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Sony Ericsson CDS-60

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2010 21:19
      Very helpful
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      Great little purchase with no damage to the wallet

      I am a big fan and a lifelong user of Sonny Ericsson mobiles and would never leave them and I had no idea that there was even a docking station like this; I figured these sorts of products were only catered for Apple products like the iPods.
      I actually saw this product on Amazon and was intrigued to find out more about it and to see if it would really benefit me or be a waste of time and money.

      The Sonny Ericsson CD-S 60 Desktop Stand is a very simple but effective phone dock station, it is a very smart white in colour (the only colour it is available in) with a Sonny Ericsson connector at the front where you would sit and connect your Sonny Ericsson mobile phone, and with a little transparent back board for your phone to sit securely against, and not move around, behind the board you will see the Sonny Ericsson logo.
      The measurements for this desktop stand is 17.6cm x 14cm x 3.1cm, so as you can imagine this is quite a small stand and weighing at only around 60 grams makes it ideal to keep it close at hand for those travels you may go on.
      In this Desktop stand you can plug in an AC adapter, usb cable and headphones making this stand more than just a data transfer device, it provides you with everything you would expect from an iPod desktop stand,

      In the box you will have the Sonny Ericsson Desktop Stand with a usb cable measuring at 1 meter and a manuals, the manuals you will not need as everything is pretty straight forward and is just a nice way to have your Sonny Ericsson phone resembling a iPod, charging your phone, making a phone call and transferring data, what a convenient way to save time.

      When you plug your phone into the desktop stand you will notice a green light under the mobile phone indicating to you that the phone is connected ok, connect the usb transfer cable connected from the stand to the computer, you will notice your computer installing the required software to allow a connection between your phone and your computer, once you get familiar with the layout of this new software you will find that the data transfer is as easy as a drag and drop whether its from computer to phone or phone to computer (just remember that the bigger the file is the more time it will spend transferring that data.
      Also remember that because your charger isn't being fed directly into your phone means that it takes a touch longer with this stand, and if you are transferring data at the same time then it will take even longer to charge.

      When talking through your hands free kit it wont disrupt any transfers you may be in the process of doing and your phone can charge at the same time, knowing all that you will realize that there is no quality taken from your sound quality while talking.

      This Sonny Ericsson stand is compatible with the following phones:

      W850i , W710i , K610im , W950i , Z710i , P990i , Z550i , V630i , K610i , K800i , K310i, W300i , M600i , W700i , K510i , J100i , Z530i , W810i , J220i , J230i , W900i , W550i , Z520i , W800i , K750i and D750i .

      I bought this from Amazon and you can still buy it for the same price I did which is £4

      Final Thoughts

      If you love your Sonny Ericsson mobile phone and want a docking station that is as useful as the iPod docking station then you have found it.
      This is a great little price to buy it at and if it's not what you expected then its only £4 so you really have lost nothing.
      It is a great little accessory for home or at work, using a charger, usb and a hands free kit all at once.
      Make your phone work for you.


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        27.02.2008 17:39
        Very helpful



        a mobile stand that charges your mobile phone, and you can transfer files to and from the mobile.

        I never saw my self reviewing this product; on the other hand, it had to be done at some point.
        The Sony Ericsson CDS-60 is a white desk stand for Sony Ericsson mobile phones. I bought mine last year in 2007 round the summer time for my Sony Ericsson K750i mobile. I simply thought it was for a small amount of things (charging and transferring files) but when I got it there was more to it than just a mobile stand.

        The Ericsson CDS-60 is rather stylish and looks smart as well. It is very small and weighs around 60g; therefore it's easy to carry the stand around with you. I always used to carry it in my hand bag sometimes when I went to college. This was made easy by the flexibility of the mobile stand itself as the colourless stand that actually supports the mobile can be folded back (you can't really see it properly in the picture provided by dooyoo but it's there).

        The stand is compatible with quiet a lot of Sony Ericsson mobile this includes my own Sony Ericsson K750i and other models such as Z610i, K800i, J100i, K510i, Z530i and many other Sony Ericsson mobiles.
        The stand has a socket were you can connect your headphones, mains charger and USB cable. My Sony mobile stand did come with the USB cable, which I already had. However, the USB cable that was supplied in the box was longer than mine (more than 1metre). This is possibly useful to those who have PCs instead of laptops.

        ==Price & Place==

        I bought my Sony CDS-60 mobile stand in a local mobile shop (those shops that unlock mobile) for only £20, which was actually a good deal for the reason that, those days you could have bought the stand for £30 from Sony or other electrical shops.
        However, nowadays the Sony Ericsson CDS-60 mobile stand can be bought for as little as £10, though I hardly see them in the shops these days.
        This product can also be bought online including Amazon and various online shops. However, the price does vary, so it is best you do some research on prices before you buy (if you are looking for a bargain).

        ==Me and the Product==

        I generally think the Sony Ericsson mobile stand is very easy to use. In its box it did came with a small manual but I did not even read it, not because it was a terrible manual (which it wasn't) but because everything seem straight forward.
        All I easily had to do was connect my Sony Ericsson mobile on top of the stand and connect the stand onto my laptop USB 2.0 port. When I done that the area below the mobile lit green, which was rather amazing.
        Lighting green of the mobile stand was also a way to inform me if my mobile was connected properly or not. I have in fact find this feature to be extra useful, because since I started using the CDS-60 stand I have never been disappointed in finding my mobile not charged properly for the reason that I always looked at the indicator to see if it was green or not.

        First time I connected the mobile stand to my laptop it installed itself and was recognised in 'my computer'
        When I used the mobile stand to transfer my music from and onto my mobile it was easy, all I had to do was drag and drop the music files into my mobile files. I wouldn't really say transferring music was fast, and I wouldn't say it was slow either it was mediocre. The good thing is I wasn't disappointed at the speed of transferring files, however if the mobile stand had happen to be faster than it is right now I wouldn't mind either. Moreover, transferring small files (preferably less than 1MB) was rather fast and didn't take more than ten seconds.

        I also liked the fact that I can charge my mobile and use my hands free at the same time. This is impossible if you use the mains charger for the reason that the mains charger covers the headphone socket whilst charging. Therefore, if your mobile phone rings you've got two choices either to take off the charger and plug in your hands free or hold the mobile to talk (talking on my mobile whilst the mobile is charging really does irritate me because the mobile will be hot).

        When I used the hands free, the sound of the music or the person on the mobile was of good quality. I thought the sound could be a bit lower than normal but all was well, I was very impressed.
        I and the product really got along, I mainly found it helpful in handling my calls using the hands free and whilst the mobile was charging.

        ==A few Disadvantages==

        ---I have noted that the Sony Ericsson CDS-60 does not charge my mobile as fast as the mains charger does; it takes about double the time (approx 2hours), so at times when I'm in a hurry I never use the mobile stand to charge my mobile.
        However, this can be easily avoided if you just connected the mobile stand to the mains charger.

        ---A week after buying the mobile stand I did realize that it was a waste of money for the reason that the stand does exactly the same job as the USB code that came with mobile phone. The only difference is that you can use your hands free whilst charging the mobile phone and your mobile can be hold upright which possibly prevents the mobile from getting scratched. Therefore, I only bought two silly features which I could live without and hardly use for a whole £20 which I could have used to possibly top-up my mobile.

        ---I find out that the stand can only be sold in white colour. I would have loved to own a blue coloured one.


        Overall, I would recommend the product because it definitely does what it says on the box. However, it is possibly for those who have spare cash to spend for the reason that the USB cable that comes with your mobile can do most of the functions performed by this mobile stand.
        Besides that, the product is of good quality. I have owned mine for more than six months and it is still working, and I am hoping that it will last for a very long time. You can't really go wrong with Sony, therefore if you have a Sony Ericsson mobile that has a USB connection you might want to try out this product, especially if you are a business person because the hands free can be handy.


        ---The product is the same as the Sony Ericsson CDS-60

        ---This product can only bebought in one colour (white).


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