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HTC CU G150 Car Upgrade Kit

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2011 14:19
      Very helpful



      A must buy for Desire owners


      The HTC Desire smartphone is one of the most popular smartphones currently on the market. The thousands of apps turns this phone from being a regular handset into a multifunctional device, capable of assisting it's owner whether it be at work, home or on the move.

      One of the drawbacks for being this useful is that the battery can drain very quickly if the phone is used for a sustained period of time. This becomes apparent even more so when the GPS antenna is turned on when the Desire is used as a sat-nav device. For this purpose alone an in car charger is an essential piece of kit, plus if you intend to use the Desire as a sat-nav then you are going to need to fix it to the windscreen. The HTC CU G150 kit is perfect for accomplishing both of these tasks.

      ==What do you get?==

      The contents of the box are hardly spectacular. For the charger you get an adapter which plugs into your car's cigarette lighter and a separate USB cable which plugs into the end of the car charger with the other end plugging into your phone. This cable can also be used to connect your phone to your PC, either to provide a low charge or to transfer contents.

      As far as the cradle goes, this comes in 2 parts. The main part is the cradle arm which sticks to your windscreen via a suction cup, just like any modern day sat-nav device would. The second component to the cradle is the actual phone holder. This clips onto the cradle to complete the unit. Once connected. there is no need to disassemble the completed unit.

      ==Using the cradle==

      The phone holder is designed specifically for the Desire, meaning that it fits perfectly between the holder's 2 arms. There is enough room at the bottom of the holder to allow the power cable to be inserted into the Desire without any obstructions. The holder can be rotated the full 360 degrees allowing for the phone to be used in either portrait or landscape modes. Although a slight amount of force needs to be applied in order to change the orientation of the cradle, it is very simple to do.

      To fix the cradle to the windscreen you need to push it up to the screen so that it is flush before locking it into place via a catch on the cradle. To remove the cradle from the windscreen the process is reversed although actually prizing the suction cup off the windscreen can be fiddly as you do not have a great deal for room to fit your fingers into.

      ==I can pick these up for around £2 on eBay. Why should I buy an official kit?==

      It is true, chargers and cradles are selling on eBay very cheaply. Whilst there is no problem buying a cradle off eBay (although the build quality cannot be guaranteed), there are many substandard chargers for sale. The Desire has 2 forms of charge, namely AC and USB. The cheap chargers, although looking similar to the official HTC chargers are not powerful enough to charge the Desire. In fact, when used with a sat-nav application, all they do is slow down the draining of the battery as they operate in the USB mode. Only official HTC chargers operate in the AC mode and will charge the battery, even on the most power intensive of applications.


      Buying the official HTC car kit is significantly more expensive than buying unofficial replicas from sites such as eBay but it is money well spent as performance is greatly enhanced. Whilst the majority of eBay sellers only deal in the cheap imitations, there are actually some eBay sellers who do sell the official versions and sometimes these can be picked up for a bargain.

      The cradle is extremely sturdy and responds well to any forceful adjustments that you may need to make to it during use. The charger will charge the phone up in a similar amount of time to a standard mains adapter (approximately 2 hours with my phone). The only niggle I can find with the charger is that sometimes it is quite hard to push it into the cigarette lighter socket without it popping out again. Thankfully there is an indicator when it is actually charging as the letters, HTC light up when in operation.

      If you are lucky enough to own one of these fabulous handsets then the CU G150 car kit is an essential upgrade which I would highly recommend.


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