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Sony Ericsson W900i

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    4 Reviews
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      05.08.2010 21:53
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      This is a great back up for your main handset or a capable cheap alternative to a contract.

      I owned this phone for about 18 months a few years ago and it was the first Sony Ericsson I had ever had. Almost everything about this phone was amazing at the time. The camera was great, the features were excellent and the sliding mechanism always surprised people, but it also had one downside. It made me fall for the brand and buy into two more Sony Ericssons which were both a disappointment.

      The phone was revolutionary for its time and I feel that it would still make a great back up for your main handset some four years down the line. When this phone was released, it had the market-leading camera, a novel and extremely accessible menu, a great amount of personalisation potential and had a great exterior design. It was the first phone on which I could use Opera mini software and be able to play a broad range of games. While these are now standard across the industry, it is surprising that a phone which did all these was around back then.

      Despite the camera being supposedly weaker than those on modern phones, I honestly thought the snaps were better than the k850i I replaced this phone with and are comparable to the Xperia X1. Its music potential is the main selling point and the functionality is extremely good.

      One last good point is that throughout my ownership of this phone, absolutely nothing went wrong. The phone did not do the usual act of slowing down to a standstill over time. None of the components deteriorated. Even the external plastics and screen lasted extremely well through average usage.

      Whatever you think of a brand, if you want a cheap handset which will do everything you would typically want a phone do and be durable, go out and get one.


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      11.05.2009 14:42
      Very helpful
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      Handle with extreme care.

      This is an old review so the prices will be out, as it was originally written for ciao 2 years ago, basically straight after the phone came onto the market:

      Well I wish I had insurance on this, So due to some financial mess up's of my own I managed to get this on a contract, get the contract cancelled, get the phone broken all within a month...and never thought of insuring it.
      As with all my phones since about 2000, It's a Sony, which I've often felt had the best interface, very acceptable build quality, and I had replacement wires lying about for chargers etc (good reason to be loyal).
      So when the thing came in the post, bunged in my sim, bunged the charger in and my m2 1gb memory card (from my previous K800i), which is where I noticed the phone having it's own 1gb card (worth about £25 new). So this was immediately handy, allowing all my music (around 250) pictures (around 600) videos (about 30) to be moved in an instant.
      Now where as I was used to Sony's I'd been using the K series (K700i, K750i, K800i) for about 4 years, and ended up with a w (walkman phone), which focuses on entertainment side of things. It's music player is easier for example, to use, although personally I wouldn't agree with this claim made by Sony, but we'll go with it for now. The K series is better known as the camera series with most recent being the k850i, which boats an alarming 5mp camera.
      Anyway the W seems to be for weak, after having the phone for about 3 weeks, I walked to work with it in my pocket, hoping to make the most of the music functionality on the way home, somehow the screen got damaged and I've not manged to get it fixed yet (middle of December), knowing the price of this sort of repair, it's really not worth getting repaired. Which has led me to getting a new phone (w610i) whi I've not really gotten too used to yet, but I like it's almost hybrid of styles, with the K's candy bar shape and the W's walkman software it seems to suit both my needs.

      Anyway back to the phone at hand, it's a slider phone which is all black bar the central buttons, which have replaced the old style thumbsticks (which became unresponsive after moderate to heavy useage), I can't comment on whether this goes from wear and tear, as well...I didn't get to use it enough...The central silver button is primary to the Walkman feature though, so I'd hope it works better than the old thumbsticks.
      The main advantage of this slider style, could also be the problem, the large screen which I thinks about 80% bigger than the phone I've got since, which is a godly thing to see it's easily one of the best screens I've ever seen on a phone...shame it dies so easily.
      When slided up the bottum reveals very sleek buttons almost flat with the phone (allowing it to slide, duh), rather than buttons that stand out (that I had become used to) or even the "lines" that are used on the W610i (still not used to these). These buttons don't really have a solid feel, and given one that doesn't smash, I feel the buttoms would wear down very quickly.
      Camera on the phone is only 2mp (the same as the W610i) which is worse than the old k800i (3.2 mp) which can be bought for around 1/4 of the price (£79.99), which makes me feel that sony have gone backwards some what with the phone. Theres no real technological advances, in the phone it's self.
      Sure it looks nice, shiny and sexy just like any new phone should, but it fails to meet upto the build standard I've come to expect of Sony, I will be looking into getting it fixed as it is a decent phone, just not worth the £300+ that's being asked for it. For a similar price your probably able to pick up the much better K850i, which I must beg you to get instead.

      The battery I found was to be excellent, though as with all phone batteries, it will be wonderful for the first 6 months, then go down hill rather swiftly, whether you can hold this against the phone or not, is arguable but the poor quality of the screen seems to make the phone effectively unusable.

      Post original writing edits:
      The phone with the dodgy screen was passed onto my brother who paid to get the screen replaced, sadly the replacement cost £25 and lasted a mere matter of weeks before it had again gone, he repeated this one more time before giving up. The phone would seem like it needs to be encased in cotton wool for the life time of the device, which when you consider the passing technological advances in the market since it became available, you should really pass up on the chance to own one. For the price go for either the K800i or the k770i (I'd advise the 800 personally).


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        04.10.2008 11:55
        Very helpful



        What a phone in its day!

        This is the 3rd walkman, and it is one of my favourites. The design was what appealed to me most, and that it was white, really got me in the heart, because 2005-2006 was not really the years of white coloured phones.

        It was a high-range phone, and though it no longer is on the shelves, and no longer high range, it is still a good phone though for the honesty, I would not recommend it now.

        But like all phones, I shall recite the goods and the bads. Bads first...to change things up a little. This is why I wouldn't get this phone now;
        It is quite thick, chunky and heavy, with 150g and 24mm. This is why the phone was a powerhouse (back in the day) but we don't need this kind of dimensions nowadays for a powerhouse - just look at N96. This is a huge phone and the screen (though brilliant) is only 2.2inches. I suppose the other functions are good and livable, it's just this size problem which is the main issue.

        Good points; and this phone has nearly everything. Fantastic walkman player, nice loud speaker, bluetooth, infrared and even 3G support. Memory is expandable of course, and FM radio, and a nice snappy 2MP camera. The user interface is similar to that of W800i, and quick and easy to use. The swivel design, very much like that of S700i, but smoother action, is cool too.

        Overall, it is an outdated top of the range phone, which is affordable now, for around £50-60. The size is the main problem, but if size is no option, then this phone iwll be for you.


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        09.03.2006 17:58
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        The W900i is one impressive phone and one that can do a lot more than hold a tune

        Every year I get to upgrade my mobile phone for free and every year I spend a long time deciding what kind of phone I want, what features I want it to have, what I will use the phone for and also I also look for the latest phone on the market.

        This year I have opted for the Sony Ericsson W900 (i) 3G-enabled mobile phone, which is one of the latest phones available.

        To look at the W900 (i) is stylish and fun but at the same time it is a mobile phone with many capabilities. For the time being this phone is only available in white in the UK whereas black is the dominant colour in other countries, but I have to say the white is a strikingly clean white colour with the name ‘Sony Ericsson’ written in grey on the back of the phone along with the company logo.

        This phone does boast a 180 degree swivel head which keeps the keypad nicely hidden from view but in saying that the phone is designed cleverly enough so that even if the keypad is hidden, the phone can still be fully used without needing the keypad and this is a feature that I really like. The display is a 262k colour TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It's an absolutely stunning and fuzzy less screen.

        So what else does this phone do? Well it certainly does not have limited options, in fact if anything it has too many options, but for someone like me to likes to have a phone that does everything humanly possible, this is not a bad thing.

        The options: To get to the options menu you simply click the middle button on the front keypad below the screen and instantly the options menu pops up with the following:

        Entertainment – within this feature you have the options to Play Games and they are all Java Enabled, Watch TV*, Watch your Videos which you have taken using the video camera option, look through your photos and finally Music DJ which is a lot of fun because this phone allows you to create your own melodies at the touch of a button and you can use them as your ringtones.

        I have mentioned that you can watch TV, this option is not available to everyone, it is only available if your mobile phone operator is part of the deal. However, it was offered to me with my current contract on a trial period so I decided to take up the offer and essentially you are given the opportunity through 3G to have SKY television on your phone. Now when this was first mentioned to me I was amazed that this could happen and now I have got it I am still amazed that I can be sat on a bus or in my office and decide I want to watch Sky News or CNN or whatever channel I use. Obviously I don’t get access to every SKY channel available but I do get a good selection and the viewing is actually very good, considering there are hardly any 3G masts near where I live or work, if there was a lot more masts then the viewing would be better, but I will leave the politics of that argument for now. So my mobile phone has SKY TV on it and I can watch it as and when I see fit. Once the trial period is over, I am given an option to subscribe at a cost of £5 for a limited package or £10 for the current package I have now and that is on a monthly basis.

        Next we have Vodafone live which connects you to the internet or WAP and the one big difference between this phone and my last phone which was a Nokia phone using GPRS is that 3G is definitely alot faster.

        Then there is the Sony Walkman option – this is where the phone becomes an MP3 player and you can upload your favourite songs to the MP3 player use your phone in this way and you can also download songs to listen to using the 3G system. As with this phones predecessors, the W900i has an expandable storage capacity by way of using a memory stick, which start at a small 128 megabytes and currently go up to a 2-gigabyte. Basing storage of audio on the MP3 standard, it means you can fit around 1000 songs onto your phone using this 2 gigabyte stick and you can also use it to store your photographs onto which you can then take to your local photography shop to print off, much like a memory card in a digital phone. If you don’t have the expandable memory you can still comfortably house 100-200 songs. You will find on the front of the handset, a joypad set-up which doubles up as the music control pad, with play, forward and rewind keys all present which goes to show that this phone was made with the idea of music in mind.

        With both of those in mind that brings me to the sound quality of the phone, which as you may expect is second to none. It is totally crystal clear whether you choose to have sound through your earphones or on a normal setting and through the speaker phone.

        Accompanying the W900i is the Disc2Phone software, which enables users to transfer CDs from a PC or a laptop, which have been taken from your own CD collection and to use this software is really easy, once it is set-up on your PC you simply drag the tracks from albums when they appear on the screen and drop them into the relevant place.

        As with most mobile phones these days, the W900 (i) does have a camera built into the phone and this camera is a 2million mega pixel camera, which has auto focus. The camera itself is relatively easy to use and when using the camera you simply decide whether you want to the use either the camera or the video camera. When using the camera there are various options to choose from when taking your picture or when shooting your video – one thing I do like is that I can choose to have a full screen view of anything I take.

        The messaging option is the same as many other phones and here you can create a text message, a multimedia message and an email

        My Files – Contained here are all the pictures, videos, themes, sounds, web pages and games that you have personally put onto your phone and to save time searching through all of the other options available, you simply go to ‘My Files’ to find them quicker.

        Organiser and Tools contains your calendar, calculator, task list, notepad, timer, stopwatch and many other organisational items, which you may find you need on a day-to-day basis. I use the alarm function to wake me up in a morning for work every weekday and it is brilliant, very loud so that it wakes me up. You can also find the ‘Alarm’ under it’s own function and here you simply set it to what time you would like it to go off at and finally there is also easy synchronisation to a PC via Bluetooth or USB.

        The next option is your contacts book within which you will find everyone you have listed upon your phone and they are arranged alphabetically with their phone number underneath their name. You can also store email addresses, picture and a few more options which allows you to build up profiles on people and use your phone as an extended address book.

        Video Call – with this function you can use the videos you have recorded of people to pop up on your screen when they call you. I have to admit this is not a feature I have yet fully explored but I do that instead of using the video, you can use a picture of that said person to pop up when they call you.

        The final two options are calls and settings which both inter-relate with one another. Within the calls menu you are basically able to view everyone who has called you, everyone you have called and every missed call that there has been but there is also an extra option which I have never had before and that is seeing which calls you have answered. Within the settings menu you will find every possible functional setting whether that is for the display, sound and alerts, diverting your calls or simply using the connectivity.

        So with all of those options there is certainly plenty to play with and that is before you start playing the games. The phone I have came with a lot of extra’s including the MP3 player system, the software for the MP3 player, and the Sony Ericsson software for the phone on CD, an expandable memory stick and some headphones.

        As with all mobile phones there are good points and there are bad points, I am yet to find a phone, which is so perfect that I find nothing wrong with it.

        So the good points – when selecting this phone I wanted something with a lot of memory so that I can store pictures of my gorgeous hubby, my adorable cats and my little nephew, so I am not disappointed on that score because this phone has a massive 470mb internal memory. Secondly, I wanted a phone whose battery doesn’t die on you after talking on it for a few minutes, with the job I do I am constantly on the phone wherever I am and the battery life of the W900i is good, especially when you consider that it's a 3G phone. If you switch the 3G off, you can extend the battery life further, and you can put it into music mode if you just want to listen to music.

        So the talk time is 500 minutes and the Standby time is 370 minutes and finally I wanted to have the ability to have real tone’s, polyphonic tones and at the same time be able to play decent games, when I spend over an hour a day on public transport going to and from work I need a distraction and this phone certainly has given me that. I also like the fact that I can access every function I need to without opening up the phone and in being able to do this, the phone does fit in the palm of my hand quite easily.

        Finally for the good points, is it easy to use? Well in short yes, all of the functions are similar to any other phone I have used, whether that is a Nokia, Sharp or Motorola and with those added extra functions, they are easy to elarn how to use.

        So what are the downsides of this phone, well ultimately it is the sheer weight, which is 148g. So it is quite heavy in comparison to some mobile phones, but with all the functions and features I am prepared to overlook this.

        Prices for this phone do vary depending on which mobile phone service provider you are with. I paid nothing for my upgrade because it is part of my contract but you can expect to pay anything between £250 and £450 for this phone.

        Overall, I have to say that I totally love this phone; it does everything I want it to and much more.


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      • Product Details

        The W900i is a versatile swivel-action Sony Ericsson 3G Walkman phone. It has everything you need to enjoy your music on the move, and it supports the latest and most advanced 3G network services. An impressive large screen makes mobile video viewing pure pleasure, and the audio quality is what you would expect from an advanced digital music player.

        The W900i Walkman phone is ready for your music, and getting music to your phone is easy with music transfer software (supplied in kit). With 470 MB inside and expandable memory of up to 2GB, you can have hours of your music wherever you go.

        Make the most of your network operator's 3G services and enjoy high-speed mobile Internet and live video streaming of movie trailers and news clips. W900i video is full screen and high quality.

        The W900i has a sophisticated look and feel, and all the best features can be used when the phone is in closed mode. A soft-touch navigation key makes using the W900i pure comfort.

        Inside the W900i there are exciting and colorful games. Challenge yourself to fast-moving full-color 3D games with sound and force feedback.

        A 2-megapixel camera with auto focus will let you take pictures to be proud of, and you can send them straight from your phone.

        The W900i connects to your PC, the Internet, other phones. With or without cables.