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Sony Ericsson K200i

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    3 Reviews
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      04.04.2012 11:26
      Very helpful



      A cheap phone that rings people and enables them to ring back!

      The Sony Ericsson 200i is a bog standard mobile phone, which I have had for five years. You see, I use a mobile phone for the innovative and unlikely action of calling people or texting people. I don't wish to browse the internet on a screen the size of a stamp, nor do I wish my mobile phone to do the ironing or washing up. I primarily use it as a way for my girlfriend to reach me or vice versa. So it is very rare you will ever see me with a mobile phone glued to my neck and for internet purposes I will use my 17.3 inch laptop screen, thank you very much.

      Keeping all this in mind you will deduce that I am not a fan of mobile phones and in fact find them more irritating than useful. I am not a technophobe in any shape or form, in fact, far from it. I just have better things to do with my time. I don't really fancy my epitaph reading 'Dearly beloved owner, leaving behind one very sad plastic face attachment'. Again in keeping with the words so far, I purchased this phone five years ago on 'Pay as you go' for ten Euros.

      The Phone

      It does what it says o the tin. It's a phone. It can't boil and egg or walk the dog, but as far as communicating with someone else with like product, it is pretty reliable.

      It is a smallish phone, although probably not by today's standards, and is fairly light to carry. My version is the standard black and silver and still looks Ok after five years.

      No fancy bells or tassels, just a plain old mobile phone, which suits me just fine.

      The Functions

      Again, don't expect any over the top technical terms or amazing functions to this mobile. As already mentioned it is a very average phone, especially when you look at phones on the market today.

      Clicking the menu button brings up the main page with all the phones function headings on.


      Here you can create new contacts or look at your existing address entries. Your own number is also listed for those people, like me, who use it so little that they don't know their own number. There is also a management tab to arrange your contact in the order you would like them.

      Call Lists

      All the calls you've made, received or missed are located here; can be useful if you've missed a call from someone who isn't listed in your contacts.


      The height of technology really is being reached here with a function for you to actually keep track of dates and special events, such as birthdays and holidays. You can set a reminder so that the mobile will alert you the day before an important date arrives.

      This function is used to store your text messages and to keep track of, and manage your inbox, outbox and sent box. You also send your texts from here using the numerical keypad.


      You can play games here or download games to play from the internet if you have an internet set up on your phone, which I don't. As I said before I have this innovative product called a computer to do that with. The phone came with two standard games. One is a Space 'shoot em up' platform game and the other a puzzle game in the same ilk as Tetris.

      My Files

      Here you can store any downloaded ring tones or music and check on the memory status of your phone and browse through any pictures you have taken.


      Any downloaded applications (I refuse to call them 'apps' as I have no need to feel 'trendy' or keep up with the Jones'). It's hardly a new word is it, application. The phone comes with the following applications:


      Saved messages and texts

      World Clock

      Set the time and date. This can be used any were in the world. As an example, I live in The Hague so I have mine set to +1 Amsterdam time.


      What is says above. Useful for when you're out shopping.


      Probably the most useful function on the phone after being able to call people and receive calls. Converts currency, length, weight, area and temperature.


      Here you can set your alarm to get you up in the morning. You can choose from a number of set times. You can't actually type in your own time but there are a lot of presets which cover times through every fifteen minutes of the twenty four hour clock.


      Allows you to set up an internet account on the phone. When I bring up this screen on my phone a tumbleweed rolls across the screen.


      Another function that stores all the phones applications over all.


      Change your phones display or desktop picture and the colours of your borders and menu headings.


      Yes, my phone was so innovative five years ago that it had a camera (waits for the ooooohs to die down before continuing). The camera on this phone is really rather basic and does not take top quality pictures in any way, shape or form. The camera lens is fitted into the back of the camera and due to the camera's size and output is not very effective at all. The pictures are grainy and not really worth looking at. It does have a zoom function but the quality of the pictures is even worse when zoomed in at whatever length.

      Final Thoughts

      The phone comes with its own charger and when fully charged will last a good four or five days. This however, is based on my use, which is non-existent. So, I should imagine people with that permanent dent in their cheekbone will probably get twenty-four to forty-eight hours out of a charge.

      Let's face up to reality, this phone was Ok five years ago but by today's standards it is what a portable black and white TV is to a HD, bigger than Sainsburys, flat screen super tube.

      Saying that, for a mobile phone that I purchased for just over a tenner, five years ago it hasn't done badly. So gadget wise I wouldn't recommend it, but for longevity and a no frills attached device that enables you to call and text people I would give it thumbs up. If you want to take pictures, listen to music and basically use it for what a PC is used for, then you are better off going to the 'New fandangle' shop up the high street and there are plenty of them. If you just want to be able to contact people or be available to people when outdoors, then you can't go wrong with this cheap and simple phone.

      You would probably have to pick it up off eBay or Amazon as it has more than likely been deleted from production now or at least been remodeled several times over the last five years

      ©Lee Billingham


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        30.07.2010 01:02


        • Reliability


        Great interim phone, even better for beginners.

        I bought this phone as an interim solution when my own was being repared, it was extreemely cheap to buy as a pay as you go phone and I only intended to use it for a few weeks. I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the stability, ease of use and quality of service that the phone gave me.

        The phone is very basic, it can call, text and take photos. If you are looking for a fancy phone then this one isn't for you - however for those of you new to cell phone this is perfect as it's simplicity avoids any confusion on the user's behalf.

        The photo quality isn't anything to shout about, there's no real zoom function and night mode is generally unusable, but like I say - this isn't the phone for a budding photographer. The lack of features however does increase the battery life, and where I find myself charging my touchscreen phone every night, this phone only required charging every other, or every third night.

        I donated this phone to an older family member after mine was repared and they have reported to me that they find it extremely easy to use, they have even become obsessed with texting. Something which would have been impossible for them with more complicated mobiles.

        Basically this is a smart, easy to use phone that does exactly what a phone is meant to do, the ease of use makes it perfect for beginners and it has great reliability.


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        16.09.2009 13:07



        okay phone but there are better out there for the same sort of price

        I got this phone on contract after I had looked at many other phones in the shop, the assistant assured me this was very easy to use...which is exactly what I was looking for. However, after getting this phone home and charging it, i was disappointed to find that it is extremely fidgety and awkward to use and this is simply because of the keypad. I do not like the ok button as when you press it, unless you press it directly in the center, it tends to go left or right instead of pressing ok. This is frustrating!

        It is okay to text on... I do like the predictive text on it as it suggestd words even before you finish typing them. The sound quality is okay when making a phone call but not very loud.

        There are a couple of games but nothing that I have found amusing.

        The internet is a no go... it worked the first couple of times that i tried to get on it but that was it. Now I don't even bother as it just says 'cannot find page'.

        The themes are okay and you can make your photos your background if you wish to personalise your phone.

        The battery life is good... it does last quite a long time so that is a plus.

        It's an ok phone... but I wouldn't have it again are there are better phones for the same sort of price.


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