The silver panel to the rear can be removed to get access to the battery and Sim card, and this is done very easily by unclipping the cover, as it is pulled away from the phone. The battery is easily released simply by lifting the battery out using your finger nail to lift it from it's position, and once that is out of the way, the sim card can be slided into position.
      The Cedar has dimensions of height 111mm, width 49mm, and depth 16mm, meaning that it fits easily into my pocket.

      It has a 262,144 colour TFT screen with a resolution of 240x320 pixels, which doesn't really mean anything to me, but it is a decent size in comparison to the phone, covering over 50% of the total area, and the picture is sharp and clear.

      The Cedar is quite basic, and it has taken me a while to get used to not having a touch screen again, but it soon came back to me. I find general navigation around the phone is very easy with simple, using the arrow buttons to direct the cursor around the usual folder sections for the basics like contacts folder, messages, calls, calculator, alarm clock, calendar and camera etc etc.

      The main function of a mobile phone is to make a phone call, and I think that people forget about that nowadays, and are more concerned about the camera, apps, mp3 player etc. In terms of call quality the Cedar is absolutely fine. The calls are simple to make from the clear, user friendly menus, and the sound quality from the speaker in the handset is perfectly adequate. When it comes to the second most important function of a phone (in my opinion) - Text messaging, the Cedar is again very competant. The phone can be set to predictive text, which works well, and I have to admit that this is one area where I do not miss the touch screen, as I find it a lot easier to compose a text using the phone buttons, rather than trying to hit the correct tiny area of a touch screen.

      The camera / video camera is pretty average on this phone, and it operates by going to the camera icon, and then the camera lens (situated on the back of the phone) will kick in, displaying the vision on the display on the front of the phone.
      The camera is a 2 mega pixel type, and as such provides basic pictures. There is also a video recording camera (640 X 480 VGA), and this is again pretty basic, but it does it's job, and is something that I would very rarely use anyway.
      There is also an FM radio built into the Cedar, which works when the headphones are plugged into the phone which act as the aerial. This is something that I have now used once, and it worked well, giving a clear signal, and decent volume to the music.

      I use the internet on my phone a lot, mainly for sport results, email, and reading Dooyoo reviews!! The internet is simple to use, and works reasonably fast, but again it seems a laborious task using the arrors to direct the cursor around the screen, as opposed to a touch screen.

      The memory available on the phone is 280 MB which is perfectly adequate for me, but for anyone needing more space a 16 GB micro SDHC card can be inserted into the slot under the back cover.
      When it comes to battery power, the Cedar is good, and infact it laughs in the face of my old X8, which would last only a few hours if I was hammering the internet usage. The Cedar will last me all day, no matter how much I browse the internet, and Sony Ericsson state the battery has the following capabilities:

      Talk ( GSM ) - up to 750 min
      Standby ( GSM ) - up to 420 hrs
      Talk ( WCDMA ) - up to 296 min
      Standby ( WCDMA ) - up to 475 hrs

      Overall I find the Sony Ericsson Cedar to be a little old fashioned by todays standards. It certainly is not comparable to the likes of a blackberry or an I Phone, but it does the basics such as calls and texts, without any issues. Internet browsing is a little slower than what I have been accustomed to, but again, it is accessable, and I can get by perfectly fine.

      I was so annoyed that my old phone got wet somehow, and stopped working, and the day or so that I spent without a phone I did feel quite lost and isolated at times. I sent it off to envirophone last week, and they have offered me £12 for it, which I have accepted, and so this has gone towards the purchase of my Cedar. The £39:99 that I paid for the Cedar has enabled me to get back into action again, and it will (hopefully) get me through to my next free upgrade from 3 mobile, and so I am gratefull for that. I will definately look to stick with a Sony Ericsson phone again at my next upgrade as I do like the phones in general, but I think I could do with getting a waterproof one next time!!

      Thanks for reading

      © L500589 2011


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        26.04.2011 23:14
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability


        Green and practical!

        I have had the Sony Ericsson Cedar phone for 2 years and it has never let me down. A common annoyance with my previous phones over the years was that the battery would wear out so soon, as I am an incessant texter! I used to have to take my phone charger with me everywhere. However I have never had this problem with the Cedar: true to it's 'green' image, the battery still maintains charge for a long time, even after 2 years of use, and it also recharges quickly too. The green part of me also likes that the phone reminds me to unplug the charger from the socket once it has fully recharged, by flashing a friendly 'unplug charger to save energy!' message on screen when the charger is removed from the phone.

        I also like the features on the phone and how easy they are to access, such as being able to use my calendar, contacts or messages at the press of a button, thanks to the shortcuts which the Cedar allows the user to set up. I'm often in a rush so I find the calendar to be immensely useful in organising myself: I can set the time that an event is going to occur and how soon before it I would like to be reminded, which has really helped me to organise my work/social-life balance. I also like that I've been able to easily disable the automatic key-locking function on my Cedar, as it used to drive me crazy on my last phone!

        Photography is one of my greater passions and I have a nifty little camera that I use for it, however a few times I have had to rely on my Cedar's camera instead and I have found the picture to be of surprisingly good quality, as well as easily to upload to my laptop.

        This phone is of the 'built to last' variety - I have not needed to take it into my network store to have it repaired, despite having dropped it a few times and spilled water on it once (which is how I lost my last phone!). It's definately worth the investment for anyone who would like a new model that also takes the environment into account.

        This phone has a few disadvantages, which don't bother me much but might bother other people more- hence my rating it 3 stars only. The phone is heavier than your average phone. Also, it has an internet connection feature which you can access at the click of a button- however this button is easy to press by mistake and a few seconds can be lost while disconnecting the phone from the internet. Besides those things though, I still think it's a really good investment.


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          21.02.2011 15:22
          Very helpful
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          • Reliability


          No need to replace

          This is my first phone from Sony Ericsson and its had a good impact on me. I want to buy another, but there's no need to since the one i have hasn't broken down, and is still in perfect working order after 4 years.

          Its been dropped, flung along the driveway, rammed inbetween bits of wood (thanks to my son) and has a massive crack down the screen. So you'd think it'd have some serious technical faults? There are none!

          The whole point of this phone as the "cedar" is that it was meant to be Sony's flagship green phone. Little packaging and a small, green energy consuming battery as possible.

          Thats good because it kills twop bird with one stone, it gives you a longer lasting battery and it's better for the environment.

          You can make it greener yourself too. The brightness can be adjusted, and a screensaver can be enabled to come on after 5 seconds of inactivity.

          For signal it really strugles in industrial buildings but my old Motorola worked fine in the same places. It also has trouble getting signal at my local pub for some reason? Apart from that its allways got 4 bars everywhere you take it.

          Sound isn't great quality, you can hear the person you are speaking to, but its a quiet line and there is nowhere to change the speaker volume for voice, just the speaker volume for ringtones and music. So it's loudspeaker or whispering to choose from.

          There are some games and apps that come with this like bankshot billiards and you can also download "pong!" from Sony Ericsson if you want more retro games to fill your phone, but it does have limited space remember!

          People say this is a brick but its not, it has plenty of features, it sends SMS and multi media messages, it has an organizer, or "diary" as they say, and a proper full year calender.

          Recommended for those who want something simple, but with features. Its easy to use and durable, i see no need to upgrade, and if i do, it'll be another one of these.


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        • Product Details

          Got a meeting this afternoon? Check your diary. What are the kids up to? Send an SMS. The Cedar GreenHeart phone keeps you connected. And closer to everything you love.

          GreenHeart is all about reducing negative impact on the environment. Recycled plastic housing, no lead and less chemicals, e-manual, ultra-compact packaging and a low power consumption charger to save energy: in short, your Cedar is a greener, more sustainable choice.

          Technical Data

          Product Description: Sony Ericsson Cedar - mobile phone - WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
          Product Type: Mobile phone - 3G
          Service Provider: Not specified
          Mobile Services: Video Call, YouTube
          Form Factor: Bar
          Dimensions (WxDxH): 49 mm x 16 mm x 111 mm
          Weight: 84 g
          Colour: Black silver
          Technology: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
          Band: WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM 850/900/1800/1900
          Integrated Components: Digital camera, FM radio, digital player
          Wireless Interface: Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
          Display: LCD display - colour - 2.2"
          Mobile Email Client: Yes
          Supported Social Networks and Blogs: Twitter, Facebook
          Internet Browser: Yes
          Digital Player (Recorder): WMA, AAC, AAC +, eAAC+, MIDI , MPEG-4, WMV, H.264, H.263
          Supported Flash Memory Cards: microSDHC - up to 16 GB
          Talk Time: Up to 750 minutes
          Standby Time: Up to 475 hours
          Microsoft Certification: Compatible with Windows 7