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2 Reviews
  • Voice recognition - no good in noisy environment.
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    2 Reviews
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      25.08.2005 10:52
      Very helpful



      A good try at incorporating phone and fashion but not practical to most people.

      The range of xelibri phones by Siemens were released more as fashion accessories than the top of the range, feature packed mobiles that we are used to. Some are aimed at both sexes but this is definitely a female only one!

      I was tempted by the Xelibri 8 as it looked so different to anything I had owned before, and I liked the fact that I could wear it around my neck keeping it close whilst hopefully getting the phone noticed too and some comments passed – I certainly got that!

      I can’t remember exactly what I paid for mine but after taking a quick look on ebay I have found that a new one can be obtained from Germany for around £50 including postage (no customs charges as it is in the EU).

      To be honest, my first impression was rather mixed. It is a lovely looking phone with it’s softly rounded edges and the colours are gorgeous too. It comes in either a kind of soft, blush pink or silver and comes complete with a gold ‘ring’ which attaches to the phone and the cord necklace is them placed through this and the whole thing can be worn around the neck. I have to say that although the phone is small and fits into the palm of a female hand, I found the whole thing a little on the large side to be worn around the neck, but that’s just a personal thing.

      The screen is reasonably sized and fairly colourful, though it is only a 4k and we are more used to 65k or even 262k now. That said, as mentioned earlier, this isn’t a phone for phone freaks who love extensive features. There is one button located just below the screen and a four way joypad (not sure if that’s the technical term but I’m hoping you know what I mean!) these are in a gold colour which matches the ring attachment and do look rather classy. There are no other buttons on the phone though, so all menus are accessed by scrolling, and calls are made either by this method, or by shouting numbers at it – the voice dial is pretty good it has to be said, but in a crowded room it’s not possible.

      Text messages? Forget them! Seriously, they can be done but you have to really want to text on this thing or you won’t bother, it will take ages. It’s a case of scrolling through until you find the letter although I think after that it does become slightly better as there is predictive text, but we all know that you still need to start these things off with finding a few letters, and on this baby, that just isn’t easy.
      There is no GPRS or MMS but there is a radio and from memory, that was pretty good. It has polyphonic ringtones, screensavers, alarm etc. but these, in my opinion, don’t make up for the lack of other features.

      Consequently, the phone lasted for around two days in my ownership before finding its way onto ebay.
      If you want a phone that will attract admiring glances and comments, then this one could interest you but it’s going to suit more as a second phone for emergencies only than an everyday phone for texting, checking email and even calling!

      Voice controlled - no keypad needed
      Wearable with exclusive ring/necklace accessory
      Radio (plus Stereo Headset)
      Polyphonic sound with great ringer melodies
      Recording of your own ringer melodies
      Voice memo
      Personalisation with different user themes
      New user interface with carousel or paternoster
      5 way navikey
      Silent Alert (Vibra)

      System: Dual Band EGSM 900/ GSM 1800
      Dimensions: 91 x 56 x 23 mm
      Volume: 67cm3
      Weight: 67g
      Standby time*: up to 200h
      Talk Time*: up to 240 mins
      Battery: Li-ion 610 mAh
      Antenna: integrated
      Display: 101 x 80 pixel colour (4k)
      *Actual performance dependant on network environment.

      Standard Package
      Xelibri 8 Handset
      Ring and Necklace
      Stereo Headset
      Li-Ion 610 mAh Battery
      Standard Charger
      User Guide / Quick Start


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        21.08.2004 00:47



        • "Voice recognition - no good in noisy environment."

        It all depends on what you want the phone for? if you want to be seen and you want to be constantly inundated with people asking you what the thing around your neck is then this is the phone for you. If you want functionality? forget it! Admittedly, the voice recognition is the best I have witnessed on a phone, and you can train the phone to understand you (even a Brummie accent like mine), but if you are in a noisy environment there?s no chance. You then have to scroll through each number in turn to ring someone (unless they are in your phone book of course, but even that can be a bit cumbersome). If you want to save money/lose friends on texting then buy this phone now. You will be so hacked off with scrolling through each and every letter that you will never be bothered to respond to anyone. Another thing which I did not anticipate when buying this phone (and subsequently flogging it on eBay) is that if you phone up a number which requires you to press button 1 for this and button 2 for that, you can?t do it! The whole time I used this phone I couldn?t phone Orange and find out my inclusive minutes because I was required to press ?1? and I didn?t have a 1. Aside from that, it was nice to have the radio and all the admiring glances but once the person chatted you up and gave you their number you had to scroll through each and every number to enter it or stand there shouting numbers at your phone and invariably shouting ?clear? every other number because it thought you said ?five? instead of ?seven? ? they do sound alike? honest, at least in the ears of the Xelibri 8.


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