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T-Mobile Vairy Touch 2

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    4 Reviews
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      07.09.2012 04:50



      Worked perfectly one day for me then the next day the touch screen broke. I assume because of it cheap nature the LCD isn't as expensive and well built as an iphone, but still a smart companion to have or as a a spare phone.


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      09.11.2011 12:20
      Very helpful



      it is going on ebay!

      Vairy Touch 2 is an upgrade to the regular Vairy Touch. It is available to the T-Mobile network and can be purchased in black or lilac. This mobile is Pay As You Go.


      This mobile has a wide range of features which I will briefly discuss. Firstly, the mobile offers a touchscreen and has no press in buttons. The display screen is 2.8inches and is a 262k colour screen. The handset weighs in at only 83g and measures 102x50x12.5mm.

      *Memory - 20MB internal with support for an 8GB memory card
      *300hrs standby time and 290hrs talktime
      *SMS, MMS, tri band, internet and bluetooth capabilities
      *2MP camera and video playback
      *MP3 and radio

      *In The Box*

      When you open up the box, you receive a handset, battery, sim card pack and memory card. There are a few manuals and leaflets to get you started and also a USB cable and information mini disk. A UK charge is also provided and a set of earplugs. A stylus is also provided.


      The Vairy Touch 2 can be purchased from Argos for £29.99. A £10 top up must also be purchased and the price includes a 2GB memory card. Tesco Direct, Amazon and TMobile website also stock this handset.

      T-Mobile offer various call packages which include text message, internet and call bundles. It may be worth checking their website out for up to date prices - www.t-mobile.co.uk.

      *My Experience*

      Back in March I reviewed my ZTE mobile phone. Shortly after I got bored and decided to buy a new one. I had a browse in Argos and decided on the Vairy Touch 2 as it was within my price range, had the features I wanted and looked stylish. I paid £19.99 for mine at the time which was a special offer but £29.99 is a fair price. I have to say that I haven't been entirely impressed with this mobile and it didn't meet my expectations. I jumped between this one and my old ZTE and yesterday, I decided to go further and get an I-Phone. I thought I would review this mobile before I sell it on.

      *Design and Set Up*

      The VT2 looks the part. It is sleek, lightweight and a glossy black. The screen is a good size and is colourful when in use. The phone slipped nicely into my pocket or bag but did scratch quite easily.

      The VT2 is rather fiddly to set up. There is no indent to press in to remove the back of the handset and it is a case of feeling around until I could get my nail deep enough in to remove the back. The memory card is very small and flimsy and alongside the SIM card, it slots into the back before the battery. The handset turns on by a button located at the top.

      There is no disk for using with my laptop. It is a case of plugging the USB into the connection socket and going from there. I had no need for the manuals to be honest but they are clear and give basic information about the handset. The main screen when switched on shows your chosen picture/wallpaper, your clock, date, call, contacts, SMS and menu tabs. There is an option to place shortcuts into a slide out folder. Everything is self explanatory and easy to set up with no complications at all.

      The handset features a green and red touch button underneath the screen. One is a shortcut to calls made/received and the other acts as a cancel button. There is a camera button on the side of the phone and also a volume button. Every other action requires you to use the touch screen. I wasn't keen on the touch screen to be honest. I have used touch screen mobiles before (and have opted for another) but the screen wasn't very responsive to finger touch. The stylus was very sharp and worked fairly well on the screen but was constantly lost by me!

      *Lets Talk About The Features*

      I think it is only fair for me to discuss the various features on this mobile and how I personally used them. The menu is easy to access via the shortcut button on the main screen. Here you are met with a grid menu with 12 different sections with sub-options.


      *Image viewer, video player, audio player, sound recorder and radio*

      I took a lot of pictures with this hand set and stored them in the multimedia files. The pictures don't seem to save in any particular order which irked me no end as I couldn't find what I needed. From here, pictures can be altered (colours changed, quality changed) and sent via bluetooth or MMS. Videos stored in a similar nature. I'm not one for music on my mobile so didn't use the audio facility but I did use the recorded when my son was singing and found it to be a bit crackley when played back. The radio scanned and worked well and came through clear using the included headset.


      The camera on this handset isn't too bad nor is it good. The image viewer is a half sized screen with options to change to night view, auto take etc. There is no way of turning the flash noise off and there is no zoom in or out option which is irritating. The image quality isn't brilliant and even with a steady hand, my pictures often came out blurred. The video quality is the same as the camera, not brilliant but videos can be recorded for longer than the 16secs my old mobile offered! I wouldn't wish to use it to capture special moments though as it isn't great. The night vision is rubbish and using in dim conditions, the camera doesn't perform well at all.

      I have had 100s of pictures and a few videos stored at anyone time. Many a time I have took a good picture to be warned that I had space left in my memory which I find disappointing considering I used an additional memory card.


      Games can be downloaded from the Java site. I found this to be a hit and a miss and I paid for a few cheap games, the money was deducted then the mobile wouldn't support them which I found annoying. The mobile is preloaded with a puzzle solving game and Magic Sushi which is a bit like Bejewelled and very addictive! The graphics in the games aren't great and lack colour.


      The phonebook allows you to store numerous contacts in various sections (family etc) alongside email addresses. I'm not very popular so don't have many numbers but the phonebook is easy to use as a small keyboard becomes visible for easy typing.


      *Inbox, drafts, outbox, sent, archive, email and voicemail*

      Messaging on this handset takes a bit of getting used to and to be honest, I couldn't get used to it at all. A notepad style screen becomes visible with a virtual number keyboard underneath. There is the option to use a full QWERTY keyboard which I usually opted for. The letters are really awkward to press even with the stylus and even moreso (verging on impossible) when using your fingers to message! It is time consuming and drove me nuts to the point I ended up using up my free texts on my old phone instead of this one.

      {Call History}

      This is self explanatory and I rarely used this option from the menu as I could see my calls by using the green call button. Talking about calls, the call quality is really good when I could actually get a signal. The T-mobile signal bounces off the Orange signal and personally, I find it to be poor most of the time. When i have a full signal, calls are clear on both ends of the line.


      *Calender, tasks, alarm, world clock, calculator, currency convertor*

      I probably used this section the most (which sounds rather sad I know!). Not keen on the calender as the screen doesn't respond enough for me to slide the week options quickly enough to check a specific date. The tasks option is easy to set to remind me of appointments and there are 5 alarm options which is ideal for me to get up in the mornings! The snooze button doesn't respond well unfortuantely! The world clock and currency convertor aren't used regularly but are efficient. The calculate is standard and works well.


      The internet is web and walk. I had issues with this from the moment I bought the phone. I had to take ID to my local T-Mobile to remove a content lock which was useless. The internet sections keeps note of sites visited but is very slow to load and respond. Hotmail doesn't display properly on the screen, MSN is non existant and well Facebook works or doesn't work whenever it feels like it. The whole internet option is a nightmare and the handset doesn't support very much at all.


      Music, games etc which take you to the relevant T-Mobile pages. This comes out of your internet allowance and given out slow they load up, isn't worth the time or money!

      {User Profiles}

      *General, meeting, outdoor, silent, headset and bluetooth options*

      This section gives the option to arrange your ring tones/vibrate options and set them into profiles. They are easy to set and change to reflect my needs. Silent does mean silent though the vibrate is quite strong! The choice of ring tones isn't great. There are various jingly tunes which vaguely resemble well known tunes. I managed to save a few my fiance had sent me via bluetooth and had my message tone set to play the 24 CTU theme tune hehe!

      {Phone Settings}

      *Phone, call, network, security, conectivity, restore*

      This section is required but didn't interest me much as its all techie stuff. The date is easy to set/change and calls can be diverted. There is lots of information about the connectivity networks which I never touched through fear of breaking the phone!


      The overall memory space remaining is noted here and gives an indication of how much more you fit on your handset. Good option to have but doesn't have much use to me personally.

      *Other Important Bits*

      The bluetooth option I wasn't keen on. It was easy enough for me to locate someone (my sister or fiance) but connecting with them was a nightmare. I tried to pair with my old mobile to transfer some pictures over and gave up quickly as the process was drawn out and not worth the effort.

      The charger has never failed me and charges the battery efficiently. The battery does last well with me taking pictures, sending texts and making calls. It runs down quickly when playing games and given how little I could actually access the internet, I can only assume it would drain it fairly quickly! I usually got a good few days out the phone before it needed charged. The screent times out very quickly when not in use and locks itself. It is easy to unlock by pressing the on button and hitting the screen. I have never had the phone unlock by itself in my pocket or bag.

      I found this phone easy to connect to my laptop. The USB cable takes a minute or two to become visible on my laptop and from here it is easy to upload or browse the handset. I usually took various pictures (for reviews, ebay or facebook) and each time I connected, it gave me the option to add all the newest pictures (from last connection) to the laptop and saved them in a folder for me to use when needed.


      Whilst this is a good looking phone, I found it to be very basic and not to perform as well as it should have given the specifications on the box. The worst aspect for me personally, was how unresponsive and slow the touch screen operated as this delayed everything I planned on doing on the phone and put me off using it. I think the price I paid is fair and had I paid anymore for this handset, I would have been majorly peed off.

      It isn't a bad phone but I was content using it and when I had the opportunity to get an I-Phone I snapped it up. This one will probably go on ebay now! Recommended as a basic but awkward to use handset. It hasn't cracked or broken despite being dropped several times so is durable.

      Thanks for reading x


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        14.12.2010 21:52



        i got this phone a month ago and since then i have been dissatisfied with it. when you want to type on this little phone no matter how much you try and press the button it will not work! even as a first phone do not get it. i have been very careful with the screen but it scratches very easily. i am going to take this phone back and swap it for a much better one . do not waste your money on this phone save up and get a better one . its a bargin but you dont want to spend 2 minutes with this ignorant phone.


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        30.11.2010 11:19
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A perfect first phone for a child, or anyone looking to buy a touchscreen phone.

        My 10 year old son is now at an age when a lot of his schoolfriends have mobile phones, and I knew that the day was going to come whan he was going to ask for one. To be honest, I didn't really see the point in him having a phone, as, at 10 years old he is with me most of the time and has no need to phone anyone, right? Maybe I am missing the point! He expressed an interest in having an iphone, but there was no way that I was going to drum up that amount of money just for a kids phone, so I told him that if he wanted a phone, he would have to pay for it out of his own money, and when he saw the price of the iphones, he reconsidered his decision! We did a great deal of research on the internet as to the best phone to suit his needs, and we discussed what he actually waned out of a phone. He wanted a touch screen phone with a camera and mp3 player. His budget was £40.

        After looking at quite a few phones, we found one that seemed to tick all of the boxes, the Tmobile Vairy Touch, which Tesco Direct were selling for £29.99. It looked sleek and impressive, and basically, the touchscreen format is very similar to the appearance of the iphone, and certainly I don't think most 10 year olds would be able to tell the difference! The features, as listed on the Tesco website, are listed below:

        Access Internet Pages Yes
        Additional Memory Card Included No
        Bluetooth Yes
        Brand T-Mobile
        Built-in FM Radio Yes
        Built-in MP3 Player Yes
        Camera Yes
        Colour Screen Yes
        Downloadable Arcade Style Games Yes
        Downloadable Ringtone Capability Yes
        Expandable Memory Slot Yes
        Features of Product Our lowest priced touch screen. 2MP camera. MP3 player. Stereo Bluetooth. Internet on your phone
        Games Included Yes
        Handset Colour Black
        Handsfree Speakerphone Yes
        Has 3g Video Calling No
        Network T-Mobile
        Product Depth 12.5 mm
        Product Height 102 mm
        Product Weight 83
        Product Weight Units g
        Product Width 50 mm
        Quadband No
        Resolution in Megapixels 2.0
        Send Images and Sounds Yes
        Standby Time in Hours 300hrs
        Talk Time in Hours 290mins
        Touch Screen Yes
        Triband Yes
        Vibrate Alert Yes
        Video Yes
        Voice Dialling No
        Wap2 or Higher Yes
        With Flash No

        The Tesco website had free delivery, so the only aditional expense I had was to put credit on the phone, which can be done via the included card, or via the phone or internet. I found the internet acount very useful, as it allows you to look at the credit you have used on the phone, as well as a breakdown of numbers dialed or texts sent, which is useful when you have kids, as it allows you a certain level of control.

        The phone itself looks really nice, and my son thought it was really cool. It basically consists of a touchscreen, with two buttons at the bottom that enable you to pick up and hang up on calls, as well as a small button at the top of the phone that switches the power on and off. It has a small USB connector discreetly on the side, which is great when copying music files from our computer to the phone. The phone comes with a USB cable and a set of earphones.

        One of the problems that we had when we first got the phone, was opening the casing so that we could insert the SIM card. This was really fiddly and took us ages, I was actually worried that we were going to damage the phone, trying to prise it open, and it was much harder than any other mobile phone that I have had before. We did manage it in the end though!

        When you turn the phone on, you see the Tmobile logo briefly, before the phone displays the main screen, which you can personalise with your own pictures. You can also add frequently used icons to your home screen. The default icons are the phone icon, which allows you to dial out, a contacts book, messaging icon, and the main menu icon, as well as a clock, which you can choose to display in various formats. There is also a small hidden pop up menu on the home scren that allows you to access your music, calendar, internet, memos and to change the profile from general to silent, or outdoor settings.

        The menu screen resembles an iphone screen, with 12 icons spaced evenly over the screen. These are: Multimedia, camera, games, phonebook, messaging, call history, organiser, internet, services, user profiles, settings and files. Each icon, when touched, opens out to a sub menu, with more choices, which allow you to organise your files effectively.

        Calling is easy, with calls made by touching the numbers on the touch screen or accessing numbers from your phonebook. The phone does come with a stylus, but I find it a bit fiddly, and prefer to just touch the screen. The screen vibrates slightly when you touch an icon, so you know it has registered your pressing the button. The sound quality is good when making a call, and reception is usually good in most areas. Tmobile are now collaborating with Orange, so that users of both networks get better reception.

        You can send text messages the traditional way, but also via a qwerty touchscreen pad, that allows you to type in messages quicker. My son prefers this method. Texts usually cost 10p, but if you top up £10, Tmobile will give you free texts for a month.

        The camera is a basic 2 megapixel, but is fine for what my son needs. Likewise, the video recording function is a bit basic and blocky, but the kids have had loads of fun making "TV shows" at home. The games are also quite basic, although colourful with nice music. There is a "Bejewelled" style game, called magic sushi, and a sliding puzzle game, although you can download additional games from the internet. The phone does have internet access, but I cannot comment on this aspect of the phone, as we have not used the phone to access the internet. I am glad that, as this is a child's phone, I can disable the internet on this phone.

        My son absolutely loves his phone, and uses it regularly to make videos, take pictures, listen to music and send messages, He also very occasionaly uses it to make calls! It was really useful to him when he went to a recent Villa V Chelsea match with some freinds of ours, and he could text and call me at home as to how the match was going, and even take some pictures.

        This is a great phone for kids as it is very simple and intuitive to use. It would suit anyone, who wants a stylish looking phone, as it looks more expensive than it is, and it has some really good functions. I am not really technically minded, but give this phone 5 dooyoo stars for the sheer amount of enjoyment and use that my son has had out of it.


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