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Sony Ericsson T707

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    4 Reviews
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      22.06.2010 19:15
      Very helpful


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      i bought this cell. my previous phone was z310i.. and this is big brother of it... i loved it soo much... beautiful software and design.... able to record the call... i have black one and black is the most beautiful... some people review about camera performance.. but if they put a powerful camera it means better cpu on cell and it means thicker design... so buy this phone if you really love it...
      its software is designed to be easy and comfortable... no rush no untidy... it is like jewellery that u like to have it and enjoy it...
      it has a good music player.. and has good features...

      this cell is really unique in earth.. it is not like other... . it is like macintosh computer in terms of being stable and having it gives u pleausure..
      i can use it for years...

      as a result i do recommend it...


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      17.10.2009 16:15
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      nothing but a overpriced fashion phone.

      The stylish Sony ericsson T707 has an abundance of feature to suit your needs for whoever you are with features such as FM radio, Bluetooth and a modest 2.2" 256k colour TFT display. however that is where the positive stop, in the T707 there is a terrible video recording with 15 frames a second furthermore with modern times moving on so quickly; the T707 has not got the specs to last. for example, the camera is a 3.2 megapixels of bad quality with no autofocus or even a LED flash. I know this from experience of getting this phone as my phone recently got broken. The only thing i like about the phone is it's looks sure, it looks incredible but it just goes to show that looks aren't everything especially on a mobile phone. in conclusion the Sony ericsson T707 is just a poor mid range model with just stylish looks, and with touch screen being all the rage there is no room for a clamshell phone especially one that is truly overpriced as this one. to sum it all up don't buy this unless you want a fashion phone which is a pure disgrace of phone.


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        04.09.2009 18:38
        1 Comment



        Stylish but lacks functionality

        Sony's latest addtion to the T series is the flip phone better known as the T707. This phones definetly gets full marks for design & style & I can see the ladies loving to carry it around in their handbags but behind the glossy exterior, what's the phone actually like?

        Well unfortunatley that's the best bit of it, the phone itself is a fairly standard addition to the Sony Ericsson range. The display doesn't actually look as sharp as similar devices which are out there. Also the camera by today's standards is a fairly average 3.2 megapixels. It offers the standard functionality we have come to expect from mobile phones but nothing really that makes it stand out from the crowed.

        On the positive side though, the phone does offer 3G capabilities allowing you to surf the internet at a higher speed and is also fairly lightweight. This is definetly one for those of you who are more concerned about what a phone looks like rather than what it does. It's available in red, black and blue, all of which have a gloss finish.

        Overall I think compared to the competition, you'll find many handsets out there which maybe don't look as nice but offer much more functionality. I guess it's a trade off on what you consider to be more important.


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          22.08.2009 10:05
          Very helpful



          A great stylish phone for anyone and everyone

          Sony Ericsson T707 is the new phone in the T-series, but doesn't really look like the others. This one is a stylish new addition with all the features necessary for the common user. It is fronted by Tennis Maria Sharapova, hence perhaps geared towards a female audience but it is simply too edgy for anyone to avoid.

          The phone is a clamshell flip phone, rectangular in shape and comes in a range of colours (pink, blue, black, green).

          The front is a lovely smooth glossy case, with the camera placed at the top centre, whilst in the middle, two large concentric rings are layed slightly to the side (the front screen is in the middle of this) and a small concave circle to the bottom. The use of circular shapes is wonderful and stylish, especially when they light up!

          The smooth front is totally de-cluttered and is a simple design, and can even be used as a mirror (only if you're desperate)!

          The back is also very simple. The Sony Ericsson Logo is places central whilst the loud speaker is to the bottom. The back is matt which is acceptable.

          Due to the location of the logo, and its raised properties, on a smooth surface you could actually spin your phone, which is quite fun... although I'm not sure that's what it is there for!

          The sides are also quite free... On the left side it only has the connectivity jack (for computer cable or handsfree or charger) and on the right the volume control.

          Buttons are spread out over the pad, perhaps too much, but is acceptable. They are flat keys, which some people HATE but I personally find them useable and is not a problem at all.

          The Arrow pad comes as a large ring and the central button is the "ok" button. Surrounding the keys are coloured rings (depending on the colour of the phone). I chose the blue one so this is more apparant, as the black one has a more safe but boring buttons pad.

          The screen is framed by the black top, which does make it look smaller, but it isn't bad. It shows colours beautifully, as well as videos and photos without error.

          The phone comes with a range of features:
          - Contacts
          - Calls
          - Texts (including multimedia text messages)
          - Camera (3MP)
          - Video
          - Music (plays Mp3, wma and more)
          - Organiser (File Manager, Notes, Tasks, Calendar, Alarm)
          - Radio
          - Internet (comes with a Facebook application for ease of use)

          - PhotoDJ (allows you to edit photos)
          - VideoDJ (allows you to edit videos and create your own video mashup)
          - MusicDJ (allows you to create your own ringtones)
          - Calculator
          - Stopwatch
          - TrackID (Never NOT know what you're listening to!)
          - Googlemaps
          - Games
          - Remote Control (Phone used as remote for bluetooth devices)
          - Record Sound

          Calls on the phone is really good, better than my last one. Although this does partially depend on the network you're on as reception is a contributing factor, but the sound volume and clarity is good.

          I like that you can silence the calls or switch to line 2 if you have another call waiting which makes it very useful.

          The thing I like about texting is the predictive text as it can sometimes supply the next word for you, even a whole sentence if used regularly! This makes texting really quick and fun!

          I don't like the way you have to change from T9 to 123 if you type a phone number its abit annoying, but you'll get used to it.

          The internet is rather slow in my opinion (perhaps its my network) and takes too long to load. Unless you have unlimited access, it will cost you loads of money.

          It does work on a range of sites though, but larger sites take even longer to load!! I suggest only using this service when desperate otherwise get a wifi phone.

          The Facebook app, however, was enjoyable to use. It wasn't MUCH quicker but you can actually see it working and its quite neat. I was able to update my status and comment on other people's statuses without error. However, viewing photos and INBOX was abit of a hassle, perhaps because it took ages to load as well!

          The phone also comes with a Youtube Application which i tried to use, but streaming took quite a long while and the quality wasn't perfect.

          The camera is 3 Megapixels which is quite good, and pictures come out clear but I personally will not use this much, unless I forget my camera or something.

          It lacks Flash which would be very useful but personally I don't use phone cameras often, so for me, this was not truly necessary.

          A fun thing is that you can edit photo after taking it and add some fun effects but personally I find them too generic and cheesy.

          The media function is perhaps one of the best, as you can listen to music, view videos and pictures and so on. This fully uses the Memory Card feature which can go up to 16GB and the phone can act as an Mp3 player or a media player.

          I found the sound quality acceptable, and compares to any low end MP3 player. However, it obviously is a phone and won't compare to an Ipod or a Samsung Yp-p3.

          Also, i used windows media player to load my music files, and perhaps its already problematic on my PC, but the artist and album sorting is a bit confusing, and I'll need to clear that up on my PC. The phone is not the smartest in sorting slight differences in artist name and if you have a compilation album, that is HELL.

          ~~~ADDITIONAL ITEMS~~~

          ---LIGHT EFFECTS---
          This is nice as it uses the concentric rings and concave circle at the front of the phone for different effects. Only the small concave ring can be changed per contact. Range of colours can be chosen (Red, Blue, Green, light Blue, purple). The larger rings are misty white and they look AMAZING.

          ---GESTURE CONTROL---
          This is nice as you can silence alarms and calls. It acts as a bright white light and if you wave your fingers across it, it silences the call or alarm. I don't see why this can't also be incorporated as the flash but oh well.

          I chose this phone for its design. Everything else came WITH it... it has all the basic needs of a phone plus some really nice additions such as media and facebook app. It is amazingly stylish and could be just for you!


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