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Motorola Phone Tools V4 USB

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    1 Review
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      20.10.2008 11:11
      Very helpful



      Combine the power of your PC and your mobile

      Anybody who has bought a Motorola mobile phone in the last 5 years or so will have received this CD Rom full of goodies along with a USB cable to attach your phone to your computer.
      I have Version4 of Phone tools, the newest one out is Version5 and this is available to buy for around £19.99 on the internet.

      The disc for version 4 has a picture of a girl playing on her laptop with her Motorola Razr V3 at the side of her. On the disc it says:
      'Motorola Phone tools'
      'Combine the power of your PC and your mobile'

      PC SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS (info taken from the Motorola website)
      * Windows® 2000, XP
      * Pentium 466 MHz or higher CPU
      * 64 MB RAM
      * 120MB Free Hard Drive Disk Space
      * 256 Color VGA or SVGA monitor
      * MPC2 compatible CD ROM drive
      * One available USB port
      * Mouse or other pointing device

      So as long as you have a compatible Motorola phone (ask when you buy) and the minimum requirements above you can get to work with Motorola Phone Tools.

      Loading Phone Tools onto your computer ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Insert the disc into your computer and the 'Install' screen will come up, just follow the simple instructions and within 10 minutes it will be saved onto your system.
      You will then be told to connect your mobile phone to the computer using the USB cable and the synchronization between the two will start, this takes about 2 minutes.
      Using this software you will also need to create a 'profile' for your mobile phone, I simply named mine 'leanne''. If somebody else has a Motorola phone in your household they can use your Phone Tools too, just under a different profile name.

      You will have chosen where to save Motorola Phone Tools to and can also choose to have a desktop shortcut to access it quickly.

      Using Motorola Phone Tools
      When you open up Phone Tools an almost lifesize image of the inside of a V3 (flipped open) will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. It will show your battery meter, signal meter and also if you have a text message just like on your handset.
      If you click on one of the phone buttons the number appears on the screen of both the image and your real mobile phone, you can actually call somebody from your phone by clicking on the image on your computer desktop!

      At the side of this image is a list of the features of Motorola Phone Tools:

      ~~Synchronisation: Synchronise your contacts and calendar from both your mobile phone and computer. This is great if you ever happen to lose your mobile phone because your whole phonebook will be saved on your computer so you don't lose those precious numbers!

      ~~Phonebook: Manage, create and edit all your contacts using either your computer or mobile phone.

      ~~Calendar: Manage, create and edit all your events from the calendar either on your computer or mobile phone.

      ~~Text Message:
      You can actually write and send an SMS using your computer; this will use your mobile number and charge you as usual from your phone credit. If you click this it opens a little box into which you enter the number of the recipient (either by typing the number manually or from your phonebook if you've synchronised your phone and computer) you then type your message in the box below and click 'send'. I just tested this out and it works!

      ~~Multimedia Studio This is a great tool, it manages all of your files from your mobile phone. When you click on this, the following options appear for you to choose from:

      File Transfer Studio- Transfer your photos, videos and ringtones to your PC and vice versa. I use this tool quite a lot as when I go out on a night I often end up taking photos on my phone and with this I can transfer them to my computer to post on Facebook!

      Image Studio- Edit pictures and use them as wallpapers and screensavers. You can save any file from the internet or your photographs and use this as your phone background.

      Melody Studio- Edit your favourite music files or audio CD tracks and use them as ringtones. This is great, fantastic real music tones for free!

      Video Studio- Compose video with sound and titles and transfer them to your mobile device.

      MMS Studio- Compose multimedia messages with pictures, sounds and titles and send them to your friends.

      ~~Internet Connection:
      Create an internet connection through your mobile phone to computer.

      Extra Info
      On the image of the phone there are the usual red X for closing it, a blue _ for minimising it and also a green ? which is the help feature, on here you can search your query or look through the subjects for an answer if you can't figure something out.

      Also while your mobile phone is connected to your computer with the USB cable your battery will charge which is good if you've mislaid your charger, something that happens a lot in my apartment!

      If you have a Motorola phone and have lost or never had Phone Tools have a search on Ebay for a bargain copy of this.
      You can download a free version called P2K Commander but I'd recommend avoiding this as it will crash your computer however much memory you have free!

      Overall this is great tool; I don't know if other manufacturers supply a version of this with their mobile phones too but it's a great plus point for Motorola users.


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