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    1 Review
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      05.08.2010 19:37
      Very helpful



      Invest in a better quality product

      When I used to own a Nokia phone and was interested in gadgets to use in conjunction with it, I came across this product. I was interested in storing my phone about my person to enable me to work hands free, and this seemed like an ideal solution.

      The holder is fashioned from plastic and is black in appearance. On one side there is a deep crevice for the phone to slot into, and on the reverse side there is a long, slim clip that allows you to attach the device to your belt or waistband. The most noticeable thing about the holder is that it is so lightweight, and in this instance flimsy in structure. The clip is particularly conspicuous in this respect, as it feels as though very little pressure need be applied in order to snap it. I found exactly this to be the case with the first BCH-12U I owned. In attempting to manoeuvre it over my belt I felt the clip snap in my hand mid way down its length. Seeing as the product cost a mere £3.50 however, I decided I would invest in a new one. With this one I was considerably more careful, and while it did stand the test of time there were many occasions when I felt its flimsiness would take it the same way as its predecessor.

      The compartment that holds the phone itself is not much better. There is no cushioning around the inside of the slot, and this can cause difficulties if you like to keep your phone's appearance unblemished. You must exert some pressure to slot your phone into the holder to ensure it is held securely in position when on the move. This snug fit may be beneficial in keeping the phone close to your person, but it means that there is some friction between the hard plastic of the holder and the surface of your phone. I discovered that this issue caused my phone to sustain some light surface scratching.

      This is a very simple product that will give peace of mind to those worried about the security of their phone when they are on the move. The poor design and cheap material will not, however, prevent your phone from aesthetic damage. I would recommend saving your money to invest in a better quality holder that is considerably more durable.


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