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Nokia Xpress-on SKR-6

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    1 Review
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      13.03.2011 23:08
      Very helpful



      A simple way to alter the appearance of your mobile phone.

      Many moons ago I were the proud owner of a brand spanking new Nokia 3210 - the latest model from Nokia at the time! This phone was such an exciting thing for me, as it was only my second mobile phone, and my first one was quite basic so it was definately a huge step up at the time. Although i cannot recall exactly what these features were (it was along time ago!) I knew that I wanted to stand out from the crowd and make it known that I owned such a great mobile phone.

      The first thing you can do to enhance the appearance of your new handset is to buy a brightly coloured case for it. The Xpress-on covers are official Nokia products, so I knew I were in safe hands buying such a product and the fit would be perfect also. For around £20 I bought the 'Astral Blue' coloured cover, and the cases are very easy to change. The button to the rear of the casing allows you to slide the back cover off, and the front cover then pulls away easily with the minimum of fuss. With such a wide range of colours and designs available they were a very popular accessory for Nokia 3210 owners and allow the owner to personalise their phone to suit their mood.

      The hard and tough plastic covers from Nokia usually always have a silver surround on the screen, and a keypad comes as standard. The official Nokia keypads were always worth having, because the cheaper immitations were jelly pads, whereas the Nokia ones were thin plastic which your fingers could easily slide over to type text messages really quickly!

      Many of the block colours from Nokia came with the standard dark grey rear cover. The benefit of a dark rear cover is that the rear is likely to show wear as you rest your phone on rough surfaces all the time, so it wasn't such a bad idea but if you owned a lot of official Nokia fascias you would own multiple back covers all of the same colour. The pricing at £20 also seems steep, but back then there were a huge market for this sort of thing. Nowadays I wouldn't bother with such accessories even if my mobile phone did have interchanging covers.

      Overall I would say that the removable fascia has had its day as a top accessory for the mobile phone as we now replace our handsets at an ever increasing rate. They can be useful for those that tend to drop and crack their mobile phone a lot, but generally the cases and leather pouches available now are sufficient for such eventualities.


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