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    2 Reviews
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      09.12.2010 23:47
      Very helpful
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      A brilliant shield to protect a screen

      I have an iPhone and I was having issues near the front button it had a minor scratch but it looked totally out of place and silly. I was looking around for protective shields and I found the Gear4 shield online and some retail stores.

      I received only the one in my pack and it is a great little thing to have. You have a very thin packet and you do think inside it would be a really nicely protective shield but it is placed between two sheets and you pull them apart and then you have this kind of sticky shield.

      The actual item itself is clear as you can tell by the picture and it is designed to fit on the iPhone screen exactly and it has cut outs ready for the buttons and controls and you can flatten it out as soon as you want to use it.

      One of the problems can be making sure you remove all the dirt currently on the screen so any hairs or finger marks so they have provided you with a cloth as well and this lets you wipe down the surface so if there is anything it is removed.

      This is a nice long cloth and in dark blue or black it is hard to tell. Once this is done you need to apply the shield itself which is pretty easy but a pain. You need to try and make sure you place it down slowly so no bubbles underneath develop. I tried once and I had many of those annoying air bubbles which restricted some movement.

      After three attempts I managed to place it down correctly and have no air bubbles left which was great. I was worried how it would feel on the phone itself. The iPhone being a smartphone allowed me to use the screen to play games and send texts.

      I was suprised how this simple shield gave me much more confidence in the phone but actually provided a better overall grip. I found when playing games due to the shield being so resistant to problems facing the iPhone it enabled me to have a much better motion on the screen.

      I could slid along the other screens with easy and it felt gentle to the touch and you hardly knew it was there. No colours seem restricted and it was as if I never had it there. I did notice that it was very thin and this could worry people. If you drop the phone how can a simple flimsy shield protect the phone well it does.

      I have noticed that the shield is quite durable and rough. I saw videos online or people trying to rip them apart and you would need scissors because they are that tough which is great to know. In terms of the price I paid £6 for this one offline and other websites offer various prices.

      I would point out some stores sell very cheap alternatives for a few pounds and they last 2 minutes and peel at the sides and this has not done that yet after a month of usage so I am really impressed.

      If you struggle to place down the shield first time round just relax and then try again because if you continue trying and failing you will end up ruining it and needing a new one.


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        21.09.2010 19:05
        Very helpful



        good value for money

        I bought a screen shield for my old mobile phone which I had owned for a while and liked it so much that I thought I'd buy one for my apple iPhone.
        You can buy the screen shield from Amazon for £6.86 and you can also buy them from the Gear4 web site for £7 a pack and for this money you get three screen shields in the pack and a cleaning cloth.

        The Gear4 Screenshiled is easy to apply you can just pull it out of the packaging and carefully put it on to the front screen of your iPhone., smooth it down to get any bubbles out and it sticks to the screen.
        It protects the screen from scratches and scraps of everyday use.

        These products seem to have got better over the years as the one I had for my phone you had to be really careful when you applied it so that you didn't get any bubbles in the screen shield otherwise you'd have to peel it off and start again, this could be a bit annoying if you didn't get it right the first time but with this one it's designed out of soft plastic to help reduce the bubbles as you apply it.

        It's a thin see through soft plastic and it reduces glare in the sunlight although it's a clear plastic and not tinted it works very well and is suitable for apple iPhones.
        You can still use the touch screen when you put it on and view the displays on the phone the same, it just protects the screen from scratches.

        You get a soft cleaning cloth with it so that you can keep the screen dust free and clean and it has spare shields incase you damage the one your using, but to be honest they are quite durable, I still have two in the pack left.

        I like the thought of being able to keep the phone screen free of scratches as I'm not the most careful of people when it comes to looking after a phone, I drop them and leave them hanging around on chairs and tables and they are prone to accidents in my hands.
        So having a screen shiled is suitable for me to keep the iPhone in good condition.

        You can get clear or mirrored screen sheilds but I have the clear one as I only need it to protect the iPhone and not for fashion purposes, but I can imagine the mirrored screen shiled would be popular with the younger generation.

        I have had one before on an older mobile so I know how useful they can be especially if your heavy handed with things like me.
        If your looking for a good screen protector that reduces glare whilst protecting the screen fron scratches then this is a good option to think about.


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