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Cellapod Neoprene Sleeve (Kindle)

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2 Reviews
  • Fits older models of the Kindle
  • Nice and brightly coloured
  • Too basic maybe
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    2 Reviews
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      15.04.2015 13:27
      Very helpful


      • "Fits older models of the Kindle"
      • "Nice and brightly coloured"
      • "An excellent sleeve"


      • "Too basic maybe"

      The Simple Solution

      While I was scrolling through Dooyoo's catalogue I knew I recognised this sleeve and when I went back through my past Amazon purchases I saw I'd identified it correctly - the Cellapod Neoprene Sleeve was the first case I had for my Kindle, purchased on Christmas Day 2011 after my mum gave me the unexpected pressie. In those glory days of Dooyoo I had Amazon vouchers to play with so paid a whopping £14 for this pocket of fabric - it's now £3.95...

      Simplicity is the word of the day when it comes to the sleeve; you slide your Kindle inside and close the flap. Done. No elastics, ties, magnetic corners or anything - it's a sleeve.

      It's pretty thin so wouldn't offer much protection to the Kindle if dropped from a height, Kindles however are much hardier than an iPhone (especially my old dinosaur Kindle!) so a sleeve is enough for someone like me who uses it mainly at home but doesn't take it out often. If I was carrying my Kindle around regularly in a suitcase or handbag I'd want something a little sturdier than this, but for my needs the sleeve format is perfect.

      I only replaced it when I wanted something a bit flashier, obviously the hot pink colour scheme of the sleeve is vibrant but I found a cheapie range of printed folio style cases on Ebay so started buying those - I've had a collection of cases and covers for my Kindle over the years but always remember this one as being a really good little sleeve. I do prefer the look of the printed 'smarter' ones on the shelf next to my bed though so as nice as it was to use the materialistic side of me won on that one!


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      11.10.2011 21:57
      Very helpful



      A fantastic neoprene sleeve for the Kindle.

      === The product ===

      This is a neoprene sleeve for the Kindle. This is available in numerous colours including black, grey, blue and pink. I purchased mine in pink. This sleeve weighs just 50g and is 10 x 1 x 8cm making it the perfect size to store a Kindle in while still allowing for comfortable removal and replacement back in to the sleeve in just a few seconds.

      === The packaging ===

      This came provided in a plastic bag which had a small piece of tape holding it in place. The packaging was minimal, just enough to protect this from dirt in transit and this was all that was needed so no problems there.

      ===Does this product my Kindle? ===

      Yes. I have been using mine since May 2011 and my Kindle does not have a single scratch or piece of dust on it thanks to this cover. The cover protects my Kindle and when I have finished reading I just slip my Kindle back in this cover and then plonk it in the drawer of my bedside table. This does get knocked about a fair bit and on one occasion actually was knocked off the windowsill on to the floor and it hit the corner of the radiator on the way down. No damage was sustained at all and the cover is still as pristine today as it was when I purchased it five months ago.

      === Where can I buy this & for how much? ===

      This can be purchased from Amazon.co.uk for just £3.95 (price correct in October 2011) but I believe I paid £4.99 for mine from a private Amazon seller back in May and this included delivery. Amazon.co.uk offer free super saver delivery on all items sold by Amazon which is fantastic value if you want to buy just one item like this.

      === Overall opinion ===

      Overall I really like this cover. The cover is a vivid pink with the lip having a light pink edge around it. There is black stitching around the edge that could potentially look cheap in another colour but I quite like the look that this gives the sleeve.

      This sleeve is really simple to use. I just need to lift the fabric lid a little and then slip the Kindle inside. The lip will then go back in to place to keep the Kindle protected. Even if the lip is not put back in place completely the Kindle does not fall out when tilted and I know that my Kindle is always kept protected when using this.

      I am very pleased with the quality of this sleeve. My Kindle is kept protected, the sleeve is soft, lightweight and works well for the purpose I need it for. The price was reasonable and delivery was quick. This has not picked up dirt and I have been using it almost daily, sometimes more than once a day, for around 5 months now.


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