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Belkin Privatescreen Overlay

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Belkin PrivateScreen Overlay for iPhone 4

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    1 Review
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      10.03.2011 12:23
      Very helpful



      Keeps things confidential.

      I have an iphone for work and constantly send emails on the go. Some of the information I send is confidential and in fairness I try and cover my screen as best I can whilst still seeing what I am typing! This can be difficult if I am on publis transport trying to keep up with my work etc. At work I have a screen which I stuck over my PC screen which is dark and means you can see throught it only when you are standing right in front of it. From all other angles you can't see through it, which is ideal as people walking past down the corridor cannot see the information. I casually mentioned to someone at work it would be handy to have one of these for my iphone and then it struck me, they might actually exist. I did a quick google searcha nd ended up buying the Belkin screen from the apple store. It was around £10, but I have since found you can get them much cheaper, as low as three for £1 from ebay! As work was paying the purchase was better carried out through a brand (such as Apple and Belkin) which I knew so well.

      The screen comes in minimal packaging, which is good (not too much to recycle and/ or waste!) Just make sure that the screen is not bent or scratched in the packaging before you buy it otherwise it will be more of a hinderance than a help!

      The screen comes on a peel off sheet, to be honest it is a little bit fiddly, so plan your moves before you do them. You only get one real chance to make sure your screen is stuck on well, so don't do this in a rush!

      The screen is black and shiney one side and sticky the other. It is easy to know which way up it goes, the bottom has a round hold for the button and the top a slit hole for the speaker. It is a good idea to give the actual phone screen a good clean before hadn to make sure the cover sticks well and you don't get any dirt stuck underneath as this will drive you crazy. I learnt the bets way to stick it is to start in one corner and slowly pres down as you go along the phone. Once it's on you can't take it off and rearrange it unless you want to throw it away.

      The screen is extremly robust and doesn't peel off at the corners, scuff up or scratch. Not only has it kept itself in perfect condition, it has kept my phone screen in perfect condition and it has sevred it's purpose well of keeping private. I would give it five stars but as I have since seen cheaper ones it will only earn 4. It is however an incredibly good product.


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