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iBPM Sony Xperia SP Screen Protector

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2 Reviews
  • doesn't affect the touch screen
  • protects the screen
  • doesn't look quite as nice as without it ony
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    2 Reviews
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      08.01.2015 17:22
      Very helpful


      • "lasts well "
      • "fits precisely"
      • "doesn't affect the touch screen"
      • "protects the screen"
      • "EASY TO APPLY"


      • "doesn't look quite as nice as without it ony"

      Protects your new phone screen from scratches

      I had a screen protector on my iphone 3 and i looked as good as new after three years so as soon as I got this new phone I applied a screen protector to this as well.

      It is quite easy to apply so long as you follow the instrictions and pull the righ parts off in order. Make sure you get the corners and little holes in the correct places and then the screen protector will stay put and not catch on anything and will last for ages.

      I have had mine ona year and it does have marks but shows no sign of peeling off at all and the screen under neath will be as good as new I know because I had one on my old phone and took it off to check.

      It doesn't affect the touch screen capability and although the screen doesn't look as shiny and new after a while I prefer the screen protector to get a few scratches than my actual screen.

      They are pretty cheap I think about £ 1 at most so for the sake of having an unscratched screen they are worth every penny.

      It is a simple enough thickish plastic sticky backed clear protector - what more can I say?


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      02.01.2014 19:36
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Excellent screen protection for the Song Xperia SP Mobile Phone.

      With a new touch-screen mobile phone comes the need for a screen protector. My previous mobile phone had thankfully come with it's own screen protector, but when my Sony Xperia SP phone arrived I realised I'd need to buy a pack.

      I decided to go with the iBPM Sony Xperia SP Screen Protectors as they came in a pack of 10 - I thought that would be plenty as the Sony Xperia SP phone has a large screen, so I doubted I'd be able to get a screen protector on first go!

      These screen protectors are made specifically with the Sony Xperia SP in mind. There are holds and slots cut out specifically for the speaker, microphone and camera.

      These screen protectors are in three parts - the bottom layer which peels off, the middle layer which is the actual screen protector and the top layer which peels off once you are happy with the placement of the screen protector.

      The instructions are easy - Peel off the bottom layer, place the screen protector on the phone, ensure there are no air bubbles (you may need to push these out) and then peel off the top layer. In reality, it isn't all that easy...

      Following the instructions, I peeled off the bottom layer and neatly placed the screen protector on my mobile phone. Amazingly, I'd managed to get it lined up tidily on the first go and with no air bubbles at all. I was well pleased! So after giving the screen a good rub to make sure the screen protector was stuck down on the screen, I pulled off the top layer. Looking at my screen I couldn't even tell it had got a screen protector on. I was even more pleased!

      Then I came back down to earth and decided to just check the top layer a bit more carefully. Sure enough, I soon realised the top layer was in fact two layers... I'd somehow pulled both the top layer and the screen protector off the screen!

      Ah well, I'd managed to get the screen protector on right first time (apart from peeling the damn thing off, that is), so surely I'd be able to do that again? Was I heck?! Each and every time I tried, I kept getting air bubbles and even after pushing them out there'd still be little ones. I ended up using 6 of the screen protectors to get it on right and actually stuck down.

      But now the screen protector has been on my phone for a few months, how has it performed? Rather well, as it happens.

      My Sony Xperia SP mobile phone is kept in a phone sock when I'm not using it, but, of course, that doesn't stop it getting knocked about when I am using it. Also, my 4 year old niece and my 2 year old nephew love to use my phone to go on the CBeebies Playtime app and everyone knows toddlers generally don't give two hoots about how they use things. Invariably the screen gets covered in toddler drool etc, but the screen stays protected and it's all easy enough to wipe off.

      Most importantly, to date after several months of use by me and my niece and nephew the screen protector has held up very well and there's not even a mark on it, let alone a scratch. So the leftover screen protectors are hidden away in a draw in case the day ever comes that I need to replace it.

      If I would have just been able to get that first screen protector to stay stuck to the phone, this would have been a 5 star review, but I'll have to make it a 4 star review.

      The iBPM Sony Xperia SP Screen Protectors cost me just £1.25 plus £1.75 postage for a pack of 10. I think you'll agree that at £3 in total that's a very small price to pay for protecting the screen of my mobile phone.


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