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Sony Ericsson W705

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    9 Reviews
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      05.08.2012 01:37
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      The best phone I've had I hope it lasts me a while yet!

      I got this phone about 3 years ago free with a contract and I am still using it today. I have had three upgrades since including a new smart phone and have given them all to my partner as I prefer to use this one.
      The phone is available from £100 used on Amazon. It was first released in 2008.
      My phone is silver with a black keypad, looks and feels good. There is a little sliding lock to stop the back falling off the phone or coming loose.

      The phone is easy to navigate especially for those who have had sony ericsson phones before. It is east to change settings and change the volume, turn on/off vibrate and silent mode and use all the other functions. For those that haven't had a sony ericsson before it doesn't take long to get used to, just press the middle button and the menu with everything on it is there.

      The main thing I like about this phone is it has a very good battery life, probably due to the fact that it is a walkman phone. I don't use my phone a great deal anymore and the battery could last a week. If I am using it a lot, especially on holidays for taking photos and listening to music it still lasts 2 or 3 days. I expected to have had to replace the battery by now but haven't needed to.

      My phone came with a 4GB memory card, you can get a card with more memory if you need but I have over 300 songs, hundreds of photos and a few videos and I still have space on it.

      When I was on holiday a couple of years ago my camera broke, I decided I'd take photos on my phone as I'd already taken most of the pictures I wanted. The camera is 3.2mp and has a flash, the ability to zoom in and out, frames to take funny pictures, night mode, snap shot and lots of other features. When I looked at the pictures on the phone they looked good but when I uploaded the pictures onto the laptop the daytime pictures were better than any of the camera photos although the night ones were a little dull.

      The walkman phone allows you to create and save playlists of your music, you can also choose to listen to music on shuffle which plays the songs in a random order or play through them alphabetically. The phone comes with headphones which I have never had to replace. You can also play the music on loud speaker which is loud enough to listen to around the house. You can also get speakers for the phone but I didn't get any as I probably wouldn't use them. There is also a radio on the phone.

      Adding and editing contacts is simple and you can add plenty of number for home, office and mobile number. You can also add email addresses and notes and add photos of your contacts. There is also voice dialling and video calling on the phone.

      Text messaging is simple, you can send to multiple contacts, one person, create groups of contacts, forward messages and send emails and pictures.

      The phone has plenty of applications, my favourite which is my wallpaper is walkmate, where your phone doubles up as a pedometer and shows how many steps you have walked each day. It sets a goal of 10000 steps per day and has a bar chart showing how close to your goal you are.

      Other applications include a calculator, note pad, alarm clock, track ID, currency converter, measurement converter, internet access, wifi, bluetooth, calendar and voice recorder.

      I can't praise this phone enough, my handbag is so much lighter with it. I no longer carry an mp3 player, camera, diary, pen and paper as it's all in the one phone.


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      29.06.2011 13:19


      • Reliability


      A reliable and easy to use phone but with some sluggish elements.

      At first I found this phone to be extremely easy to use with no visible drawbacks. The walkman function worked quickly and, i'd say, to the same standard as any other mp3 player. However, this was only true when there were few songs on the memory card. As soon as the number of songs was over around 250 the phone started to become sluggish and would take a long time to change songs. Although this is a large drawback, the majority of the other phone functions work well. Making calls and texting are simple and the addition of viewing text messages as a 'conversation' is highly useful when trying to remember what was said in a previous message. Battery life is relatively good as, after having this phone for almost a year, it still lasts for several days unless you use the walkman function regularly which leads to the phone needing to be charged more often.
      As a phone it is reliable and easy to use but some of the functions can become sluggish over time.


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      08.03.2010 00:06



      Normally make excellent phones but this model fails to impress

      I got this phone free when I joined Orange last year and after having three successful Sony Ericsson relationships, I have to admit I was slightly disappointed with the W705! Don't get me wrong, I have no major complaints about this handset, but before I received it I imagined it would have been sleeker. It's a bit sluggish at times when opening messaging and calls log, but my biggest problem is mobile internet. It takes a while to connect and sometimes fails to connect at all. I appreciate a reason for this may be coverage but i've tried it in cities with excellent wap coverage and there has been little improvement.
      Additionally, even though I don't constantly use my phone for calls/messaging (unlike my friends), the battery life for this handset is also poor. I have to recharge every second or third day, even if it has hardly been in use. However this did not surprise me, as I have had similar experience with my other SE phones from the past. I was also disappointed by the camera - even when I transferred my pics to my PC they remained of relative poor quality. I hate giving SE a negative review as overall I think they make fab phones, but was unimpressed by this attempt.


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      01.03.2010 18:03
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A very good phone that I would recommend!!!

      I have been on contract with O2 for several years now and when my last upgrade was due, I popped into my local O2 shop to see what new phone I could get and was greeted with the news that I couldn't get anything worth having. They were literally offering me a choice of four phones, all of which were vastly inferior to the phone I had at the time (a Sony Ericsson w810i). I decided not to upgrade with them , instead I decided to phone O2 and get through to their retentions department.

      Upon calling and telling them I was really not impressed with what they were offering me in terms of upgrading considering I have been a loyal customer for so many year. After a bit of discussion, they offered me the phone I wanted free of charge and gave me a discounted tariff, which came with plenty of free text messages and unlimited O2 to O2 calls.

      The phone I chose was the W705. My reasons for going for this phone were fairly simple. Firstly I really like the way Sony Ericsson phones just work. All the SE phones I have had have been really reliable and very stable, seldom crashing unlike other handsets I've had. Also, I like the software that is built into the phones, it's fast, simple to use and very intuitive. Secondly, I wanted a phone for playing music and the W705 with it's included memory card (4GB) gave me plenty of space for music. I have to admit I also really like the styling of the phone.

      Anyway, few days later and my phone arrived. I have been using it for several months now and feel I can write a decent review of it.

      ***** The Phone *****


      95mm x 46mm x 14mm (closed)

      This phone is a bit of an inbetweener, it is not the smallest phone out there nor is it in the big phone camp. For me it is just the right size, it fits easily into a pocket but it large enough for you to know that you are carrying it, unlike some of the tiny handsets I've tried in the past, which felt like they would be easy to lose because you could never really feel if you were carrying them.

      The phone is a slider type phone. The front panel slides up to reveal the keypad. opening and closing the phone also operates the key lock which is quite handy as most of the time you will find yourself sliding the phone open for example to right a text message, and in doing so the phone unlocks. This is a very welcome change to my W810i which required manual unlocking, which nearly drove me mad on many many an occassion.

      The screen is nicely sized at 38mm x 50mm visible area. It is nice and bright and very sharp indeed. This screen makes using the phone nice and easy.

      Below the screen there is a small collection of buttons, which are designed in a three circle format.

      The left circle is made up of three buttons. A 'soft' button whose function changes depending on what you are doing with the phone, the call button, which you can use to answer calls, call a number you've dialled, or access the Calls list. And finally the task button which brings up the task window. This windows shows what tasks are running, and also gives you quick access to alerts (such as missed calls or text messages), shortcuts, and internet short cuts.

      The middle circle is comprised of a four way directional circle button and a circular central button. The four way button is used to navigate through the menus etc of the camera. The centre button is a soft button, whose function most of the time is to select the option you are currently on, but also changes as you are doing different tasks on the phone.

      The final circle again comprises of three buttons, the top one being another 'soft' button, the middle being the hang up/power button and thd third being the cancel/delete button.

      Despite the buttons being fairly small in size, they are nicely shaped to make it very easy to distinguish them apart from just the touch of your thumb, and they feel very positive in use so you know you have actually pressed them. I have not had any problem with pressing the wrong buttons whilst using this phone!!!

      Onto the Keypad which is revealed by sliding the screen up. The area of the keypad measures a mear 38mm x 22mm, and contains four rows of three buttons. Now this maysound like a small area and indeed, the buttons are small. However, this has clearly been thought about as each button is separated by approximately half a millimetre and is gently
      curved from top to bottom. This makes the buttons really really easy to distinguish and in use there are again no problems with pressing the wrong button...unlike the C905, which I have used which has a completely flat keypad and is a bit of a night mare to use! Again, these buttons have a nice positive action and a nice click (not audible) with
      each press so you know you have pressed it.

      Staying on the front panel, just above the screen there is a small camera for making video calls...though I have never used this as who really ever makes video calls???

      Moving to the back of the phone, you have the obligatory SE logo, along with a nice walkman logo. there is also a nice mesh speaker grill covering the speaker used for handsfree and music playing. There is also the lens for the 3.2megapixel camera and the LED light for both the camera and the torch.

      The top edge of the phone houses the Walkman button which gives direct access to the button and is also used for the shake controls for the walkman. However, this button is so tiny and hard to press, I'd be willing to bet good money that it doesn't get used more than a dozen times in the phones entire life!!!

      The left hand edge houses the SE socket used for the charger/handfree kit/headphone/data cable. It is the same socket that SE have been using for a while now meaning the phone is compatible with other equipment you might have from previous SE phones.

      One nice addition relating to this is the fact that the charger which comes with the phone has a pass through socket on the back, which allows you to for example plug in your handsfree kit while the phone is charging...handy!!!

      The right edge of the phone houses the shutter button for the camera and the zoom/volume rocker button. Both are fairly easy to feel and use.

      The bottom edge houses nothing but a locking slider, which holds the casing in place. The casing need to be taken off to gain access to the memory card, something I personally welcome as I know some other previous SE phones have suffered problems when the memory card has accidentally been removed while the phone is on. Having to remove the
      casing minimises the risk of this as it will give you more time to realise what you are doing.

      Overall, the phone is very well made, with everythign feeling sturdy and robust, even the slider mechanism, which feels solid and very positive in action. The back of the phone is lightly rubberised, which help to stop it slipping in your hand. Everything about the phone is well placed and easy to reach, which makes using the phone nice and

      ***** Software *****

      The software on this, and indeed other SE phones is great as ever, everything is very intuitive and simple to use. Seldom will you find yourself struggling to find an option or a function, everything is neatly laid out, exactly where you would expect it to be.

      The software is also nice and quick, with menus loads very fast and selections being made very quickly. There is no waiting around like I found on other phones when testing them before my upgrade. Even the fullest message inbox loads quickly with barely any slowdown, even when you have a couple of thousand or more text messages stored!

      I never turn my phone off, and in the time I have had it I have only experienced two maybe three software crashes which have required me to power cycle the phone. Apart from that it has been incredibly stable in use.

      ***** Features *****

      There are a lot of features on the phone, most of which people expect and know how to use, as such I feel that running through them all in great detail would be a waste of both my time and yours!!! Instead I shall quickly mention a few of the major features which I have opinions on, everything else can be deemed to be as you would want and expect.

      1) Camera

      Having come from the W810i which had a 2megapixel (if I remember rightly) camera with autofocus, the camera in this phone is a little disappointing. Although the pixel count has increased, there is no autofocus and very limited zoom.

      The pictures it takes can be pretty good (in terms of camera phone cameras of course) but it can be tricky at times to get a decent picture as the lack of autofocus makes it hard to pinpoint exactly what you want in focus.

      The flash/camera light is also nothing to write home about. I wanted to go for a phone with an LED camera light rather than a proper flash as the function I have used more than almost anything else is the torch, which I find incredibly helpful. When I discovered that most phones with a proper flash don't have this function, I had to rule them out.

      The light on the W705 is sadly not as good as the one on the W810i. The 810 had two nice bright LEDs which gave a great light for both picture taking and torch use, the W705 only has one LEd which to be honest is useless for photo taking and is really a little dim for torch use but at least I can still use it as a torch!

      2) Media functions

      a) Music & Video

      This is really where the phone excels, it is so quick and simle to browse through your media and find what you want.

      If you have videos encoded correctly for the phone, the picture is good due to the high quality of the screen.

      The sound quality of the phone and included headphones is really quite something, and certainly better than you might imagine. There is decent bass and nicely detailed high stuff along with great mid range sound. I've enjoyed many an hour listening to music and radio on this phone.

      Oddly, the radio isn't included as a part of the media software and instead is a separate thing. The reception is good and the sound nice and clear. Presets are easy to set and use.

      There is a function whereby you music can be scanned for tempo and frequency which then allows the phone to automatically pick a playlist for you. All you have to do is decide if you want fast/slow, happy or sad songs and any matching your requirements will be added to your play list...it's brilliant!!!

      The only downside, is the fact that the built in speaker is rather quiet and not great quality...though personally I think this is actually a positive thing as if more phones where like this the horrid trend for chavvy kids walking about with tinny music playing out loud from their phones disturbing the peace might die out!!!

      b) Photos

      This is a pretty decent phone for displaying photos on, the great screen shows them nice and clearly, and you can automatically rotate pictures between landscape and portrait display just by turning the phone. Also, unlike one of my previous phones, it actually has the power to quickly and smoothly switch between pics and zoom in and out.

      It's a bit of a shame that the camera is not that great as a combination of the decent software and a great camera would be killer!!!

      Included in the software on the version of the phone I have is a preinstalled application for facebook which allows you to quickly and easily take photos and upload them to your profile while you are out and about. I've not really used it but it seems to function quite well.

      3) Text Messaging

      This is by far the most used function of my phone! Like my previous SE phones, this is a joy to text with, the combination of the easy to use keypad, predictive text and decent texting method (unlike some makes I've tried in the past) make this phone perfect for texting. It responds very quickly too, so if you are a lightning fingered person, this will have no problems keeping up with you.

      There is also a rather natty feature which suggests the next word. If you use particular phrases a lot the phone will recognise this and suggest the next word to use it, just press the right direction button, if that's not what you want, just keep typing as normal. This might not sound like a very useful feature but in actual fact if you send fairly regular texts, it can really save time!

      Adding your own words into the dictionary is very simple, and the phone happily learns your preferences when it comes to button presses that could be more than one word (eg pressing 6 then 3 could be 'me' or 'of') which again saves time.

      Messages received can be viewed in the typical in box format, or much more usefully in a conversation format which shows, in speech bubbles, both the messages you've received from a contact and those you've sent back, in order which really does help if you are having a conversation as you caneasily refer back to what you've sent and received.

      Also, the phone seems to not have any strict limit imposed on the memory used by text messages, unlike some of my phones of the past - which despite having plenty of memory only had a small amount allocated and useable for texts. I have had well over 2000 texts in my inbox, and loads in my sent box too, and still the PC software I use with my phone says Ihave space for thousands more, great stuff!!!

      4) Calls

      Making and receiving calls is of course very simple as with most mobiles. Call quality is a little below par when using the actual phone as the speaker, which I have already mentioned, is not great, and it seems that the microphone is a little too sensitive causing a bit of distortion for the person on the other end of the line.

      Using the included handfree kit completely removes these problems and sound quality from both headphones and speaker is great, even when reception is not ideal.

      My increased use of handsfree has also led me to investigate the voice dialling functions of the phone, which allows dialling of phone numbers with a mere press of a button and a simple voice command. You have to individually set a voice command for each number you wish to be able to dial but that only takes a few moments and is simple to do. Once done, you merely press the button on the handsfree mic, say the command and the phone dials the number...what could be easier?

      5) PC software

      The software included with the phone is ok but does have a tendency to be rather slow and clunky. Once this software is installed though, you can use a great piece of software called My Phone Explorer, which is both free and brilliant!!!

      It has calendar functions, allows you to send and receive text messages, edit contacts etc and transfer files to and from your phone. It works pretty much flawlessly and is nice and swift in operation. It also supports pretty much all the SE phones. I would recommend it to anyone with any SE phone!!!

      6) Extras

      The phone is capable of running java apps etc, which are simple to install (unlike Samsung phones which have always been a chore). One of the included apps is a step counter which can be set as your wall paper. It uses sensors in the phone which detect whether the phone is portrait or landscape (used when view pics, websites or text files) and then counts how many steps you've done in a day. This is a very interesting thing and useful if you're trying to be more active.

      ***** Conclusion *****

      After a few months of using this phone I really do love it! It does everything I want from a phone, and does the things I do most, really really well. Texting is a pleasure, fast and simple and easy with some great time savers which actually work.

      Calling is simple, especially with voice control activated, and call quality with the handsfree kit is great.

      I love listening to music and this phone really really excels here. The sound quality is great and the included memory card gives you enough space for a good amount of music. Of course you could always by a larger card if you want even more space!

      The camera is a slight let down but to be honest I don't find this to be much of a negative as I hardly use it anyway.

      Buyild quality is great and the whole phone feels well built. The only bad thing I would have to say about the build is the fact that the glass in the screen doesn't seem to be the same scratch resistant stuff that was in my W810i and has suffered a bit from scratches..nothing too bad but if you wanted to use this phone for an extended period, I think it might end up scratched to death.

      On the whole I would thoroughly recommend this phone to anyone, except perhaps people who rely on their phone to take great pictures regularly.

      I'd give this 4.5 stars if I could but as I cant I'll give it 5 withthe proviso that it'd be a 4 if you want to take a lot of photos.


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        24.11.2009 10:15
        Very helpful



        Great, reliable, easy to use phone

        After many years of being loyal to Nokia (why I do not know!), I changed to Sony Ericsson and this is my second phone with this brand.

        Now that I have tried Sony Ericsson, I have no idea why I stayed with Nokia for so long.

        This particular phone is fairly standard but I don't really need anything that fancy. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera, video camera, light and you can use it as a walkman with your own playlist or radio.

        In terms of why I think Sony Ericsson is a great brand of phone is that it seems to have been designed with consumer use in mind. What I mean is that it seems to know what you are going to do with it and assists - ie. in the text messaging, predictive text goes further than just guessing a word. It tries to predict what your sentence may be by using historical information. Although some people might find this so basic and nothing to shout about, I find it a great tool.

        The navigation around the phone is also simple and sensical. The calendar and contacts functions have a lot of options within them.

        I've had this phone since the start of the year and (touch wood) have had no problems with it. I am on an 18 month contract and got the phone free as part of my upgrade on Orange so not sure how much this would retail for.

        All I would say is that the Sony Ericsson phones seem to be designed thinking of the consumer and I would encourage anyone to give them a try.


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        06.10.2009 17:04
        Very helpful



        I like this phone, shame about my first month's use.

        I was recently due my mobile phone upgrade, and I am not a technology body, I don't like learning new things, I don't like change, and I like what I know.

        So knowing all the above, I thought about the phone I was replacing, the Sony Ericsson w880i, I had got used to the Sony Ericsson layout and didn't want to learn something new, so this narrowed my search to Sony.

        I was not at all interested in the lastest, bestest phone, which according to my other half is the iphone. No thank you. I don't like touch screen, and I generally use my phone as a phone, I don't need a mini computer in my bag!

        After looking at the latest Sony Ericsson phones, I notice the slidable w705, it looked sleek and stylish (being black and silver) and had everything I wanted, I could make calls, receive texts and take the occasional photo. Great. You can get this phone in three different colours, or should I say they do three different colours, I don't know if they are available in the UK though. There is the black / silver, black / red and the silver only.

        It was the same size as my previous phone at: 9.5 cm in length, 4.8 cm in width and 1.4 cm in depth. It weighs approximately 100 grams and is quite a weighty phone, but not overly heavy. It has substance and probably wouldn't break too easily and could take a few drops on the floor.

        I placed my order with o2 and realised as I am on a contract I got this phone for free, to buy the phone separately costs £165.73 on o2 pay as you go, reduced from £195.73.

        This phone is part of the walkman range and a newer version of my previous phone. The features this phone has are:
        * 2.4 inches QVGA display with up to 256k colors
        * High definition 3.2 Mega Pixel camera
        * Works on Quad band GSM and supports all 3G features
        * Compatible with WLAN, WiFi
        * 120 MB of internal memory which can be extended up to 4GB using memory stick
        * USB 2.0, v2.0 with A2DP
        * FM radio with RDS
        * Bluetooth but no infrared port
        * Long lasting standard Li-ion Battery with standby time of over 400 hours
        I really like this phone, I got it, and feel in love with the look of it, I especially like the texture of the phone itself, it is rubbery on the back and makes gripping it easy, it's not slippy like some phones can be.

        My biggest issue with this phone is I have had it a month now, and unfortunately I have had some trouble, I have blue toothed all my pictures, ring tones etc over to this phone and then realised every few days it was almost crashing, whereby I wouldn't be able to open the pictures, and the ring tone and message tone I had set would not play and it would be one that came with the phone, also the picture I had set as

        If I turned off the phone and turned it back on it seemed to go back to my settings but this was a bit annoying. I rang o2 and they said it was possibly a software error and I had to do a master reset. This was a bit irritating as it erased all my text messages, I had to transfer all pictures and ring tones on to the computer and the phone numbers to the sim card or they'd all be wiped.

        I do like this phone, a lot, and hopefully now I have done the above, everything will be ok, I will let you know. It comes with extra's like wifi and the walkman which do make this much more than a phone, but it's not invasive and if you want just a phone you can use it as such. If you want all the extra's it is great because there is a whole section under media, that has all music stored, pictures and other bits and pieces. There is also another area for the radio.

        The phone menu's are in the same format as previous Sony Ericsson models and are easy to navigate if you are new to them. The phone is very visual and does use a lot of symbols but these are related to what they are and are easily identifiable.

        I would recommend this phone. I am glad I have it for 18 months. My last upgrade didn't last a month before I got rid of it, and changed it. This one seems it will last, I can send a text and answer the phone easily.

        I have rated reliability low because so far that is all I have seen - but like I said, hopefully it'll be up from here on.


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          18.09.2009 18:31
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          Another great phone by SE

          This is another one in the range of Sony Ericsson's Walkman phones,and is probably one of the best Walkmans phones ever produced. Of course this is also a mobile phone and has many useful features that you would expect to get on a mobile phone of today.

          The Sony Ericcson W705 is a slider phone with the main numerical buttons hidden beneath the top. The phone itself is quite thin for a slider type phone and it has a sleek well finished design The sleak silver metal finish adds to the quality of this well built phone.

          The W705 has a Walkman endorsed MP3 player built in so you can listen to your music using the built in speaker or use any standard set of headphones to listen privately. The Onscreen MP3 player shows album art, artist, album and song listing. It is basically having a very good MP3 built into your mobile phone. Using the main control buttons to change in between songs is easy and very simple. Ths sound quality from the speaker is great as long as you don't blast at full level, where the sound can become a little distorted. The extra features of the MP3 inculde shake control allowing the user to switch between tracks by shaking the phone, and track id for listening to unknown songs. The MP3 player can play MP£/AAC and MPEG4 files. As with most music phones, you alo have a built in FM radio for when you want to listen to some other tunes.

          This high spec phone also has a very good 3.2 megapixel camera that takes high quality photos on the go aswell as decent quality short videos. There is a light to brighten up pictures in the dark. No need to worry about memory as the phone has a onboard 120mb capacity which can be expanded to a huge 8gb using a M2 memory card.

          The phone has many other great features such as bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to the internet. The phone has all the basic communication functions such as calling, texting, sending emails, and even video calling. The buttons are easy to press and thus makes it very easy when texting.

          The battery life is very good with up to 400 hours standby and a decent 10 hours when you are constantly making calls. this is a very good standard for a high spec phone like this.

          This is a very good phone especially for those who do not like the iPhone. It is reasonably priced depending what type of payment plan you get. It is a very sturdy and well built phone that has never given me problems. I use the MP3 player a lot and often nowadays leave my seperate MP3 in the house just to use the built in one. I highly reccommend this phone to any person looking to buy a decent phone with built in MP3 player.


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          03.09.2009 09:53
          Very helpful
          1 Comment


          • Reliability


          A great value phone with the added bonus of wifi!!

          I recently had to replace my phone, which was a Sony Ericsson W880i, as I had broken the screen. After searching I came upon the W705 as a replacement.

          It looks very stylish, as it is silver with dark grey/black around the screen, and it has a black back, which has a rubbery feel, so good for grip. It is a decent sized phone at, 95mm x 48mm x 14mm, and it weighs 98g. It feels very solid and would take a few bangs to it.

          The price is £215, which I thought great value for money!!

          This phone has wifi built in to it, which was the first reason why I bought it as I love the internet! The wifi is in the connectivity part of the settings. When you turn it on it automatically searches for available networks to connect to.

          The phone came with a memory card already in it, and it was a 2gb, which was great because it will hold all the music I need. The quality of the sound is really good and the earphones have a 3.5mm jack so you can put alternate earphones in if you wish. The phone also has a radio which I love as my old phone didnt.

          The menu is easy to navigate even for the novice. I like the fact that the music, songs, videos and photos are all under one tab-media, so you can keep all things together. The phone also has the facebook application built in which I love because I am an addict.

          Overall I would recommend this phone to anyone. It has everything you need and has the added bonus of the wifi.


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            22.04.2009 20:04
            Very helpful



            great easy to use phone

            There's a new phone on the block !
            I have had my last phone for some time now and have been really happy with it. I didn't think anything could replace the easy to use features of it. However, last week the phone froze. I think my Granddaughter sucking it might have had something to do with it.

            My contract only had 6 weeks to go so after phoning Orange and trying several things to get it going, there were still several problems with it. I could get into the contacts and managed to save them onto the SIM. However, texting and taking photos was a no-no. Orange gave me several options one of them being an early up-grade, which was £10 a month cheaper and had the same free texts and minutes. I was given a choice of 3 phones.
            Before jumping in I decided to go on-line and check them out...
            And the winner is ........ The Sony Ericsson W705 >>>> round of applause!

            ***** Why ? ****
            This slide phone was very similar to my little black life line of before, but with bigger and better features. I really loved the slide feature and camera positioning of this newer model. Because of the Bank hols I had to wait until Tuesday for delivery. However, I had only ordered this on Thursday so I didn't have to wait long.

            ***** What's included in the package ****
            The small black box arrived lunchtime as promised and this is what was included:
            * The sleekly, silver phone with built in walkman - this phone also comes with 3.2 megapixel camera, FM radio, A 262K Colour TFT display and because I'm on an Orange contract - Orange Music & Orange HD live TV and 4GB memory card.
            * Battery - which was really easy to fit - put you're SIM card in 1st though!!
            * SIM card - that needs to be registered even if your keeping your number.
            * Charger - wall charger that slots into the top, left side of phone with ease and has additional socket space I will explain about later.
            * Stereo handset - that has fittings that can be used while phone charging.
            * Radio receiver - that headphones plug into and into phone.
            * USB cable - to connect phone to PC direct.
            * Application CD. - ( PC- suite media manager)
            * User guide - Which was really well set out, with every thing you need from getting started to detailed information on each feature of the phone.

            If you are an Orange user they will also send you information about the Orange Music store, downloads, games, transferring numbers, magic numbers and Orange World. You also receive a booklet about how you can used your phone to obtain cinema tickets 2 for 1, broadband, calling from aboard and sports results.
            After setting my phone up and putting it on charge (which was so easy my gran could've done it ) I called Orange and registered the SIM, my old number was transferred within an hour and I was up and running.

            ****The Phone****
            The phone was smaller and felt slightly lighter than my old one, at 108grams it was actually 10g heavier, but didn't feel it. Its length it a tidy 9.5cm, width 4.5 cm & diameter 1.5 cm. Its silver front has a screen 4 x 5cm that gives the clearest pictures and images. The selection control keys under the screen consist of 1 middle circle that it's the navigation control. The 2 adjoining keys are : (left key) call key & multitasking key, (right key) end call, on/off & clear button. At the top of the front cover the ear speaker, screen light sensor & video - call camera is situated.

            This elegant cover slides smoothly upwards to reveal the key pad underneath that light up immediately. The keys are very smooth to touch and at first I though far too close together. However, they are separated by small gold discs that seem to recognise which number / letter you are pressing. So all you big fingered men take heed and don't worry.
            To compliment the sleek smooth finish of the front of this phone, the back is finished in a black, soft rubbery material that is very smooth to touch but helps you grip the handset. The whole of the back pulls up after you release the small unlock button at the bottom of the phone. At first I was a bit wary that I might break it but it is sturdy as well as flexible. This case also contains the main camera lens and flash.

            The camera button is positioned on the lower right side with the volume controls at the top.
            The charger socket point is on opposite upper left side of the phone.

            **** The Phone Features included ****
            Wow - how many features !!!! Many of them are similar to me old phone, which is great so I won't spend another 2 weeks working out how everything works.
            One feature I do like is the added socket one the charger. If you are charging your phone and want to listen to music you can plug the charger in and then plug the headphone leads into the charger. This is due to the design of the charger. It has a double-sided socket that plugs into your phone - Genius!

            **** The camera ****
            I was really impressed with the camera on this phone. This 3.2 megapixel camera can take photos and record videos instantly. The quality is crisp and clear. Both aspects have a zoom feature to help obtain a more detailed / focused image. When viewing photos they appear quickly and moving between images it fast. The camera also has a photo fix feature that help improve your pictures. By using the CD you can also use the Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition to transfer and edit photos and videos on your PC. This is very easy to do by using the USB lead straight from you phone to your computer.

            ****Calling & Texting****
            Calling is just like most modern mobiles. Contacts can be stored on both SIM & Memory card - transferring numbers between either is really easy to do and details can be found in the user manual. One feature I have found really useful on this phone is the prompt of contacts that display as you're typing in a number. If you can't be bothered to go into your address book you can start tapping in the first few numbers of your contact, if you know them, and all the numbers in your address book starting with these will be displayed onscreen, you can then scroll down to your desired contact.

            There is one aspects of video calling that many cause frustration - both parties need to be in video calling coverage areas. But this is a standard feature of many phones.
            Texting is just as easy, there is the option for predicted text if you can use it - that feature always frustrates me so looking up how to get rid of it was one of the first things I set in place. There are several options for sending messages such as email, MMS and orange mail for orange users.

            When texting you can also attached photos, smiley faces / icons, videos and sounds, which really bring your messages to life with a personal touch. If sending to several people the 'mark several' option is easy to use.

            **** Music / sounds & Walkman ****
            The music options available on this Sony W705 is vast. They include:
            * Stereo portable handsfree
            * Walkman player
            * Track ID
            * Online music & video clips
            * Video player
            * FM Radio
            * Music DJ
            * And recording sounds of your own

            If I went into detail with each one of these features I would bore you to tears.
            The walkman is a great feature on any phone and I am in the process of building my own playlist and transferring them onto my phone.
            I have also been able to transfer music via the Bluetooth feature. This is the quickest and cheapest way on downloading music onto your phone.
            **** Other extras new to me ****

            WOOHOO - I have free Wi-Fi that I can connect to my wireless broadband at home and if in public places that have this feature can check my ebay account ( that I've stored into my favourites on the phone) e mail accounts and generally surf the net. This feature is new for me and I am still getting use to how to use it but have done the above within a few hours of playing with my new toy. So it is easy - believe it or not - it is!
            **** Other features not mentioned so far ****

            When setting up your phone you have the option to set up quick shortcuts to access the following features;
            * Calendar
            * Address book
            * Call history
            * Messaging / texting
            * Walkman / music
            * Orange World
            There is also a built in accelerometer - this is the device that senses the movement of the phone and will turn pictures and images to the direction of the handset.

            The phone takes about 2.5 hours to charge fully and can last up to 9 hours, depending on what you are doing with the phone.

            ****My final thoughts****
            To sum up I absolutely love this new additional to my life - although I haven't named every feature of this little silver beauty I hope that what I have reviewed so far will give you a good insight into this product.
            Its elegant silver top and striking black underbelly makes it attractive. Its vast features make it an efficient piece of modern technology.
            I really recommend this product.

            Thanks for reading
            X hev
            Also on dooyoo


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