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Sony Ericsson M600i

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    3 Reviews
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      20.05.2011 18:05



      Great simple business phone

      You are in need of business phone with limited budget?
      M600i is the answer.
      I bought it in 2007. the only smart phone I could afford then :)

      This is sort of breakthrough phone. It has qwerty keypad with touch screen!
      You can choose touching the display or using the keypad for input.
      And although its touch screen still resistive but you may feel it as capacitive because of its smooth response.

      Since I bought this phone for business purpose, then I will share about that idea mainly.
      I write emails a lot.
      This phone (for me) is very useful for doing copy and paste through multiple tasks.
      I sometimes copy some texts from SMS and paste it when replying email from clients.
      It does just great.
      If I were too lazy to use the qwerty keypad, for SMS, sometimes I use Handwriting recognition.

      The qwerty is very very good. The function is very complete.

      This phone speed also beyond acceptable.
      In the specification listed that it has 208 MHz processor. I am not gadget freak who understands such information. But the speed is OK for opening some tasks at once.

      I install Opera for browsing, since its original browser is not OK.
      And the internet surfing becomes much fun.

      It has 80 MB internal memory, so I can save some of my files here.
      I put 2 GB Memory Stick Micro without any problem.

      It also has office function to open some spreadsheet or word processing.
      It is the section that I use a lot.

      As for entertainment, this phone only misses the std audio jack. But at that time, no phones equipped with 2.5 or 3.5 audio jack. So, no questions.

      All in all, it is a business phone that comes with low price that might suit your business needs.


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      12.01.2009 19:49
      Very helpful



      8/10 - Definately worth the purchase for a business phone

      I received this phone from one of my relatives who constantly switches phones every year. I have had this phone for around 2 years now and below i will let you know the pro's and cons of this phone.

      Positive aspects of the phone:
      Here is a list of positive points:
      - Very slim phone
      - Nice sleek design
      - the white edition features blue illuminous background which fits perfectly
      - easy to use with touchscreen features
      - blue tooth enabled
      - large buttons on screen for easy touch
      - texting is made easy with the qwerty keyboard
      - large screen
      - sound is excellent
      - side wheel

      - the wheel on the side has an edge blocking pushing button in
      - the pen holder can become very loose during time
      - no camera
      - music player isn't great
      - the qwerty keyboard can be difficult to get use to
      - more of a business phone than casual phone
      - sometimes slow to operate

      All in All, this phone is designed for the business man. With integrate email functions and easy to use online access, it is best for sending emails on the go.
      However, for consumers looking to buy a phone for more general use. There is much better options on the market. You are better of looking at a different model.
      This phone is mainly for the businessman around us who want to look sleek and cool with a stylish phone.


      Thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

      Also Feel Free to browse my other Reviews too.

      Thank You


      (As written on Ciao.co.uk under empowering)


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      20.08.2007 00:35
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great way to get truly mobile without breaking the bank

      After waiting for the Nokia e90 for over 12 months, and getting increasingly jealous of my friend's blackberry, I decided to look for a cheap stop-gap to address my need for mobile email.

      My list of requirements was fairly clear-cut: as good a keyboard as possible (qwerty preferred), decent screen, pocket friendly and 3G for decent data. Wifi was not essential, as I only really have access to it at home anyway. I did not need a camera, as I tend to carry at least a P&S with me at all times anyway.

      The package I got came with a 512mb SD card pre-loaded with 2 films, which was nice...propriety format, but they installed and worked without any issues. I also got a handsfree kit.

      Having now used the phone for a couple of weeks, I can say that overall I'm quite impressed. The touchscreen works well, and you're able to navigate around most of the functions with your finger (and I have short nails) and they don't tend to clutter options too close together.

      Email setup was easy enough - I use IMAP on a couple of personal accounts, and you can schedule automatic downloads so it checks at your preferred frequency between times that suit you. I have it checking every 10mins outside of office hours (basically when I'm not sat next to a machine anyway), and it works pretty well; syncing with my read / deleted email OK. It was also nice to note that the data transfer used was minimal, even with such frequent checking.

      Generally as a phone, it's fine - the signal is good, being able to get a connection in a basement bar that other phones have failed in, and the call quality is great (once you learn where to place the speaker in relation to your ear!).

      A major plus point to this phone is the overall size, which is a little wider than a 'normal' candybar style mobile, but no taller and probably a little thinner. Also, the fact that you essentially have a full qwerty keyboard on there, that with not much practise at all is actually very useable gives this phone a major advantage over other smartphones.

      There are only 2 problems I have with this phone:

      1. The contacts organisation seems a bit rubbish. This is probably down to the way I have my names organised, but it automatically organises the contacts in last name, first name...and assumes that any name with a space in is in that format. So, I have some contacts called, for example, 'Andy Mob', which is short for Andy Mobile, and anyone I put in using that format is now organised alphabetically under 'M' for 'Mob'.

      Annoyingly, when you search for a contact, it doesn't match strings - it assumes you're searching from the start of the name...so for me to find Andy Mob, I now have to type 'Mob A' before it will find it - 'Andy' does not work.

      As I say, this is probably only a problem because I've never organised and categorised my contacts properly...and there could even be a way to change the organisation of the phone contacts...but it's never been a problem out of the box on any other phone.

      2. The sound doesn't quite work properly - the alarms don't work if you're on silent, and occasionally the phone makes a small 'pop' type noise rather than the noise it should do.

      Again, there's probably a way to change the way this works in the settings, but it's something that usually just works on other phones.

      Other than those two points, this phone as worked for me as a main phone pretty much without problems. It helps me stay in contact via email, browse the web, and organise my life in a package that also lets me make calls and deal with SMS.

      The flaws are small, and the omission of features such as Wifi and a camera (see the Sony Ericsson P1i if you want them too) are reflected in the price. If you're looking for a cheap yet effective way to get mobile with your communications, you'll not go far wrong with the Sony Ericsson m600i.


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