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Sony Ericsson K530i

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    7 Reviews
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      08.04.2011 09:44



      One of the best value for money phones at this price, but quickly being replaced by cheaper versions

      I bought this phone on the cheap from Woolworth's around 3 years ago and since then it has rarely let me down. The screen has become a little scratched over this time, but the contrast and clarity remains much better than previous phones of this generation. The dual camera idea was brilliant and opened my world to the joys of skype, proving this phone to be almost essential to my daily life. The usual sony ericsson interface was perfect for my needs, and with any other phone I feel lost without it. The 2mp camera is adequate in many respects, as I would only use the camera for personal pictures and didn't need the extra quality. The battery life was amazing for me, on half brightness lasting for around 4 days at a time with the occasional web surf and phone call. For the 50 pound price tag I got consistent full signal, a robust phone with fast internet speeds and a strong connectivity link with the bluetooth standard. The only downside to this phone would be it's ability to self-destruct. Only once in the three years, it lost all signal, the buttons wouldn't work on the middle joystick like pad and accessing the menu became near impossible. I had no choice but to reply old faithful and it has never returned to full working order since, becoming my back up phone. Overall a good phone for someone on a budget, with some features that punch well above its weight but in the end the reliability shows through as to why it was so cheap.


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      03.02.2011 19:30
      Very helpful



      For the price this is a great phone, but only get it if you want the simple stuff only

      The K530i is my current phone Ive had it for 2 years now and I realy like it. Im on an orange contract at £9 a month (so with Orange 2 for 1 at the cinema, I break even)...I digress. Amazingly this phone comes as a free lower end model, which is amazing considering its quality.

      I picked it because I wanted a phone with good usability, by that I mean its easy to navigaste thorugh screen, and moving from Nokia, who are seen as amongst the best at this, wasnt easy at first. But I got used to it. I also has a gun metal silver/grey colour I really like, or the more matt gold looking colour which also looks good. It has only a 2.0 mp camera, but what do you want for free !, and I have to say in low light and in the absence of a flash, the picture quality is very grainy....so dont get thisphone for the camera.

      But that is one problem, other advantages are , its sturdy...Ive droped it about a dozen times,hard and it has not broken once, its signals is starting to get a little flacky but I think thats just wear and tear over the two years. It has sms, picture text, and games in built if you need them, I bought monopoly on it for £5 and the playability is great, the grpahics are good too.
      You can use the radio if you want, but the reception is very weak ! and is lost easily, its also slow at punching in stations.
      You can also load music on, but I havent tried this function as I think it is probably one of the earlier phones to do this and so it is probably a bit slow at it.

      You cannot download internet content really, only made for apps and websites and because it isnt a smart phone you are exptremely limited as to what you can look at online. And its extremely slow

      But I also like the rubber back, I left it on the roof of my car for a whole journey and it never slide off, it was there waiting for me when I got out ! because of the rubbe rback...great


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      13.10.2009 15:43
      Very helpful



      It is suitabel for young people who seek for a great features phone.

      I bought this phone almost a year ago. The first look it was a medium size for candy bar phone. The black one is look likes a business phone. Let us take a look at more depth about this one. So far no big problem with this one, except it sometimes shutdown by itself. This event occurred on my friends' phone also. But the good thing is this phone has many great features, such as we can receive email like message, chat with friends, use it as a 3G modem via either cable or bluetooth (I recommend to use bluetooth because the battery will flat immediately if used via cable), take a picture (outdoor is the best result), listening mp3 music and FM radio, play Java games and run Java application. I recommend this phone to be bought for everyone who seek for a budget phone with many great features.


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      31.12.2008 14:53
      Very helpful



      Amazing phone with many useful features.

      Sony Ericsson K530i - my review

      My personal experiences / views:

      I have used Sony Ericsson W200i since 2005, and now, few months ago I bought Sony Ericsson K530i. I didn't need anything amazing, I just needed simple phone for working, mostly I call and send sms-s with that and this is pretty good phone for that.

      Why I chose Sony Ericsson?

      1) One good thing about Sony Ericsson phones, is surely battery life.
      2) Sound and picture quality is awesome.
      3) Sony Ericsson phones are with excellent quality.

      As I already said, my old phone was Sony Ericsson W200i, it was walkman, but I didn't find anything wonderful about the walkman, so this time, I decided to buy Sony Ericsson phone, which don't have walkman music player. First time, I used it, I found out some music player, and in my opinion, it was exactly same as walkman music player. Sony Ericsson phones has really good quality, and Sony Ericsson phones are excellent business phones. This is pretty new phone, first time I saw it in the market about one year ago, so It's nothing special, if we depilate all this phone good sides.

      Anyway, I didn't want some mobile phone, which screen is black-white colored. Also I didn't want some perfect 3.5G phone, regardless this is really useful, if you use it as business phone. I just wanted phone, which has features like; you can call, you can send sms-s and things like that. Also It's really good if your phone has quality camera, so you can take a picture of important things. My old phone had 0.3MP camera, so picture quality wasn't the best one. But this phone camera is 2MP, so picture quality is pretty good, nothing special, but It's sufficient.

      Sony Ericsson K530i property's overview:

      Display is with 176x220 pixels, and there are about 26 thousand colors. Screen size is pretty good, enough to play some games, but if you use it as internet page, It's too small, at least in my opinion. You have to scroll it wildly, and very soon you understand, It's really annoying. My old phone screen was smaller, 128x160 pixels, but I didn't use internet or something like that. Sometimes I played games, but sometimes, I understood that screen is too small.

      Outlook is pretty nice, phone is really thin, and I haven't got any problems with that. Screen is almost half of the phone, and buttons are some kind of metal. So far, I don't have any problems with that, nothing have broken, but very soon after I started using that phone, I discovered that screen goes really dirty. Phone backside is made with plastic, and around the camera, there is some kind of leather cover.

      Of course there is some kind of entertainment, like java games, music DJ, photo DJ and things like that. Sometimes I play java games, but after playing about ten minutes, you understand, that these games are really annoying. Music DJ is really good application, you can make your own song or something like that, add instruments like guitar, drums, synthesizer and bugle. You can make your song faster and slower and so on. With photo DJ, you can simply tune your picture, with simple applications. You can put the frame around your picture, you can add the text and you can turn around your picture.

      -Music player
      As I said in the beginning, music player is almost same as Walkman player. If we compare music player with radio example, then It's really good, that you can listen music without ear muffs. You can make your own music folders, where you can add music from other folders. Using music player is really easy, you just have to use joystick to stop or start the song.

      Camera is pretty useful application, because you never know, if you have to take a picture from some important thing. For example, one day when i drove to the town, I saw some car crash, and then I could take a video of this crash. Video was with pretty good quality, and after that, I could show it to my friends.

      -Battery life
      Battery life is one really good plus about this phone. Battery type is Li-on, and It belongs really long time. Almost every time I make some long calls, battery belongs really long, and I haven't got any problems with that.

      I listen music player very often, especially then, If i have some long car trips. It's really enjoyable, and It's really good if music quality is really good and pure. Also I listen music then, when I go jogging. Anyway, sound quality is really awesome, at least in my opinion. I mostly add MP3 files, and every song is with great quality. But if you want perfect sound quality, It's better to download WMA files, but WMA files are much bigger.

      Specifications overview:

      - Dimensions: 102 x 46 x 14 mm
      - Dimensions: 102 x 46 x 14 mm
      - Weight: 92 g
      - Battery Type: Li-Ion
      - Memory: 16.0 MB
      - Expandable Memory: Memory Stick Micro
      - Main Screen: 262000 colors (TFT), 240 x 320 px
      - Camera: 2.0 MP / 2.5X Zoom
      - Ring Tones: MP3
      - MP3 Player: MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+ / m4a / PlayNow / TrackID
      - Email: POP3 / IMAP4 / SMTP / Push Email

      What is bad about this phone?:

      What can I say? I haven't find anything bad so far. If I compare this phone with my old phone, then this phone is much better. Mostly because of battery life and screen size. But also my old phone didn't support WMA files, and also I couldn't read text documents. Oh, now I found one minus... I can't read text documents. Anyway, this is really small minus, and almost everything else is perfect about this phone. Really, I haven't got any problems with that, and this is really perfect phone, which don't have any bad sides.

      Price and availability:

      The phone came out in year 2007, it means that's not really old phone, and It's available almost in every shop. Before I bought this phone, I found out it almost in four shops, so It's nothing rare. Price is pretty normal, It means cheap at least at the moment. Far time ago, It was more expensive, but now price is lower, and availability is bigger. Price is about $150 right now, so It's nothing expensive, but when I bought it, it costs about $200, so there is really big different.


      What can I say? I simply love this phone. Outlook is awesome, screen size and picture quality is really nice. There is no bad sides about this phone in my opinion, except you can't read text documents, but this is really little minus. There are a lot of useful features, you can entertain yourself with this phone and so on. Also this is really good business phone, It's really lightweight, measures are little and It's really compact. This phone is recommended to everyone, it's really good choice to everyone, so don't worry about the price and availability.


      These links are for people, who want's to find out more information about these phone.

      http://www.mobilesi ft.co.uk/sony-ericsson-k530i


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        09.12.2008 13:36
        Very helpful



        A fairly good quality phone with many features. This may be the best phone available at this price.

        I have never been a great fan of mobile phones but I recently decided that it was time for my slightly bulky Siemens C45 to retire. I still have it of course, but it could only save ten text messages at one time, was very slow and was a bit unpredictable with receiving calls.

        But that's enough about my old phone!

        I said that I have never been a great fan of mobile phones, but I have also never been a great fan of mobile phones with loads of features unrelated to its use as a phone. So I started looking at the entry level phones. There was an LG for ten pounds and a Samsung for a similar price, but the reviews for them were not at all favourable.

        Then I came across the W200i which I pretty much set my heart on, but found out it was only available from Orange (which I didn't want). This and reviews of many different Sony Ericsson phones made me decide I wanted a phone by this manufacturer.

        However, in all the reviews of Sony Ericsson phones, one problem stood out: the joystick was very weak and was soon rendered useless. Needless to say, my initial budget of around ten pounds was pushed right up to sixty pounds and I bought the joystickless Sony Ericsson K530i with favourable reviews.

        This phone has many features so it would be best if one were to view them on Sony Ericsson's own website, but I will mention some of them here.

        Despite its many features, first and foremost this is a phone, so this is what I should be describing. I haven't made many phone calls with this as I'm not a great user of phones, be they mobile or otherwise, so my description may not be very accurate, but so far the sound has been of a good qaulity and the volume can be turned up loudly enough to hear clearly in noisy surroundings. Calls seem to take a while to be connected, but that is probably more to do with Three, the network provider, rather than the phone.

        The calls list has a big disadvantage; the numbers don't stay on the list for as long as I'd want them to - they disappear after a few days.

        The phone has a 3g internet connection which doesn't have brilliant reception, but, again, that will be more to do with Three than the phone itself. The phone comes with a browser in order to use the internet but it isn't very good and disappears if you open anything else. I suggest downloading another browser such as Opera Mini. This is an excellent little browser and although it has some faults of its own, it can be used, if you wish, with a little cursor like on a standard computer.

        It also comes with a mobile version of Windows Live Messanger which, at the time of writing, is free to use on Three (subject to fair use policy). This is a nice little application but can be a bit faulty (flickering, going back to the contact list at odd times, requiring a password every time it goes out of range and you choose for it to be reconnected).

        The text message system is nice and easy to use and requires no description on my part.

        The address book is annoying. It looks nice, but it does not have enough space on each line of the address section, so you have to abbreviate people's addresses if they have long or a lot of words in it. Also, to view a whole address or email address you must select 'edit contact' from the menu which, I'm sure you'll agree is badly designed and silly.

        The phone has a nice calendar feature which allows you enter a fair amount of detail per appointment.

        The camera is sort of useful for when you don't have your camera with you and something is better than nothing, but as an amateur photographer I am dissatisfied with the picture quality - it makes photos look like thy have been edited to look a bit like paintings. One must also press the 'back' button every time one wants to take another picture. There is also no zoom in the high quality/large size settings.

        I can usually work out how to use electronic devices, only referring to the instruction manuals when there is some complicated feature unique to the device. It was so in this case too, but unfortunately the instruction manual was hopeless. It contained the most obvious instructions for the easiest things and did not explain features such as what he different settings do. I don't believe it even mentions how to increase the volume for during a phone call. I eventually worked things out, but it took some time. If you are not technically minded, make sure you know someone who is and who is willing to help you!

        I won't review the other minor features of the phone (and I haven't even used the music player). For details of these, please refer to Sony Ericsson's website.

        The physical aspects of this phone are nice and standard with nothing too fancy. The camera lens on the back is unprotected which isn't very wise - one's fingers touch it while holding the phone and it will also become easily scratched in this state. I had a few problems with the buttons shortly after I bought it - some grit had found its way under there and jammed a button. Due to the spaces between and under the keys this can happen easily. The keys also feel a bit weak and flimsy. When bought from Three, the button which should be for launching the web browser is instead a dedicated button for Three's Music Store which I will almost certainly never use. This button is therefore redundant in my case and it cannot be reassigned to anything else.

        The battery life of this phone isn't very good at all, but then I am comparing it to my old Siemens C45 which could last for weeks, even months without needing to be charged.

        Finally, before buying this phone, if you wish to do so, make sure you really want Three's tariff of 12p per minute and 12p per text. It's a nice simple tariff, but do you really want to spend that much?


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          30.11.2008 20:11
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          overall a good one.

          Sony ericsson has made a huge name for itself in the cell phone market.It has launched many cell phones in its different ranges.One of the series is names the K series and the phone under concern here is k530i.I own this phone and i am very much satisfied with the features i have got.
          The main features are-
          Awesome sound quality.
          2 mp camera with awesome clarity
          clarity in reception
          very nice design
          expandable external memory
          I have this phone for about 5 months now and i have enjoyed every moment of it specially the sound part.It has got very much louder speakers than the nokia ones in its range.Thats where it scores above them.It has also got FM which the the radio listeners would enjoy to their fullest.
          SO i would just say that this one is just made for those who look for a phone with voice quality and good design.


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            26.04.2008 13:16
            Very helpful



            This Sony Ericsson phone is just wonderful - or so my son says!

            My son has this Sony Ericsson phone and I thought he could help me write this review for him. Let's get the important stuff out of the way first - how this phone works as a phone.

            Firstly, the calling sound quality of this phone is excellent. Even when reception isn't great, I can always hear him and he seems to be able to hear me. Making calls is also easy. There are speed-dial options, as well as a fast access to the last people called right on the main menu. There's also a fast entry with the joystick's toggle ring that you can program for your most used sections, like to the phone book, date book or whatever you want. The phone book is easy to use and you can put several numbers onto each contact as well as lots of other things like their email address, birthday, and even program a special ring for them. My son finds this very easy to use and helpful to him for keeping track of all his friends and family.

            The last essential thing about this phone is its battery life. My son says the battery life depends a good deal on how much you use the other features like the camera, MP4 player or games. That he likes to recharge it almost every day isn't what is recommended but he only has it into the electricity for about 30 minutes and its full. Mind you, he says it takes about 2.5 hours to go from empty to full. I'm thinking that he would empty it in about 3-4 days if he didn't top it off so often under regular use, and 2-3 days if he uses the extra features a lot. Neither he nor I think that this is particularly good.

            This phone is a plain candy-bar model that is very slim. The keys are metal and so far (since December) they're not at all worn down (and he uses it a whole lot). They aren't terribly sensitive so you won't suddenly find they've dialled some random number after its been in your pocket, but not too difficult to push when you make calls or are typing text messages. There are buttons on the side for things like adjusting the volume, access to the camera and its zoom and getting the phone's status (battery strength, phone book entries, memory on the card, etc.). What is really nice about this is that the screen seems pretty large and is very clear, but like many phones today, gets smudged easily. One thing that's really good is that even in bright sunlight you can still see what's on the screen (which is the problem I have with my Nokia), although you might need to adjust the contrast to do so (but with my test without any adjustments, I could see everything beautifully). All told, this is a very attractive phone and looks quite sleek.

            Navigating the menus couldn't be easier and the icons are truly beautiful and easy to understand, with the text above being large enough to see clearly as well. Its also pretty cool how the icons get chubby when you switch between them, making it very easy to see what option you're on even if you don't look at the text at the top.

            As do many phones these days, this one has a camera, MP3/MP4 player and games. It also can connect to the Internet and has Bluetooth and a USB cable. While I can do without these features, my son uses the MP3/MP4 player all the time and has had some occasions to use the camera. I personally think the sound on the MP player is slightly on the tinny side and needs more bass, even when he adjusts it with the equalizer. As for the camera, he took some lovely pictures of Jerusalem in the snow that are pretty clear looking, even when they were downloaded onto the computer. Apparently, there's a motion adjuster on this camera that keeps the lens steady even if you hand isn't, which certainly contributes to the clarity of any pictures you take with it.

            In general, this is a very nice phone with enough bells and whistles for those who are looking for that kind of thing, but also works very well just as a phone and looks pretty to boot. My son is really happy with it and if he's happy, then I'm happy! My son gives it a full five stars and highly recommends it.

            Thanks for reading!

            Davida Chazan © April 2008

            PS: About the memory card here - this phone doesn't come with a memory card (at least the one he got didn't), but it does have a slot for one and you can buy these to extend the memory of this phone (check the URL below or click on the technical details above for information about the memory on this machine). My son says that you use it to save downloaded games, pictures, MP3 songs, MP4 movies and that sort of thing. But what do I know, I think a phone should be used as a phone.

            Technical Stuff:

            You can get all the specifications and information about this phone from http://tinyurl.com/67gjgg which is also the portal for entering the Internet for things like downloading everything your heart's desire (games, wallpapers, ring tones, etc.). From this site, you can virtually check this phone before you buy it - which is pretty cool!

            I found this phone available free from Mobile Express with all sorts of deals at http://tinyurl.com/65mdzg so buy now, while the supplies last!


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          • Product Details

            Access email and the Web - at 3G speed - wherever you go. Snap quality pictures. Organize and synchronize. The K530i: efficiency in your pocket.