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Sony Ericsson K610i

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    12 Reviews
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      12.08.2012 16:07
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A trusty old Sony Ericsson

      This phone is a few years old now, I bought it whilst on holiday in Ireland and got it unblocked and I now use it as a spare phone, my partner uses it on holidays as his smartphone battery just doesn't last long enough and he used to have to leave his phone charging in apartments half the time.

      When I bought it it cost me 99 euros, which included 20 euros of credit. This was on the 3 netwrok and if I had wanted to continue to use this sim card I would have also got 10 euros per month free for the next 8 months. I actually gave the sim card to an Irish friend so they could make use of the free credit each month.

      The phone is now available on ebay for around £30 which is a good price considering the reliability of the phone. It doesn't have as many fancy features as some of the new smart phones but it's a very good option for someone who just wants to call and text and take the odd picture.

      The shop which I bought the phone in only offered a choice of red or a purple/silver colour. I went for the purple/ silver colour. It is a dark metallic colour so it isn't girly or anything and I didn't like the shade of the red phone. The colour has started to wear away on mine now but it is about 5 years old and has really been through the wars and doesn't look too shabby. They are also available in black and silver. I would think the silver would be the one most likely to not show any wear and tear badly.

      My phone came with a battery, charger, earphones, USB cable and a CD Rom. Also available to purchase for this phone is a seperate flash which you plug into the charger point and use it like a flash on a camera. If you want to take many pictures this would be useful as the night mode isn't that impressive. They are only a couple of pounds now but I never bothered to get one as it was just another thing to carry around. The camera is 2 Megapixels which was good at the time I bought it but the newer phones have a much higher quality picture. To be honest I have had some fantastic daytime holiday pictures from this phone and would ignore any MP qualities.
      There is also a video camera on the phone and using the USB cable you can transfer your pictures and videos onto a laptop to save memory on your phone and to see them on a bigger screen. There is also a bluetooth function and picture messaging to allow you to send your pictures and recordings to other phones.
      You can also remove the memory card, which means you can insert a bigger one or put your memory card into a photo machine (found in lots of camera shops and chemists, cost from as little as 5p per print) to print them off or transfer to disc.
      The camera also has a zoom, brightness setting, night mode, self-timer, quality setting, the ability to include the time and date on your picture if you wish. On the video recorder you can choose to have the microphone on or off.
      There is a shoot mode setting which allows you to add frames to your pictures, join lots of pictures into one and a burst setting which takes a few pictures straight after one another so you can select the best one. You can also add special effects and distort the pictures for fun.

      Text messages are easy to type and send and for those who want to use predictive text this function is available. You also have the ability to send a text message to an email address. You can also add a contact in a text message to forward someones contact details, or add a picture to your text message.

      The phone has internet where you can search the web or read your emails.
      This phone came with two games, Quadropop which is similar to tetris and Tennis which can be played as a single player, tournament, or against friends using the bluetooth function. Other games are available to download onto the phone.

      Other features include video calling, Alarm clock with a choice of 5 tones, calendar, task list, notes, timer, stopwatch, calculator and a code memo which remembers your Pin numbers.

      You can download songs on your phone, use your cable to transfer songs from a computer to your phone, or receive songs from bluetooth which you can then listen to using earphones. You can also use any music as a ringtone or message tone.
      You can set up groups to send messages and emails to several people at the same time.

      Other accessories available to purchase for the phone include in-car chargers, bluetooth headsets, hands-free kits and earphones.

      I've found this phone to be very reliable, I have 3 old sony ericssons which have been the same and I can't bring myself to let go of any of them, which is more than can be said for the newer models which are lucky to last a few months and have poor battery life.


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      15.03.2011 18:58


      • Reliability


      Only the headphone and camera problems stop me giving this phone top marks!

      I know this phone is old now, but I still think this is one of the best handsets I've owned. It's a simple, rugged design and had more than enough features. I used mine as a music player mainly (still do if my current phone ever dies!), and the actual player software on the phone is very good, it allows you to browse your music in all the usual ways and loaded fairly quickly.

      There was however one BIG problem which prevents me from giving this phone full marks. The stupid sony ericsson headphones will, without fail, break after a few months of heavy use. And, because the phone has a special sony headphone socket, they cost more to replace and there isn't as wide a selection of headphones available. Now, you can buy an adapter to take a 3.5mm jack but, as I soon found out, this always breaks as well. Extremely annoying! On top of all this, even if you have got a working pair of headphones, they keep falling out of the socket when in your pocket due to the poorly designed clips on it.

      Apart from this problem, the handset is nearly flawless. Granted the camera isn't great, but your never going to get top quality shots from what is essentially a mid range handset. Theres a camera on the front for video calls which is neat and very discreet. The menu layout is all very intuitive and it's a very easy to operate handset. Being a sony, it's built solidly, it feels great in your hand and looks good too.

      Overall, bar one or two flaws, a fantastic little phone. Very highly recommended.


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      09.10.2009 13:44
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A good looking and useful phone

      A good all round performer. That sums up the Sony Ericsson K610i for me. This phone has most of everything that a mobile phone should have. As new versions of phones are released speeds and specifications are pushed a bit higher but this phone still holds its own.

      The best aspect of this phone for me is the navigation which makes it an easier phone to use than most. A lot of nice touches have been included, for example the music player, modem option and video calling. The bluetooth works well when connecting to a PC although it is a bit more involved getting it to work fully with Linux (depending on your distribution).

      The physical layout is impressive, boasting a good screen and quick access keys for internet and applications. The camera included is of good quality. From a design point of view the phone looks great. The phone supports java applications. One point I would make is that the M2 cards this phone uses can be relatively expensive compared to other storage mediums. All in all a well built, good functioning phone.


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      01.09.2009 18:31
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great phone that has lasted me well for over 18 months

      I have been using the Sony Ericsson K610i for over 18 months to date and it has never failed my requirements to date. It is a fantastic, nice sized mobile phone, fitting easily into any pocket without ever getting in the way. The colour screen and control panel in conjunction with the software of the phone make it very user friendly allowing the user to navigate easily through the many functions the phone possesses. The camera on the front, to allow video calls to be made, is of far lower quality than the camera on the back, and so the quality of picture recieved by the person you are video calling will not be as good a quality as you would have hoped, but is still adequate for calls. The battery life is fantastic as usually a phones battery life is much reduced the older it gets. If you like listening to music from your phone, then the speaker on the rear of the phone has great volume and sound quality and works very well with the mp3 software already installed on the phone. Overall the K610i is a phone that is great value for money, extremely durable, and I am very happy with my purchase.


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      22.01.2009 13:39


      • Reliability


      All in all very worth the money

      After reading a few dubious reviews regarding this phone I was worried when this was the phone I had just ordered. However I can honestly say it really is a great little handset.
      Its very stylish to look at and nice and slim and light to pop in your bag or pocket. I also found it to be very sturdy as I dropped it a few times and nothing has ever gone wrong. I woiuld strongly recommend this phone, the battery life is great and the functions on the phone are good too. Ringtones are a good selection too. The only thing I would say is that the samera isnt as good as other more recent models but i have also seen a lot worse! I believe it is available fairly cheap now so I would say if this is one of your options then go for it! A great phone


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      27.08.2008 20:11
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      An easy to use phone that is ok for a backup but certainly dated now

      I have been using this phone for just under a year now. I got this phone off of a friend by buying him a pint as he had just upgraded his contract and so had a spare phone and mine had just broke.

      I find this phone is ok for everyday use. As far as features go compared with phones around at he minute it does lack features. The 2 megapixel camera is not bad though and takes ok pictures but I only ever use these for the background on the phone and as caller ID pictures.

      The battery life considering the model I have got has been used pretty much everyday for at least 2 years if not 3 by now isnt too bad. I usually find I have to charge my phone up every other day. The internet on it is quite slow and I have never even bothered trying to do a video call but the feature is there.

      Many people complain about the keys being very small on this phone however don't find them too bad to use and my hands are not that small. However saying this I do hit the wrong key from time to time or will hit two at once.

      The screen is ok, was good when it came out but there is certainly much better out there. This also takes M2 cards which are quite expensive compared to the more commonly used micro SD cards. The back on this phone can also be sometimes annoying and can sometimes come off as I pick up the phone and take it out of my pocket etc.

      All in all this phone is ok. The model is very old in the fast moving world of phones so you can expect much else. However if you are looking for a phone to keep you going for a while or just as a back up then I would say go with it. Its fine for day to day use and easy to operate.


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        21.08.2008 22:28



        ok but could be better

        I brought my k610i on a three contract about 3 months ago.
        It's a nice phone with a few niggles.
        The good things about the phone are that its a nice size to go in the pocket and it feels nice and solid to use in the hand. The screen is bright and easy to read, both indoors and out, and responsive when in use.
        The web browser is quick and useable, great for quickly checking the sports results when at work or out and about.
        The speaker and microphone work well and the handsfree mode is loud and clear enough to use with the phone in a holder on the window.
        The interface is easy to use and quick to navigate.

        The negatives are that the keypad feels too flat and its very easy to press the wrong buttons when dialing numbers and typing text messages (might be my fingers being to large).
        The next gripe is also about the buttons and the lack of deicated call and hangup buttons (I think due to it being three branded) meaning the top soft buttons get used for the answering and ending of calls. This is mainly a problem when ending calls as its all to easy to press the hangup button and then find yourself on the three homepage.
        My final gripe is that my phone is already developing a fault in that it turns off at certain times just by moving the phone. This is a known issue however and is easily fixed by putting a bit of paper under the battery to hold it tighter to the contacts.


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        16.06.2008 09:29
        1 Comment



        Great phone!

        This phone gives you everything you could wish for from a mobile phone. It may be slightly chunkier than newer models but it still fits easily into your pocket. The phone is simple to use even for the worst technophobe, with a basic menu and clear options. The phone is reliable; mine has never frozen even when dropped and it has an excellent battery life. The phone comes with headphones which are satisfactory but not brilliant and unfortunately you cannot use other makes of headphones with the K610i. There is not a vast amount of memory space for music and videos but larger memory cards can be bought separately. There is also a play button on the side of the phone so you don't have to go through the menu when you want to listen to music. The messaging system is fast and easy to use and there is a fairly large inbox/outbox capacity. There is a camera and video recorder, but it isn't brilliant quality (2.0 megapixels). However, there is also a video calling function which a camera on the front side of the phone which can be a useful feature. Overall this is a wonderful phone which contains everything one may need from a mobile.


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          01.10.2007 11:57
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A neat phone that does the trick!

          Just let me state, I have the I-mode version of this phone!

          ey, And welcome to another long anticipated review by Smeep! Haha, Ok, I'll stop tooting my own horn shall I?

          Today I'll be reviewing the Mobile Phone: Sony Ericsson K610im.

          - - - - - - - - - Aesthetics and Ergonomics - - - - - - - - - -

          As with some of my other reviews, First impressions are everything. So I tend to start with first impressions.

          The K610Im is a candy bar style phone, which means that there are no flips or slides to be operated, the phone is as it is. What you see is what you get, sort of thing. The design is nice and simple, a nice black finish with a few silver touches. Obviously, this is up to your judgement, But I like it.

          The keys are a little to small for my large hands, but definitely manageable and clearly defined from each other both in appearance and “under the thumb” feel. You might find yourself hitting the wrong button a few times here or there, but nothing major. It would seem that Sony have noticed this as well, which I'll get in to later.

          The biggest improvement in my opinion on this phone over other Sony Ericsson phones is that the joystick has been replace with a rocking button, and thus is less likely to suffer from mechanical defect. A very big bonus, having worked in mobile phone retail for a while, I saw hundreds of faulty Sony Ericsson joysticks.

          Overall, I'd give the appearance of the phone an 8/10, It's not a 'beautiful' phone, but it is very nicely laid out and ergonomics really give this section a boost.

          - - - - - - - - - The Feature Dump - - - - - - - - - -

          This section is just where I dump the features, to let you know what the phone has. I won't go in to detail about them just yet.

          3G Connectivity (With front facing camera for video calling)
          2 Mega pixel Camera
          262k TFT Colour Screen
          Free 64MB Card
          Internal 16MB Memory
          Video Recording and Playback
          - - - - - - - - - Functionality - - - - - - - - - -

          This section is when a phone rises or falls, and I'm suitable impressed by this phone. I digress.

          Keypad and General Operations:
          The operation of the phone is very easy. The middle button is your menu, Up, Down, Left and Right move in their respective directions. You press the middle button again to confirm. If you want to go back, there is a dedicated 'back key' which if you press once, it goes back one step, or if you press and hold you go back to the beginning. Very simple, very easy, very well done to sony.

          You can go a little more advanced as well, for instance on the main menu, the top left option can be activated by pressing the '1' key, the bottom right icon activated with the '#' key, thus eliminating the use of the left, right, up and down buttons on the main menu.

          Menu Features:
          *Games and Apps

          In here all of your games and applications are stored for easy access. The loading speed of applications is good once you've loaded it once. Controls respond well enough in general, but that is of course up to the manufacturer of the application, rather than the phone.

          (Also accessible using the 'i' button)
          I-mode is one of those love hate things. I love it. The benefits of I-mode are much better than most general WAP services. The content is much easier to use and navigate (up, down, left, right, click, back) and is well presented on your phones screen. It's faster than most WAP services, and with the 3G capability of the phone it just works great. £3 per month to sega for as many games as I want to download? Yes please. I-mode also supports I-mail, which I'll go in to later on in the review.

          You can still view normal WAP pages on your handset to, Just type in the URL!

          Here you'll find your video player , video, music and photo DJ's for basic editing (Cutting out parts of a video etc.).

          The Video player does exactly what it says on the tin. Plays videos. It plays them well enough for the phones res, and the audio isn't terrible, though much better through speakers.

          The Video DJ is a simple yet effective tool, allowing you to cut parts out of videos and rearrange them. It's no where near as good as a PC counterpart, but if you're looking to upload some videos to one of the 'we pay you for your vid' sites on I-mode, it's very handy.

          The music DJ is very basic, I suspect if you can get the right audio on to your phone you might be able to make something of it, but I don't really see it going very far.

          Photo DJ allows things like red eye removal (all though the phone has no flash) and adding of text captions to your images etc. Just a nifty little tool really.

          From this menu you can also use your phone as a bluetooth remote control and record sound.

          *The Camera
          (Also Accessible from the side button)

          Actually, I was a little disappointed with the camera on this phone. The images are clear enough for a photo that you are taking with a phone, but compared to some of the Samsung 2Megapixel phones, and even some of the other Sony Ericsson 2MP phones, it just doesn't stand up to the test, both on the phones screen and on the PC screen. The lack of a Flash is a real downer, meaning if you're out and about at night you can forget using the phones camera, which would be useful because carrying 1 object is better than 2 right? (Imagine, your Ipod, your phone and your mp3 player rolled in to one)

          The photo's appear to be a little washed out colour wise and not to sharp. I'm sad to say it only gets worse with the video recording, when you play it back on a PC it's blotchy and low res. I guess that's to be expected from a phone camera though.

          *The Contacts List

          Much like any other phone contacts list. You can save to the sim or to the phone, you can add emails addresses, addresses and addition contact numbers. It's very a suited to it's job. I can't fault it.

          *Music Player
          (Accessible through the MP3 Side button)

          The music player is not to bad, but if you've ever used a walkman phone you'll be left wanting more. Some of the basic features are in silly places (Like to select and album rather than an artist, you have to select “ALL” then go to the album, which is odd) but it does the job. The sound is as good as your MP3 quality when through headphones, but it leaves a bit to be desired through the speakers.

          *File Manager

          This is a very basic file management system, you can copy, move and delete files. It's shows you all the files on your phone from Music to text. Not a lot to say really.

          (Accessible through the dedicate “messaging” button)

          Ok, so most of you will probably know how a text works. A few things I'll mention is that the automatic dictionary works very well. It shows you a list of words as you type, you can then select the one you want to use, and if you use repeated phrases, it will even suggest the word that you may want to retype, to save you having to type it.

          One little nuance is if you miss the 1 key or the 2 key, sometimes you press the back button – but don't worry, it comes up with a message saying

          “You are about to exit” and gives you three options. “Save Message” to continue writing later. “Don't save” to exit completely and discard the message or “Continue Writing” so that you can just carry on there and then. A life saver! So many times on Nokia's I've exited and lost my message after typing 4 pages of text!

          One feature here is the I-mail. I-mail is like a mobile phone email, You're I-mail address is your mobile number@o2imail.co.uk but you can change that. Right now, you can send I-mail for free. Completely. You can send up to 4000 letters, plus attachment. When the I-mail becomes chargeable (September this year I believe, it will cost 10p without attachments (Pay and Go) and 25p with attachment. But you can send to 5 people for that price too!

          *Video Calling

          The video speed and quality is good enough, but the phones microphone just isn't good enough to pick up your sound. You'll hear you friend saying “what? I can't hear you” a lot too you. If you have a hands free kit, this feature will be spot on. You can even see your own face to make sure that you're not missing yourself in the shot.

          *Calls log

          (Accessible by pressing the call key in standby)

          Does what it says, tells you who called, when, if you returned the call, who you called. Allows you to return calls from there.


          Has a calender, ability to make notes and your alarms. Also calculator, timers, stopwatch and a synchronization tool. (For synchronizing contacts and other data with a server)

          *And of course, Settings.

          Here you change everything about your phone, from it's ring tones (includes true tones), to modes (car, silent, outdoor etc.) to the bluetooth being switch on and off or paired. It works on a tab feature, left to right to change the category, up or down to choose an option etc. Well laid out, easy to operate.

          - - - - - - - Other/More Detail - - - - - - - -

          The Sound quality on the phone is passable, but I have noticed it breaking up once or twice. This could be due to bad signal, but I'm not certain.

          I wouldn't pay more than £100 for the phone. When I bought it it retailed at £150, but with staff discount and a trade in, I got it for £100 which I think is a fair price.

          The Battery life is pretty standard. Realistically, I've had it last up to 13-14 days on standby, but with my love of Gaming on the phone and texting, it drops to an average of 4-7 days. Talk time seems to fall around the 3 hour mark.

          The front Camera is VGA quality.

          - - - - - - - - Overall - - - - - - - -

          I really like this phone. It does it's job well, it's easy to use and it doesn't look all bad. If you can get it for £100 or less (the price I paid in December 06) then it's a bargain. Everything seems well thought of, it all seems to fit. Well done Sony Ericsson.
          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

          If there is anything that I've missed, spelled incorrectly or anything else you'd like me to add, send me a message and I'll update the review.

          Thanks for reading.


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            13.06.2007 09:44



            Good phone but older model is technically better.

            I bought this phone after having the Sony Ericsson K750i. I assumed this phone would be much better, but I was sadly mistaken. This phone has proved much much more difficult to connect with my PC. It also doesn't have a flash on the camera which is a real shame. Overall the phone is a good phone, but buying after the k750i it has a lot to live up to. One feature about the phone which is great is that it has a facewarp programme which is hilarious. It is almost worthnhaving the phone just for this feature - anybody that has the phone will understand what I mean.

            I have had the phone for almost a year now and it has proved reliable as always with Sony Ericsson even with all the abuse I administer to it. The red is slighlty scuffud around the edges but this would be expected. It is a phone worth having but with a camera with a flash it would dramatically increase value.


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            28.02.2007 11:31



            all in all it's a good 1 well done SE

            I got the k610i for my girlfriend for a xmas present and she loved it i've tryed it myself and found it 2 be a very good all round handset. I got the fone from welovemobiles.co.uk on some promotion or other and it is working out a hell of a lot cheaper than her previous mobile contracts. It has everything u need in a mobile fone 2 meg camera good battery life mp3 player it's nice and slim for the girls plus it has an expandable memory which is very important nowadays with all the downloading we seem 2 be doing.Oh yes and it is 3g so i can c my girlfriend when i'm away with work ( but she can also c when i'm in the pub lol) but all in all it seems 2 be a very good mobile


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            24.02.2007 17:04
            Very helpful



            a great phone with many functions in one key click

            (This review was first posted on ciao.co.uk.)

            I used Motorola V975 for one and half year. And now I got a upgrade phone free 3G. That's Sony Ericsson K610i. Compare to the old one, this is such a small and light phone with many more functions.

            ~~~~~~ Appearance ~~~~~~~~~~

            This phone is very slim and is claimed by 3G as one of the smallest phones supporting 3G network. It is 102 * 45 * 17 mm. Even though it is small, it has a large screen that takes almost half size of the phone. The keypad is very neat at the bottom part of the phone. On the back side, there is a camera and a small speaker.

            There are basic three color options for this phone: urban silver, misty white and evening red. Although I might more fancy the evening red, I still enjoy the calm misty white I have.

            ~~~~~~ Features ~~~~~~~~~

            I am always trying to explore as more functions as I can when I get a new phone. And this phone really brings a lot of features.

            1. Communication
            As this phone comes with 3G network, you not only get voice talking but also video talking. Apart of that, it also provides conference call for up to four persons. Phone calls are easy to access by one key click and they are organized in very clear tabs. However, this is the function I didn't notice at the first as most phones just organize stuff in scrolling menus but not in tabs. In the first tab, you can view all calls. The second tab allows you to view answered calls. The third tab allows you to view dialed calls and the last tab allows you to view missed calls.

            2. Messaging
            The message function can be accessed by one key click as well. There are four types of messages: text, picture, voice and email. In text message, you can write texts, add icons, sounds and animations. In picture message, you can add pictures from your photo album, take a picture then add it, add music or record sounds, add videos, etc.

            You can easily add symbols into your message, switch between different writing options or even spell a word then add it into your dictionary. It also provides copy paste function for you to write message faster.

            3. Camera
            The phone has a 2-megapixel camera with 2.5x digital zoom. To access the camera, you just need one simple click on the side button in the right. It makes you feel you are using a real camera. Before taking pictures, you can change settings. These settings include followings:

            Shoot mode: normal, panorama, frames and burst.
            Picture size: 2 MP, 1 MP and VGA.
            Effect: black & white, negative, sepia and no effect.
            White balance: auto, daylight, cloudy, fluorescent and incandescent.
            Picture quality: normal and fine.
            Night mode, self-timer, four kinds of shutter sounds, time & date, resetting file number and setting save place.

            You can also easily switch between camera and video record from the first menu in the settings. Not like my old phone that only allows 10s video length for each one. You can take video for up to the available size of the memory as this phone has a relatively big memory space.

            The picture is auto stored and the quality is fine. But you may find it is not able to be sent to some other mobile phones through picture messages due to the big size. The phone also provides a photo editor called PhotoDJTM that allows you to change light balance and bright/contrast, remove red eyes, rotate and add effects. There is also a video editor called VideoDJTM allowing to edit your videos. You can also blog the pictures on www.blogger.com.

            4. Music
            The phone provides one key access music player. It can also be accessed from entertainment menu. You can download music from internet and play them by artists, tracks and playlists. MusicDJTM is also available for you. You can edit your own polyphonic ringtones.

            The phone contains Bluetooth stereo which can transmit high quality music from phone to headset and other devices. By far, I haven't tried any Bluetooth feature.

            5. Entertainment
            Under entertainment menu, you are able to access editors for photo, video and music as well as three free games: QuadraPop, Tennis and Poker. If you would like to play more games, you can download them from 3G internet. The costs are various and the cheapest ones are around 5 pound. Before you download, it's better to check the compatibility because some games may not suitable to your mobile. However, if you choose to download them, they will charge you although the download process fails.

            6. Internet
            Using 3G internet feature, you can free browse the update information, download videos and games. And if you are a fun of MSN message, you can download it free and keep in touch with your friends wherever you are. You can also subscribe RSS feeds to keep updating with news and other content.

            7. Organiser
            There are many organization features in this phone including contact book, calendar, calculator, alarm, file manager, flight mode, notes, stop watch, tasks and timer. So far I found one function is very useful and it is not available in my old phone is sending contact information through message directly from contact list.

            8. Connectivity
            The connectivity function is one tab under the setting menu in the main menu. It is available in Bluetooth, USB, GPRS, 3G, UMTS and synchronization, etc.

            ~~~~~~~ Feature Facts ~~~~~~~

            Networks: GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, UMTS
            Available colors: Urban silver, Misty white and Evening red
            Sizes: 102 * 45 * 17 mm, 4 * 1.8 * 0.7 inches
            Weight: 89 grams, 3.1 oz
            Screen: 262.144 color TFT, 176 * 220 pixels

            ~~~~~~~ My Experience ~~~~~~~

            So far, I feel this is a very good phone. There are several pros I can list:
            - Slim, small and light.
            - Many functions are accessed by one key click.
            - Efficient backward and cancellation keys.
            - Good battery time.
            - Large memory.
            - Large screen.

            I would like to recommend you to have a look at it if you are thinking about a new mobile.

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