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      19.06.2003 11:17
      Very helpful



      Any reason you think you have for wanting one, there are loads more reasons not to get one in my opinion. My experiences are of the xelibri "4". I am writing this in reaction to the lack of information available on the internet about the Xelibri range. Before making most purchases I tend to weigh the pro's and con's of what's available by reading up online on newsgroups, googling, forums etc. With xelibri, all I got was regurgitated press releases and conjecture, no-one actually owning the phone talking about them, let alone reviewing them. I thought (misguidedly) wow! I can be the first to own this great bit of kit! More likely a) the people who are buying xelibri's don't talk online in the places I looked, or b) they bought one and don't want to talk about it. Hopefully this post will be seen by people looking into the product. I've got to say, it was clever how they sold me a phone on styling and brand image alone. My xelibri4 does get the wow factor, but that really is pretty much it. Other than wierd styling I wonder what these phones bring to the table. Now it feels like they swept shortcomings under the table and used smart promotion to make up for the useability and technical issues. My T68i, which is getting on for a year old now, always had dodgy software when it came to texting (helped with later firmware). The way ppl go on I thought no brand could sms worse than SE phones. Then I picked up a xelibri.. I must've sent at least 50 or 60 messages and I still can't get used to some severe flaws: -on t68i the display was unresponsive when composing messages. Annoying, but not dire: you could keep on typing faster than the screen, then the phone caught up if you gave it a couple of seconds. With this phone, the display is slow, and if you go too quickly some of the letters you type are dropped altogether! With T9, you get at least one gobbledygook word for every message composed
      - when I KNOW I'm entering every word correctly its just ridiculous. -for some reason hitting [any punctuation] then [space] too quickly replaces both with a [new line] character -if you get something wrong in t9 mode most phones will let you erase the mis-typed letters easily. With this xelibri, the backspace *becomes* the spell key!? in combination with the very sluggish display, hitting backspace repeatedly brings about infuriating spell word/go back cycle that'll flash a few times uncontrollably as you realise that tapping what you think was a backspace doesn't do what the label just said. -if you send a message by mistake (quite easy, just hit [right][right] if it was a reply), there is no way to stop the sending. I know this is often futile with other phones (i.e. you hit stop but it gets delivered anyway). If you have a big group and message them, forget it if you make a mistake ... it'll send to all of them with no way of cancelling. More general software flaws include: -the keys often click in without the keypress actually registering. -a calendar function that just shows a month of your choice, with no opportunity to highlight days for birthdays etc. -you can only set one sms group, which is also the only personalisable group you can use within the phonebook for ringtones (i.e. individual caller ringtones is imposible, the nearest you get is the chance to have one tone for people in your phonebook, one for those outside your phonebook, one for those in the sms group). Hardware flaws -The clip on the back is too narrow, not reassuring enough for me to attach it to any item of clothing without fearing it falling off. And there is no way of removing the belt clip from the back cover either, adding bulk for a feature I will never use. -For a phone being marketed as a fashion accessory to be changed as easily as a watch or sunglasses... the SIM ca
      rd is REALLY difficult to remove and replace. It involves opening the charging port, removing the back cover, removing the battery, and bending the sim slightly to force it in or out of the metal clamp which holds it in place. It'd be fair enough for any other phone, but one which makes these claims at interchangeability cannot be forgiven. -The charging port feels like an afterthought. You remove a cover which is only held in place by friction (a rubber bung is stuffed into the socket to hold it in place). It doesn't click into place (like the back cover), you have to shove it. A small plastic ribbon attaches the cover to the main body. For my money, it feels like a bodged solution, very fiddly, and not the kind of thing I'd expect for a phone touted as a simple accessory. On the plus side, and in the interest of fairness, here are the things I like about the phone: -The best sounding polyphonic ringtones i've heard. I don't know whether its the construction of the phone, the quality of the speaker or the synthesizer, or just the quality of the compositions, but most of the ringtones sound really high quality (only comparing to others i've heard from nokia, siemens, sagem and samsung). There's only a little tinniness at high volume. -The screensavers are well implemented (clock/inverted clock in the xelibri typeface, the xelibri logo, some wierd patterns that occasionally animate). If you can get a signal, it will show the network name along the bottom of the screen unobtrusively. If there's something you should see (e.g. missed call, text message waiting etc), a little tick appears in the corner. Overall, I feel the Xelibri range falls short of everything the brand is put out as: simple stylish phones that are eminently wearable in the same way as a watch or sunglasses. Instead, I feel like I paid twice the price for a basic Siemens, that has been awkwardly re-styled and de-fe
      atured into the bargain.


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