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Sony Ericsson V630i

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    5 Reviews
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      26.02.2012 14:43
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Basic Brilliance

      This small rectangle brick, Sony Ericsson V630i is a fairly handy tool as well as a phone, the photo quality can be decent enough at 2 mega pixels and produce a good photo at the end of the day. However its downfall is that it can only zoom in video mode which in itself is also fairly good, if a bit lacking in sound clarity. The volume output is fantastic and has to be with alarm clock settings (I used the alarm for several years with custom ringtones etc of my favourite music). The two speakers you get with the phone are quite nice too, although i didn't really want them, they surprised me, they have very good sound quality, and an average volume - nice for a little gathering of friends or even personal use. There is a stylish "Theme" setting, in which you can assign photos and such to backgrounds and toolbars, many of which can be found on the internet for free with literally thousands to choose from. There is some signal loss that can occur but i've nothing against that as many phones do this, other than that there's not much to complain about except the fact you must be with Vodafone. Unfortunate for some at least, the badge on the back, title on the bottom and even on the phones start up is fairly annoying but if anything understandable - Vodafone didn't want anyone else getting their mits on this phone.

      All the buttons are just the right size and easily remembered with the standard red and green phone symbols for calling and hanging up, cancel and back up buttons as well as shortcut ones and a directional pad. With a memory card of 256MB, you'll have no problem cluttering up your photo albums as they barely take up any space, meaning you can get a fair amount of songs on there if you wish - and use the custom earphones (another disadvantage as the phone does not have a standard headphone jack but a custom massive one for official Sony Ericson earphones and charger only - which are quite difficult to wear as they are quite big and feel rather uncomfortable.) There are 2 toggle buttons on each side of the phone, one for adjusting volume and zooming via the camera, the other to stop and play music. The main menu is quite likeable too being simple and clean with all the options you need from phone and sim card settings, text messaging, camera, organiser and call log/stats. Even today I wouldn't mind going back to this phone because it got the job done, within reason, relying on good looks, sound and user interface, not random applications and games.

      - Good memory card
      - Quiet but firm vibration
      - Nice lighting
      - High res screen
      - 2-3 day battery life
      - 2 way video camera (calls)
      - The Internet (Limited)
      - A Very good music player
      - Photo software (simple)
      - Organiser
      - Alarm clock
      - Calculator
      - Recorder
      - Stopwatch
      - Bluetooth
      - E-mail
      - 3G


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      10.08.2009 19:02
      Very helpful



      Great phone cheap price what more could you ask for.

      In late 2007 i started looking for a cheap phone that suited all my needs. This phone inparticular caught my eye because it A. Had tons of features including bluetooth , a 2 megapixel camera and most importantly in my case a music player. B. I bought this phone for only £50 which was a bargin then and still is now. And C. The phone is a well layed out and its a nice and small phone not bombarded with buttons.

      So this was the only phone i wanted in the world. The battery is a key feature to make this phone a great success it lasts for around 1 week without overusing it. With my older phones it would of lasted for about 2-3 days but i wouldent of been able to use the phone as much, so that was a big plus.

      To be honest a havent really used the organiser enough to give you a view of what it does. But i use the music player in every day life and that is great it is set out perfectly with the different catergories (eg. Artist, Album) so that is a big factor. Also for texting the buttons a perfect for texting the buttons arent to big or to small.

      Whilst browsing the internet i found out that you can watch sky live on your phone for only around £1 a day i found this a very good buy since i am a football fan i just sat watching the football all day on my mobile.

      The video calling feature is stylish but something i dont see any point in putting on a phone like this. It also costs much more to video call then normally call someone so that is one to look out for.

      The downside is the flashing light on the top of the phone it flashes about every second this can get quite annoying if it is on your bed side table flashing in the corner of your eye every second. I decided to switch off my phone at night because of this.


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      01.09.2008 12:16
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A well-functioning phone on reasonable contract terms


      I have been a customer of Vodaphone since its inception - in fact since prior to that time as I had a "British Airways Travelphone" and the contract for this was sold to Vodaphone back in the dark ages!

      At the time I first established the contract it was on a rolling month-by-month basis - none of the "tying you in for 18m at a time" which now seems to be the norm. You also weren't given a cellphone by the mobile phone operator so, over the years, I have bought myself various 'phones, mostly Nokia ones.

      A couple of years ago I was just about to go on vacation to Florida and... the on/off button of my then Nokia phone gave up the ghost (disappearing inside the top casing of the phone!). I was in need of a phone in a hurry but having budgeted for my vacation I didn't have the spare ££ to go buy a new phone.

      I then remembered all the irritating adverts I had been ignoring on TV for "free phones with contract" and decided to give Vodaphone a call. The customer service centre suggested that I visit the local Vodaphone store and see what was on offer.

      It was quite an entertaining experience - up to now I hadn't appreciated that shopping for a cellphone could be like shopping for a pair of shoes... all about style, functionality, what suits etc etc! It was also funny when the guy behind the counter realised that I had been with Vodaphone longer than he had been alive!!

      Anway.. my fingers these days are quite stiff due to parkinson's and for the same reason I am not as nimble-witted as I used to be, so while I was beguiled by a pretty pink clamshell phone I acknowledged that it might not be the phone for me. In the end, I accepted the recommendation of the Sony Ericsson V630i and agreed to a contract (well I wasn't going to be changing cellphone operator anytime soon so why not benefit by getting a free phone and accepting an 18m contract!!).

      I was duly presented with my Vodaphone box and hurried home, just like a kid at Christmas (I do love new gadgets!).

      Once home, I opened the box and found in it:

      - cellphone
      - battery
      - speakers
      - earpiece
      - software CD
      - charger
      - user guide

      I am one of these uninspired individuals who reads/scans userguides before setting up techie stuff - probably because I don't do so very often - so this is where I started...making sure that the box did contain all it was supposed to.

      First off I put my SIM card into the phone and started charging it - it is frustrating how in this modern era one still has to fully charge a battery before being able to use a new product with a rechargeable battery!

      Once this was done I was ready to investigate the phone - having had a brief overview at the Vodaphone shop I knew it would be easy and instinctive - and to set up ringtones, alarms etc.

      Fortunately most of my address book ("contacts") had all been stored on the SIM so I didn't have much extra info to add and, as I only had two days before I was due to fly off on vacation, I didn't really want to have to spend overlong on the basics.


      The manufacturer's spec says it all, so suffice to say that this 3G/Triband cellphone does what Sony Ericsson says it will! From web-browsing at reasonable page-load speed to finding networks overseas and regular texting, all is as it should be.

      At startup you are offered two options, Menu and Toolbar. Menu takes you to a screen of icons. As you move to each icon, its title or description is displayed at the top of the screen and if you have had a cellphone before you readily identify what they represent, otherwise a quick look in the User Guide can enlighten. Toolbar takes you in turn to each of the four mainscreen icons representing Vodaphone Live!, New Events, Running Apps, My shortcuts. I rarely use the Toolbar option, though, tending mostly to find my way to what I want to do via the Menu!

      Setting up the phone and tailoring its functions to your preferences is, therefore, extremely easy as clicking on an icon takes you to a list or menu of options where you can forward through to what you want to do, to return to the top menu you just use the "back" key.


      The Sony Ericsson V630i is probably not going to win any awards for being pretty - it is a basic bar shape in black/grey trim with the call (make/end) buttons in silver - but having used this phone pretty constantly over the past two years I have yet to observe any signs of wear/tear on any of the buttons. The screen is a little marked, but not badly, and the quality of the graphics displayed remain sharp.

      The keys, however, are very cleverly designed. I have already mentioned my parkinson's and this means my fingers can be clumsy - it is rare, however, for me to make a mistake with this phone. The keypad buttons are quite large, so texting or dialling a number is easy, and the clever curve on the selection buttons makes moving forward/back physically simple. The central navigation button is also decently responsive although for someone wanting very quick or light reactions it might seem a little heavy. For me, though, it is perfect.


      I mostly use my cellphone for texting, phoning, playing basic games (when waiting for Dr appointments) and checking email/surfing the 'net. - I am what you would call a basic cellphone user. I cannot, therefore, comment on the more detailed aspects of the phone. Suffice to say that all the settings that I need to put in place for the functions I use are easy to find and easy to modify.


      A couple of times during the past two years I have wanted to modify my contract with Vodaphone and I have found the company to be very helpful in doing this (in respect of talk-time, texts, family/friends options). The advantage for me of a contract is that I can just set up a Direct Debit to pay the bill, the bill itself is available online (as well as on paper if you need or want this) in plenty of time for you to review it prior to its due payment date.

      That I am "tied in" to Vodaphone is fine by me - clearly I am a bit of a fuddy duddy in that I don't chop/change any kind of service provider just because I can - and thus far I see no disadvantages in either the phone itself or the contract!


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        31.05.2008 20:28
        1 Comment



        A great Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, with good speaker too.

        This is my current mobile phone and I've had it since last September (2007), giving me plenty of time to explore all of the functions that this phone has. It's great for texting because the buttons aren't too small and general navigation of the phone is good as well.

        When it came out it was fairly priced at just a little over £100, which is a very fair price in my opinion. It's also of a good size and the battery lasts a long time. I've had mine about 9 months and it still lasts up to and over a week with limited use (when I'm constantly texting it only lasts about 3 day, but that's still good).

        My only problems with this phone are that after 9 months of everyday use, the battery cover is a little loose (it still stays on, but unclips easily, which can be annoying). Also, there's a flashing light (not very bright, but still annoying) on the top of the phone that constantly flashes and to the best of my knowledge, cannot be turned off. Let me know if it can.


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          19.02.2008 22:27
          Very helpful


          • Reliability



          I have a couple of phones to be honest, one for work, one for day to day use and my back up plan when all my minutes have gone and I am 150 text over the amount of my free texts that I get for the month. I have had my Sony Ericsson V630i for just over a year now and I am very nearly due to upgrade soon which always excites me as to what I may have next. Having phones before from the likes of manufacturers Nokia, Samsung, and Sharp, I have found my Sony Ericsson to be one of the best phones that I have ever had.

          The phone itself I wouldn't say was too stylish. It is available in black and white, I opted for the white phone purely because all my phones in the past had been either black or silver so I wanted to have something different for a change. The past couple of phones that I had also were either slide or flip phones so I though having a something completely different for a change would be nice. The phone itself is relatively slim and is very light in weight. It has a colour screen on the front and the normal sort of key pad that most phones have. The buttons themselves I personally think are a little bit fidgetty. They are small and quick hard to press especially if you have nails like I do, sometimes I find it hard to text as quick, which is not good when I get through at 650 texts a month on this phone alone.


          The menu screen is very colourful and has pictures similar to clipart so you can quickly go to the option that you require. Using the left and right buttons on the keypad, moving over the different pictures, it does tell you at the top of the screen which section you are entering into. The options available within the menu are: Entertainment, Vodafone Live, Music Player, Camera, Messaging, My Files, Organiser and Tools, Contacts, Calls, Alarms , Video Calls and settings. When clicking on an individual menu, this then leads to a sub menu which is then full of various options. The phone itself is very easy to navigate around and I have found this to be one of the easiest I have ever used.


          This section has all your Java games available, plus much much more. Since I have had the phone I haven't really investigated this section much only when I first had it as I had two months free sky television and tried this option out. To be honest I don't think it is a great feature on a phone and I cancelled the subscription when I started to be charged for the service. The screen is way to small to be able to watch television and I don't think I have ever come across an appropriate time when I have wanted to use it as a television. I used it occasionally to watch Sky News and got a little bored with this feature. It also has a section where you are able to create and edit your own Music, Video's and Pictures. Again something I haven't used. I spend to much time designing things at work to come home and start editting things on my phone.

          Vodafone Live

          Obvioulsy, my contract is with vodafone and this is their internet service that they have on offer. I find Vodafone Live very useful, I have used it when travelling if I have wanted to look up something, however mainly use it to download music onto the phone. The connectivity is very quick which I am impressed with as other phones that I have used always seem to be relatively slow, which prooves annoying.

          Music Player

          I was expecting this phone to store a lot more music than it actually does. It has a 2GB memory stick however this quickly starts to evaporate the more music and videos that you put on. I probably have around ten albums on the phone but I thought its capacity would hold more. Playback is great and my phone came with mini speakers wven though there are speakers built into the phone and also came with ear phones if you want to use as a MP3 player and more private.


          The phone has the ability to do still pictures via the camera and also videos. The camera itself is 2 megapixel and I feel that the quality of the pictures that the phone captures is very good. When using the video's it isn;t to great and I feel they are a little distorted. The SOny Ericsson come with software that you can download onto your computers and can edit pictures accordingly and also transfer pictures to your phone. Pictures can be editted also directly from the phone.


          My favourite part of the phone and the scetion where create message, and reply getting battered. The phone itself stores many old messages and I have never been told that memory is full and I need to delete some which I find annoying with my bog standard Nokia, which when it hits 80 messages it tells me it's had enough. The messaging section not only allows you to text however you are able to set up email and also IM. Various reports are available should you require delivery reports or read receipts when sending messages however I don't tend to use these very often only if I am sending a message from this phone that is relating to my work.

          My Files

          This section allows you to store everything all in one place. Although pictures may be also in the camera folder, or music in the music player folder, a copy is always in my files and allows you to locate everything very quickly. It is all sub categoried so you able to locate the pictures that you took in one folder and pictures that may have been sent via blue tooth and don't originate on the phone on another folder.

          Organiser and Tools

          I only ever user this section to use the calculator, however you have the standard bits including time zones, stop watch etc within this section. There is also something called Face Warp where you can take a picture of someone and basically warp it which I found very funny when I discovered that and I think I tried it out on everyone.


          Basically this is purely a list with all you contact in. Nothing else I'm afraid.


          This section I find helpful and it stores quite a few of dialled, answered and missed calls over the month. These are just lists under subheadings in the category.

          Video Call

          The phone has 3G on it and if you know someone with a compatible you are able to have video calls. I have never used this feature, but it a nice feature to have to contact friends or people you know that are not in the area and when you don't have access to a web cam.


          This allows you change the time and date, volume, language and a lot of other useful things that I have never looked at. I do however use this section for call timers and to check how many messages I have sent over the month to try and keep control of it. You can change all the themes of the phone, wallpaper, screen saver, ring tone etc within this section.

          To turn the phone over it does look like a camera to be honest with a little lens on the reverse. It also has three small speakers on the reverse when using it for playback without ear phones. Volume can be adjusted at the side of the phone when using as an MP3 and there is also a button on the other side of the phone as a shortcut to the camera.

          The battery life on this phone is adequate. I do have to charge it every day over night, however I do use it a lot so its my fault that the battery drains pretty quick. There are also a lot of features that when used would also drain the battery.

          My contract is with Vodafone and I obtained the phone free when I upgraded. The packaging I am on costs £30 a month however my bill is always much more. This include 200 minutes of talk time and 500 free text messages a month. Picture and Video message are all chargeable.

          I think this is great little phone, may try something other than Sony next time but will definitely give them another go in the future.


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